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For thousands of years, the history and style of interior design has its own internal development mechanism, but at the same time, it is closely related to the development of society and basically maintains synchronous development. Take Europe as an example. In the heyday of ancient Greece, it was the building complex and temple interior of the city-state patron saint, ancient Rome was a large-scale public building for pure consumption, and it was a religious building in the Middle Ages. Therefore, the unique art genre of interior design has also been formed in history. And style.

HCM 405 Compare healthcare systems

Select a country of your choice from the developed world and compare its overall healthcare spending to that of the United States. Is it similar or different? What are some of the factors that may contribute to spending in your selected country, and to what extent do you think that these factors increase or decrease spending and impact health outcomes, such as life expectancy, infant mortality rates, and other selected factors.

A case analysis must be written in APA format and include the proper cover and reference list. The Case Essay

Economics Assignment Help A case analysis must be written in APA format and include the proper cover and reference list. The Case Analysis must be at least 500-700 words. Please use double spacing (as required by APA) and an APA approved font (12 point). The Case Analysis must also include at least three references. Please be sure to list your references on a separate page at the end of the case analysis. Reference support should be included in the evaluation of possible solutions as well as the recommendations and/or implementation sections. The Case Analysis MUST include the following headings and follow this prescribed format:

Title Page (APA formatted)

I. Major Facts (Heading)

(State here the major facts as you see them. Make statements clear and concise for your own understanding as well as for the understanding of the other students and the instructor.)

II. Major Problem (Heading)

(State here the major problem as you see it. Emphasize the present major problem. You may wish to phrase your statement in the form of a question. In a few cases, there may be more than one major problem. A good problem statement will be concise, usually only one sentence.)

III. Possible Solutions (Heading)

A. (List here the possible solutions to the major problem. Let your imagination come up with alternative ways to solve the problem.

B. Do not limit yourself to only one or two possible solutions. These solutions should be distinct from each other. You MUST include a minimum of three possible solutions.

C. However, you may wish to include portions of one solution in another solution, as long as each solution stands alone. Only in this manner will your subsequent choice be definitive.

D. Note the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution as well as expected outcomes. This is an area where outside support will help.

IV. Choice and Rationale (Heading)

(State here your choice, A or B or ___ and the detailed reasons for your choice. You may also state your reasons for not choosing the other alternative solutions.) Explain the hopeful outcome of this alternative.

V. Implementation (Heading)

Prepare a plan to implement your choice (recommendation).

Reference Page (APA formatted) – every source listed should be cited within the text.


1 discussion post and 2 responses

U.S. and China Free Trade
Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers.
Imports increase the domestic supply and lead to lower prices for consumers. Exports reduce the domestic supply and push price upward. The net effect of international trade is an expansion in total output and higher income levels for both trading partners (law of comparative advantages).
“The United States is suffering from an excess of imports. Cheap foreign products are driving American firms out of business and leaving the U.S. economy in shambles.” Evaluate this view.
Review absolute and comparative advantages. Personal private property protection allows for greater entrepreneurial ventures, and thus an expanding economy and job growth; can import tariffs and quotas reduce the benefits of trade? Review the mechanics of import tariffs and quotas and world price.
View your discussion rubric.
Nathaniel Yoap
W8 Discussion
Hey class,
Imports are healthy to any economy, but an excess of imports can crumble it. We are seeing something like this in the United States as imports from countries like Mexico and China are the highest that they have ever been. Production overseas is often cheaper and this allows those countries to sell their products at the cheapest available price. This causes many US based companies to import products and outsource jobs to other countries and the American worker will become jobless. This impacts the economy because full employment falls and the natural rate of unemployment rises. This leads to less commerce because citizens have less money to purchase goods and services.
Comparative advantage is a country’s ability to produce a good or service at lower cost than competing countries due to the factors of a region. An absolute advantage is a country’s ability to produce a good or service the most efficiently from competitors due to the factors of a region.
Import tariffs and quotas can mitigate the benefits of trade. It punishes the act of importing goods, thus rewarding production to stay in its home country. An import quota is a tool that is used to limit the amount of a good that can be imported over a specific period. An import tariff is a tax on imports. World price is the price that is set on a good or service for every country except for the country that produces the good or service.
Sobel, R. S., Stroup, R., Gwartney, J. D.,

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