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Sales and Negotiation Simulation (Xiao:10/5/2022)

The a-s-s-e-s-s-m-e-n-t will be 2000words long. Please see the questions shown in the screenshot. I will send you all info after being hired, eg PPTs, student access etc. Please send a draft in 12hrs -1 day time, day 2, and day 3 as well. Will need to draft some questions to ask the teacher and revise base on feedback (Send bk ard in 1 day max)

What Is White Collar Crime? writing essay help Finance coursework help

So-called “white-collar crime” is a term that is largely understood in modern society to encompass certain crimes of a non-violent nature wherein substantial harm is caused to another entity, typically through methods of deceit, manipulation, or some other form of illegal circumvention. Many crimes considered to be “white-collar” in today’s society include copyright infringement, money laundering, bribery, and identity theft.


White-collar crimes are almost always financially motivated, which is primarily why financial motivation has largely become a defining characteristic of modern white-collar crime. The origins of both the term “white-collar crime” and its use as a categorization of certain criminal activity draw significant contrast from this modern reality, though. Sociologist Edwin Sutherland coined the term back in 1939, where he intended it to describe crimes committed by people of high socioeconomic status, and through the course of their personal occupations. That definition had evolved greatly over time, as the concept of white-collar crime became further ingrained within our criminal justice system.


As white-collar crime evolved from Sutherland’s initial definition into a term defining non-violent and financially motivated crimes, many of which had been developed as crimes in the years after Sutherland’s term begun catching on, it has gradually come to fit into the mold of our modern criminal justice system and society. The designation of crimes that are now considered to be “white-collar” is both appropriate and necessary within contemporary society, simply as the prospect of crime has so substantially evolved, particularly as a result of advancing technologies. While “white-collar” crimes can certainly be relabelled, perhaps simply as “financial crimes,” this relabelling would serve no meaningful purpose. This is especially true because the term has already become so ingrained within our society at this point, significantly as a result of the media’s adoption of the term and its role in categorizing the type of crimes that fall under the “white-collar” umbrella.

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Discuss How The Concept Of “Health” Has Changed Overtime. Discuss How The Concept Has Evolved To Include Wellness, Illness

1 postsRe: Topic 3 DQ 1 In the nineteenth century, health was described as the absence of disease.Because of the lack of sanitary conditions, diseases spread more widely.Sanitary conditions were better known in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and steps were taken to adequately control them, resulting in diseases that were more manageable. Vaccines were invented in the twentieth century, and the concept of health changed from cure to prevention. As the field of health promotion expanded, the term “health” came to mean a combination of factors such as physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being (Falkner, 2018). Today’s goals is to create a community of wellness in which health promotion and disease prevention take precedence over seeking careonce an illness has developed.We now realize that fitness and wellbeing go hand in hand with disease prevention. We may not always have control over our health, but we can make decisions to improve our well-being. Promoting good health has existed for as long as there have been efforts to improve the public’s health. ?The method of encouraging people to gain control over and improve their health is known as health promotion (World Health Organization, 2019, para. 1).It shifts the emphasis away from human actions and toward a variety of social and environmental interventions.The nurse’s position in health promotion is critical, and it includes being an advocate, a provider of care/services, a care manager, an educator, and a researcher. The nurse is pushing reform to strengthen procedures in order to improve patient safety by using EBP to do so. Falkner, A. (2018) Health promotion in nursing care. In Grand Canyon University (Eds.), Health promotion: Health and wellness across the continuum. Retrieved from World Health Organization. (2019). What is health promotion. Retrieved from Respond using 200-300 words APA format with references supporting in discussion

Assignment 3: Identifying Community Resources

Human service providers work with a variety of clients with a variety of needs. Often, a group of agencies or specialized services may be required for a given client. In these cases, it is the human services provider who must refer the clients for those additional services. Awareness of the types of services available is critically important. This assignment is designed to provide you with an increased awareness of the types of services available to clients in their communities. For this assignment, picture a scenario where you have three clients who have various referral needs to particular community resources. Your supervisor has suggested that you use the Internet to identify resources in your own community that will help you meet your clients’ needs. Consider the following scenarios and select any three that particularly appeal to you. Your client has agreed to substance abuse treatment for 30 days. Locate local treatment facilities and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings that your client can attend. Your client’s mother was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Locate a hospice that services the elderly in your county. Your client just lost her young child to cancer. Locate a bereavement center for parents other than a hospice in your area. Your client disclosed in counseling that she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Locate a local agency that provides group treatment for these adults. Your client has a 4-year-old child who is autistic and is in need of various services including occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Your client would prefer that the chosen agency offers some developmental counseling and education as well. Locate services both within and outside of the school district. You are a school counselor and seeing a young child who recently moved from Mexico. His parents do not speak English but have recently expressed an interest in taking an English as a Second Language (ESL) course. Locate an ESL course that either provides transportation or is easily accessible by the local bus system. You are working as a human services worker in an adoption agency and your client has disclosed that she is seeking adoption services because of an unplanned pregnancy. She also disclosed that she cannot share that she is pregnant with her husband because she fears he will become physically violent with her. Locate all services for her that you believe would be appropriate considering her situation. Your client is a victim of domestic violence and is in need of human services, including assistance with her criminal case, a support group for herself and her children, and counseling and advocacy services for her. Locate victim-advocacy services both within the county prosecutor’s office as well as within the community. Your client is a single mother and has recently lost her job. She will be evicted soon and has no family to provide her with the funds necessary to remain in her apartment. Locate as many services as possible that will help her with her short-term and long-term housing needs (both governmental and private). You have several clients who are asking for faith-based counseling services. Locate at least one faith-based agency in your area that provides general human services and support. Select any three of the scenarios. Use the Internet and your local telephone directory to compile an information bank of community resources to meet the needs of clients in your three chosen scenarios. The description of each resource should include: The name, address, phone number, and Web site address of the agency The at-risk population the agency or organization serves (it could serve multiple populations) A description of services provided by the agency An explanation about why the agency would be a good fit for the given scenario After gathering the information about your selected resources, use that information to write a paper in your own words, providing the required information about each source. Your paper should be at least 2-3 pages in Word format (not including the title page and references page). Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M1_A3.doc. For example, if your name is John Smith, your document will be named SmithJ_M1_A3.doc. By Wednesday, January 13, 2016, deliver your assignment to the M1: Assignment 3 Dropbox. Note: You will select one of the community resources identified in this assignment to work with for your course project. Read the Overview of Major Projects document in theDoc Sharing area for more information. Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Compiled an appropriate information bank of community resources that best meet the needs of clients for three of the given scenarios. 20 Provided the relevant information about each resource and a description of their services. 20 Explained why the particular resource would be a good fit for each scenario. 40 Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; displayed accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, and format when required. 20 Total: 100

Write A Discussion And Reflection About These Two Videos

YOU MUST WATCH 2 VIDEOS WHICH ARE DOWN THERE I WILL POST THE LINKS HERE VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 I MUST INTRODUCE MYSELF MY NAME IS JHON DOE I AM CURRENTLY DOING MY BSN IN MIAMI DADE COLLEGE AND THIS IS MY LAST SEMESTER I WORK IN THE ICU AND I HAVE BEEN A NURSE FOR 2 YEARS NOW IN MY FUTURE I WANT TO BE A NURSE PRACTITIONER. THE ASSIGMENT IS 150 TO 200 WORKS AND MUST TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU LEARN ABOUT THE VIDEOS AND MYSELF AND ALSO TALK ABOUT CAM PROFESSOR INSTRUCTIONS. (THE PAPER IS DUE ON MONDAY) Watch the two (2) videos below: Healing Beyond Medicine Integrative Health Introduce yourself to your classmates, and include the following in your posting: any experiences you have had with CAM your thoughts on the videos your personal goals for learning about CAM Post must be 150-200 words.

CIS 560 Week 9

CIS 560 Week 9. ?Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning” Please respond to the following, IN YOUR OWN WORDS: Provide at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of using white-hat hackers to discover vulnerabilities. Explain whether or not you would advise a business or organization to use this strategy. Give your opinion on whether or not a midsized organization should outsource or insource the task of vulnerability assessment scanning. Explain your answer.
CIS 560 Week 9

Human Resource Management

The workday begins at 8:00 a.m. in the Vigo County Tax & Municipal Services Office. You are the director and have a staff consisting of one receptionist, two information clerks, and one database administrator. Until recently the office operated smoothly with equitable workload distribution and well-defined responsibilities. Over the last year or so, you’ve noticed more disagreements between the receptionist and the information clerks. After discussions with your employees, you determine that the problems stem from misunderstandings regarding responsibilities for particular duties. Strong discontent has developed because the receptionist feels that the information clerks have too much free time to socialize and run personal errands. Often the receptionist is left to do some of the duties of the information clerks. Additionally, the information clerks are occasionally left to work overtime to do some of the work that is in reality the responsibility of the database administrator. The information clerks complain that they should not have to take on these additional duties because it is not in their job descriptions and they are not getting paid the large salary of the database administrator. Each person at the Vigo County Tax & Municipal Services Office has a general job description that was written several years ago. However the nature of their positions has changed over the years, especially with the installation of a new computer system. No attempt has been made to put these changes in writing. While you formerly held staff meetings to discuss problems that arose within the office, you haven’t held meetings for several months. You need to take a look at the job descriptions and make some decisions. Go to the following Bureau of Labor Statistics sites to examine the job descriptions for each staff person. Be sure to explore all areas on the site, especially: (1) “What They Do,” (2) “Duties,” (3) “More Info.” Look for “O*NET” and connect to the job on O*NET. Occupational Outlook Handbook: Receptionists Occupational Outlook Handbook: Information Clerks Occupational Outlook Handbook: Database Administrators Discuss the difference and similarities among all 3 positions. (3 paragraphs) What actions do you recommend that the director take? (1 paragraph) Why do you think that job descriptions are not updated in many organizations? (1 paragraph) Briefly describe the purpose and functions of O*NET. (1 paragraph) Look up your current job (or a previous position you have held or a position you want in the future) on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at Investigate your position on O*NET. You will find the link to O*NET by clicking on the More Info tab and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Compare your current (or previous or future) job description at work to what you found on these websites. How do they compare? Discuss your findings. (2 paragraphs) Your complete report should be free from errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Week 3 Discussion 1

Week 3 Discussion 1. “Wireless Transmission” Please respond to the following: – Organizations need to be careful about their wireless transmissions and controlling the reception of the wireless signal. Discuss ways that organizations can control the transmission and reception of wireless signals. – Assess the security and the operational needs for controlling wireless transmissions. How does this change in a personal, small-office, or large-enterprise environment?
Week 3 Discussion 1


RESEARCH PAPER ON SUBSTANCE ABUSE AMID LATIN AMERICA EIGHT TO TEN PAGES sources listed at the bottomThe body of the paper (not including the title page, abstract, or references) should be 8-10 pages. Reserve the use of direct quotes for the most significant information that it would be difficult to put into your own words and cite. Do not use lengthy quotes (no quotes that are 40 or more words). Introduction: One paragraph where you introduce the paper. Do not use a heading for the introductory paragraph. This goes below the paper title (centered and bold at the top of the first page of text, which will be p. 3). ½ page Keep in mind, that each section below must be based on your research from journal articles (not blogs, newspaper articles, books, or book reviews). There should be citations in each section of the body of your paper. Do not use first person pronouns (I/we/me/my/myself, for example) as research papers are not based on opinion or personal perspective. While you can use our course textbook as an additional source, do not rely too heavily on it, as the majority of your paper should be based on current research from journal articles. Cultural Awareness In the first section, include recent research on the topic and culture. Give recent statistics (prevalence rates, information on geographic or population clusters). Aim to include what is important for colleagues to know to best work with this population to meet the specific need you are researching. Some examples of information to explore here include: family dynamics (child-rearing practices, parental roles, obligations of children to parents, nature of relationships among family members, kinship bonds, gender roles, aging, extended family, clan, role of elders, tribal councils, etc.); political and economic concerns (poverty and income levels, value of education, unemployment, reservations/Bureau of Indian Affairs, immigration, etc.); communication (bilingualism, nonverbal/body language, personal space, problem-solving, silence, eye movement, music/dance/art as communication, concept of time). 3-4 pages Counseling Approach In the second section, identify specific strategies and approaches to use with this population to address the needs explored in the previous section. Have you ever gone to a conference where the presenter spent the entire time talking about what the problem was, and you thought to yourself, now what? This section is just as important as the previous section. Devote equal space to researching and explaining strategies, approaches, and methods for meeting the need. Identify specific counseling therapies and techniques that you believe would work best with this population, explaining why and how you would use this approach. Some examples of popular counseling therapies include existential therapy, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, rational emotive behavior-therapy, reality therapy, family systems theory, solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, and creative arts therapies. I encourage you to look for non-Western based counseling approaches to write about in this section or consider how you could adapt Western-based approaches. You may want to search for culture AND counseling; for example, Latin Americans AND counseling. 3-4 pages Religious and Spiritual Application In the final section, give biblical application to the topic you have been examining. Specifically examine counseling, life coaching, and/or human services from a faith-based approach. For example, if your paper looked at substance abuse, explore research on faith-based programs, and discuss why this would be meaningful for the culture you are focusing on. Explore the unique beliefs, values, ways of thinking, and expressing faith, religion, and spirituality in the culture you are researching. What is typically viewed as the role of the church for this culture? What is the common view of life after death? 1 page Conclusion End with a concise Conclusion paragraph where you summarize what you covered in the paper and include ideas for future research needed on this topic. ½ page References References: Begin on a new page. Center (and bold) the References heading at the top of the page. You need at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles dated within the past 5 years, in an alphabetized list. Every source that you include in the references should be cited in your paper. Double-space. Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool. THESE ARE THE SOURCES TO USE FOR THE RESEARCH . Alvarez J;Jason LA;Olson BD;Ferrari JR;Davis MI; (2018). Substance abuse prevalence and treatment among Latinos and Latinas. Journal of ethnicity in substance abuse. The article allows readers to gain insight regarding the attributes of Latinos in the United States. There are several epidemiological surveys under review. These play a role in the current state of drug abuse today. It consists of a review administered since 2001 which expanded our information about the pervasiveness of substance abuse. It also causes disorders and simultaneous mental illnesses among Latinos. (Alvarez J;Jason LA;Olson BD;Ferrari JR;Davis MI;, 2018) Giacomello, C. (2017, September 5). Women and Drug Policies in Latin America: A Critical Review of the United Nations Resolution ‘Mainstreaming a Gender Perspective in DrugRelated Policies and Programmes’. Wiley Online Library. The influence of the major drug regulation mechanism has changed. This change pertains to the exposure of women engaged in both drug trade, and drug use. Global organizations and groups are creating a didactic about women interconnecting with these drugs, and the necessity of a gender viewpoint of drug policies. The articles contains experiences of detained women. It is claimed that organization & victimization cooperate against the stereotype of women as victims. Jiménez-Molina, Á., Franco, P., Martínez, V., Martínez, P., Rojas, G., & Araya, R. (2019, August 19). Internet-Based Interventions for the Prevention and Treatment of Mental Disorders in Latin America: A Scoping Review. Frontiers. In Latin America, particularly among socioeconomically vulnerable communities, there is a large discrepancy in the provision of medical services. More specifically, the treatment of mental disorders. There is a remarkable difference in government mental healthcare costs and the cost of disease associated with it. The journal discusses that an increase in technological advances and access to internet can help overcome the gap. It will allow for broadened, low-cost mental health care. (Jiménez-Molina et al., 2019) JPPD. Caulkins, A. M. S. K., SJ. Ferrando, Z. F., JD. Schulden, M. F. L., HA. Whiteford, L. D., K. Johnson, Z. P., F. Fiestas, J. P., G. Melnick, G. D. L. (2017). Quality measurers of therapeutic communities for substance dependence: an international collaborative study survey in Latin America. Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy. This journal discusses an interconnection between substances and disorders, which have become pervasive in Latin America. Unfortunately, Latin America is in short supply regarding information about treatment strategies. A popularly discussed treatment strategy is Therapeutic Communities. There is effectiveness and positive feedback on said studies. A longitudinal study helped display a new form of positive treatment. López Daza, G. A., & Gómez García, C. F. (2017). The Legalization through Judicial Ways of the Consumption … Asian Journal of Social Science Studies. Mexico has been identified as one of the world’s major drug trafficking countries in Latin America and worldwide. The battle against drugs has created a real war and a relentless obstacle, as at least a reduction to this crisis has been pursued with constant laws and policies. In Mexico, narcotics regulation is laid down in the 1984 General Health Statute, the Act also governs all else on drugs as laid down in the 1994 amendments to the Federal Penal Code. (López Daza & Gómez García, 2017) The governing of drugs continued with a code being enforced, August 21st 2009. This mandate lead to the very well-known ?Drug trafficking act. Lopez-Tamayo, R., Seda, A., & Jason, L. A. (2016, August). The Role of Familismo and Acculturation as Moderators of the Association Between Family Conflict and Substance Abuse on Latino Adult Males. Public health (Fairfax, Va.). This journal discusses the major research gaps between Latino adults who completed substance abuse treatment. Familismo is a latin cultural value. The reasoning behind the study is to evaluate the moderating effect of familismo based on the social control theory. There are results shown in various forms of ?three way interaction. The cultural value will play a good role in furthering multicultural studies. PacurucuCastillo, S. F., OrdóñezMancheno, J. M., HernándezCruz, A., & Alarcón, R. D. (2019). World Opioid and Substance Use Epidemic: A Latin American Perspective. Psychiatric Research and Clinical Practice, 1(1), 32?38. The annual penetration rate of opioid users accounts for 0.6-0.8 of the global population, and the most common age range is 15 to 64 years old. Not long ago, the term “opioid” has been used to identify naturally occurring alkaloids, synthetics, etc. In 2017, there was a declaration of the opioid crisis. In Latin America, the use of certain drugs by women over the age of fourteen is widespread. An in-depth research will clearly show that there should be a way to prevent the opioid crisis. Telles, A. C. (2019). Mothers, Warriors and Lords: Gender(ed) Cartographies of the US War on Drugs in Latin America. Contexto Internacional, 41(1), 15?38. US rhetoric on the drug war perceptibly shifted to a hyper-masculinization of the image of the drug fighter of the United States. This employed as a result of moral deterioration of the social body of the country by the feminization of drug use. This feminization of drug use was antagonized by hyper-aggressive male depictions of drug cartels in Latin America. It was aided by a feminized figure of said drug warrior, who acts for the positive protectors of idealized femininity. (Telles, A. C. (2019). Troya, M. I., Bartlam, B., & Chew-Graham, C. A. (2018, May 28). Involving the public in health research in Latin America: making the case for mental health. Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública. This journal discusses the lack of research in the mental health region. It is said that the lack of the research in this mental health field has contributed to disease. It furthers into ways to encourage health services and research. ?Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) has been increasingly encouraged in health services and research over the last two decades (Troya et al., 2018) The concept had progressed and will be used in health research in Latin America. Vera San Juan, N. (1970, January 1). Defining and measuring personal recovery from ill mental health, with an emphasis on Latin America. British Library EThOS – Search and order theses online. The substantial difference between the goal of mental health policies and programs to become treatment oriented and the lack of consumer methods of recovery and assessment instruments informs this initiative. The ultimate purpose of this journal is therefore to identify recovery and provide a framework in assessing recovery from a consumer and informal profession viewpoint, based on a community in Latin America. Between the carers and consumers, there are set recovery goals. The studies will show more progressive ways to discuss mental health. Factor analysis and item content evaluation suggested the measure represented the unidimensional construct of Individual Recovery proposed in Studies 1 and 2. (Vera San Juan, 1970)

Healthcare Delivery Systems

For each question below, write a minimum of 75 words EACH. Be sure to cite sources for EACH of the following questions and separate the four paragraphs. · A vulnerable population, as listed in your readings, is minorities. Identify the reasons why this particular group has a difficult time accessing health services in the United States. What is currently being done to address these access concerns? What else needs to be done? · Explain why it is so important to safeguard a patient’s health information. What are some of the consequences that could happen to both the patient and the organization if health information is breached? · Discuss the various components of long-term care services in the United States. Specifically, what are the differences between retirement centers, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities. What other options might be available to support the elder or the person needing extensive assistance in the community? · Discuss the impact globalization has on healthcare in the United States. What measures will need to be taken to ensure the health of Americans now and in the near future?

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400 or more words Slife, B. (2012). Clashing views on psychological issues (17th ed,). McGraw-Hill. Was Stanley Milgram’s Study of Disobedience Unethical? and you will respond with Yes or No, followed by support of the position based on scholarly research. The Milgram Obedience Studies Close your Initial Post with a question to the class (NOTE: This question can be responded to in replies to classmates but doing so can’t substitute for the primary requirement of the replies which is to continue dialoging with classmates from your assigned Yes or No perspective.

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