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Responsive Reading Assignment

Discuss the aspects of descriptive analysis.Can you trust the standpoint of the author?Does the article possess Historical Empathy for the subject/people/history they are talking about?  Does the article reflect issues of Miseducation or the ‘Disconnect Problem’? How does it deal with these issues?What is the basis of “the lie” we should always be on the lookout for?(*Clue: Consider this part of the question: “we should always be on the lookout for”. This could be the same answer for all of the articles.) Discuss the aspects of corrective analysis.According to the author, what is the problem that needs to be corrected?Why does it need correcting? Discuss the aspects of prescriptive analysis.What is the prescription for the problem focused on in the article?What might the author be providing a prescription for?(*Clue: Consider this: What could be a learned way of thinking or racial conditioning [mentality] obstacle that needs to be ‘healed’.)PART 3 | Personal Critical ReflectionsDiscuss and answer the following questions to the best of your ability.What other questions, issues or comments do you have to offer?What did you learn? Does the article add to your journey of Black Enlightenment? Does the article provide some form of intellectual decolonization?Discuss anything you could not or did not put in Part 1 and Part 2, based on the limits of the questions. This is where you can make your own decisions about what stuck out for you or reflect on other points of information that were brought out from the article’s knowledge accumulation.Use the article provided to answer the questions. copy and paste the questions and answer underneath each question. ONLY answer questions based on the article I provided !

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