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Response to article/readings – Life without parole

Read the attached article:
Based on the reading answer the following question:
1) Beth Schwartzapfel paints
a fairly bleak picture of parole boards, based on the reading what
changes should be made to improve parole boards, what would a “better”
parole look like (who is on it, how it is constructed, how decisions are
made etc.)?

Writer’s Choice Essay

One (1) page narrative (Arial, font size 12) from the individual nominee demonstrating their understanding of former Army G-1 SGM, SGM Larry L. Strickland’s (KIA 11 September 2001) contributions to the Army, his values, and how they seek to emulate him
– Narrative should include: Outline of the NCO’s / Soldier’s contributions that best emulate SGM Strickland as a Soldier and leader, to include but not limited to: values, leadership, their role in the Army (tactical and technical), future Army vision, and most importantly support of Commanders, Soldiers and Families

social science

Political Science Assignment Help Select four advertisements to support your work on the projects throughout this course. You can either choose all four from the Advertisement Examples PDF provided or include up to four ads that you find yourself. Guidance for selecting your own ads is included at the end of the Advertisement Examples handout. Your selected ads may be print, video, or radio. Either way, you should choose a total of four ads. If you include your own ads, be sure that they display interactions between people or convey ways that the product or service advertised will impact or influence people.
Your instructor will review your submissions and will ask you to resubmit any ads that do not meet the criteria. You may revise and resubmit your advertisement selection as many times as needed before the end of this module to gain full credit for this assignment.
Enter your four ad selections. If you are choosing ads that are not on the provided list, enter the URL for the ad or for an image that depicts the ad.
This assignment will help you prepare your work for your first major project. You can review the details of this project by accessing the Project 1 Comparison Template Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.
You will be using these advertisement selections in later assignments.

Park Visits

You are trying to decide where you will be going on a trip. You will be viewing several of the park advertisements and meeting a Park Ranger.
Please use the PARK VISITSLinks to an external site. to put your thoughts and what you were excited about for different parks.
This may affect Perform grade, please treat your responses as such.
You will need 4 park visits. If you are missing any visits, please use these presentations: PARK VISITS 2021Links to an external site.

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