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Non-academic sources are not acceptable. The use of at least threesecondary sources is required, and they must be cited correctly in-text throughout your answer and on the Works Citedpage. (The materials I provide in the course DO NOT count towards your secondary sources). NOTE: The above criteria isthe minimum requirements for the assignment. If you wish to do well, go above and beyond the stated demands of theexam. Integrate more sources than are required and expand your argument beyond 800 words.Integrate more sources than are required and expand your argument beyond 800 words.Sandra Cisnero’s House on Mango Street germinates from her position as a double minority: Both a woman andChicana. Explain how and why traditional interpretations of Mexican-American women negatively affect theircurrent circumstances and perceptions of self from a political, economic, or biological standpoint in the UnitedStates and how that issue can be addressed and/or solved. Choose one idea and defend it with reasons, examples,details, chains of logic, the primary text, and academic secondary sources. Cite the latter two types of evidenceappropriately in-text.

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