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Democratic Ideals Rough Draft – Second Great Awakening

The era of the Jacksonian Democracy left new and different views in American Society. The Second Great Awakening spawned a tidal wave of spiritual fervor that resulted in reforms in education, crime prevention, womens rights, religion, and public affairs. These sought to expand democratic ideals, as they reflected life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Many of the reformers views were based on religion. The Second Great Awakening swept through Americas churches, transforming the place of religion in American life. A wave of revivals, began on the southern frontier, but soon expanded to the Northeast, sent the Second Great Awakening surging across the land. The movement was one of the most momentous episodes in the history of American religion. It left countless converted souls, shattered and reorganized churches, and numerous sects. It also encouraged innumerable areas of American life – including prison reform, the temperance cause, the womens movement, and the crusade to abolish slavery. Though many soon backslid into their former sinful ways, the revivals increased church membership and stimulated a variety of humanitarian reforms.

A key feature of the Second Great Awakening was the feminization of religion, which helped give a voice to womens rights. Middle-class women, the wives and daughters of business men, were the first and most enthusiastic. Despite relative advances, women were still the “submerged sex.” But as the decades unfolded in the nineteenth century, women increasingly surfaced with an attitude of freedom and self-determination. Many revolted by avoiding marriage altogether and remained spinsters. Gender differences were strongly emphasized in America, largely because of the increasing economy, separating women and men into sharply distinct economic roles. Women were thought to be physically and emotionally weak. For many middle-class women, the reform campaigns provided a unique opportunity to escape the confines of the home and enter the arena of public affairs.

The ever-present drink problem attracted dedicated reformers. From customs, combined with a monotonous life, led to * excessive drinking of hard liquor, even among women, clergymen, and members of congress. Heavy drinking decreased the efficiency of labor, and poorly safeguarded machinery operated under the influence of alchohol increased the danger of accidents occurring

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Stress Can Be a Motivater


Thousand and thousands of adults, students, and children can either go through stress or depression. Stress affects everyone taking short and long term effects. The disadvantages and advantages of stress can affect a human physically and mentally.

Stress can be a moviter. If you’re stressed out about an assignment due, this may motivate you to work on it and complete it. If you’re afraid of losing your job, stress can make you encourage to raise your own standards and make improvements. Your heart may be pounding, you may be breathing harder and faster. Stress can prepare to meet the challenge. On a separate note, people can experience stress that can cause disadvantages in their life. It can cause emotional symptoms such as crying and moodiness. Stress seems to increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes, depression, or even gastrointestinal problems. Alot of things may be causing stress and you dont even realize it. Some people are frequently under stress that assume that this feeling is normal. Most people cant think clear under stress and make wrong decisions. Stress doesnt only affect you, but it has an effect on the environment around you. It is said that stress is the most common illness, but I do not have the same opinion. As I look at it, everyone reacts differently to stress. While some are aggressive and nervous others can be patient.

What ways are you dealing with stress? It is better to deal with stress by getting yourself and your mind away from the crazy world. Taking in the sights, sounds, smells around you can redirect you from your worries. Transport to your happy place just for a moment for a few minutes each day. The disadvantage that people usually think is they cant ever get away, but thats not true. You can just close your eyes for just a few moments and get away from the negative of the outside world. The worst

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Those Winter Sundays

Essay Preview: Those Winter Sundays

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Jude Ceant


English 1102

Prof. Martin

“Those Winter Sundays”

Journal #7

This is another common story of how a child matures, and reminisce the sacrifices his/her parent has made. This narrative describes most lower class and some middle class families who struggle to support their family. The father is said to have woken up early on other days as well as Sundays to go to work to help his family; which could also be the cause of the reason for the narrator to state that there are chronic angers in the house. Even if the father is leaving to help his family being gone for so long will have an unintended effect.

The kid seems to have never considered the hardships his father faces for him before growing up. The depiction of the damage the father has on his hands should be enough to make him realize. The father got up to light fires for everyone in the house, and no one, including the speaker, ever thanks him. The kid does not understand his fathers love for him. The speaker states that he was afraid of his father even though his father even went out of his way to polish his shoes. Why are children unable to think on a much larger scale?

I have also experienced times like that as a child seeing my father leave at 3:00am in the morning to slave over an oven at a bakery. The difference is Ive always wondered how hard it must be for him. I would literally break out in tears over the thought. Like the speaker I never said anything to my dad about it, but everyone and I made sure that when he was home he was comfortable.

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

Essay Preview: Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In the story Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston expresses both the values and consequences of true love. Janie Crawford played the main character, Janie experienced three unique marriages, Janies first two marriages were not as affectionate as her third marriage to tea cake. Was janies marriage to tea cake really the image of a pear tree love that janie always yearned for? I truly believe that Janies marriage to tea cake was the unconditional love she was in search for.

Janies first marriage was to Logan Killicks, Janie was forced into to marriage by grandma. Grandma wanted Janie to be well taken care of and protected before she died. Janie was disgusted of Logan. Janies marriage to Logan destroyed her romantic concept of love.

“By forcing Janie into the role of the mule, Logan shattered Janies imaginary identification: he desecrates the pear tree, Janies ideal of love and marriage.” Logan dominated Janie by forcing her to labor. He didnt like for Janie to just sit around, if he was out working in the field he wanted her right by his side working as well. Janies experience with Logan later taught her that marriage will never make love.

Janies second marriage was to Joseph Starks was very nice in the beginning, but as time passed joe started to treat Janie as an object. After the two fled to Eatonville, Joe was elected mayor of the town everyone looked up to him. Joe always expected Janie to be dressed a certain, speak a certain tone or dont speak at all. Joe stressed control, “Joe was a man of possession and position.”(McGowan) Joe felt that Janies place was in the home. Joe did not allow Janie to voice her opinion what so ever even if she was being spoken to.

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This Calls for a Budweiser

Essay Preview: This Calls for a Budweiser

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This calls for Budweiser

Tamaine A. Leak

Devry University

This calls for Budweiser

The vintage ad “This calls for a Budweiser” was created in 1962 and depicts four gentlemen socializing and enjoying a great time with entrees and a couple of Budweiser beers. My reason on deciding on this vintage ad in particular, was due to the fact it impresses my interest of showcasing four African-American men in a respectable setting and environment. This can express to the audience in a positive tone that suggests that the four men maybe brothers, close friends or neighbors having a social get-together discussing about their life or exchanging ideas on a specific event within a kitchen. This vintage ad simply states, “The neighbors are in the kitchen exchanging ideas with close friends, while having fun and enjoying a couple of Budweisers. Where theres life…theres Bud”.

The Logos appeal of this vintage ad, I feel that the author is persuading to the audience on purchasing Budweisers for social events such as picnics, BBQs and family reunions. Since the ad is depicting a certain brand of alcoholic beverage. Budweiser is trying to connect fun, life and drinking Budweiser goes together for an enjoying time. This would cause a certain level of competition with other Beer companies that will try to promote their brand of beverages on a higher scale, as well as influence other consumers or social drinkers to switch to Budweiser beverages over others.

The Ethos appeal… that the author expresses to the audience shows that the gentlemen are happy and are having a great time. They are also very well-dressed and well-groomed with a casual clean-cut dressing attire of a button-up long sleeve shirt and dress slacks. This suggests that these gentlemen have a well-establish job or career that has made them financially secured and

successful, and are responsible and mature enough to have a couple of alcoholic beverages with their meals. They may also be of a certain age group around their late 20s or early 30s;

This is another strong influence to members of the audience that can relate to them as being

responsible drinkers. Another great point of observation is the body language. The four men are standing around in the kitchen in such a proper poise, with well-mannered behavior. Their mannerism and attitude also expresses good-solid character and self-dignity.

The Pathos appeal of the vintage ad suggests that the author is providing the audience

their own experience,

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There Are Many Reasons Why People Would Say Yes

Essay Preview: There Are Many Reasons Why People Would Say Yes

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There are many reasons why people would say yes. Kids often need money to buy toys, electronics, other games, etc. These things make them happy. They like these things. For adults, some like books, education for kids, and television. All of this costs money. Its what they want. That is what brings them happiness. Many people would argue with this though.

What makes people think that money doesnt bring happiness? Well, there are many people in this world that live happily without money. Lots of times, you see one person on the side of the road with no money. Ive seen a whole family like that. The difference is they werent asking anyone for anything. I think that if that one person was surrounded by loved ones, he/ she wouldnt need anything else. Family, friends, and other loved ones bring happiness. There is nothing else in the world that could make me happier than being surrounded by those that I love. Thats why I think people think that money doesnt bring happiness.

Why would someone be stuck between yes and no? One of those people would be me. I am stuck in between because I dont need money to make me happy. I have my family and friends for that, but I do need money for transportation. My family and friends are scattered in many areas, and I need transportation to let me see them. There are a lot of people in the world that may be short on money, but they are surrounded by loved ones, so they are happy. My stepdad once said, “We may be short on money, but it doesnt matter because I get to see the smile on your (my 2 brothers, my baby sister, and I) faces. I know you are happy, and thats all that matters.” I liked it when he said this, because it made me feel special. Everyone needs someone like that in their lives, and that will keep you eternally happy.

I feel very strongly about this subject, and I usually bring it back to family, friends, and loved ones. For whoever reads this, I have one more question. What do you think, yes, no, or yes and no?

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School Prayer

Essay Preview: School Prayer

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Prayer or No Prayer?

There are many different issues that are constantly discussed in political issues. One issue that is often brought to light is the issue of public prayer in schools. I feel that it is something that needs to allowed. Our pledge of allegiance says, One nation, under God, and with liberty and justice for all. If our children are allowed to cite this at school, why are they not allowed to publicly pray? The ability to express themselves is something that every child needs. I certainly understand that there are children of different religions in every class, but they should all be able to express themselves instead of keeping them silent. I also understand that everyone has their own opinion on how God should be worshiped, but that is not a valid reason to kick God out of the foundation of our country, our schools and our youth. There should not be a ban on public prayer in schools. Everyone should be able to choose to publicly pray or choose not to publicly pray without prejudice.

The thing that really bothers me about our nation and this issue is its relying on prayer when times are bad. After September 11th, all you would hear was God Bless America. Now, to me, this is a little contradictory. Everyone was expressing their faith in God publicly then, but they can not do it in school. The government is quick to give us the opportunity to pray in times of great need. This definitely sends a mixed message to our children. It shows them that they realize the need for prayer, but they do not want them praying publicly. Children do not really understand that. The government should realize that you can not let public prayer be fine when it is a time of distress, but when times are good deny them of their privilege to publicly pray.

The other thing that I must say is that it denies them of their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment allows you freedom of speech.

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Strategic Planning Management in Tesco


Strategic planning is an essential process to be campaigned within, for the success of the organisation. By performing strategic planning an organisation can determine its short term as well as long term goals along with their implementation and scheme to accomplish them. Strategic planning defines strategy, direction, and strength towards the external as well as internal challenges faced by the organisation. It suggests resources and serving allocations, so strategic planning is one of the important liabilities of management. Performing strategic management leads to the answers of following three questions.

Where the organisation does stand?

What are the goals to be achieved?


Brand name

How the goals can be accomplishment?

Strategic planning and business planning are the basic requirement to be executed by the management members, the former is related to entire organisation while the latter is relate to an individual product or service. Several strategic planning models have been introduces along with the approaches that are used for the welfare of the organisation. The development of a plan is dependent on factors such as culture of organisation, threats to the organisation, structure of the organisation, skilfulness of plan developer. The plan may be of one year or may be of ten years, depending upon the planner and the activities involved in the plan. More the details are included lengthier the plan would be and clear the goals would be. Process of the plan is more important than former sketching of Strategic planning, threats to the organisation, or its current financial status. A good planner emphasize on excelling the organisation rather than victory over competitors. Several organisations view this process of determining the standpoint of organisation over next years, to forecast they need to know the current status of the organisation and the place where they see the organisation in coming years, this plotting of the direction can be referred as the “Strategic Planning”. Although over the period of time, each long term strategic plans needs monitoring and modifications. As the plans are made on the basis of assumption of the external and internal environment of the organisation, everything goes well until the prediction turns to be right.

Tesco plc. is an internationally recognised organisation, the company was established in 1929 in Middlesex, U.K.. Today the 3rd largest retailer and the 2nd largest profit earning organisation amongst millions of business is Tesco plc. Across the world; this organisation is serving 13 major countries i.e. 32 stores in Malaysia, 81 in Slovakia, 88 in China, 105 in Turkey, 119 in Ireland, 136 in Czech Republic, 142 in Japan, 145 in U.S.A., 176 in Hungary,

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The Yellow Brick Road by Witi Ihimaera

Essay Preview: The Yellow Brick Road by Witi Ihimaera

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I admired the character Matiu, in the short story, The Yellow Brick Road by Witi Ihimaera. The character Matiu, in the short story The Yellow Brick Road is admirable because, despite his dismal journey with his family on the dangerous roads to Wellington. He always tried to bring his family out of the dark depressing time they were going through on the journey. In the story, you can see this when he says “I begin to sing to myself. Not because Im happy, but because I think I want to feel sure myself

everything will turn out alright.” Another example of Matiu being positive is the quote ‘“ But things will be different in Wellington, won’t they Dad?” These quotes support our belief that one of Matiu characteristics is being positive. It is clear that Matiu always approached his characteristic, positivity with the sense that he is bringing his family out of the dark, depressing time they are in. Matiu never lost these qualities and it is because of this Matiu was being more positivity to his parents and siblings. Positivity is are a rare quality, If we had more positivity in the world, we would become more self-confident and we would be able to bring each other out of dark times. We would also become more confident and have more self-esteem.

I admired the character Matiu, in the short story, The Yellow Brick Road by Witi Ihimaera. The character Matiu, in the short story The Yellow Brick Road is admirable because, despite his dismal journey with his family on the dangerous roads to Wellington. He always tried to bring his family out of the dark depressing time they were going through on the journey. In the story you can see this when he says “I begin to sing to myself. Not because Im happy, but because I think I want to feel sure myself

everything will turn out alright.” Another example of Matiu being positive is the quote ‘“But things will be different in Wellington, won’t they Dad?” These quotes support our belief that one of Matiu characteristics is being positive. It is clear that Matiu always approached his characteristic, positivity with the sense that he is bringing his family out of the dark, depressing time they are in. Matiu never lost these qualities and it is because of this Matiu was being more positivity to his parents and siblings. Positivity is are rare quality, If we had more positivity in the world, we would become more self confident and we would be able to bring each other out of dark times. We would also become more confident and have more self esteem.

Database Design And Collection Of Various Related Information college essay help los angeles

Database Design

Individual Assignment: Database Design

DBM380/ Database Concepts

University of Phoenix

January 9, 2012

Database Design

Database systems are simply a collection of various related information that is cataloged through tables or some standard to present items or information about something or someone where each separate table would have different attributes for said item or items. My company uses various different types of databases to include inventory management pricing, location, and stock as well as employee information like pay rates, contact information, and other things like this. These tables are usually created with software such as Microsoft ACCESS or EXCEL. From what has been gathered database architecture has three parts of operation which are presentation logic, processing logic, and storage logic. This sounds simple enough and if one had to describe what this means one would say that the presentation logic is what a user sees on the screen, processing logic is where the system is in input and retrieval mode, and storage logic is where the information is and retrieved from. (Morgan, 2007)

At first in my workplace I thought we had a one-Tier database although all information is updated on all of the PCs in the shop so it has to be a two-tier due to the network involvement. Relational database architecture is what we have been talking about this week which is defined as “an application of mathematical set theory to the problem of effectively organizing data” (Microsoft, 2012). Simply put, data is organized with these tables as stated before and bridged together to strengthen and make data retrieval more fluid. The displays on ones screen compared to what is actually done with the tables

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

Essay Preview: Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

“Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston is about Janie Crawford, a young , beautiful, African-American woman who wishes to leave her hometown to explore the world and find love. She has three husbands throughout the book and learns life lessons from each of them. In the end her dream for love came true but was short-lived in a self-defense shooting that killed her favorite husband Tea Cake. Janie found independence as she matured and found her identity through experiences from her husbands. In the story, Janie’s life was constantly oppressed, whether it was by her closest family or her three husbands, she was overruled as a woman. However, later in the story Janie was depicted as a heroine. Throughout the journey, Janie learns to live not by others but by her own dreams and standards; although to conclude Janie as a heroic figure is not misleading, there are many incidents where Janie is not shown to as an in dependent woman. The hero’s journey is an example to express Janie’s life, the route to a heroic figure that we interpret Janie as.

The ultimate call for adventure for Janie is for her to become a woman. Her life as a woman is Janie’s journey. In the book, it is when Nanny tells Janie it’s time for her to get married, “Yeah, Janie, youse got yo’ womanhood on yuh… Ah wants to see you married right away” (Hurston 12). Although this was none of Janie’s wish, it was inevitable. In the story, Nanny crafts Janie’s view on marriage and love, which was very different from Janie’s personal thoughts, this becomes an obstacle for Janie throughout her marriage. Janie then enters the threshold, where the character decides to confront their first challenge, this meant no turning back. Janie, the novels protagonist, started out young and on the quest for finding true love, however throughout the course of her three marriages, she became independent and loss the desire to be attached to a man. Hurston uses this to show the transformation of Janie as a woman. In the story, Nanny’s point of view on marriage kicks in again and makes a decision for Janie’s marriage partner, Nanny chooses Logan Killicks because he provides a home and money. The marriage with Logan was Janie’s first challenge as a threshold. After marriage, Logan appreciated Janie’s beauty but not her as a person and forced her to work in the fields. The marriage end up in an elope with Janie’s second husband. Janie’s second husband was an ambitious man named Jody Starks. They moved out of town to Eatonville, where Jody becomes the mayor. Although at first he flattered Janie but further in the story, especially when he becomes the mayor he ignores Janie and abuses her. Jody restricts and limits her freedom due to his insecurity. When Jody died Janie said, “To my thinkin mourning oughtnt tuh last no longern grief” (Hurston 89). Janie

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Thoughts on Grades and Grade Inflation

Essay Preview: Thoughts on Grades and Grade Inflation

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Zian JiangProfessor Lynn StevensENG310 November 2015Thoughts on Grades and Grade Inflation        There has been great discussion about grades and grade inflation in college. Would a harsh grader discourage students to study harder and lose their self-esteem? Or is that only harsh grading system would motivate college students, whose lives are already filled with distractions like parties, relationships and extra-curriculum activities, to focus more on academics and study harder? My opinion is that, given this is a complicated issue, we haven’t reached any hasty conclusion yet, but I think one seemingly promising is that schools rule the minimum numbers of A of each class and the instructors can still give out more As if they think the class deserves that. Thus, it is guaranteed that there is always at least certain students can get As and the situation where the whole class gets unsatisfying grades can be avoided.         Some scholars have concluded that given the situation in United States, currently the teachers are not harsh enough on grades, which boosts students’ self-esteem necessarily and makes students super under-prepared but with high GPAs. According to Randy Moore in his essay “Grades and Self-Esteem”, “only 11% of eight-graders in California’s public schools can solve seventh-grade math problems”, and “more than 30% of U.S. 17-year-olds don’t know that Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. Almost half do not know who Josef Stalin was, and 30% can’t locate Britain on a map of Europe. (118)” Then he argues that schools have too many prepackaged excuses for failures, some of which are partly valid and others that are self-delusion, and the problem is that the mission of many schools has shifted from education to building self-esteem. In other words, in order to make teachers feel bad, the teachers, when giving out grades, will lower their standards so that all students, regardless of their performance, meet the standards. However, they are also scholars who hold opposite opinions. Alfie Kohn, in his journal “Confusing Harder with Better”, argues that schools are being ill-considered in the name of raising standards and turning schools into test-prep centers, not knowing that being harder doesn’t necessarily mean better (121). Kohn and Moore’s views on grade inflation are completely different: one holds that grade inflation means incompetency, and the other doubt if limiting grade inflation is any better.

The two international students that I interviewed had their own view on grade inflation. They said that school often ignored the difference in knowledge background between international students and local students because of the different curriculum they took. For example, Chinese students’ learnt much less history in high school compared to their American classmates. It is very challenging for an average Chinese student to go to an Intro-level college history class, while Americans students might not feel it as challenging.        As Moore points out, the low standards of the teachers when giving out grades have done damages to this generation, as students are not competent and under-prepared when they graduated. But this is only one extreme. The other extreme is where the teachers are super harsh on grading, giving out no curves after every exam, and students have to study very hard for good grades.        One perfect example is most Chinese high schools. There are no curves in exams, and students’ scores are reported as what they were on the Grade reports. The test is also very hard, with an average score around 70 out of 100 generally. Students then have to study for every exam, and they barely could get 5 hours of sleep during mid-term or finals. Of course under such pressure, they probably know who Josef Stalin was, but is that necessarily better than the situation in American educational system? First, even though students are working very hard to learn knowledge, one foundational problem is that knowledge that they try so hard to learn might now be useful at all. Whether or not schools are teaching students useful knowledge has been in great debate for a long time, and this is not a Chinese problem but one of every educational system. Given that, it might be better to give Chinese students better grades to boost their self-esteem, reward their hard work, and compensate the partially useless knowledge that is instilled into them. And I think this is the right balance.        In American colleges, the debate on grade inflation also includes more to consider. People have been saying that the inflated GPA some schools give out has made other’s hard-earned GPAs seem less awesome and devalued them. I do agree with that, but I also want to highlight the complexity of the issue.        First, we need to be clear about the costs of grade inflation. Because grades are capped at A, grade inflation results in a greater concentration of students at the top at their schools, which diminishes their value as an indicator of students’ academic abilities. Without grade inflation, a truly competent student might get an A, while a decent student would receive a B or B+. With great grade inflation, both students get As, making it hard for firms, companies and graduate schools to differentiate them.

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Describe and Assess the Product Market Strategy Massey Pursued Through 1976

Describe and assess the product market strategy Massey pursued through 1976. Where possible, compare Masseyís strategy with those of its leading competitors. In your view, did Masseyís strategy make sense (at the time)?

Massey specialized in manufacturing farm and industrial machinery as well as diesel engines through its subsidiary, Perkins. The farm machinery line included tractors, combine harvesters, balers and other equipment for agricultural use. The industrial machinery included various types of tractors, forklifts, loaders and log skidders. The diesel engine business produced a variety of 60 basic models of multi-cylinder ranging from 30 to 300 braking horse power.

Massey’s strength had been in developing countries markets outside North America and Western Europe. Massey was able to deal directly with those countries’ governments and public institutions. These countries’ agricultural needs were growing faster than the North American market. Between 1960 to 1975 Massey pursued a massive expansion plan financed mostly by debt, most of it short term. The debt-to-equity ratio soured from 97% at 1971 to 214% at 1978. At the same time sales grew from $1,029M to $2,631M, a 255% increase. This strategy made sense as the company grew sales at a faster rate than its debt-to-equity increase.

Massey’s sales were divided roughly equal between North America, Western Europe and the rest of the world. The years of negligence put Massey in an inferior position in the North American market compared to its competitors which included both large, multi-national and medium to small local companies. In 1975 Massey’s management decided to switch gears and tried to increase presence in the North American market by introducing a new range of tractors. However, this was a poor timing as the American market was depressed at the time leading to a very unsuccessful re-entry. Massey’s competitors in the North America market were mainly Deere

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Things Fall Apart

Essay Preview: Things Fall Apart

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Task- Use details from the novel to support the view that “Okonkwos relationship with his late father shapes much of his violent ambitious demeanor.”

“Things Fall Apart”

In the novel “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, the protagonist is seen through his violent and ambitious demeanor. Okonkwo wants to rise above his fathers reputation of being a big spender and his lazy behavior to prove to the Igbo society he is greater than that. Okonkwos relationship with his late father shapes much of his violet and ambitious demeanor which can be seen through Okonkwo being impatient, violent, and his lack of hard working habits.

Okonkwo is seen as an impatient character throughout this novel. He is very impatient with men who are less successful than he is. During a meeting of the tribes elders, he calls another man a woman and says, “This meeting is for men.” This man he called a woman had no titles, and so Okonkwo felt that he was not worthy enough. However, Okonkwo was forced to apologize to the man. Another time Okonkwo was impatient was when he beat his wife during the Week of Peace because she does not send him his food as required. Okonkwo broke the rules during the Week of Peace, which is considered a sin. Also, it was Okonkwos first offence against the tribal laws.

Throughout “Things Fall Apart” Okonkwo is seen as being a violent man in the Igbo society. Okonkwos obsession with manliness makes him believe that violence can make him a man. Okonkwo does not think before he does something, his anger takes control of him which causes him to do very violent things such as shooting at his second wife, Ekwefi, however he misses. He thought that she had cut down his banana tree, but the realism was she had only cut a few leaves. This shows how Okonkwo has a violent temper which causes him to do violent things. In addition, Ikemefuna, the boy that was adopted into Okonkwos family, eventually gains Okonkwos love. Although Okonkwo never shows his love for Ikemefuna, in time he calls Okonkwo his father. The Oracle orders the death of Ikemefuna, Okonkwo, in order to show his manliness kills the boy who calls him “my father.” .Ogbuefi, the oldest man in the village had asked Okonkwo not to join in the killing of the boy because Ikemefuna called Okonkwo his father, yet, Okonkwo does not listen to Ogbuefi. By Okonkwo killing the boy he has made his second offense against the tribal laws.

Gaining titles and having a fear of becoming anything like his father is shown through Okonkwos lack of hard working habits. Okonkwo earned his first title by defeating the wrestle, “The Cat”, who went undefeated for a period of time. Okonkwo wanted to continue gaining titles so he would not have his fathers reputation. In the novel, Okonkwo is seen to have three out of the four

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Thomas Kuhn Response – the Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Essay Preview: Thomas Kuhn Response – the Structure of Scientific Revolutions

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Thomas Kuhn Response        In Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” the author explains the origins, process and evolution of a scientific concepts and ideas. He begins by explaining the concept of a “normal science” which is research based on one or more past scientific achievements, the accomplishments would have to be endorsed by a scientific community that accepted and acknowledged it, therefore supplying a foundation made by the scientific community that acknowledges it, for other to practice. Scientific achievements are stored and recounted through books and textbooks, these books pass on the knowledge of an accepted theory endorsed by a scientific community, giving examples, illustration and explanations in order to convince the reader that the specific scientific subject being talked about is valid and reasonable. All the scientific books take their legitimacy from previous works by the likes of Ptolemy, Lavoisier, Franklin and Newton, because these books provided unprecedented knowledge, therefore attracting science practitioners to choose this mode of scientific activity instead of others and at the same time these books were open-ended, making possible for the reader to resolve future problems that have not been thought about by the original authors, these two characteristics are referred to as “paradigms” by Kuhn. “Paradigms” are explained as a term closely related to that of “normal science”, the only change being that paradigms are able to provide examples that include law, theory, application and instrumentation together, thus providing models for traditions of scientific research. Paradigms then are scientific traditions such as “Ptolemaic Astronomy” and “Aristotelian Dynamics”, these works are used as basis, preparing those who want to delve in the scientific community and to be able to practice in it. This model works by providing a foundation of knowledge that can be scrutinized and studied under a scientific community, the research and understanding of the subject are able to progress and discover new laws, theories and instruments by giving the scientific community a common core upon which they can agree on concepts and build upon them by providing them with the same rules and standards for scientific practice, thus furthering the genesis and continuation of a research tradition.

Paradigms are subject to transformation within time, i.e., our understanding of light is relatively new, around half a century old. Even though there has been a scientific community that was able to create a paradigm about light, before half a century ago the knowledge and understanding about light, however highly accepted the paradigm created by Young and Fresnel was not correct. From this failure of a paradigm is where Kuhn indicates there is a change from “normal science” to “mature science”, which is the successive transition from one paradigm to another via a scientific revolution. This type of scientific revolution was not the case in the field of physical optics until Newton’s paradigm, before that there was a variant of theories to explain how light works, these theories were not able to come with the correct definition of light because they focused on metaphysical qualities that could not be studied or remade, or made out points that hindered the development of the study of light. Although these works did not depict the correct description of what light is they still have made significant impact and helped in the creations of new paradigms such as Newton’s physical optics paradigm. The reason why many different explanations of what is light and for many other paradigms, is that there is no use of a standard set of rules and understandings, this way creating a free space upon which knowledge can be created without having to comply with already established concepts by the scientific community and therefore creating a range of similar but different theories that have no basis or connecting standard rule, creating a great confusion and several diverting views about the same subject. These pattern though not useful in the creation of scientific discourse it is still a technique applied for creative fields that focus on discovery and invention.

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Serving God With Faithfulness

Essay Preview: Serving God With Faithfulness

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Act 27:23 For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve,

We need to know Him – but only can if he reveals, and we know him by his attributes/thoughts

Gods way of thinking is not like ours (Isa.55:8-

Gods judgment style is different from ours

FAITHFUL IN LITTLE = faithful in much

Luk 19:17 And he said unto him, Well, thou good servant: because thou hast been faithful in a very little, have thou authority over ten cities.

Can he trust u?

Mat 24:45 Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?

Mat 24:46 Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.

Lk 12:42

Faithfulness means:



Syn.: бxios (G514), worthy; bйbaios (G949), steadfast, sure; alēthḗs (G227), true; alēthinуs (G228), truthful; бmemptos (G273), blameless; anepнlēptos (G423), irreproachable; eilikrinḗs (G1506), sincere; apseudḗs (G893), veracious; aklinḗs (G186), firm, without wavering; ametamйlētos (G278), irrevocable; ametakнnētos (G277), unmovable.

Benefits of faithfulness

a requirement in service – makes us good (sons) servants

Mat 25:21 His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

sure path to Gods increase – “a faithful man abounds” / Pro 28:20 A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not

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Third Party Conflict Resolution

Essay Preview: Third Party Conflict Resolution

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Third Party Conflict Resolution

Introduction –

The responsibility of managers are to manage any dilemmas that occur in the workplace. Conflicts are issues that managers must resolve to ensure a safe environment. Seatcor Manufacturing Company is a major producer of office furniture. As senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer of Seatcor, resolution of conflicts is a major responsibility.

Vice President and General Manager of the desk assembly plant, Joe Gibbons, dedicated 38 years to Seatcor. Joe is a personal friend who surrounds himself with minimally competent employees instead of talented assistants. Joes assistant Vice President, Charles Stewart is a 39-year-old, tenacious and intelligent business school graduate. He joined Seatcor on my insistence because Joe has two years remaining until retirement. Charles is the ideal candidate to replace Joe after retirement but this prediction may not occur.

A recent conflict between the two employees arose. During lunch with Charles, it was brought to attention that Joe Gibbons is in the process of the completion of a five-year plan for his plant. Charles is excluded in this plan, which was disturbing. The uninvolvement of the planning is affecting Charles relationship with Joe and his work ethics. For Charles to eventually evolve into Joes position, Joe must support and properly train Charles.

Joe makes reasonable judgment and may have a good reason for his exclusion of Charles. This dispute can be resolved by following a mediation guide. Mediation consists of four steps that will allow the feuding parties to settle an agreement. An agreement that both sides will find satisfaction. The steps include; stabilizing the setting, assisting in the parties communication, guiding the parties to negotiation, and lastly clarifying the agreement of the parties.

The introduction and explanation of mediation occurs in the first step of the process. Anger and frustration are natural during this first stage preliminary calming will be required. Charles and Joe may have difficulty communicating productively unless the mediator gains trust from each party. Charles and Joe must feel comfortable enough to communicate their side one at a time to get the actual message that needs to be communicated. Maintaining a polite, neutral, and non-biased environment will stabilize the setting to help the parties communicate.

To help the parties communicate a meeting is set up for them to express their concerns. The intention of this cooperative communication is the clarification of the disputants expectation of their working relationship. The first disputant to speak is Charles. He presents his interpretation of his assignment into the department. Charles expects that total involvement in processes in the department is crucial to meeting the departments goals.

Recent Trial Of Tom Robinson And Nagging Question college essay help near me

White Lies: Are They That Harmless in Court?


White Lies: Are they that harmless in court?

Recent trial of Tom Robinson has brought the weary County of Maycomb to a fevered frenzy. Multifarious heated discussions were made over a nagging question: Had fair play really been carried out in the courtroom? Issues raised will be preceded with a concise background information of the lawsuit: Black defendant, Tom Robinson was apparently found guilty of raping white plaintiff, Mayella Ewell.

In a small town consisting of both white and black communities, especially with whites in dominance, racial prejudice is unavoidable. Blacks were scorned upon sight by the uppity whites as “niggers”. However, given a case as colossal as a rape case, punishable by death, more thought would have been given to it. Instead of inducing careful analysis of the trial, all decisions have been rushed in one day. Where was the medical evidence, the careful investigation, and the feeling of fairness in the ruling of his sentence? Should the society condemn a man just by the words of a few? If so, this community would have lost a valuable commodity, a striver, and most of all, justice.

Another question clamors immediate attention to a steadily rising issue. The trial, which had been conducted in an accelerated manner, was perhaps due to the involvement of blacks in this case. Outward shows of racism seemed to be dormant lately; the rallies have toned down manifold since the retreat of the Ku Klux Klan. However, the roots of racial prejudice have not been completely eradicated in the hearts of many. Having been in presence at the trial, Miss Mayella Ewell was observed to be having a nervous breakdown in the presence of the defending party. Her fidgety movements and acquiescence to defense lawyer, Atticus Finch occurred many times during the trial; her reluctance to acknowledge the man whom she said had raped her, was bewildering

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Swot and Pest Analysis

Universidade do AlgarveEscola Superior de Gastaō, Hoteleria e TurismoDaiga Ancānea52279SWOT and PEST analysis.Essay2014Table of contentsIntroduction        1.        SWOT analysis.        2.        Difference between internal and external factors.        2.1.        Internal factors        2.2.        External factors        3.        Describe what is meant by PEST analysis.        3.1.        PEST factors        3.2.  Why is this tool so important in the organization management Process?

3.        Which factors in each group (PEST) are more important for organizations in tourism industry in developing their strategic planning        5. Contribution of SWOT analysis to a Radisson hotels business growth.        Conclusion        References        IntroductionThis is the second essay I am writing for the subject of Introduction to management. Essay is about SWOT and PEST analysis, and how both of these terms are significant for successful strategic planning.         This topic is outstanding because todays organisations find themselves in an environment that is affected by globalisation process more than ever before. To be able to make startegical decisions companies have to investigaite the internal and external environment they are operating in because that could have an impact on companies operations. One of the most effective ways to do that is by doing SWOT and PEST analyses.The objective of an essay is to explore the meaning of SWOT and PEST analysis, how they can be useful for business, how to use them and how are they are  linked together. SWOT analysis.SWOT analysis is a business analysiss tehnicque that company can use for each of its products, services and markets in order to find the best way of future developement. SWOT Analysis forms part of the strategic planning process or strategic review of a business. S.W.O.T. is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The SWOT analysis is a summary of the external and internal environment analysis. It basicly conists of researcing the internal environment in light of identifying and understanding the internal strengths and weaknesses of a business. This is linked with a research of the external environment  that enables to identify and understand the opportunities and threats[1]. Furthermore, SWOT analysis is useful not only for identifying important problem areas in company but also enables to learn about the current situation and reflect on what can be done to improve the situation.

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Patient Guide

CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION / REVENUE MODEL: NOTES FROM DR. HUHEALTHCARE IN CANADA: AHS                        PRIVATE SECTOR (FRAGMENTED)→ Our long term vision= AHS but since they are hesitant about new initiatives till proven → we work on test trials/ pilot projects to prove our assumptionsCurrent post op procedure in Canada→ verbal/written.If major surgery→ custom designed plan for rehabilitationREADMISSIONS: Multifactorialsocial issues (lack of care available, no money for meds etc.)Medical complicationsAnxiety/ lack of certainty about recoveryPOTENTIAL CUSTOMERS IN CANADA:End users (patients)Private Health Insurance (WCB)Private clinicsPrivate rehabilitative CentersHospitals-> publicly fundedMilitaryPOTENTIAL CUSTOMERS IN US:Private hospitalsIncentives: Hospitals paid on a per surgery basis, therefore if someone who had a hysterectomy returns 4 times for post op complications → NOT FUNDED BY AHS

If additional surgery MUST be performed.. then AHS funds part of that surgery… per case basisMental Health:A large majority of patients suffer through mental health before or/and after their procedure takes place. Since most surgeries are elective, this leaves pt. to search up horror cases to stress themselves out about the uncertainty of their procedure.  Approx. 10% of pt become clinically depressedQUESTIONS TO ANSWER:Pick a type of patient for a pitchTalk about that patient what surgery was he going through and what was the issueYou wanted to solve that issue for your patient.. then you noticed what? What you noticed in the process can be linked to loweing readmissions and thus lowering costs for hospitalsSo youre defining what it is that youre fixing and for who and how the hospital/ insurance companies are benefitting from itClearly emphasize the incentive for your customer segments (hospital)Show how youre gonna make moneyREV MODEL: VALUE BASEDThe shift from volume-based to value-based health care is inevitable. Although that trend is happening slowly in some communities, payers are increasingly basing reimbursements on the quality of care provided, not just the number and type of procedures

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1. Find 10 words in the reading that you didnt understand and look them up. Write down the definition.Sonority: the quality or state of being sonorous :  resonancemeekly: not violent or strongreceptacles: one that receives and contains somethingpraxis: practical application of a theoryalienated: to make unfriendly, hostile, or indifferent especially where attachment formerly existedpupils: studentscoincide: to be in accord or agreementimplicit: being without doubt or reserveprescribe:  to lay down a ruledichotomize: to divide into two parts2.What is Freires tone?I think his tone is sarcastic and straight and most people can relate to and understand. Like some examples he gave: Four times four is sixteen; the capital of Para is Belem. These example are very easy to understand but show the reason why the current form of education is bad.3.Explain the role of the student and the teacher in the Banking concept.Student is the role of “depositories”, what they need to do is to listen and do everything that teacher told them to do. And teacher id the role of “depositor”, their task is to “fill” the students with the contents of his narration, and what teachers say and do are all right, students have to obey.4. Why does Freire label users(teachers) of this Banking concept as “oppressors”? What is an oppressor?Because teachers have rights to let their students do anything they think is right, and students have to obey and have no other choice. Students do not have opportunity become collectors or cataloguers of things they store. Teachers come up with the homework or task and write on the blackboard for students to do without communications. An oppressor is a person of authority who subjects others to undue pressures. In this article, oppressor is exaggeration to show the current awful education Freire thought.

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Democracy Vs. Absolutism

Democracy vs. Absolutism

Democracy is a system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives. Absolutism is the acceptance of or belief in absolute principles in political, philosophical, ethical, or theological matters.

Democracy originated in 5th century B.C. in Athens, Greece. Known European democratic countries are; Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Notable Democratic leaders include Solon, Cleisthenes, Aristotle, John Locke, William Penn, Susan B. Anthony, Emmeline,Pankhurst, Millicent Fawcett, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Franklin Roosevelt. Absolute Monarchy originated in 16th Century A.D. in Great Britain. Notable leaders would include Charles I, Frederick Williams, James VI and Louis XIV of France.

In the 18th and 19th century democracy was a more effective form of government. In the words of Niccolo Machiavelli, “ Men have less hesitation in offending a man who is loved than one who is feared, for love is held by a bond of obligation which, as men are wicked, is broken whenever personal advantage suggests it, but fear is the dread of punishment, which never relaxes,”. What he means is that people will not think twice to stab you in the back if they have a genuine, true relationship with that person, but if you were to be feared, they would defend you so they would not die. The government could only change if people would let go of their fear.

King Louis XIV thought that the more you give to the people, the more they will want from you and the more that they will try to take, and then they won’t have the best interests for the state. Since he had everything that he wanted, he would not be corrupted, leaving himself clearheaded in the matters of the state. “ The head alone has the right to deliberate and decide, and the functions of all other members consists only in carrying out the commands given to them, opposed to absolutism which stresses all control and power is given to one man only.


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Thoughts on Televison Shows Today

Essay Preview: Thoughts on Televison Shows Today

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I find many television shows in todays media to still contain many stereotypes. While these stereotypes are not as obvious as racial or gender stereotypes as they were in the past, they are still present. While these show still have them some show use the reverse of these stereotypes to enforce a particular point of there show. One of these shows that I will be talking about is House.

The show House is about a team of doctors who diagnose extremely difficult cases that other doctors can not. The title character is named Gregory House, a brilliant doctor, with poor people skill and a great dislike for personally interaction. Houses best friend and fellow doctor is James Wilson. He is a good doctor but is the exact opposite of Houses personality. He enjoys talking to people and personal relationship and tries to encourage House to do the same. The boss of both these men is Lisa Cuddy. The entire hospital is administrated by her, and is the only person who can keep House in line. The people who work for House, and help him in his diagnostic work are Eric Foreman, Allison Cameron, and Robert Chase.

House is a person who sees his patients as puzzles to be solved, having no real connection to them at all. Wilson constantly tries to encourage him to connect more with his patients and have relationship. Typically what a female character would in more stereotypical show, Wilson is the more emotionally oriented character. On the other hand Cuddy is the strong Administrator who uses her authority to control the wild and sometimes dangerous House. She matches Houses blunt demeanor with same force and some times more. She holds both a position and a demeanor most often associated with a man. The underlying point of the show comes down to what assume to make something good, be it a doctor, administrator of a person may not necessary be to true.

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Describe the History of Capital Punishment

The Code of Hammurabi (39 KB) , a legal document from ancient Babylonia (in modern-day Iraq), contained the first known death penalty laws. Under the code, written in the 1700s B.C., twenty-five crimes were punishable by death. These crimes included adultery (cheating on a wife or husband) and helping slaves escape. Murder was not one of the twenty-five crimes.”

JoAnn Bren Guernsey Death Penalty: Fair Solution or Moral Failure?, 2009

First Recorded Execution in the British American Colonies Was for Treason

“In fourteenth-century England, one could be executed for a crime as minor as disturbing the peace. And three centuries later, when the first colonists came to the land now known as the United States, they brought the British penal system across the ocean with them. A colonist in Virginia could be executed for crimes as trivial as stealing grapes, killing chickens, or trading with the Indians.

But the first documented execution in the new colonies was for a far more serious offense. In the Jamestown colony of Virginia in 1608, Captain George Kendall was hanged for the capital offense of treason. Among other serious capital crimes in colonial times were murder, rape, heresy – and witchcraft.”

Pennsylvania founder William Penn convened his first General Assembly at Chester, PA, on Dec. 4, 1682. Following a debate on Pennsylvanias Frame of Government, the conference produced The Great Law or Body of Laws, which consisted of 61 chapters dictating the governance of Pennsylvania. It included the original Quaker criminal code which limited crimes punishable by death to premeditated murder and treason. Penn replaced the death penalty and bodily punishments with imprisonment in a House of Correction. This Quaker code was a radical departure from the practices of other societies around the world.

Negley King Teeters, PhD The Cradle of the Penitentiary: The Walnut Jail at Philadelphia, 1773-1885, 1955

Italian Jurist Presents a Critique of the Death Penalty That Influences Abolitionists

Portrait of Cesare Beccaria.


(accessed Jan. 9, 2010)”The first prominent European to call for an end to the death penalty, Beccaria is considered the founder of the modern abolition movement In 1764, Beccaria published his famous Essays on Crimes and Punishments. It was the first major study of the criminal justice system as it operated in eighteenth-century Europe, as well as the first call for the abolition of capital punishment. It remains the most influential attack on the death penalty ever published…

It was Beccaria, though,

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Thomas Builds a Fire

Essay Preview: Thomas Builds a Fire

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Thomas Builds-the-Fire

Thomas Builds-the-Fire, in Sherman Alexies “This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona,” is still connected with his cultures traditions, unlike the main character Victor. Thomas dreams and beliefs exemplify his connection with nature and their spirits. When Victors father dies, he runs into Thomas at the trading post. Thomas had known that Victors father would leave, before anyone else knew (Alexie 250). Thomas runs up to Victor and says, “Victor, Im sorry about your father.” Victor then asks him how he knows of his fathers death. Thomas sarcastically responds with, ” I heard it on the wind. I heard it from the birds. I felt it in the sunlight. Also, your mother was just in there crying”(250). Although Thomas really finds out because of Victors mother, he says this with a spiritual feel. Victor remembers small details of when they were friends. One year on the Forth of July. Victor turns to Thomas and asks to tell him a story. He tells a story about two Indian boys who wanted to be warriors; it was impossible to become a warrior in the old way because all the horses were now gone. The two boys decided they would steal a car and drive it to the city. They parked that car in front of the police station and hitch hiked back to the reservation. When they arrived, everyone told them how brave they were (251). Although, this is not how Native Americans became warriors in past times, this is how Native Americans became warriors in modern times. Many people do not act on their dreams like Thomas does.” I remember when I had this dream that told me to go to Spokane, to stand by the Falls in the middle of the city and wait for a sign. I knew I had to go there but I didnt have a car. I didnt have a license. I was only thirteen. So I walked all the way, it took me all day, and I finally made it to the falls. I stood there for an hour waiting. Then your dad came walking up. What the hell are you doing here? He asked me. I said, waiting for a vision. Then your father said, all youre going to get here is mugged. So he drove me over to Dennys, bought me dinner, and then drove me home to the reservation. For a long time I was mad because I thought my dreams had lied to me. But they didnt. Your dad was my vision. Take care of each other is what my dreams were saying. Take care of each other” (255). Thomas took action and did what his dreams told him to do, not many people do, his passion, determination, and loyalty to his beliefs show how entwined he is with his traditions. Thomas explains that his father died in World War II, fighting for his country, and his mother died giving birth to him. He has no brothers and no sisters. All he has are his stories. He was born with this gift and he learned more than thousands of stories. They are all he has. Thomas told his stories to everyone and

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Deloitte & Touche Employees

Consider the job satisfaction and organizational commitment of the Andersen employees. What should the integration team focus on if they want the Andersen employees to be satisfied with their new jobs, committed to their organization and willing to stay rather than quit. What about the Deloitte & Touche employeesThe employees from Deloitte see the Andersen employees as a potential threat to their company since both firms have different sets values. In order to have a successful company where the employees are satisfied with their jobs, the integration team must focus on teaching the Anderson employees the culture and values that Deloitte employees have. Job satisfaction arises from recognition, compensation, working conditions and the work itself. The key contributor to job satisfaction in this scenario would be “people”. If the Anderson employees don’t feel valued or respected by their fellow employees and superiors, they will most likely find another firm or company that will. Satisfied workers will not only lead to better performance and a healthier work environment, but may also enhance customer satisfaction. The integration team should have mandatory job satisfaction surveys put in place for the employees to fill out in hopes of determining the exact integration issues and start implementing new systems or make changes to the current one to improve the overall work environment between both Deloitte and Andersen employees. Values can differ from one person to the other and so can values from one organization to the other. Although Andersen and Deloitte provide similar services it does not mean they share similar values. For this, the integration team needs to first teach Andersen employees the company values. Once this is done, managers should take the time to get to know their new employees at a professional level. As seen in the case it is clear that there are some cultural differences between the two companies. In order for the integration to work, the company needs to get all of the employees on the same page and make sure they all have the same mission. The culture of the workplace is very important for success. Until they figure out a way to integrate the two cultures and find a middle ground where everyone is happy and on the same page, the integration will not work. Team building activities and social outings can strengthen the work culture and make it more approachable for the new employees.Although I agree that these strategies allow for better intelligence for management to proceed with the integration, I think that there are different approaches that can be taken that would have a more meaningful effect on the integration efforts of management. The first would be to allow horizontal movement of employees within the two organizations. By having more points of contact between employees of all levels from both organizations, the fusion of both cultures would be done in a more organic manner. Having all employees present at the large meeting would help establish this first contact. Vertical movement of employees that have a more open vision would also be done. Another important aspect would be to restructure bonuses to be at least partially tied to the total billables. Since there is such a wide range of possible total sales after the fusion, a group incentive to cooperate would make people more willing to adapt and reach the upper tier of the forecast. The new compensation plan would be publicly stated and the same for employees in both organizations.

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The Strategies for Gaining Competitive Advantage

The strategies for gaining competitive advantage would be the marketing information systems are the most effective. According to Bidgoli (2012), “MKIS supports analyzing market share, sales, and sales personnel, sales forecasting, price and cost analysis of items sold” (p. 12). This is more effective then the rest because they are able to analyze their sales and make sure that they are have the best prices on the market. If a company doesn’t have the best lowest price on the market then the companies that have this advantage would take over the market. A lot of customers love low prices. A company can use marketing information systems as a competitive advantage for organization. The company can use marking information’s system to gain competitive advantage over other companies by strengthen customer relationships, it can reduce perceived risk, can facilitate cross-selling, can establish switching costs, can establish profitability of customers, can create barriers to entry, and can retain customers (Colgate, 1998, p. 3).

Also, the least effective would be logistics information system. According to Bidgoli (2012), “It is designed to reduce the cost of transporting materials while maintain safe and reliable delivery”. I believe as long as companies have new vehicles and make sure they keep the maintenance up to date on the vehicles. Then the companies should not have to focus on this being a competitive advantage for them with other companies. According to Bardi (1994), “The LIS employed by a company determines the efficiency and competitiveness of the company in the marketplace. The ability to optimize logistics costs and service levels is affected by the LIS (p. 1). I would say that logistics information system is a less important when it comes to competitive advantage.

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The Yellow Wallpaper – a Character Analysis of the Narrator from Charlotte Perkin Gilmans “the Yellow Wallpaper”

Essay Preview: The Yellow Wallpaper – a Character Analysis of the Narrator from Charlotte Perkin Gilmans “the Yellow Wallpaper”

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The Yellow Wallpaper

A character analysis of the narrator from Charlotte Perkin Gilmans “The Yellow Wallpaper”

Charlotte Perkins Gilmans short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” outlines a compelling story of a young wife and mother who is pushed into insanity by isolation and lack of physical, mental, and social stimulus. The story tells of how the young woman is isolated from the outside world within an old mansion that she is forced to reside in for several months. The short story pulls the reader into the narrators situation of loneliness and despair, almost as if to make the reader experience her plunge into delirium and eventually a state of extreme psychosis along with her.

In the beginning of the story, the narrator describes her sense of helplessness when she is faced with having to spend several months on prescribed “rest”. Her husband, John, is a physician who has diagnosed her symptoms of depression and anxiety as neurasthenia. In order to try and help her, John rents an old mansion for the summer so that she may rest and recuperate in solitude, and an old nursery in the mansion is made into the narrators bedroom. The narrator expresses her wishes to be a better wife to John and mother to their baby boy when she mentions, “I meant to be such a help to John, such a real rest and comfort, and here I am a comparative burden already”, and “yet I cannot be with [the baby], it makes me so nervous.” This also indicates that the narrators prescribed rest is doing the opposite of curing her nervous tendencies. The narrator acknowledges this by saying, “[p]ersonally, I believe that congenial work, with excitement and change, would do me good”. She believes that if she were allowed stimulation from work and activity that she would better progress than being locked away and denied these wishes.

Gilman engages the audience with the emotions of the narrator by switching the thought direction of the narrator and by presenting the short story with the impression of an actual journal. Gilman changes the thought suddenly and without flow by leaving a thought process hanging and leaping into another. An example of this is when she writes, “I sometimes fancy that in my condition if I had less opposition and more society and stimulus – but John says the very worst thing I can do is to think about my condition, and I confess it always makes me feel bad”, and then suddenly she writes, “[s]o I will let it alone and talk about the house.” Here, the narrator begins by considering and contemplating her situation, and then she forcefully changes the topic and begins to write about the house in which she is inhabiting. This sudden change of thought process is a tool that Gilman uses throughout the story in order to make the audience feel as neurotic as the narrator.

Two weeks after moving into the old mansion, the narrator begins to become obsessed with the yellow wallpaper that lines the nursery. She starts to find comfort in this new obsession with the chaotic pattern and colour, slowly moving away from the disgust and detest she had originally shown for the wallpaper. When she first describes the wallpaper she states, “[t]he color is repellent, almost revolting; a smouldering unclean yellow, strangely faded by the slow-turning sunlight.” However, she begins to study the wallpaper intently trying to decipher a meaning or pattern to it. Evidence of this is when she says, “I

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The Young Couple

Essay Preview: The Young Couple

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“The young couple” an Analytical EssayThe story takes place in India, where the newlyweds, Cathy and Naraian, moved after a 5-year stay in England. Cathy and Naraian live in a rented flat. The flat had been got to them through one of Naraian’s uncle’s influence (lines 8-9). In the text, on page 1, line 10-11, it tells some things about the flat, one of which, is that the flat often gets very hot because of the sun beating down on them, and the other thing is that it’s very small too, and third most it is not in good condition, the text mentions however Naraian’s parents’ house is very expensive and has brocade curtains, giant cushions, and solid furniture (page 2, lines 48-50). Naraian refuses to work for his family, so they haven’t gotten much money yet, in which the lousy flat indicates… In the text, you also get to know that Cathy, is an English woman and that she has blonde hair, on page 2, line 54. When Naraian is at work she wanders around in the flat or out onto the roof in her flimsy nylon nightdress with her long blonde hair hanging.CathyAs mentioned before, Cathy is from England, she is a blonde-haired lady, and, according to the family, she is kind and sweet. She does, however, feel a bit lonely sometimes, and at other times, she’s confused about many things… the future, whether Naraian is going to find a job, etc.

NaraianNaraian is certain very certain about things including what he wants to work with/as, and this goes to show, on page 1. line 5-6, when he mentions exactly how he wants his job to be. We don’t really get a lot else to hear about Naraian… only that he comes from a rich and popular family (page 2. line 34-35). In the novelle, written by Ruth Jhabvala, we’re hearing the story from Cathy’s point of view. As the story progresses on, we learn increasingly more about what’s going, and why things are happening for Cathy and her surroundings. For example: At the start of the text, we hear that Cathy is talking about Naraian looking around for a job in which his skills could be properly used in the service of his country (page 1. line 5-6). At this point, we’re already introduced to what her husbands goal is, and Cathy lets him do his things, while she is at home in their flat.Cathy, sometimes, struggle to find peace of mind. In the text, on page 2. line 55-58, she says that she doesn’t like feeling so much love from Naraian’s family. on the lines, 55-58, she says that she feels like she is drowning in love. Cathy’s family never gave her so much love, so she doesn’t know how to handle the affection she is given.You could say that in general, throughout the story, she deals with a lot of confusing thoughts and decisions that she doesn’t know how to handle…The significance of the title could be that these two young people are just now discovering what being together is like, and what comes with it, the responsibility, the up’s, and down’s, etc. They have a profound newfound love for each other, in the text, and that love, for each other, keeps on evolving as time passes by. At the end of the novelle, it points out that they are kissing, and that the kiss was “delicious”. And that was mentioned, right after the event, where they are talking about how bad the flat is but, Cathy then mentions the view, as the only positive thing about the flat, at least that was what she could think of, for the time being, and Naraian pulled a “contemptuous face”, the texts mentions on line 180 p. 4.

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The State of Sport in England

The State of Sport in EnglandEngland’s green and pleasant land hosted the Rugby World Cup in the autumn of 2015, which saw the host become the first ever host to exit their own competition in the group stages. England started comfortably with an easy victory over Fiji, but defeats to Wales and Australia left England on the brink, relying for Welsh victory against Australia and an emphatic victory over Uruguay. Wales were defeated and the hearts of England fans across the country were shattered. England Rugby was left in a shambles and this is a common theme when it comes to England and major tournaments. England went in to the 2015 Cricket World Cup as World No. 1 for One Day Cricket, and they were knocked out in the group stages after only defeating Scotland and Afghanistan. The football team did no better in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. With a tough draw of Uruguay, Italy and Costa Rica, the expectations of qualifying from the group were high. From the jungle of Manaus to the coast of Belo Horizonte, conditions were tough but a thorough training camp in Miami still wasn’t enough and England failed to win a single match, and was one of the first teams out after defeats to Italy and Uruguay. To find out why England is failing miserably, there needs to be a serious look at how English sport is run. English football has never been wealthier. Compared even to the giants of the European game, Spain and Germany, its domestic league operates on a different financial level altogether. When the new £5.14 billion broadcasting deal kicks in the 2015/16 all 20 of the Premier League club will be among the 30 richest in Europe, yet England haven’t tasted success in International Tournaments since 1966. The issue with football in England is rife throughout the top leagues as well as in the grass roots. The clubs make sufficient money from their own resources that the international game is an irrelevance. Worse, it is an inconvenience. It leeches off their contracted talent, jeopardises their progress by returning players exhausted and injured from international competition. If they were not bound by long-held FIFA agreement they would frankly rather not release anyone, anytime, never mind for second rate competition like the U21s. The U21s failed to get out of the groups for a second consecutive tournament despite players such as Harry Kane and Jack Butland, who have been stars for their respective teams over the past season. Moreover, unlike rugby and cricket, which have a direct financial return from producing new young players for the international system, they have no incentive to bring on young Englishmen. Frankly there is too much effort, too much risk, too much uncertainty involved in doing that and for sure, with the majority of them now under foreign ownership, the clubs in the Premier League don’t even have a patriotic imperative to support the England set-up. This is compounded by a sheer lack of English talent in the top leagues, with less than 1/3 of the total minutes played in the Premier League being accounted by English players. In La Liga, home of 2010 World Cup winners and European champions Spain, Spaniards account for 59% of all minutes played. In Germanys Bundesliga, the home of the 2014 World Cup winners, Germans make up 50%. Yet in the Championship, the figure played by English players rose by 7% to 70.5%. Playing time is an issue, as this leads to players losing form, yet when England went to the 2014 World Cup, the manager, Roy Hodgson, picked Wayne Rooney despite not playing in the final month of the Premier League season due to injury. This is a theme that has angered many fans, especially when players such as Sunderland’s Connor Wickham, although untested at International Level, was in much better form.

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I think its called expressed because these are things that if the government were to use this power there expressing the how they feel about something by creating one of the examples listed above such as if terrorist attacked our countries there expression would be negative and would lean them to declare war.I think its called implied because they don’t have to do these things but there implied to do them when necessary.I thin its called inherent because these powers are inherited to the president for that 4 years and after that it moves to the next in line. I think its called reserve because its only for the states and people and will always be that way so it’s a reserved power to us.

I think its called concurrent because this is a concurrent power that goes around the whole country and these laws will always stay concurrent in our country Managers can empower workers by delegating to them. “Delegation involves the assignment of work to other people, and it is an activity inherently associated with all managerial positions” (Whitten & Cameron, 2007, p. 467). Effective management can be attained through delegation. Therefore, a manager must decide when to delegate. Advantages and the Potential Outcome of Delegation Learning to delegate effectively is fundamental to managers’ success in the workplace. A competent delegator can empower others maximizing the organization effectiveness and efficiency. [tags: Business, Empowering Delegation]Delegation is an important function in any organization and in today’s environment we see it becoming increasingly important in the health care setting. For management to make the best use of their time and skills effective delegation of tasks to the staff assists in their growth and development, builds confidence and trust, and increases the amount of work completed. Effective delegating provides benefits to the organization when managers mobilize resources, share responsibilities, and focus on doing

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The Strategy Platforms Fo Rintegration

StrategyThe vision of the company is to be a global leader in transaction-based technology solutions by providing integrated technology and services solutions which enable top of the class results for their clients. To achieve their goals company has implemented “Fiserv 2.0” consisting of a series of strategy initiatives, they focus on businesses in which they have deep expertise in order to produce best results with long-term and trusted client relationship. They offer differentiated solutions with integration, innovation and strong management to execute strategies in a disciplined manner that generate above average value to their clients.The strategy platforms implemented are:Enhanced Client Relationship Value: In or to gather as much clients as possible and in order to deliver improved value propositions with streamlined and support processes, they have tightened their integration across their service and product groups.Acquisitions: The company grows inorganically by acquiring small companies for that they focus very strongly on alignment of their software platforms with that of the company being acquired, they mostly look for companies which have strong product or service technology that helps in filling a specific market segment/requirement or to achieve scale or if it gives them an opportunity to change market dynamics.Innovation: The Company seeks to become leader in innovation in all the areas in which they operate by leveraging their assets, tacit knowledge and other capabilities by exploring opportunities in both local and domestic environments.Operational Excellence: The Company wishes to achieve operational excellence by effectively utilising its shared utility structures and consolidated buying power to provide savings.Greater Capital Discipline: For their long-term growth and profitability, they allot capital in investments which offer best future prospects.

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What Were People Complaining About in Early 1780s France?

What were people complaining about in early 1780s France?The French government in the 1970s practised a system called feudalism and it was ruled by absolutism. The people of France were divided up into classes based on feudalism which was a class system based on land ownership, the king owned all the land and he would give plots of his land to the nobles in exchange for their services. The nobles would then give their land to less wealthy people than them in exchange for payment or service. Feudalism created a class system which was divided in three classes in France. The first estate was the clergy, the high members of the church. The second estate were the nobles, these people were wealthy land owners. Finally the third estate was everyone else in society, peasants, shopkeepers, lawyers and merchants.The tax system in France was one of the things people were complaining about; the system was unfair and favoured the clergy and nobles. The third estate which consisted of 25 million people (97% of the French population) had to pay all the taxes whilst the first and second estate paid no taxes, the burden of the country landed heavily on the third estate and especially the peasant farmers. The economy in France heavily relied on farming, so when there were droughts in France and poor conditions meant crops couldn’t grow there was food shortages. These shortages meant the farmers weren’t making money and they couldn’t afford to pay taxes. This was a long term cause of the French revolution as people were left starving because of the shortages and began to grow restless with the government. Another long term cause of the revolution was the economic problems in France. France was bankrupt and this was due to the wars they had been fighting such as the Seven Year’s war and the American Revolution. The extravagant spending of King Louis XVI was another reason for the debts as he spent too much money building his palace in Versailles, the government turned to the third estate to make up this debt as the first and second estate would not be taxed.The class system in France was unfair as the three states had different privileges and exemptions. The first estate had privileges such as; censorship of the press, control of education, ownership of 20% land and also collected the tithe (church tax). They were exempt from taxes and were subject to church law rather than civil law. The only burden the first estate had was that they had a ‘moral obligation’ to assist the poor and needy.  The second estate had similar exemptions and privileges; they too collected taxes, owned 20% of land and also were exempt from paying taxes. The third estate were completely different to the first and second, despite having 96% of the population the third estate had no privileges or exemptions. The third estate were burdened with paying all taxes which led to most of them being poor, as 96% of the French population were in this class it meant that France had become economically unstable.

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What Were the Changes in Farming Between 1750 and 1850?

Agriculture changed in many different ways from 1750 to 1850, including the crops, techniques and machinery. These changes led to influences on numerous other factors like health, population, economy and culture. By 1850, the country had completely changed from 1750, when it was similar to England in the Middle Ages.

In 1750, the farming techniques were still similar to those in the Middle Ages, with very few changes. Most of the villages were alike, and they all included open or common fields, which were the main sources of jobs as well as food. A few of the wealthier residents would own their own land; however most of the land was divided up into narrow strips, which landowners would rent out to the poorer farmers. The tenant farmers could then grow whatever crops they liked on their land, and they could sell anything they could, however what they grew was usually only enough to feed themselves. The same crops were grown as in the Middle Ages, which were wheat, barley, oats and peas. One of the negatives about the strips of land was that they were too narrow to use machinery on, which meant most of the farming had to be done by hand. This caused each process to take a long time, and everything would be done very inefficiently. Each year, one of the strips had to be left fallow (no crops were allowed to be grown on it for the whole year) in order to replenish the soil. The fallow strip would change every year, so that every part of the soil could restore its nutrients. This was bad for the tenant farmers, as it meant they could not grow any crops for a year, unless they were renting another strip of land at the time. However, if they only owned one strip of land, they would have had to find another job while their land was replenishing, which would have been very difficult, as most of the jobs came from agriculture. Another feature to the villages was common land, which was used for animals to graze on. Common land was only supposed to be used by villagers with ‘common rights, however it is likely that other villagers used the land even though they had no legal right to. The common land was usually used for cows, but some of the larger landowners grazed their sheep on the land too. In villages where the soil quality was low, the common land would have probably been very large, possibly even larger than the land used to grow crops, as the soil needs to be nutritious enough to grow enough grass to feed all of the animals. In the common land, it was very easy for diseases to spread among the animals, even between species, as the conditions were poor, and the animals had to live very close to each other. Many poor people kept geese on the part of the common land near their houses, and also on the village pond. Pigs and chickens would have been kept in the farm yards and the cottage gardens.

The main type of housing in the villages in the 1750 was cottages, as most of the villagers would live in them. They would be made out

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What Were the Chief Threats to the Stability of the Elizabethan Realms

What were the chief threats to the stability of the Elizabethan realms? Elizabeth inherited from her predecessors more than her fair share of issues. Upon her taking the throne in 1558 religious turmoil, pretenders to the throne and the looming threat of Spanish invasion were but some of the threats any one of such threats can and had, by themselves, toppled monarchs in their scores. As a protestant monarch she was isolated in a catholic Europe and as a women she had to struggle to assert her legitimacy as the rightful queen of England.Firstly we must look at the threat posed by the queen herself. Her unwillingness to marry, for whatever reason, was a destabilising factor for her reign. A strong foreign ally was desperately needed to aid in either preventing a war or aiding her if one should be declared. Her half sister Mary I had done just that and married Phillip II of Spain. This was especially relevant as the heretical nature of her kingdom gave the perfect ‘Casus Belli’ for any catholic nation, said nation ended up being Spain. The dire nature of being an heirless monarch is well illustrated by King Henry VIII wild quest for a son in order to alleviate such a weakness to his reign. In fact the desire for an heir was so strong that in 1566 there she was petitioned by parliament for her to create an heir. Whilst it could be argued that she utilised her unmarried status as a propaganda piece, making her the ‘Virgin Queen’ the trade off, in my opinion is not worth it. The structure of the monarchical system of government in early modern Britain demanded an heir for stability.

The lack of the heir was coupled by the Queens poor health in the early part of her reign. She contracted small pox, the scars of which she would bear for the rest of her life, and she very nearly died from it. The possibility of her dying and leaving the throne empty made the nobility very uncomfortable. Whilst the succession was unclear there was a possibility for civil war, something that no one wanted to see. Such a civil war would be more political as the two major claimants to the throne, Catherine Grey and Mary Queen of Scott’s (James VI & I mother) were Protestant and Catholic respectively making it a religious civil war. Due to the culture of the day women were seen as incompetent when handling power, as they are less rational than men and ruled by passions. This was in contrast to men who were seen as dominant and powerful, women could not be expected to command the obedience of men. Women were seen as weak and frail, unable to make tough decisions or command armies in times of war, an all to common occurrence in 16th Century Europe.  However this perceived weakness was used by Elizabeth very effectively to cement her power. She was a master of her public image and often portrayed herself as a king trapped within a women’s body. Her famous speech to the troops at Tilbury she confessed to being “a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king”[1]. This manipulation of her image inspired great confidence in her underlings to her competence. The great loyalty displayed by the majority of her subjects shows how masterful she was at managing her public image. However whilst in the end her gender was not a constant destabilising factor, in the initial part of her reign it was a major issue and thus the competence she showed in dealing with it does not supersede that fact that she had to deal with such problems in the first place. It was a major threat that, along with most others she successfully dealt with.

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The Topic of Arranged Marriages

The topic of arranged marriages is a very interesting subject to me. I have been fortunate enough to study arranged marriages in other courses and really enjoyed integrating new knowledge about intimate relationships. The concept of arranged marriages for Americans may be perceived to be very odd or even forced however by understanding cultural relativism and connecting it to how relationships work there is new perspective and understandings to be learned.

Arranged marriages around the world are done for several reasons. One is because young people are thought to be inexperienced and therefore not able to pick a suitable mate. Another is to make sure there is no intermarriage between members of the same family otherwise inbreeding or incest can accidentally occur in areas where communities are smaller. When it is time to choose a perspective husband or wife for a child the parents look for strong personal attributes that will lead to the spouse being treated kindly not only by the spouse, but their family as well. Because a person’s social status is based on the family and those around them the reputation of the spouse and family are carefully looked into. Parents look for good personal qualities as well; kindness, charitibility, education level, work ethic, emotional disposition, and income.

In understanding the way relationships are built from the ground up which we have been studying over the course of the semester we can see how there are many factors that contribute to a relationship. In America and other cultures that have Western influence the nature of intimacy begins with six specific categories (knowledge, caring, interdependence, mutuality, trust, and commitment. Not to say those in countries like India or Pakistan where marriage is traditionally arranged that these are not important aspects of a relationship, however the way in which they are acquired are different. Instead the decisions are left up to the parents of the child. In many ways this does relieve a lot stress and decision making that a young person would have to make. Often time in relationships there is dysfunctional communication, we often hold our loved ones to higher level than we should and we are not educated in relationships. The list of relationship issues can infinitely go on. So how inexperienced people possibly know what to do? Arranged marriages also conquer a lot of other issues like proximity because the mate is usually from the community. Additionally, the decisions of the parents are always respected and you love your wife or husband no matter what, instead of quickly and easily resorting to divorce.

When a marriage is arranged physical attractiveness is not taken into consideration as heavily as it is in America rather the importance of the relationship and how well each mate will work out. As mentioned in the video if the relationship is good and personalities “click” then love will follow despite aesthetics. Arranged marriages

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Payday Loans Case

What are the dominant economic characteristics affecting the payday lending industry?

The payday lending industry began to emerge in the early 1990’s due to consumer demand and the changing dynamics within the financial services industry which include the following:

Financial institutions shying away from the small-denomination, short-term credit market due to the high cost structure.

Consumers wishing to avoid the costs of bounced checks, overdraft fees, and late payment penalties on bills.

Along with consumer demand came rapid growth in the payday lending industry. By 2010, it was estimated that there were more than 22,000 payday advance locations across the country, which was more than the estimated 9,500 banks throughout the country.

Due to the widespread growth of the payday lending industry across the country, 5% of the United State population is estimated to have taken out one or more payday loan at sometime during there lives. According to a survey by the Community Financial Services Association of America, 10% of the population stated that they are somewhat or very likely to obtain a payday loan. Looking at these two numbers together, these estimates suggested that only half of the potential market had been penetrated meaning there is growth potential.

What is the competition like in the payday lending industry? How strong are each of the competitive forces that make up Porter’s Five Forces Model? What do your strength ratings reveal about the overall attractiveness of the payday lending industry?


The payday lending industry has become very competitive. This is in large part due to the relaxation of federal restrictions in the early 1980’s, which make it easier for payday lending companies to enter the financial services industry and remain competitive against

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Pay-For-Loan-Performance V. Piece-Rate Loans What Is Better?

Origination incentives create a typical example of rewarding the loan officer along a single plane, quantity, rather than on quality. This gives the loaner no incentive to search for “good” loans; as a result, distortions and “rogue” behavior manifest. On the other hand, incentives based on profitability would give the advantage of direct incentives to find “good” credit risks; however, such a plan would subject the agent to greater risk, due to unpredictable events post loan approval and thus increasing the firms costs. The trade-off is thus between risk and distortion, as well as incentives and insurance.

The typical plan is dependent on hard or soft information provided by the loan officer to the committee, and whether the information can be distorted. Hidden soft information allows for moral hazard, as officers incentives are high to maximize loan quantity not quality. The degree of distortion (D) will vary with the size of the monetary reward (R), (R=>D), as R increases coordination is more difficult to achieve: agents will try harder to hid information. “Paying for A, while getting B.” The committees purpose is to try to eliminate the moral hazard induced by the officers hidden actions. If information is soft then it is kept at the lower levels, i.e., the loan officer, but hard-information and verifiable information works well to align the loan officers incentives with incentives to search for good loans. The firms goal is loan repayment, a goal not immediately realized. The limited observability due to the degree of soft and hard information available decreases the firms ability for proper evaluation. Observability is pushed into the future to when the loan is either repaid or not.

Scenario 2 creates career concern. This option motivates by imposing risk thus creating risk adverse employees who take extra time to search out “good” loans. Structure

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Which Factors Contributed to the Collapse of Soviet Union by 1991, Developments Within or Outside the Ussr?

The Soviet Union was formally dissolved in December 1991, which marked the end of Cold War. When the Soviet Union fell, it ended the tenure of a superpower with the resources of more than a dozen countries. In my opinion, the main factor that contributed to the collapse of the USSR was the internal development. This includes the structural weaknesses of the USSR and policies that introduced by Gorbachev such as Perestroika, Glasnost and Demokratizatsiya.

First of all, the ineffectiveness of Perestroika brought great suffer to the Russian people. There was no increase in overall output as industries focused on producing more expansive goods since there was now an absence of a central planning mechanism. This meant shortages in some of the basic necessities, even worse than the pre-Gorbachev era, which at least had control over production decisions. The flexible pricing system also led to a growth of black markets in the USSR as speculators bought goods from fixed-price shops and sold it in the black market at higher prices. This led to overall shortages of day-to-day necessities. At the same time, there was a growth in the black market and sharp increases in the prices of goods as producers profited from the acute shortages of basic necessities. The Russian people therefore suffered a lot from this policy as there was a shortage of basic goods and those basic goods were sold in a high price which was not affordable by many of the poorer Russian people. This led to great sentiment against the government because of their ineffectiveness in bringing a promised better economy and life. Therefore, the Russian people started to protest and demanded a change in the government. And because of Gorbachev’s another policy, Glasnost, which allowed people to openly criticize the government, the communist party soon lost the support of the Russian people, which eventually led to the break down of the Soviet Union.

In addition to Perestroika, the USSR’s economy was stagnated. The USSR practiced command economy which showed great ineffectiveness in the late 1980s. Since all economic planning took place in Moscow, the central planners were unfamiliar with the actual situation in various parts of the USSR and thus setting unrealistic targets. This means that the industrial output suffered. The command economy also focused too much on quantity, rather than quality of the products. The Russians suffered a lot from this as they could not get good quality goods, especially clothes and shoes in winter. In addition, the USSR also focused too much on heavy industries because of the arms race with the US. This affected the agricultural productivity which led to the shortage of food. The command economy did not promote innovation, resulting in the Soviet Union lagging behind in areas such as computers, electronics, communications and even automobile production. The Soviet people had nothing entertain after a long day of tiring work. This

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Theatrical Distribution Deals

Essay Preview: Theatrical Distribution Deals

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Theatrical Distribution Deals

The share of Box Office paid over to distributors varies between territories. The typical exhibitors share in the US is 45 to 55% and in the Rest of the World 55 to 65%. The UK has some of the highest retentions by the exhibitor, averaging around 65 to 70%. The balance remitted to the distributor is termed the “Net Theatrical Rentals”.

With regard to how much might actually flow back for the purposes of producers or financiers or agents below the distributor, there are three main types of theatrical distribution deal : 

i. “Costs off the Top Deal”: the distributor recoups their prints and advertising (P & A) spend from the net theatrical rentals. From the balance, the distributor retains a distribution fee of up to 50% and from the remaining balance recoups any advance plus interest before paying the final balance into the pot; 

ii. “Net Deal”: the distributor retains a distribution fee of up to 50% of the net theatrical rentals. From the balance, the distributor recoups P & A expenditure and any advances plus interest. The net receipts after these have been recouped are put into the pot; 

iii. “Gross Deal”: the producer / financier / agent receives an agreed percentage from the net theatrical rentals before any P & A spend or advances have been recouped by the distributor. Out of the balance, the distributor retains their distribution fee and recoups P & A spend, advances and interest. After recoupment, any remaining receipts are paid into the pot. 

Of these three models, the net deal is the one most commonly used. Under any of these structures, however, and because of the high cost of P&A coupled with distributor fees and other costs, it is unusual for independent producers to receive any back-end profits from the theatrical release since the other parties further up the chain will still be unrecouped. The independent producers will have to look towards the other revenue streams to see if they can get some “profits” back from their project.

Video/DVD Distribution Deals 

Film distributors take an average of 75% of consumer spend from retail video/DVD activity compared to about 25 – 33% from rental activity (hence their keenness to get titles into the sell-through market as quickly as possible). There are various kinds of video/DVD distribution deal for the independent producer to be aware of 


royalty deal: distributor pays royalty to producer / financier / agent of 35 – 45%.

Off the Top deal: distributor takes fee of between 25 and 35%, deducts their costs (typically up to 25%) and remits the balance to the producer/financier/agent.


royalty deal: distributor pays royalty to the producer

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White King, Red Rubber, Black Death

White King, Red Rubber, Black Death

By the late 19th century and early 20th century the continent of Africa went from being ruled by the indigenous people to controlled by European powers. By far one the most brutal colonization of the Africa continent was that of Congo and its people.

During this period in time the European countries measured there power by the amount of colonies they possessed and how the colonies provided for the mother country. Belgium never had a colony before Congo despite many tries. King Leopold II tried attaining the Fiji Islands, Philippines and other areas around the world. Congo was the last chance for King Leopold and Belgium to have a colony and he would stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Europeans had contact with Africans before through the slave trade but stayed at the coast and never came inland due to heat and diseases. Henry Molten Stanley made the colonization of Congo possible. He sailed into Africa from the east making his way west; taking the “backdoor” to Congo. To gain support King Leopold told his aunt Queen Victoria that he wanted to bring civilization and Christianity to Africa and its people. He entertained generals, explorers and delegates to further push his goal. He was able to trick the Congolese people into signing treaties that gave him control of the land. Even though King Leopold was not at the Berlin Conference he was still able to get the other Europeans powers to give him the Congo by telling him that he there would be free trade and open to all European nations.

When the first tire was created it made out of rubber and the Congo was rich with rubber. The need for rubber grew enormously. Congo was the primary place to get rubber since rubber hadnt been found in such large quantities anywhere else around the world and King Leopold used it to his advantage. This started King Leopolds brutal and bloody rain over the Congolese.

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