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Secrets of the Chincha Islands War

One of the primary source choices can be from the sources we discussed during the term and the others can be ones assigned and not discussed, or ones researched and found by you as a young historian. The secondary sources can also be from our course, or from your own library research.You do not have to choose a war and peace topic. Please choose something that interests you and choose sources that you want to read and explore.Where can you find primary sources, or sources from the times and places?Many such sources – poems, films, government documents, treaties, paintings, maps, memoirs, correspondence, etc. – are available free online. One place to start is The Avalon Project at Yale University. Hathi Trust, also free and online. Be certain that you are using legitimate online sources and please ask if you are not certain of your potential source’s legitimacy.Where can you find secondary sources, or interpretations of primary sources?Solid sources include Project Muse and JSTOR, both online via Hamilton Library. You can also visit the Hamilton website and use the search function.Please confirm your sources and thesis/question with the Professor before you write.Hand in this assignment to your lab instructor and make sure that you attach your documents to the final essay.This assignment is worth up to 100 points.Ensure that you articulate and address a clear thesis, or question, and do so with examples from all of your primary sources. Remember to answer the question asked. Please use end- or footnotes to cite direct quotes, paraphrases, and the use of not commonly known facts. That the Sun will come up tomorrow does not require a footnote. The number of neutrons exploding around the Sun requires a note. You do not need a bibliography.Please take time to be clear and to use standard written English. Pay attention to spelling, grammar, syntax, and clarity.  Refer to the “Writing Guidelines” and “Primary Sources” introductions posted at the end of course syllabus.Do not hesitate to ask questions.Formatting and Annoying RemindersThree full pages.Double space the text.Single space the notes.Margins? 1 inch all aroundFonts? 12-point for text and 10-point for notesWhich citation form should you use? You can use whichever one that you are most familiar with and/or is part of your major discipline. If those criteria are note relevant, then probably using Chicago Style is the most common and easily learned. The most important goal is to provide all of the necessary source information for readers.Your name, and the names of the course and your lab instructor, and the date, or term at the top of the first pageProofread before submitting. Spelling? Syntax? Grammar? Keep a copy for yourself

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