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Research Methods, Unit VII Research Paper

Include the following sections in your submission.Title PageTable of ContentsExecutive SummaryIntroductionStatement of the ProblemsLiterature ReviewResearch ObjectivesResearch Questions and HypothesesResearch Methodology, Design, and MethodsResearch MethodologyResearch DesignResearch MethodsData Collection MethodsSampling DesignData Analysis ProceduresData Analysis: Descriptive Statistics and Assumption TestingData Analysis: Hypothesis TestingFindingsRecommendationsReferencesPlease follow the  Unit VII project template to complete your assignment.Please refer to the  Course Project Guidance document for help.The title and reference pages do not count toward the page requirement for this assignment. This assignment should be no less than three pages in length, follow APA-style formatting and guidelines, and use references and citations as necessary.

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