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sexual selection and the concept of aesthetics evolution in birds

The question must require moreinformation/research than has been presented in class to solve/answer.• Perform the literature review and research to present a possible solutiono Cite at least 8 primary research articles; review articles are OKo A total of at least 12 scientific sources cited (research articles, books, scientific and reputable internetresources)• Organize your essay into three sections:o Why the question is relevant and important (20 points) Discuss why this is a relevant and important question in evolutionary biology Provide a historical perspective, and review the scientific progress in the area Discuss the current state of the problem, and what remains to be solvedo The possible solution (35 points) Using the research you’ve conducted, discuss a possible answer to your question Do this methodically, citing good, relevant sources This section must show a synthesis of ideas and critical evaluation. Original thinking must bedemonstratedo Testing the solution (15 points) Describe an experiment which can support the solution you proposed. Describe theexperimental design (hypothesis, methods, data collection, analysis) in detail such that theexperiment can be completed Discuss how the experimental data and results can be used to assess the solution you proposed• General requirements (10 points)o No title pageo 11 font at 1.15 spacing throughouto 8-10 pages of words (not including the Works Cited page)o At least 12 scientific sources citedo Follow the CSE guidelines for citations• Overall quality (20 points)o A good, difficult question was proposedo Critical, original thinking demonstratedo Information framed, and flowed effectively; ideas conjoined to create a complete, critical evaluation ofthe topico Clear, scientific expositiono Please do not plagiarize

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