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Review and sumrisr

Ltd in opening the hot spring hotel in Japan • Overview of primary and secondary research completed so far The project research is to investigate the possibility and the marketing strategies for Japan AI life co., Ltd to open a hotspring hotel in Japan. Japan AI life co., Ltd is a consultancy agency company that established in 2016 by a Chinese owner. The company is based in Tokyo Japan, the primary of the business is to provide consultant services and tour packages to Chinese consumer who want to travel to Japan for health checkout and medical service, plastic beauty surgery, leisure purpose etc. According to Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) statistic shows that over the past few years, Chinese tourist increased dramatically that reach to 9.5 millions visitor in 2018 stated as the most inbound tourists visiting in Japan. (JTB,2022). The primary business of the AI life co., Ltd is only targeting the Chinese clients. However, due to the impact of the Covid-19 that forced border close, travel restriction that forced the company shut down for business for almost three years. The company is consider the business transforming. The idea of the hot spring hotel that targeting middle and high income group including domestic and tourist customer is the new project that under discussion. The research project will conduct both primary and secondary research. The primary research will carry out with the discussion with the owner Mrs Wang to understand her business plan and goal. I have conduct enough from Mrs wang about hotel location, the targeting group, the budget of investment, the overall idea of investment, hotel style, price setting for the room etc. In addition, I have conducted the interview with one of my friend who worked in the high end hotel under the marketing and strategy department to have a better understanding of the hospitality industry and also the market trend and marketing strategies. For the secondary research, I also have gathering the information and data from JTB and nature onsen usage from the Japan official site. The project will conduct a marketing analysis from 4P to analysis the internal environment and PESTEL to analysis the external environment as well as SWOT to identify the advantage and risks in terms of evaluate the marketing strategies for the business. • Problems encountered During the project, the big concern I encountered at the moment is the personal issure. I plan to travel to mainland China for two months, due the ability to access the internet and Google in China, it might be a big problem to gain the access for the relative resources and data to complete the project. • Action taken to resolve problems I plan to gather all the information and data I need for the project, and carefully manage and store them properly before the trip. Therefore, I will be able to easily find all the information I need for the project while I am in China. • Work to be completed I have read relevant resource for the Literature review. I have outlined the structure of the project and brainstorm all the thoughts and collect primary data and secondary data in the notebook. However, in order to complete my project, I need to complete my literature review parts and start writing the rest of the project. In addition, I need to have a better time management of finishing my report in the consistent pace.

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