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Research Designs and Algorithms To Choose From

You want to know if the average (mean) number of minutes of physical activity per week is different between the two groups, whether or not their nutritional calorie intake is different, and how many minutes of sleep they get each night.Your research question is this: Are junior high school students that play sports on a school team receiving more calories a week, more minutes of sleep a week, and more minutes of physical activity per week than junior high school students who do not play sports on a school team?You are going to compare two groups of students (school team or no school team).  This is like having an intervention group and a control group.  Select (and cite) the correct quantitative algorithm from your text that will aid you in identifying the research design you should use.State the quantitative research design and the algorithm you used in this decision.Read Chapter 8, review the algorithms for the different research designs.Explain your choice. What type of sampling will you do to reach the highest level of research design (experimental?).  Select a quasi-experimental or experimental sampling method. What method did you select and why?

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