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Sci-Fi in/and the Middle East/ Sci-Fi and Colonialism

Give a BRIEF (1-2 sentences) idea of what each text is about. What is the main argument of each text? Following that, identify what you think the purpose of reading the text(s) is –that is, what is its significance in the larger context of what we are focusing on in class? Discuss what conclusions you came to and how you did so.2. When you take note of something in the text as interesting or surprising, start to draw specific conclusions or implications. Remember that discussion is a space to explore possibilities rather than to have fully formed thoughts or well-supported arguments, as in a paper.Try not to raise something in the text by just saying, “I thought it was interesting that…” Consider why the passage or example is significant, or what it reveals or implies about history (for example, “I think this passage was really interesting because etc etc”).3. Some questions to consider: What are the central themes and arguments? What are your differing interpretations? What questions did the readings raise for you? What evidence does the author use to arrive at their conclusions? Is their argument convincing? How does this text change the way you think about the topic, or history? For example, what becomes central? What is missing from this study, and how does this affect the author’s analysis? Why is what you learned from this text significant to you?4. How do these texts connect to each other (either similarly or differently); where or how do they intersect, etc?5. Develop 2-3 questions that you would like for the class to discuss. Try to make these ‘why’ or ‘how’ questions.*Remember: You are not summarizing any of the readings. Rather, you are “extracting” the most important ideas, themes, or questions you believe they offer.For the Campbell text, read chapter 2 ONLY. Do not use any external sources. Approx 300 words for each reading.

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