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Robolox Development

You can login to my robolox studio to complete this assignment,
Terrain, Roads and BillboardsIn this activity, you’ll create your own Terrain, Road and Billboard signs for your world.
Using the Terrain Editor, create your landscape. Once you’re satisfied with your landscape, start building a road with various Billboards. Per last week’s activity, add buildings as well.
Build a Road that goes throughout your world.
Use multiple parts to make the main road and separate parts for the middle divider lines.
Change the properties of the road and divider lines to use different materials and colors for the parts to make it look like asphalt and paint.
Create the base of the billboard with a cylinder part with a regular part on top. Change the materials of both.
On top of the billboard base, use another part and a decal to create a billboard.
For example:

Source: Roblox Game Development in 24 Hours
Your WorldExplain the world you built. What is your design philosophy?
ScreenshotsTake screenshots of the world you created.
ReflectionHow was your experience playing your own Roblox game? What ideas do you have for your future games? (1 paragraph)

Programming Question

I started the assignment but I am stuck on some parts of the code.
It is due in 16 hours.
So far from the started code I’ve made so it goes through all the subdirectory and opens the feedback.txt file then it gets whatever is in that file and it gets put in $grade. The part where im stuck is getting the subdirectory names and formatting it like they’ve done in the handout and getting the total score at the end.
I have attached my code and the assignment instructions below in the zip file.

technology mid

Programming Assignment Help Exercise ContentAssignments (select only one of the topics below):1 – Computer Network Classification. Create a simple spread sheet (Excel) that displays the different Network Classification with a list of functionalities and advantages.
2 – Use Internet sites relating to student’s program. Search via FNU Library Database and saving content from the internet for later use via cloud, like Google Drive, instead of external drives.

Buildings and Landmarks

In this activity, you’ll create buildings for your experience! Please note, you must create all buildings by yourself – you are not allowed to import assets/use the toolbox.
Start with a new Baseplate or Classic Baseplate Template.
At least one of the buildings must be based on a picture. (A landmark)
Create at least three different buildings.Example BuildingWatch the Lecture Video Example (select 1080p) and/or follow the directions for Creating Buildings with Parts.To scale your buildings, import the following Scaled Character.Take a screenshot of your example building.LandmarkChoose a Landmark you’d like to recreate using Roblox Studio. This can be a historical landmark. Feel free to browse Wikicommons for ideas. Insert the image here.Your Re-CreationTake a screenshot of your re-creation in Roblox Studio.Your BuildingsExplain the structures you built. What is your design philosophy?
Your Game URLMake sure your game is Public.
ReflectionHow was your experience playing your own Roblox game? What ideas do you have for your future games? (1 paragraph)

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