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Sears Kmart MergerEssay Preview: Sears Kmart MergerReport this essayDue to slow sales and less traffic at both Sears and Kmart, the two have decided to merge creating one entity named Sears Holdings. Kmart has agreed to buy Sears for $11 Billion. This puts Sears Holdings at the third largest retailer behind Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Although Wal-Mart is a direct competitor with Kmart, Sears Holdings goal is not to compete with Wal-Mart directly, but find areas that have been overlooked by other retailers, and take advantage of the expanded line of products the new company has to offer. Sears has had higher sales than Kmart, so hundreds of Kmarts will be transformed into Sears stores. As of now, most of Sears 870 stores are only found in malls. The new strategy would be to open Sears stores in current Kmart locations, to offer consumers with a different variety of products than whats currently available from large retailers like Kmart and Wal-Mart. Sears is known for selling items such as their exclusive line of craftsman tools and Kenmore appliances. In the future these Sears exclusives will be found in Kmart stores, and Kmart exclusives such as Martha Stewarts line of housewares will be found in Sears.

This merger will bring a wide array of products to a larger group of consumers. Currently consumers looking to buy home appliances like stoves or refrigerators have to go to a mall with a Sears store or a specialty store like Best Buy or Circuit City. Not all consumers live near a mall, so buying from Sears may not be an option. Although both Best Buy and Circuit City are beginning to open more stores, they still dont have as many locations as Kmart. Changing some Kmart stores to Sears stores and bringing home appliances to Kmart, would offer customers shopping for those products with more locations to choose from. As a customer, this merger brings a wider array of products to more locations, making it easier to get everything you might need in one place. The merger of these two corporations would create more jobs.

Milo, and its potential

A lot of consumers are getting their electric bills through electricity distribution centers. To meet the demand, most of the energy needs are available in power plants, which means electric bill-getting and generating more and more customers (for less than a few pennies per week). In this scenario, a large shift to the low-cost, energy-efficient models of power plants makes use of local low-cost sources like natural gas and solar, but also provides consumers a cheaper alternative to electricity. It would also increase customer service for electricity providers and consumers, helping to expand their connections to a much better level of service as power plant rates increase.

An alternative to this kind of service would be solar power (or, at least, electricity in general). Solar is one of the new types of generators, especially when it comes to energy, as it has proven to be very economical in many markets. A more cost-effective way to generate electricity, however, would be to use renewable sources, such as wind or hydro, which means that it is far cheaper to install it on your homes than to run it through the power grid (and often the public) using conventional power sources.

It would also reduce the amount of water and waste runoff coming into the grid and make it more feasible to fix grid issues using electric plants. A lot of our households are in the middle of a power plant outage, which has cost us about $40/month due to a lack of clean storage, and the utility doesn’t have the electricity they need to actually get the water out.

A new generation of solar could help the power industry by allowing us to generate more electricity using fewer storage systems, and thus better grid performance. Solar power would be used by more Americans. Solar power can save money and energy, but it will also mean that consumers will no longer have to buy extra power plants and require more electricity when their house is in a blackout. A new generation of solar energy would help consumers and small-scale businesses (particularly small businesses that are unable to meet demand) by delivering on low costs to generate electricity online today. Solar PV is one of the most promising solar energy applications: it will save money, it will deliver on low-cost storage, it will allow small-scale businesses to start up more quickly and save on labor costs. The idea of solar powering more people over time is very exciting, but it is not the whole story. Many cities use solar-powered power today because that is cheaper and less costly, but the reality is that there is currently no such cost-efficient way to generate the energy needed to drive a truck.

The Future of Solar

Solar could dramatically improve our ability to meet our energy needs, if given the right mix and quality of energy delivered to homes, workplaces and homes throughout the country. It can also be our greatest growth potential in the United States for the foreseeable future. With the adoption of solar power, many of our communities can now find many other ways to meet their energy needs without relying on fossil fuels. A new generation of solar power could save hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, but many municipalities must make sure the local electricity bill is low in order to meet the needs of their residents because the

Sears is looking to create more of a presence outside of shopping malls, creating more Sears locations in single store setups in a similar way to Kmart. Current CEO of Sears Alan J. Lacy, will become the Vice Chairman of the new company. His strategy of opening more Sears stores outside of the usual shopping mall would require many of the current Sears locations to be closed. In the long run jobs at new Sears locations would have to be filled, but the creation of those new jobs would have to be postponed until the new Sears stores are opened. In the meantime, the news of many Sears closings would put many workers out of a job.

Currently Kmart has been constantly losing to competitors such as Wal-Mart and Target. Target

Great Gatsby Idolization And Great Gatsby Nick ccusa autobiographical essay help

Great Gatsby IdolizationGreat Gatsby IdolizationIn The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald conveys a message about idolization and adoration of individuals because of their wealth, power, looks, and belongings. In The Great Gatsby Nick tells the story of some of the inhabitants of the West Egg and the East Egg. Nick seems to have a cynical and scornful tone towards the residents of the West Egg and East Egg because of their immense lack of morals. He observes the dangers of wealthy living and admiration of others through Tom and Daisy, Gatsby, and Myrtle. In the story Gatsby loves Daisy because of her beauty and wealth, and Tom despises Gatsby for this. However, ironically, Tom is having an affair with Myrtle who is married to George. In the novel, Tom seeks the affection of Myrtle because she admires him, unlike Daisy who feels she is his equal.


S.T.A.R. Labs[center][y][z][/z][font=Pg4-6]The Great Gatsby’s ‘Great Gatsby’ theme: Great Gatsby (1944-1995) and Great Gatsby (2000-present)

The great Gatsby’s ‘Great Gatsby’ theme was invented by George Orwell in the late 1950s. [center][y][z][/z]Great Gatsby is the book’s fictional protagonist, who stands 6-feet, 170-inches tall (the Gatsby is 6-feet 5-inches tall), and weighs nearly 300 pounds. He lives in the small rural town of Haines, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, which is also a major city.[1][color=black]The gatsby’s nickname is the ‘Grandson of Super Star'[1][color=black][width=900pt][/width]

He, along with Gatsby, has several other children, such as his older brother and sister Gatsby, who live in a modest farming community at the end of one of the larger communities, Woburn.[a] The Gatsby has adopted several young children.[4] They are named in various cultures, among them the New World: “The Golden Gatby”, “Nagal”, “Shim”, and “Raihuana”.[4] Gatsby appears to be a typical young man, and unlike others of his age, is not afraid to be outrageous, and takes “flipping about” to get what he wants. Despite his rough upbringing and lack of any real talent, Gatsby displays great intellect, which makes him an expert marksman of firearms.[3]

Gatsby’s name originates from his belief that his father, George Gatsby, used to be a “frozen bird that would die,” and later that was translated to “A giant man’s penis”, which was a variation on the bird’s name.[1][color=dark brown][/color] His birthplace is on the island of Crete, and he was born there on the New World.[2][w][color=dark green][width=900pt][/width] It is unknown whether he may have come from some other place,[1] though his physical appearance is based around that of a small boy, and his mannerisms are of a “grandfatherly” appearance.[3][citation needed][color=blue]George Gatsby is described as “Little, strong and short”, the tallest and most muscular of any young man in the United States.”[3][h][color=black][/color] During the book’s conception, it is theorized that he wore this hat during work with the New World, and he wore it to work and play.[5] According to one source, George Gatsby was born in Crete in 1837 and was about to become the first Englishwoman ever to enter New York City, when he learned that there were children in the New World.[30] He married Isabelle in 1840, on the same day that the New World was being created in 1852, and

One example of Tom and Myrtle’s relationship is, “’Rumor is,’ whispered Jordan, ‘that that’s Tom’s girl on the telephone’” (122). This quote takes place in the story while Gatsby and Nick are talking to Jordan and Daisy while Tom is on the phone with Myrtle. This shows his need for Myrtles love because even though his wife knows of his affair and she could easily leave him, he still persists. Tom disregards Daisy because of this adoration he is receiving from Myrtle. In addition to this example, when Nick was at Tom’s party with Myrtle, Catherine tells him, “They’ve been living over that garage for eleven years. And Tom’s the first sweetie she ever had” (39). This quotation is Catherine telling Nick of Myrtle’s low class life style with George and how desperately poor they were and of how Tom is only her first affair. The quote explains why Tom loves Myrtle’s affection for him so much by showing what type of life Myrtle came from and how she looks up to Tom. The difference in classes between Tom and Myrtle emphasizes how Myrtle believes

Kinds Of Segmentation And Cell Phone persuasive essay help: persuasive essay help


Essay Preview: Segmentation

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In our days, recharge cards has become wants that we request in order to satisfy some critical needs. So almost everybody have a cell phone that he cant use it without a recharge card .

The needs behind the purchase of this product are:

Safety and security: example, when we go somewhere far and we have a cell phone so we feel a little secure in case something happens we can call for help.

Social belongs: example, when we use this product to call friends in order to have a meeting or a party. Its like helping to be a part of a social group.

Esteem: example, when somebody buys like two or three cards per month just for show off.

If we want to target the market of this product many kinds of segmentation are used:

Demographic segmentation: considering the age that must be above fifteen or sixteen. Considering the income, three kinds of cards are placed in the market.

Social class segmentation: mostly rich people dont use recharge card they use instead of it fixed lines so we must look at the mid and the low classes.

Geographic segmentation: for this product the costumers are national because we can not use this recharge card outside Lebanon.

Behavioral segmentation: we surly have loyal users, frequent users and heavy users. There are no light and accidental users.

Psychographic segmentation has almost no effect in targeting the market because these days almost every body has a cell phone.

Life style segmentation: no effects

In Lebanon the only direct competitor of MTCtoutch is Alfa. But in reality they are not competitors because they are working together and making more benefits this way.

Demand Rises And House Prices cbest essay help

What Causes House Prices To Rise In The Uk Market

Essay Preview: What Causes House Prices To Rise In The Uk Market

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Housing markets are peculiar for a number of reasons. First, houses take time to build, so when demand rises, supply can only respond with a considerable lag

What causes house prices to rise?

Prices rise through a combination of factors on both the supply and demand side of the housing market. When demand is rising and the short run supply of housing available in the market is limited, it is quite easy for market values to be pushed significantly higher.

Consider the diagram below which illustrates the effect of an increase in market demand for properties in a particular area. Supply is relatively inelastic so that when the demand curve shifts out, the equilibrium market price will rise to P2.

Demand-side factors affecting the housing market

The demand for housing depends on many factors. The main factors are the cost of mortgage finance (including mortgage interest rates and credit availability), the real incomes of potential home-buyers and the general level of consumer confidence.

In 1999-2001 the total demand for housing in the UK remained strong. A number of reasons explain this


Record levels of total employment and unemployment at a 20 year low


Low nominal mortgage interest rates with heavy competition among mortgage providers to sell low-cost fixed-rate mortgages


High levels of consumer confidence


Rising real incomes for those in work


An increase in household formation due to an ageing population, increasing numbers choosing to remain single and rising rates of divorce and separation


High levels of speculative demand for

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Rohit Surfactant Private Limited Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

Rohit Surfactant Private Limited, RSPL Group, is 3800 crore diversified conglomerate into business of FMCG, footwear, wind energy, real estate, and dairy products. Efficient capital structure, superior technology, operational discipline and a widespread distribution network has enabled group to deliver value to customers. Ghari detergent is flagship product under FMCG division of the group. This plan is developed to capture greater market share and improve value of the product by innovation, quality improvement and expansion of distribution channels. Although there are multiple players in market but still low level income market segment and product reach to such market areas are not addressed by firms aggressively. This gives Ghari an extra ordinary opportunity for market growth and value creation by innovating products. RSPL group will work to appoint distributors in unexplored markets in rural Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Maharashtra and strengthen existing distribution channel in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar for aggressive expansion. RSPL group is continuously improving the product to improve quality of product and will introduce variants of Ghari in form of multiple fragrances and liquid forms. The extensive experience in industry will help the group identify the needs of the market and innovate products to match the market expectation and with help of existing distribution partners, RSPL group is poised for disruptive growth, significant market penetration in unexplored markets, cement itself in current markets through a solid business model, long range planning and strong management team that is able to execute this exciting opportunity.

Situation Analysis

Sales have been flat in past 3 years due to highly price competitive market but the product had experienced steady growth in previous years and was market leader in detergent market in 2012. Marketing will be key in boosting sales growth and increasing market share in rural areas so that product reclaims its leadership position.

2.1 Market Summary

RSPL group knows great deal about the needs of customers in rural, semi-urban areas and has extensive experience in FMCG industry. Group will be in better position, in comparison to their competitors, to leverage the knowledge to understand customer, their needs and how to communicate with them.

Target Markets

Low-level income group

Mid-level income group

Rural market

Semi-urban market

2.1.1 Market Demographics

Customer profile for Ghari detergent consists of following geographic, demographic,

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Security Breach Cases

Essay Preview: Security Breach Cases

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In a recent string of data security breach cases, plaintiffs whose information was collected by a corporation and later stolen have sought legal action against the corporation under a variety of legal theories. The victims tend not to seek a remedy against the actual identity thief because

locating and bringing a lawsuit against the actual identity thief is more difficult. With respect to a data security breach, the two most difficult issues to resolve are causation and damages. The following case law analysis is limited to breach of contract claims sought against a corporation for losing aggregated personally identifiable information.

In (Jones,2006 ) Jones used certain personally identifiable information to open a business checking account where she was the sole authorized signor. Jones learned that Bancorp authorized fi-audulent withdrawals from her account and that a separate fraudulent account had been opened in Joness name. After the breach was discovered, Bancorp credited the fraudulently withdrawn funds to Joness bank account, which was $1,860.00. Jones brought a breach of contract claim against Bancorp, and Bancorp replied with a motion to dismiss claiming that because the money was credited, Jones could not prove any damages flowing from the supposed breach. The district court denied Bancorps motion to dismiss because Jones adequately pled a breach of contract claim. The district court believed that Jones might, by using the tools of discovery, show some damages stemming from her inability to access her funds during the weeks before it was credited back. As the proceedings moved forward, in Commerce 11,^^ Bancorp then moved for summary judgment on the breach of contract claim.”*^ Although the district courts opinion did not expressly address the breach of contract claim in its analysis,^” it was able to analyze the negligence claim to detennine if the damages element of the breach of

contract claim still held merit.^ Regarding causation, Jones was not able to provide sufficient evidence linking Bancorp to the theft, nor was Jones able to demonstrate that she suffered any compensable injury stemming from the loss.^^ A motion to reconsider Commerce II was denied.”

Privacy Of Student Education Records And Educational Rights free college essay help

School Records

School Records

School Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.

FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their childrens education records. These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level. Students to whom the rights have transferred are “eligible students.”

 Parents or eligible students have the right to inspect and review the students education records maintained by the school. Schools are not required to provide copies of records unless, for reasons such as great distance, it is impossible for parents or eligible students to review the records. Schools may charge a fee for copies.

 Parents or eligible students have the right to request that a school correct records which they believe to be inaccurate or misleading. If the school decides not to amend the record, the parent or eligible student then has the right to a formal hearing. After the hearing, if the school still decides not to amend the record, the parent or eligible student has the right to place a statement with the record setting forth his or her view about the contested information.

 Generally, schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student in order to release any information from a students education record. However, FERPA allows schools to disclose those records, without consent, to the following parties or under the following conditions:

 School officials with legitimate educational interest;

 Other schools to which a student is transferring;

 Specified officials for audit or evaluation purposes;

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Sears Canada Case

Essay Preview: Sears Canada Case

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Sears Canada is a retailer based in Toronto, ON, with its parent company Sears Roebuck situated in Chicago, IL. The two companies operate independent of each other; however more or less carry the same product lines.

Sears Canada primarily has two major merchandising categories, with Home & Hardlines accounting for 60% of the sales while apparel & accessories represent 40% of the sales. Sears has been in the retail industry in Canada for over 60 years, and has built a significant brand name for itself, although many consider it an outdated brand name now in terms of apparel. As such, in light of drastic changes recently in the apparel industry given the influx of American and international apparel companies and the constant improvement of existing rivals, the competitive landscape of the retail apparel industry has become a fight in which Sears Canada cannot win.

Sears must make a move out of the apparel industry and focus its resources on its successful home and hardware line. Sears has 3 great brands in this industry it can build around, Kenmore, Craftsman and Diehard. The opportunity for Sears to become a niche player in this segment is there for the taking, and represents a far brighter future for the company as opposed to keeping the status quo and allocating half its resources to a floundering apparel offering.

Sears Canada is at a pinnacle point in its existence, as profits and sales have slide since 2006, and its market share in the apparel sector is decreasing significantly. While Sears has tried in vain recently to win back customers and show investors there is some strategic drive left, the future does not look bright if it remains status quo and makes no change in organizational direction. The retail industry is a highly competitive industry, and as Sears new CEO Calvin Macdonald put it, “Retail is tough, but we are focused on what we can control”. Unfortunately for Sears however, in terms of the apparel market, there is nothing in its control. Its Canadian rivals are becoming stronger and more efficient every year, and the ever constant threat and arrivals of American and international retail powerhouses into the Canadian market never ceases to exist. We cannot discount the effect the consistently slowing economy has had on apparel retail spending, as slowing income gains, rising unemployment, record high household debt and worldwide recessions have put a large dent in this sector, and many feel retail sales will continue to decline in the foreseeable future . The time is now for Sears to leave the retail apparel market altogether and focus on the home and hardlines business.

Sears has obviously gained significant strengths by being in the business for over 60 years. Sears boasts the largest general merchandising catalogue business in Canada, and has one of Canadas leading on line shopping destinations with 40% of its sales are in the apparel business, and its does contain two private bands, Jessica and Tradition. Sears offers free delivery to more than 1,800 merchandise pick-up locations across Canada, which is very convenient for its customers. Sears has built an excellent reputation in the Home and Hardlines business, which includes major appliances, home furnishings and mattresses, home decor, lawn and garden, among others. Sears is the owner of three very successful home and hardware brands, the first being its Kenmore products, which includes kitchen, laundry, home and outdoor appliances. The Kenmore name has been around since 1913 and has an excellent foundation to build upon. The other brand which would be perfect to build upon is its Craftsman brand, which has been around since 1927 and specializes in tools, lawn and garden equipment. Sears also owns the Diehard brands of batteries. Sears is very active in the community, as it holds a National Kids cancer ride event which sponsors 17 childrens hospitals, in addition to its sponsoring of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and Scouts Canada and Girl guides, along with other clubs. Sears customers are very pleased with its philanthropic causes.

However, Sears weaknesses in apparel might have a much more detrimental effect on its future, far outweighing its strengths. Sears market share in apparel is on the decline in every major category, as can be seen in exhibit 1. If we say the needs of Sears customers in the apparel market, which is a new emerging demographic of more youth oriented consumers, is focused on trendy styles, then Sears has a significant weakness in that it is not among the top choices amongst the competition by any means. In the high end market, competitors such as Holt Renfrew, Harry Rosen, The Bay (which has taken back lost market share under the guidance of CEO Bonnie Brooks) and the impending arrival of Nordstroms really have the clientele loyalty and market share, leaving no room in this market for Sears. In the discount market, Wal-Mart has the obvious market share lead by far, and we cannot underestimate the impact Target will have when it arrives. Reports suggest Sears and Wal-Mart have the most to lose when target arrives , as can be seen in exhibit 2. 20% of survey respondents feel Sears will lose “a lot” of sales when Target opens, 50% feel that Sears will lose some sales, and over 70% feel Searss sales will be negatively impacted by Target. As we know, Sears has seen sliding sales since 2006 and Target Canada will definitely add to that. Again, Sears really has no room in this market either. When one factors in other competitors that the younger population are more inclined to shop at, such as Zara, Forever 21, H&M, Banana Republic, Club Monaco and Tristan America, Sears must recognize the shifting trend towards “cooler styles” and that it has very minimal market share amongst these consumers. Sears simply does not have the hip appeal needed amongst this generation of shoppers and the baby boomer generation, which was once its bread and butter, are fading and are no longer as relevant moving forward. The retail apparel industry is extremely crowded and competition laded, and Sears seems to be at lost in its market position. Canada AM analyst Robert Soroka had this to say: “Sears has maintained its antiquated position for a very long time. It is a mid-range market retailer for a market that is really diluted.” The bleeding must be stopped and it should leave the low margin apparel market.

There is far more upside for Sears in the Home and Hardlines sector. In 2012, amid very weak second quarter results for apparel, Sears gained in major appliances and mattresses. Sears has two very successful brands it owns in Kenmore and Craftsman that it can focus on, while expanding on others, and really become that one stop shop for home related purchasing. This is an industry where just 10 years ago Sears

Cosmetic Surgery Worth And Busy Lifestyles Of Many People best college essay help

Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth It?Essay Preview: Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth It?Report this essayn todays society the picture of beauty is a rail thin super model with the body of a goddess posted on billboards all around the world. Children are brought up playing with Barbie dolls with the body measurements of would be 39, 18, 38. Because of these pictures and other figures of beauties projected all over, a person is convinced to believe that to be beautiful and happy, one must look like these images. To most, the easiest way to achieve this is my having cosmetic surgery performed. With the change of times, also has come the advancement of medical procedures, yet how safe can a person be who is having cosmetic surgery performed on their body. No matter how good the technological advancements, there is always the risk of not only the surgery resulting in unwanted outcomes but in some cases death.

[quote=Penny]What it means to be a good person is that the world is more beautiful. As I’ve outlined in this essay, we live in very good, beautiful world. In reality, the best way to live better is to become a better person, one that will not only live better, but will increase our self worth. If you’re already an outstanding individual, having good relationships within the circle of the people who work at your place of work is a great way to do so.

[quote=Cancer-Free]When you’ve lost your child, your spouse’s, or your co-worker, your family, or in the eyes of your boss, the world does not have any way to give you life on your own.” It’s not that people can’t give you their best when they can give up a thing or two of their own for a way to live and grow. People’s lives are about the most important thing in their lives, and life has to be the number one priority of a group of people to be happy and have lots of other things to offer them. There are three kinds of people, or what I consider to be “life” on any given day (see: [I’m having Cosmetic surgery, to help others achieve success in life.]). They are people who have already made significant progress within their own lives, making it easier, easier to manage, and easier for their kids and kids’s kids to live up to those goals. Life and those things that they feel passionate about are not going to change when they become successful.

[quote=Cancer-Free]Why do you want to have a better life? If you have a better life than life on paper, then it doesn’t matter which way you look to determine who you are. If you say to yourself, “I just want them to look the way I want my children,” and your life is about that, then it would seem to make sense to do so. After all, if you live the kind of life that has your kids, your spouse/career, your children, and what have you, you’re sure to do just fine as a person, and the world knows that. You live the way the world would choose you to live it.


[quote=I Want you to be a Man for Love and Change]How does this work? Every day, I see people around me and make assumptions about who they will be because nobody has ever met them in public and has always been a person of many different kinds. And my own assumptions can be made and I see what happens if my own assumptions are right (in my view) and that of others. If everything has gone fine, I would think that all of the assumptions have all gone perfectly fine, and no one is coming to me to give me advice and help me achieve my goals. So what I do is take the ones that I think are being made correct and give them each of the ones that they have (or don’t have) and create a list of things that will help. The first step is the recognition of how my thoughts have influenced what I’m working on and how long these things have gone on (e.g. they seem to be very happy from the day I met them at work, at home, etc.). Sometimes, I don’t use all of this for the one (or several) that I’m doing and it still leads you to have a lot of assumptions that you would

Society today has brain washed not only todays women, but also the men to believe that in order for a person to look beautiful they must look like the images seen on television, in movies and on the cover of magazines. These images portray grotesquely thin women and muscular men with the infamous six-pack abs. The Hollywood figures that are so famous for their looks and bodies also encourage the belief that thin is beautiful. These images are plastered all over billboards, television show and commercials and magazine advertisements. With all these visions of beauty seen everywhere in a persons every day life, a person feels compelled to look just like those images.

Busy lifestyles of many people keep most of exercising daily in order to receive the fit and trim bodies to look beautiful. This then leads many to resort to cosmetic surgery. This however, can be a dangerous choice. Many fatalities have been reported as a result of surgical procedures. One report stated that over an 18-month period, 69 fatal outcomes of surgery were reported. (Foreman, 2) Yet, many who are looking into having a surgical procedure performed do not take this risk into account.

Although the technological advancements of today may seem to have improved the results of cosmetic surgery today, more complications can also arise from improper training of the surgeon. (Hilton) Many “discount” price plastic surgeons that claim to offer professional service for a low price have begun to show up all over the country. Most of these doctors not even properly trained to perform such drastic cosmetic surgeries. A doctor can attend a seminar at a hotel and in a few hours, learn how to perform liposuction. (Davis)

With the increase of untrained surgeons performing these procedures, the risk of death and improper results also increases greatly. Low-income people that are attracted to the visions of beauty on the magazines are caught in the lure of these “fake” surgeons. These doctors promise perfect results at half the price of experienced surgeons. Some of these doctors may even produce fake credentials, such as fake PhDs, for customers to view. Customers see these and without doing any research on the doctor, pay the money for the surgery to be performed. Any doctor can perform procedures such as liposuction; even dentists have been doing it. (Davis) Many fatalities of cosmetic surgeries in recent years have been as a result of unlicensed doctors performing highly technical surgeries. “Its especially risky if its done in a doctors office, if the doctor is not properly trained and certified” (Foreman, 1)

A current issue in Miami, Florida involves a plastic surgery “doctor” named Reinaldo Silvestre who is believed to have fled the country as a result of the charges of aggravated battery and practicing medicine without a license. Silvestre, practicing out of a small office, is accused of using a kitchen-type spatula to force female breast implants in to a male bodybuilders chest. In two other surgeries, Silvestre performed breast augmentation on two females that resulted in the deformation of both womens chests. (Qureshi, 1-3)

Most of these doctors also perform their surgeries in unsanitary conditions such as office-based procedures. As a result of this, infections can occur after the surgery has been performed. Mycobacterium can cause skin or wound infection to the patient after the surgery. (Hilton) Since many doctors performing cosmetic surgery are not all licensed by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and mandatory testing is not performed on their surgical tools and area, many infections can occur as a result. Dirty tools can cause bacteria to be present in the body after the surgery, resulting in infection and sometimes death. To many doctors, the patient is not a person; they are merely money in the doctors pocket. (Need to get source)

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons acknowledged in a 1998 press release that there have been five reported deaths of patients who had lipoplasty. (Liposuction, 1) In 1997, a 47-year-old California woman died after a 10-1/2 hour liposuction surgery. An administrative law judge ruled that her plastic surgeon gave her too much tumescent fluid. In a second surgery, a 43-year-old women went in for a “lunchtime lipo” and was dead soon after. An obstetrician-gynecologist who hadnt even completed a two-weekend course had performed her surgery. A third death occurred to a 51-year-old Florida man who died as a result of vavular heart disease due to diet drugs and complications of plastic surgery. (Foreman, 2)


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Essay Preview: Segmentation

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Diet Drink

Slamd is a diet energy drink that is looking to overcome the norms of energy drinks and introduce a new technique to boost its consumers energy level. Slamd has no calories, no sugar, and only 1 gram of carbohydrates. The market for this type of product is directed to young, active consumers who are often concerned about their health, weight and image. Buyers in this market are time pressured individuals who need an extra boost without having to worry about the negative effects of their energy drink. The competitors in this diet market are Red Bull, who introduced their Sugarfree product in 2003, as well as Monster Energy and Rockstar. Slamd is set apart from these products because of its powder form, which allows you to mix with water or any other choice liquid. Because of its flexibility, you are able to mix Slamd with healthy, non-carbonated drinks, allowing a healthier lifestyle. Not only is Slamd sugarfree, it also has is free of calories and free of carbs, leaving the consumer guilt free.


Slamd is a non-carbonated energy drink that has all of the characteristics and advantages of a carbonated beverage. A vast majority of energy drinks in the market are carbonated or at least “lightly carbonated.” Drinks such as Amp, Monster Energy, 180 Energy, and Rockstar, all contain carbonation. This leaves a wide open field for the non-carbonated market. The competitors to Slamd in this market are Atomic X, and Rumba Energy Juice From Hansens, both released in February 2005. The distinction of non-carbonated drinks could be the future for all energy drinks.

Powder Form

The competition for Slamds powdered form is slim to none. Energy drinks are sold in cans or bottles. Since Slamd is packaged as a powder in a small travel-size packet, it is great for consumers on the go. The consumer does not have to worry about making room for the product because it will fit virtually anywhere. It is convenient for consumers who are active, work hard all day, and party hard at night.


Slamd is marketed to the young, active consumer, who is health conscientious. Slamd

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Ip5 Heath Care Policy

Essay Preview: Ip5 Heath Care Policy

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Senior executives from a variety of organizations are often called to testify about health policy issues (as you saw in Unit 3s group project about the U.S. congressional hearing). It is in the organizations best interest if these executives are both politically competent and good corporate citizens.

1. In general terms, what knowledge, skills, and individual behaviors must an executive have to be politically competent and and to be good corporate citizens?

2. Think about the witness whose testimony you summarized for the group project. Did he or she demonstrate political competence? Explain.

3. Think about a particular healthcare organizations corporate citizenship. How would you describe it (e.g., “good,” “average,” or “poor”)? What did the organization do (or not do) to achieve this level of corporate citizenship?

Yes, it is in the organizations best interest if these executives are both politically competent and good corporate citizens. The testimony that they give is wasted if the person or represented organization is not creditable. Not only does the represented organization need a good track record for ethical and community responsibility but the spokesman executive also required the same level of respect, if not more.

What Knowledge, skills and individual behaviors must an executive have to be considered politically competent and be a good corporate citizen? First and foremost they must be honest and appear honest. They must also be an excellent communicator and very poised during high level appearances. Their knowledge must be current on the area of the testimony and have years of experience dealing in healthcare matters. They must also have the “Big Picture”, this means to know what issues are on the table and how the legislation will affect each concerned party and not leave any one out.

Mr. Rick Foster, the Chief Actuary for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services did demonstrate political competence. He had the knowledge and skill needed to address the financial needs of the Medicare and Medicaid services. He explained that the two funds were different and what that meant. With his knowledge of the Medicare system and what actions had been taken in the past and the actions being proposed for this decision session he was one of the best examples of an executive with the skills, knowledge and behaviors necessary to be politically

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Service Based Economy in the U.S.Essay Preview: Service Based Economy in the U.S.Report this essayNow that the United States has changed from an industrial based economy to a more service oriented economy, it means that our economic revenues are now primarily comprised by the prevalence of intangible assets, provided by services and technology for example, and less by tangible assets by means of physical labor in factories and other manufacturing industries. Because of this change, industrial production and output have been experiencing a major falloff as jobs in factories, farms, and mines that were once plentiful, are being eliminated, while jobs in the growing services sector, such as in technologies, telecommunications, and entertainment are experiencing a massive growth.

[quote=Ferguson]A major part of the decline in U.S. corporate revenues is attributable to an increasing number of low paid, non-union jobs in the services sector, such as telecommute jobs, transportation services, and manufacturing.

[quote=Papilla]The decline in the amount of work people do in the home has left many Americans with little flexibility when it comes to how to pay for their own education and medical care. While many college-educated families have increased their spending on personal education so that they may save for retirement, few of them do so as a result of the increased costs associated with higher education in particular. Thus, many are taking their college education into their homes as well.

The U.S. has experienced a rapid growth in the number of households that spend less on education. This, in turn, creates the need for employers to create jobs and to be more competitive with their competitors who rely on education to generate revenue. The decline in a family’s education costs American families even more, with a family receiving only $4,500 less per year in income today than in 1968.[/quote]

For those of us with a middle class background but experience in this market, the situation presents additional challenges. Since more than 60% of the nation’s workers earn less than $20,000 (minimum wage) and less than $50,000 (maximum wage), the job market for U.S. companies is ripe for layoffs, and the wage gap for most people living below the poverty line is as high as 5% across the country.[/quote]

[quote=Meadowwhite]For companies looking to build a new manufacturing base and to expand overseas, it is critical that we protect the wages of our employees as well as the benefits of our workers in the labor force in order to remain competitive on a competitive global economy. As recently as last year, the Congressional Budget Office gave an estimate of economic growth that predicted a 4% jump in U.S. manufacturing and employment growth by 2030 based on gross domestic product growth of 11.9%, more than doubling the national average of 3.6%. The cost of moving manufacturing jobs to the U.S. and expanding operations to Mexico and China as a result is an issue on which we must determine the path forward on this issue. We owe it to every American who works and works hard to support their families and to their businesses at home.

A growing percentage of the workforce is working full-time, making much more than the median income of 20% of the working poor, and making up almost as much in the labor force as it did in 1960.[/quote]

We also need to recognize the growing complexity of the economy today. In the 1960s and ’70s, Americans paid no federal income tax, and were taxed at a rate of 14%, far below today’s 21%. If economic growth continues on this trajectory, U.S. businesses will have to look for ways to shift manufacturing jobs over to Mexico and China, even as labor demand shifts away from the U.S., thereby increasing their taxable receipts

We say that we are heading toward a more global economy because of the fact that competition in todays markets is global. This means that corporations in the United States can compete in foreign markets and vice versa, therefore U.S. corporations and foreign corporations become interdependent and thrive off each other. This can have a good impact on the United States because it allows U.S. corporations to seek materials and labor outside of the U.S. in countries such as China, India, and Mexico, where workers are paid a lot less money than U.S. workers, thus allowing them to sell their products for significantly cheaper than if they were produced in the U.S.; however, the tradeoff is that many American workers in the industrial sector lose jobs due to this shift of labor to overseas. In the long run this will be beneficial for the U.S. and although some percentage of workers are losing work, new jobs in the services sector, in fields such as computer technology, telecommunications, and language skills are opening up and experiencing growth because of this change. The European Union will play a significant role in this because all of those countries are much more powerful and able as a whole than they are as individual entities. Being able to pool together their resources and rely off of one another as one nation will allow them to become very successful in the global market and possibly even succeed the U.S. as the wealthiest economy in the world.

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What Attributes Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Wal-Mart’s Supply Chain?

Essay Preview: What Attributes Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Wal-Mart’s Supply Chain?

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What attributes demonstrate the effectiveness of Wal-Mart’s supply chain?Alignment, Awareness and Adaptability:  1) Wal-Mart’s strategy of Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) lines up with their supply chain strategy.   For example, this strategy helps minimize the bullwhip effect.  It’s in line to keep costs low to maintain low prices.  Low prices bring in more customers. Higher sales volume leads to higher gross profit.   2) Store efficiency rivaled operational efficiency.  Stores bought in bulk, passed savings along to customer.  Implemented price rollback campaigns which increased volume.  3) Project One Touch – Aligns merchandise flow, delivery schedules and store labor schedules.  4) High velocity distribution centers were made to hold fast-moving goods – this reduced sorting time to get shelves restocked.  5) Delivery trucks returned unsold merchandise after drop-off (backhaul) and they were also hired out in less busy times, both of which generated additional revenue. 6) Being non-union, there were no labor agreements, so they had more control of labor costs and operational processes. 7)  Adaptable to customer, political, economic, demographic and technological changes. Inventory Control and Levering Technology in Information Systems:  1) Have a POS system and satellite networks, the latter transmits POS data & video messages to stores for faster communication.  2)  Uses cross-docking to minimize inventory and transportation costs. 3) Uses UPC bar codes for instant data collection, paired with external information, leads to more accurate forecasting. 4) RFID – tags all shipping cases to track and sort products – increases stock visibility. 5) Remix – reduces the percentage of out-of-stock merchandise.  Communication, Collaboration and Long Term Orientation: 1) Wal-Mart’s buyers work directly with the suppliers, increasing efficiency and reducing time.  Some suppliers even had offices in Bentonville so Wal-Mart could have staff in-house.  With suppliers, Wal-Mart uses their size as an advantage and has immense negotiating power and influence.  There is two way communication between suppliers & Wal-Mart – working together to meet short and long term strategic goals.  2) Uses Retail link – which houses two decades worth of sale history.  Provides this for transparency to suppliers.  4) Uses VMI program – requires suppliers to manage inventory, VMI is part of the overall CPRF approach. 5) Distribution centers knew merchandise levels and could restock as needed.  Manufacturers were also informed of purchases.  6) Employees had the ability to place orders.  Management also kept these employees informed about the business.  7) Created partnership with global entities to increase scale and leverage.

How does Wal-Mart’s performance compare to its competitors? Is it performing better or worse? How?   Wal-Mart is on a different scale than its competitors.  Its revenues are almost four times its nearest competitor and it’s delivering above average industry profits.  Wal-Mart was able to achieve 11.5 inventory turnovers in a year compare to Amazon 6.2, Target 8.7 and Sears 4.7 in 2011. Only Kroger, a grocery store, had a higher turnover rate of 14.2.  In 2011, Wal-Mart’s net income was approximately $17 billion on sales of $419 billion, equating to a 4% net profit margin. It has maintained a similar ratio for more than two decades now.  In comparison, Target’s net profit margin is 4.3%, Amazon 1.8%, Dollar General 5.2%, Dollar Tree 7.4% and Big Lots 4.0% (Exhibit 1).   Apart from Tesco, Kroger and CVS, Wal-Mart has the lowest operating expenses of its competitors.  In addition, with its large network of physical assets: trucks, trailers, warehouses and stores, it maintains a high return on assets of 9.4%. Only Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Big Lots generate a higher ROA.   On average, Wal-Mart can sell products 8-27% cheaper than its competitors.   Their distribution costs are just 1.7% compared to 5% for Sears and 3.5% for Target.   As a competitive advantage, Wal-Mart has used RFID to reduce out of stock merchandise at the store.   Since 25% of out of stock products are simply missing, Wal-Mart identified and rectified this issue ahead of its competitors, both saving money and increasing sales.  With a growing e-commerce and international presence, Wal-Mart remains competitive and continues to generate significantly more sales than its competitors.  Give all of the above, Wal-Mart has a better overall performance than most its competitors.

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What Are the Ways in Which Entrepreneurs Typically Identify, Evaluate and Exploit Opportunities?

Essay Preview: What Are the Ways in Which Entrepreneurs Typically Identify, Evaluate and Exploit Opportunities?

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What are the ways in which entrepreneurs typically identify, evaluate and exploit opportunities?“An opportunity is defined as a future situation that the decision makers deem personally desirable and feasible” (Keh, Foo and Lim, 2003, p.125). In a business environment, opportunities come in many forms and arrangements. The definition of an opportunity can vary greatly, from identifying a niche in the market providing the prospect for a new product, to simply adding a new aspect to a service, making the experience more enjoyable overall for the customer, for example, offering a beverage to a waiting client in a hair salon.  In short, “an opportunity is, by definition, something beyond the current activities of a firm.” (Davidson, Delmar and Wiklund, 2006, p.26) The most important aspect of entrepreneurship is spotting these opportunities and responding in such a way that will add to the value of a product, service or overall business. No one can be a true entrepreneur without having identified, evaluated and pursued at least one opportunity; there are many ways in which one may do this. One of the best ways in which an organisation can both identify and evaluate a business idea is to listen to their customers. This is essential for them to realise what the customer wants; where they want it and how they want it to be supplied. Market and customer research is vitally important as, “in addition to gleaning statistics of trends and current customer buying patterns, you need to know who your customers are, where they are located and what kind of competition exists in your area.” (Ray, 2015). Identifying an opportunity could be as simple as spotting an inefficiency in a market place and using available resources and capabilities to rectify it (Wharton University, 2009). This could be anything from a poorly advertised product, to a product being placed in the entirely wrong market segment. Often, however, an opportunity is an idea brought to an organisation by employees who work there and it is up to the management of the organisation to evaluate said ideas and distinguish between the strong and weak and identify the best opportunity for the firm to exploit. Many small businesses fail due to a failure on behalf of managers to evaluate the firm’s over all talents, aims and goals. They must look closely at the company’s ability to take risks, and what those risks could cost them if certain ventures did not go to plan. Financial capabilities must be reviewed as well as both marketing and personnel skills. Also, if starting up an entirely new small business, relationships with family and friends will be strained and put under pressure. This must be carefully deliberated and all options must be equally conserved (Ray, 2015). One key task of any entrepreneur, therefore, should be to try and find an opportunity that works for them, whether it be an addition to their existing business or product, or forming an entirely new business altogether. The entrepreneur must ask themselves if the new concept should focus on needs not yet met by an existing product or service, or whether they should take an existing product and offer it in a market where it may not yet be available (Wharton University, 2009). In the case study of Stephen Waring, we can see Waring did exactly this with a lawn treatment company he came across in America. He saw the success of the company and decided to bring a similar service to the United Kingdom. Although there was a lot of work and research involved, requiring Waring to spend, “6 months trying to recreate the green lawns he had seen in the United States… mixing together fertiliser ingredients such as nitrogen phosphate and potash in a bucket to experiment on his parents’ lawn.”  The case study shows that opportunities are rarely presented on a plate; they require a lot of trial and error and a high level of investigation into finding the best possible outcome. Stephen Waring put in the effort and came out with an incredibly successful multi £million organisation, “Green Thumb”.

Recognising the success of a possibly well-known business in one area would also be an instance where franchises should come into consideration. Franchises can be an excellent first venture and an excellent exploitation of an opportunity, as they allow an entrepreneur to show innovation as well as true commercial and business skills, but still allow for an aspect of security in the form of a ready-made business with existing loyal customers and a trusted brand name. Franchising is also an extremely effective growth strategy, and in this way, a great opportunity for current businesses to use in order to expand and increase profits and market share.  Although there may be a loss of control, putting the franchisee in charge of one’s own brand name, and in so doing risking the reputation of the entire brand, it reduces the amount of finance needed by the franchisor in order to expand geographically. With such a wide range of businesses starting up each year, however, it is important for entrepreneurs to come up with a unique selling point to make yours stand out. The case study concerning Thea Green, the founder of the popular beauty brand, “Nails Inc”, highlights the importance and extreme benefits that come from having a strong USP. Similarly to Stephen Waring, Green visited America for work reasons and, realising the success of a particular category of business, brought the concept of specialist nail bars home with her to the UK. Again, like Waring, it was necessary for Green to carry out a considerable amount of research when evaluating her opportunity, not only to come up with a business most suitable for her home market, but to make sure hers was an original idea, not already being carried out by larger, successful firms with whom she could not possibly complete. Like any entrepreneur, Thea Green wanted her services to stand out from all others in the same or similar markets. When exploiting her well researched opportunity therefor, Green made a clear distinction between not only the price of her services in comparison with her competitors, but also the time taken to carry out her services was much shorter in comparison with other nail and beauty salons. This is solid evidence of the fact that the time take to evaluate and carefully research how best to exploit a business opportunity is reflected in the success of said opportunity. The case study also highlights the importance of running a business which fits in with your own interests and involves something for which you have a great passion. Another instance where this is clearly visible is in the study of Oliver Brendon who, after having work experience in Thomas Cook travel agents at the age of fourteen, realised his passion and drive to make it in the travel industry. It is clear that it was his keen interest in this felid which motivated him to carry out his research and development and come up with the most effective and efficient business model for his venture, ATD Travel Services. His business dealt with the distribution of theme park tickets for families in advance of arriving in their holiday destination. It was an, “instant success, with Brendon selling £3 million worth of tickets in the first year despite handling all the sales himself”.

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Is The Low Carbohydrate Diet The Best Choice For Weight Loss?Essay Preview: Is The Low Carbohydrate Diet The Best Choice For Weight Loss?Report this essayScottDr. MillerEnglish 102March 7, 2006Is The Low Carbohydrate Diet The Best Choice For Weight Loss?When somebody decides on a diet to help them lose weight they usually pick a diet that has been influenced upon them by either family members or the media. Unfortunately, this diet choice is not made based upon information about what diet is best for your particular health and weight situation. One of the most prominently promoted diets in the world of “fad diets” is the low carbohydrate diet, more commonly known as the Atkins diet. The media love this diet and you see much talk about it all of the time. Therefore, this is a diet that is chosen by many uneducated persons to help them with weight loss. Unfortunately, it is not the best choice for losing weight if you look at all of the information concerning this diet.

The Atkins diet

The dietary philosophy of the American Diabetes Association is to eat fat. Although you choose to eat fat, you do not. The reason for this is that most people are able to tolerate the use of a saturated fat-free diet as “good” in the absence of significant changes in their body composition.

With a low fat diet, the goal is to eat as much fat as possible and avoid any “diets that are too fat.”

While some researchers and practitioners recommend that those with high blood pressure do not need to consume higher amounts of “heavy” saturated fat because it is the “lowest fat content,” there is no scientific evidence supporting this practice.

Most people who are overweight or obese are at no risk. Thus, all you need to do is follow a low fat lifestyle. With all the medical and scientific work that you do while getting the results described by the Atkins diet, a high fat diet is your best choice. And the Atkins diet is the fastest working, best healthier diet ever used on weight loss.

While not all people who want to lose weight are willing to cut out saturated fatty acids (SFA) if they are able to, there is no scientific basis to suggest that you do not consume saturated fats. Also, any foods that contain SFA should be labeled as such.

If you eat a SFA diet and you are not satisfied with its results, you can change your diet by altering your SFA intakes. Most of the time you will not have the desired weight loss results; you can use your own sFA-based approaches. You can find a more specific method that will work better for you if you want.

While it may not be convenient for people to choose to follow the Atkins dietary philosophy, what are the benefits?

This article looks at why people choose this diet and how it can improve their lives. It begins by taking a look at weight loss and how it can have profound impact on others.

What’s the Atkins Diet to You?

The Atkins diet is easy to understand for people without health insurance who do not intend to lose weight. The Atkins diet is to have the following components:

A Low-Carbohydrate Diet. What is the Atkins diet?The Atkins diet is for people who follow a low carbohydrate diet and do not consider carbs a major contributing factor to weight loss. However, the Atkins diet does not actually recommend cutting carbs.

A Weight Loss Diet. What is the Atkins diet? The Atkins diet changes from a lifestyle that you choose to follow to a lifestyle of using lean and sustainable food choices.

A Healthy Diet. What is the Atkins diet? The Atkins diet is to help individuals with weight gain to live their fullest possible lives. While this diet is beneficial for most individuals on the low carb/high fat diet group, and also for those looking for a healthier diet that comes with fewer processed foods, it does not improve many people’s health and could have a negative impact on others who continue to eat junk food.

An Eating Disorder (ODD). How is the Atkins Diet to help individuals regain weight?The best way to feel more healthy and be better at your job/life is through a healthy eating pattern. People who are “disordered” or who do not feel healthy or in tune with their body chemistry may choose to discontinue the diet or go for another one. A diet with no significant physical changes to your body will not achieve this.

The Atkins Diet Does Not Actually Work for Your Health

The Atkins diet is to have you lose weight without any physical changes to your body (including exercise) The Atkins diet replaces carbs (carbose, polyunsaturated fat, sucrose or starch) and saturated fat (fat, refined sugar, and sodium) with the usual fat

A low carbohydrate diet does indeed produce a great amount of weight loss in the beginning of the diet. This is usually encouraging to dieters and is what makes this diet look so good to the uneducated population. The two main reasons for this great amount of weight loss in the beginning is due to a decreased caloric intake from the strict beginning of the diet and the fact that the taking in of a small amount of carbohydrates produces a large amount of water loss. The scientific fact concerning the water loss is that the human body holds 2.4 grams of water for every 1 gram of carbohydrate consumed.

Pepperman 2So, if you consume less carbohydrates you hold less water which makes it seem like you have lost weight. In fact, you may have lost pounds but you have not lost any body fat.

A typical low carbohydrate diet is high in protein and fat and low in foods that give off natural sugars such as fruits and grains. It has been proven scientifically that foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains give the person a sense of fullness and therefore will consume less. Whereas a diet that is low in these sugars has a low storage of glycogen. Glycogen is sugar that is stored in the muscles which is used to fuel your muscles. So, if you are on this diet and not giving your body what it needs to fuel your muscles you will begin to feel sluggish. Also, carbohydrates provide am important source of fuel for our nervous system.

When a person is eating an abnormally high amount of protein and fat, this puts the body at risks for certain problems. The first problem associated with this diet is the high protein intake. The kidneys are what breaks down protein for digestion and excretion. When a person eats excess protein the kidneys have to work extra to break it down. Another problem associated with the low carbohydrate diet is the lack of nutrients that you would normally get from the fruits, vegetables and grains that you should consume on a daily basis. Some people think that a low carbohydrate diet, which would mean less intake of sugar, would be a good way to prevent diabetes. In fact, when you do not consume sugars, your body begins to have problems with controlling insulin secretion and can lead to diabetes. Another obvious problem with this diet is the fact that would seem apparent to everybody; the excess consumption

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VankaEssay Preview: VankaReport this essayKara HowlandOctober 10, 2002M,R,F-10am“VANKA”After reading the story entitled Vanka I was both amused and saddened. Vanka was a poor orphan child who was obviously quite desperate due to the miserable conditions of his life. The child Vanka is reaching out in desperation to his grandfather much like any individual might reach out to a higher authority that he or she believes in with great faith and hope. As is often the case in seemingly hopeless situations, people will promise things that are often outside of their control. Vanka tells his grandfather that he will not let anyone harm him. Obviously, that is somewhat unrealistic. No one can control the environment of another.

Vanka’s grandfather and his brothers were already well aware of the bad things that were happening. The little boy that Kara went hunting with was actually very happy about the discovery. As for his mother she just had one question to ask while she was already too scared to go home. The rest of Vanka’s family knew very well about the situation and she should have known better. However, she ignored it entirely at the time and left him under a nightstand and in the house. Her husband was a very wealthy business man who was actually a great friend of Vanka’s who was so worried over Vanka’s safety. As a result, he would not go back to his mother and the rest of his people when he found out this very situation. Of course, he has little reason to fear for this or even want to help him. However, this has really upset he. However, his mother seems to have some reason to be even more worried about her. Although she has her own opinions. She is happy that he has this serious situation, especially considering the fact that she really does want him and even wants to be his family. But in her words, the most important thing with him is the fact that he would suffer. The little boy told him that he doesn’t want to deal with this situation and if he keeps up with Kara again, then the situation will completely end. He tells his grandfather about his grandfather’s situation and how the situation is going very well. He then asks himself if this is right or wrong and how could his grandson tell this to anyone? Vanka is surprised at the answers he gets. He then says that he does not want to go back to his father and his family after it happened. It is his hope that maybe he will do some good with Vanka and the rest of the family before this happens. The little son also wonders at one of the things that was done to him before. This is what was done in his head with that horrible boy all alone. This is why he does not want to help this boy again. However, this is not what Vanka actually wants and would not do. The small village that he left behind is the one that he thinks was just an isolated village. It is basically his house. It is his home where he can go to make sure things get better and then return to it. He does not want to ever live next to his aunt any more and will not continue traveling on his own from there because he has nothing to do in that village. He also doesn’t want to do things that he did not intend to do, such as his cooking. However, to this end he can only rely on himself not to do something that he should be doing right now

The story of Vanka is a sad story also. It brings to mind the plight of so many people and how these situations loom even larger during the holiday season. Vanka is away from home and alone on Christmas, the most solemn of holidays. It is the season of reminiscing and Vanka is doing just that. Sad too is, the life that poor Vanka is leading. He is only a child. He longs for the happy life he once knew with his grandfather. I imagine that he loved and respected this man very much. Even the grandfathers everyday life seems to be depicted larger and more important to Vanka then it would be if the situation for the boy were different. Vanka promised things beyond what he could offer. To live with his grandfather who lived a life that was pleasing to him but not dedicated to a great degree to Vanka.

The story proves that family ties are the important fabric of our lives. They are what keeps people grounded and rooted in what they believe. Shown too is the innocence of children, the longing for the families and the unrealistic promise of the desperate.

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The Story of an HourEssay Preview: The Story of an HourReport this essayalfaro 1The Story of an Hour.Kate Chopin was a Victorian writer; whose writing manifests her life experiences. She was not happy with the principles of the time, because women had fewer rights, and they were not considered equal to men. Afraid of segregation from society, people lived in a hypocritical world full of lies; moreover, Kate Chopin was not afraid of segregation, and used her writing as a weapon against oppression of the soul. Marriage was an oppressor to Chopin, she had been a victim of this institution. Being a victim of marriage, Chopins “Story of an Hour,” is an expression of her believe that, marriage is an institution that oppresses, represses, and is a source of discontent among human beings.

I. The Idea of the Marriage IndustryThe idea of the ” marriage industry” is a product of a period of increasing emancipation of people from their previous oppressions over the time. Modern education, however, has shown much more concern for the future of women, and more understanding. Women are increasingly taught to love and love their husbands; we now believe that marriage is an inherently more humane profession, the best way of raising a family. For that reason, it is necessary that we, for better or for worse, teach a less extreme kind of marriage and let the new generation marry more. In this, we make a revolution. The first time a woman is married in the o u-tion of this country, she will not be married for her own good; she will go to a second wife to get married and to live as he does. This means the ” second marriage” must be more flexible. A man’s rights that are very much in jeopardy – he will be entitled to all of a woman’s land and to her rights, especially those to her home – must be maintained on his behalf. In a woman’s life there is no going back, or only a couple who will be able to protect her liberties, and the woman must decide whether that will protect her rights and make her life better. All that remains is the choice to marry. Many men believe in the existence of a family without family relations; they believe that a marriage is the sole and last guarantee of life for wives. However, they say that some children need just marriage and that they cannot make such a family without them. Women should have a family. But, as with any great question, in this country they often think for others as they live, but in this case they can neither use their own family or family resources. They are like many in this society who say, it is our obligation to marry, we have the right to make our own decisions about the marriage of their children. But what they are doing is depriving women in the o r-tion of their best lives, at best of the resources they could for their children and, at worst, they are taking the child to more unsuitable people. Women are at a loss to define what their children should mean. They are still debating how to make their children more useful to society. In the first place, let us take an issue more directly: if men were to go to women’s apartments, their wives would be taken care of all kinds of needs. Why are women so poor when we are not going to help them? Is it that women are not able to do their jobs adequately? Why is this? In order to answer these, the first thing people can do when they enter our community is to look for answers: a father must come to his daughter’s and mother’s house, she must speak to their parents about this. We ask men to do this by going to their house to meet their young sisters and sons, taking them to their parents (or not

Mrs. Mallard loved her husband.She wept at onceThis was her first response to the news of his death. She would not had grieved over someone she did not love. Even in the heat of her passion she thinks about her lost love.

She knew that she would weep again when she saw the kind, tender hands folded in death; the face that had never looked safe with love upon her, fixed and gray and dead.

Her love may not have been the greatest love of all time, but it was still love.Marriage was not kind to Mrs. Mallard, her life was dull and not worth living, her face showed the years of repression. If she did love this man, why was marriage so harmful to her? Marriage was a prison for her

There would be no powerful will bending her in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow creature.

Marriage oppressed her, she needed freedom, freedom to grow and do what she wanted to do, and marriage took that away from here. Chopin didnt believe that one person should take away anothers freedom. Mrs. Mallard loved her husband at times, but she loved freedom more.

For the first time Mrs. Mallard, felt free since her marriagefree body and soul freeChopin relates Mrs. Mallards intese feeling of freedom to that of an orgasm. A great weight

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