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Please respond to shannon with 150 words
Hello! My name is Shannon and I’m 29. By taking this course I am hoping to learn how to become an effective leader by learning human relation skills. It is my ultimate goal to eventually lead people in my career, and in order to be a leader you need to know how to effectively communicate with people. Just saying the first words that come into your head can be harmful in some cases. I would like to learn how to lead with empathy and diversity and understanding, but also firmness and in a way people can respect. I want to be able to relate to all types of people or show empathy when I can’t.

Drawing on the readings this unit, discuss what you consider to be some of the most compelling trends on

Drawing on the readings this unit, discuss what you consider to be some of the most compelling trends on the horizon related to leadership and leadership development. What are, in your estimation, the most critical imperatives for leaders as we conclude the second decade of the 21st century. Use examples, if you have them, from the industry in which you work. READINGS Cullen, K., Wilburn, P., Chrobot-Mason, D.,

Business Question

Business Assignment Help InstructionsUse the APA7 template provided. In 500 minimum-600 maximum content words (title page, abstract, and (3) references not included in count), respond to the following questions:
Use the attached data set for our company to address the following.
Task assignments to employees are supposed to be done at random. On a certain day, all the best jobs, in order of desirability, were given to the men. Is there evidence of sex discrimination? Discuss this also in the context of a continuing, daily operation. What would happen if you tested the randomness hypothesis everyday?
Must be original work with some references.

MNS601 Week 1 Discussion

1. Discuss the difference between statistics as numerical facts and statistics as a discipline or field of study.
2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the mean (average) as the measure of the center of the distribution of values for a variable?

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