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School Supplies Spreadsheet

To begin this discussion, start by reviewing the assignment instructions here.  Then, in your initial post, describe which Excel features you might use and why you believe these will be effective for this project. The initial post should be 150 words and is due by Friday at 11:59pm EST.Assignment Instructions:In this assignment, you will build an Excel spreadsheet with the data shown here. Then, include each requirement listed below.Be sure to start in cell A1. Do not skip cells between columns and rows. Instead, resize the cells to fit the data. Item    Quantity    Cost (per item)    Total CostCrayons    2    $2.50    Graphing Calculator    1    $37.99    Notebook Paper    4    $1.99    Notebooks    8    $3.19    One inch binders    4    $3.99    Pencils (18 pack)    2    $3.79    Pens (10 pack)    2    $5.99    Plastic Folders    8    $2.29    Tissues    3    $3.99    Total Quantity         Total Cost Please include each of the features below:Merge and Center the title “School Supplies” (You should start the title in cell A1. Then, merge and center cells A1 through D1 to create one title cell.)Shade the title cell any colorUse a bolded font for the title and headers of each columnFormat the ‘cost column’ and ‘total cost’ using the currency format.Include a cell border in between all of the cells in the data set.Use the SUM Function below the quantity column to add the total number of items needed Use the PRODUCT Function in each cell of the fourth column to determine the total cost of each item (quantity x cost = total cost per item)Use the SUM Function below the total cost column to add the total cost of all supplies (total cost per item total cost per item… = total cost)Use conditional formatting to highlight any total costs over $15.00 in redInsert a picture of any type of school supplies on the sheet (from your computer, a stock image, or an online image. When using images from online, be sure to include the citation.) Create a simple pie chart showing the quantity of each item needed. (To do this, highlight the column headers and all data in columns 1 and 2. Then, click on the pie chart option.)Add data labels to the chart. (This is an additional formatting option for charts that can be accessed from the ‘ ‘ icon beside the chart.)Rename the sheet tab ‘School Supplies’.Shade the worksheet tab orange.Save your project as an Excel file and

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