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[Revision] Cognitive Psychology – picture superiority effect and affective valence of words on free recall

DescriptionI have conducted an experiment regarding picture superiority effect where people had to memorize as many either pictures or words in a short period of time and write them down at the end of exercise, based on this data and other supportive data from across the internet I need to write an report analysing and confirming thesis, data is raw and need sorting out, there were 50 participants so it’s not much 25 had picture and 25 word exercise so it was randomised equally, i’ll attach word document that explain it in more details. you will need latest spss program to analyse data, as well as make thesis and send it to me so I can approve it, one of the thesis could be that positive words and pictures are more memorisable than those with neutral meaning. I’ll attach winrar file containing all data, files are protected by password
Latest revision comment[April 02, 2022 19:58] the entire raw data has to be sorted out and processed, then analysed with spss, and the results, discussion and conclusion has to be written also appendix with lots of spss inputs…
i’ll upload a new 3 files with raw data that has to be sorted out so it’s easier for the writer to look for it…

Mathematics History Portfolio

Mathematics History Portfolio: This semester you will create a portfolio to research select topics on thehistorical development of mathematics. It has three parts as follows.Part 1: For each of the eight math content areas (Number and Quantity, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry,Statistics, Probability, Calculus, and Discrete Mathematics), you need to submit one double-spaced typed pagefor each to give eight pages in all for this section of the portfolio. You are free to choose which area of the topicyou would like to research (e.g., historical figure contributing to that topic, significant discovery, etc.). Youshould include the contributions from diverse cultures throughout your portfolio (e.g., Africa, Pre-ColumbianAmericas, Asia, Middle East, etc.). While contributions from diverse cultures should appear throughout, youmust include diverse contributions in at least three of the mathematics content areas.Part 2: Additionally, you will provide one page each explaining how to represent numbers in the followingthree numeral systems to have an additional three pages total: Egyptian, Babylonian, and Maya.Part 3: Finally, you will provide one page each for a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem and the proof that thesquare root of two is irrational to provide an additional two pages total.The total assignment is 13 pages in all with an additional page each for your cover sheet and your referencepage to provide 15 pages total including cover sheet and reference page.Note: Please place the entire project into a single Word or PDF document. Separate attachments will not be
accepted. Please place the portfolio in order (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). Also, keep to the order of content areasfound below in the rubric (e.g., Part 1: Number and Quantity, Algebra, etc.; Part 2: Egyptian Numbers,Babylonian Numbers, etc.; Part 3: Pythagorean Theorem, Square Root of 2 is irrational). Label each page withthe content area that you are addressing (e.g., Number and Quantity, Algebra, etc.). For Part 1, while you arefree to choose which area you want to address, each content area must be addressed (Number and Quantity,Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Probability, Calculus, and Discrete Mathematics). Remember thatPart 1 is flexible and your choice, while Parts 2 and 3 are more specifically assigned.


Identify and describe each type of organizational structure (functional, service line, matrix and flat) Create an organizational chart for

Psychology Assignment Help Identify and describe each type of organizational structure (functional, service line, matrix and flat)

Create an organizational chart for each organizational structure discussed above and describe which one applies to the clinical site or your work environment. The clinical site is a family primary provider’s clinic, as a nurse. The work environment is a hospital setting, in a progressive care unit.

Develop a simple mission statement for each type of structure and present a rationale for their selection of the type of structure.

The paper is to be 3 pages in length and incorporate a minimum of 2 current (published within last five years). Journal articles and books should be referenced according to current APA style.

Discussion question: Alexander the Great’s conquest of most of the known world of his time had far reaching effects.

Discussion question: Alexander the Great’s conquest of most of the known world of his time had far reaching effects. What do you think were some of the ways in which Buddhist thinking evolved to accommodate the influences of Alexander’s Hellenism?

Attached are pages from the textbook that’ll help answering this question. Please be sure to include a work cited page or to cite where you got your information from..

Engl 110: Process Journal Overview: You will use this online journal to reflect on your processes as a thinker, Essay

Engl 110:

Process Journal


You will use this online journal to reflect on your processes as a thinker, information-gatherer, and writer. During the semester you will need to write three journals where you will discuss three different writing processes based on your writing in this class. The length of the posts may range from 500 words to two pages.


• Go to our Bb site?Process Journal?Create Journal Entry
• You will need to write three journals
• For each post, write about one of the following processes: o your idea/thinking/researching process
– Your early writing (drafting) process
– Your later writing (revising) process. ? _examples of questions to explore any of these processes—please do not approach these like a “laundry list”: how did I do it?; why did I do it?; what was it like?; how successful was it?; what was most challenging about it?; what did I learn about myself?; what surprised me?; how is my process changing/evolving? • _Journal Prompts

? Spend some time freewriting about particular difficulties you have encountered so far when drafting your essay. What strategies have you used to work through these problems? What special concerns about your first draft would you like your peers and professor to address?
? Write about the specific parts of the composing process that are most difficult for you. What particularly pressing concerns do you have when drafting your essays? How was it different or similar compared to your other writing assignments? What presented you with the most trouble? Why? How did you attempt to overcome these problems?

• Use the rubric below to help you write good posts, and to help you determine the grade you feel you deserve for them

• The instructor reserves the right lower/raise the grades you indicate on your form, based on evidence submitted on the form.

Writing Question

hello, there is a worksheet that
you need to answer its questions in 5 to 6 sentences. the answers are in
the videos and the two books which are
Gaustad and Leigh Schmidt, The Religious History of America: The Heart of
American Story from Colonial Times to Today,
rev. edition. Harper One, 2004. ISBN:
R. Marie Griffith, ed. American Religions:
A Documentary History. Oxford: Oxford University
Press 2007. ISBN: 978-0195170450. Gaustad and Schmidt (374-379) Griffith (502-517).
You can not use google for finding the answers.………
the last three links are on
canvas, I’ll provide you with the passwords.
the questions are in the file

Probability and Statistics

Pertinent topics: Sections 2-4, Chapter II, Continuous Random Variables, on pp. 67, 79-80, 83-84, Section 2, Chapter III, Jointly Distributed R.V.’s, pp. 95-98. There are two files inside the zip file one is pictures of the examples the other for what is needed

Business Law Question

Refer to the PowerPoint slides. Now consider the concept of “work for hire”. Read the NYU Law Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law article entitled “Inventions Made for Hire by following this link: (Links to an external site.)
Watch the movie on Amazon entitled “Flash of Genius”, which was released in 2008 starring Greg Kinnear, which is a true story about Robert Kearns, who invented the intermittent windshield wiper and then was forced to sue Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors. The movie covers only the Ford case.
Write a 750-1000 page paper and give your opinion on the following issues: (1) Do you think the lawsuit had the right outcome? Explain your rationale. (2) Would there be any different circumstances where an inventor like Kearns should not have prevailed in court? Consider how you might, as an entrepreneur, protect your company if you hired research and development professionals.

An easy question

1-The following figure present BANK ER diagram. Map it into a full
relational schema. Specify all primary keys and foreign keys.2-Write
appropriate SQL DDL statements to define the database schema you made in
the previous question. Create all the appropriate Referential Integrity
constrains.3-Using DML SQL, write the appropriate SQL query for each of
the following:.
-4-Draw the ER-Diagram for the following database schema. Specify the types of relationships in details on the diagram.

instructions:mustto be WORD file.
SafeAssign (e.g. misspell words, remove spaces between words, hide
characters, use different character sets or languages other than English
or any kind of manipulation).You must use this template.· You MUST
show all your work, and text must not be converted into an image, unless specified otherwise by the question.The work should be your own.· Use Times New Roman font for all your answers. must Include the reference.

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