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Should Boys Learn to Cook a level english language essay help

In my point of view I strongly agree with the statement of how boys should learn to cook . First of all the ability of cooking is a lifetime skill that everyone should have . When a boy has the skill of cooking they don’t have to have the fear of going hungry , but rather just make something they like and is simple to make . There are many advantages for a boys who know how to cook ,they learn to be more independent ,they save money ,making whatever they like as they please, and if married their helping their wife by leaving out one chore for them not to do.

These days boys are usually dependent on their moms and later their wives to cook for them . In a way their kind of spoiled and with this they don’t know how to make the simplest of food . Whenever their food is a little delayed they get cranky and hungry . A big example of this can be my dad. But when learning of to cook on their own, they don’t have to wait for their food to be made and also they can make what they like to eat and how they like it made .

Also they can make their food whenever they want rather than bothering their mother or wife. Another advantage of a boy learning to cook is that when guys don’t know how to cook they usually spend their money on takeout and catering . We all know takeout food isn’t all good ,it may taste good but you don’t know what inside and how much fats and carbohydrates it may contain . It can cause them to either gain a lot of weight or gain harmful diseases . This is usually common for bachelors who aren’t married and are living on their own .

If they learn how to cook then they could make food that’s available at home , know what their dish contains and can make it healthy for themselves. Another advantage of boys learning to cook is that they don’t have to bother their wife or mother to make food for them . Also they could help out in the house by making food for the family too sometimes . In a way their helping their mother or wife with letting them have a break from at least one chore . Whenever their hosting parties the mothers or sisters usually do all the cooking and for parties especially there’s a lot of cooking .

Once in a while the guy can help out too. So in conclusion boys learning to cook has their advantages and cooking is actually fun and its very exciting when you make your family or friends try your food and compliment it how you made it . Also it cutting ,slicing mixing and adding when making food . It like doing a little science experiment . Cooking can also be a type of art when designing cakes cupcakes or designing how to organize the food in a plate .

Chemistry Questionnaire essay help us: essay help us

What is meant by the term cis-trans isomerism? How many cis-trans isomers are present in Structure I? Draw any 2 possible cis-trans isomers. (iii) State the physical state of this lipid at room temperature. Explain your answer. [9] (b) Suggest a possible identity for each of the organic compounds A-E below. Explain your reasoning and write balanced equations for the reactions involved where possible. i) A, C11H14O2 is a neutral compound. Hydrolysis of A gives B, C7H6O2 which is a white precipitate and C, C4H10O which does not decolourise acidified potassium manganate(VII) on heating. (ii) D, C4H10O2 reacts with 2 moles of sodium metal, but not with solid sodium carbonate. On boiling under reflux with aqueous potassium manganate(VII), D gives a compound, E, C4H6O3. E reacts with alkaline aqueous iodine to give a yellow precipitate and evolves carbon dioxide when solid sodium carbonate is added.

Draw structural formulae of the products of the reactions between glutamic acid and I aqueous NaOH II aqueous HCl (ii) Draw the structural formula of a dipeptide formed between glutamic acid and phenylalanine, showing the ionic form in which it would exist at pH 10. [4] [Total: 20] 5 3 (a) Iron(III) chloride is a dark brown solid which dissolves in water to give an acidic solution. This solution is used to etch, i. e. dissolve, unwanted copper from printed circuit boards. When a copper-coated printed circuit board is immersed in aqueous iron(III) chloride, the solution turns greenish blue. i) Explain, with the aid of an equation, why aqueous iron(III) chloride is acidic. (ii) Use the Data Booklet to explain why iron(III) chloride etches copper. Give a relevant equation to explain the greenish blue solution observed. (iii) Suggest what happens to the overall E0 value if the thickness of the copper coating is increased.

Anhydrous aluminium chloride behaves similarly as anhydrous iron(III) chloride in that they sublime readily when heated. When 1. 56 g of aluminium chloride was placed in an evacuated vessel of volume 1. 00 dm3 at 1800C, the pressure produced was 32. kPa. (i) Calculate the apparent relative molecular mass of the aluminium chloride under the stated conditions. (ii) In the vapour phase, aluminium chloride partially exists as a dimer. Using your answer obtained for b(i), calculate the percentage of the dimer under the stated conditions. (iii) Suggest a reason why the dimerisation process of aluminium chloride is exothermic. 6 (iv) Predict, giving a reason in each case, the effect on the proportion of dimer in the equilibrium mixture if I the pressure is lowered, II the temperature is lowered.

MgO(s) + CO2(g) ?H? = +117 kJ mol-1; ?S? = +175 J mol-1 K-1 8 (i) Why does the entropy increase when magnesium carbonate decomposes? (ii) Calculate the standard Gibbs free energy change, ? G? , for the decomposition of magnesium carbonate. Comment on the spontaneity of the decomposition of magnesium carbonate at room temperature. (iii) Assuming that ? H? and ? S? for the reaction are independent of temperature, calculate the temperature at which the decomposition reaction becomes feasible. (iv) Compare the ease of thermal decomposition of magnesium carbonate with barium carbonate. [8] Turn over 4 (d) Suggest a simple chemical test to distinguish between each pair of compounds. For each test, give reagents and conditions, and state what would be seen with each compound.

The dissociation reactions and Ka values of carbonic acid are given below. H2CO3 HCO3- + H+ Ka1 = 4. 2 x 10-7 mol dm-3 HCO3- CO32 – + H+ Ka2 = 4. 8 x 10-11 mol dm-3 0. 10 mol dm-3 aqueous NaOH is added slowly to 20. 0 cm3 of carbonic acid and the change in pH is followed and shown below. pH x x B x A x x 10 20 30 40 10 Vol of aqueous NaOH added / cm3 (i) Calculate the initial pH of the carbonic acid, stating any assumptions you make. (ii) Calculate the pH at the first equivalence point, A. (iii) What is the pH at point B? Give a reason for your answer. [6] [Turn over 5 (b) Maintenance of pH is vital to the cells of all living organisms because enzyme activity is influenced by pH. For instance, protection from harmful pH change in the blood plasma is provided by the hydrogencarbonate/carbonic acid system (HCO3-/H2CO3). At 370C, the temperature of the human body, pH of blood plasma is 7. 4. i) Explain, with relevant equations, how the hydrogencarbonate/carbonic acid system regulates the pH of blood plasma. (ii) Calculate the ratio of [HCO3-]/[H2CO3] for maintaining the optimum pH of blood plasma. [4] (c) Describe two differences in physical properties between transition metals and a s-block metal such as magnesium, suggesting reasons for these differences based on their atomic structures. [3] 11 (d) The oxidation of manganese(IV) oxide in alkaline solution in air produces green manganate(VI) ion, MnO42-. When manganate(VI) is added to a dilute acid, a purple solution and dark brown solid manganese(IV) oxide reforms.

Foreshadowing and Dramatic Irony in Death and the Maiden essay help: essay help

Foreshadowing is the warning or the indication that something else is going to happen later on in the story. In Death and the Maiden, Ariel Dorfman uses this literary device to the maximum, exploring all the different ways he can make the reader predict or foresee what’s going to happen next. However, Dorfman also takes on the audience’s ideas and implements dramatic irony, giving the plot a twist of events and making the audience question themselves and their own theories as to why the character acts that way or why the author set things as they are.

Dorfman takes the idea of dramatic irony when referring to the characters and their roles in the play. The greatest contrast in the play is between Paulina and Gerardo. Paulina Salas, a forty year old woman, waits for her husband late at night when she sees a car come towards her house. At first, Paulina is presented as the typical housewife, scared, insecure, loyal and loving towards her husband, who might even feel inferior, since she feels safer and secure when she has the gun. There is, however, an understatement, between the roles Paulina and her husband, Gerardo Escobar, play.

Illegal Immigration college application essay help: college application essay help

The Undocumented Issue In this paper I will discuss one of the biggest issues in the United States: Illegal immigrants. Some may say that illegal immigration has a positive impact on the United States’ economy, and some think that these undocumented immigrants affect jobs and wages of people that are living in this country. I think that illegal immigrants harm the United States’ economy through their use of our country’s social services such as health care, education and social security as well as in the job market.

The essay will take a look at the kind of job illegal immigrants are holding, and how they affect the economy and native workers. A majority of illegal immigrants are employed as construction workers, restaurant workers, farm workers, janitors, security guards, taxi drivers and child care services, and many Americans cannot compete with an illegal workforce in the country. Americans currently have to deal with unfair competition from undocumented foreign workers, who are willing to work for lower wages than documented workers.

This is not normal capitalistic competition between companies, but it is an example of the unjust displacement of legal citizen workers by illegal workers who will keep wages low and Americans unemployed if this is allowed to continue. Some say that most illegals are taking jobs that no other Americans would want such as seasonal farming with its conditions and pay. Some may argue that competition is positive for a society, especially a capitalistic society such as the United States.

In the article “Illegal Immigration: A Positive Economic Contribution to the United States,” Ramanujan Nadadur argues that illegal immigration has a positive impact on United States’ economy. According to Nadadur, the entire labor force consists of only twenty-four percent of workers who are undocumented. It means that a large number of native workers are also to be found there.

Therefore, illegal immigrants are balancing labor shortage and “… do not compete for the jobs of native US workers and that a continued flow of undocumented immigrants would benefit the majority of persons residing in the US by complementing their labor market position instead of competing for it” (Nadadur). Undocumented workers also have positive effects on the economy by decreasing consumer costs. Since they are able to work for lower wages, the cost to produce the items should be lower which would mean lower cost to buy those items. Also, illegals spend ninety percent of their wages n the United States and the total consumptive capacity is around $450 billon. With illegal immigrants working for less money and reducing the cost of manufacturing, farm products hopefully will pass the savings on to the American people. I disagree with Ramanujan Nanadur’s statement, “… because illegal immigration serves to allow businesses to minimize their costs of production in the secondary sector, it positively impacts income of all native workers by decreasing consumer costs”(Nadadur). First I think that the same could be accomplished by legal immigration.

By hiring illegal immigrants, businesses are taking advantage of people by paying them wages that no legal immigrants or citizens would work for. By doing that, people will have less money to spend. This harms the economy even though the products that they may produce would be lower but the rest of the products would still be the same. So they would not be able to afford those products with the wages that are being paid. I think illegal immigrants harm the US economy not just through the workforce, but through their use of United States’ social services such as health care, education and social security.

Some people argued that illegal immigrants are not as likely to use public services because they are afraid to be found and be deported. But according to the article, “Whose children are these? A rational approach to educating illegal-alien schoolchildren” by Carabelli, Maria J. Albo, education is the highest public expenditure that illegal immigrants impose. This is because public schools are required to provide education to all students regardless of immigration status and are prohibited from requiring proof of status.

Illegal immigrants require more educational services than native-born children because of their lack of proficiency in English, which costs more for school. The Federation of American Immigration Reform study found that illegal students impose a $3. 2 billion yearly cost on education, and they caused an uncompensated medical care accounted for $1. 4 billion cost on California in 2004 (Nadadur). Since illegal immigrants are undocumented residents and workers for the United States, the statistics regarding their national expense will never be certain.

The increase in illegal immigration contributes to the criminal justice system in the United States. The most obvious form of crime that illegal immigrants bring to the United States is often the most overlooked: The immigration itself. Many illegal immigrants not only violate United States immigration laws but violate United States drug laws. Despite overwhelming statistics reinforcing the idea of reducing illegal immigration into the United States, some individuals believe illegal immigration is a positive aspect of the country.

One claim that these individuals make is that as long as working conditions are decent and the United States is still in need of more workers, illegal immigrants should be welcomed into the country. What these individuals fail to recognize is that there is a legal way to come to this country by legal immigration and/or work visas and they proceed to ignore the legality and enter illegally only creates more problems, especially economically. Another position in favor of illegal immigration takes the form of supporting amnesty for all illegal immigrants since the nation is founded by immigrants.

These proponents believe that those who are here illegally but are living stable, hard-working lives under difficult circumstances should be rewarded. Another claim made by supporters of illegal immigration is that illegal immigrants are beneficial to the United States because they take jobs that most Americans do not want. Again, individuals who make this argument are not taking into account the facts, especially those concerning job displacement. Americans will take these jobs, as long as employers pay them decent wages and provide proper training.

Employers exploit illegal immigrants due to the fact that they are willing to accept lower wages and cannot report their employers for unfair work practices. Illegal immigration to the US is a serious problem due to the fact that it is only going to grow unless action is taken against it. Some believe that the best way to reduce illegal immigration is to enforce the existing law. If the Border Patrol is increased, it will be easier to protect and guard our borders against illegal immigration. Some believe that in order to reduce illegal immigration it is necessary to penalize employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Since most illegal immigrants come to the United States to take advantage of job opportunities, prosecuting employers who break the law by hiring these illegal immigrants would provide little incentive for the immigrants to come to the country at all. The right way to solve this problem may lie in one of these suggestions or maybe even a combination of a few. Whichever method is implemented, action must be taken in the near future. Can the United States really afford to place this burden on the American taxpayer for much longer just because politicians believe that by gnoring the issue they will receive more of the Hispanic vote? In the race of impending national dilemmas, Social Security is already gaining speed due to the high ratio of retirees to workers supporting them. What will happen when millions of illegal immigrants reach retirement age and will want the government to take care of them as they do legal immigrants and citizens that they have been paying taxes and Social Security taxes for so many years? What about health care? Our health care system is already overburdened by a population that cannot afford the cost of health care.

While illegal immigration has a great impact in the United States economy, it also has affected the political scene. Since the economy of the United States may not be as strong like it was a decade ago, which meant higher unemployment rate. The illegal immigrants issue would rise especially since they are taking the jobs of people that live here legally. So with this issue rising, illegal immigration has been a hot topic in the political scene especially during the election. Even creating a wall on the southern border has been discussed but the issue is still open.

While immigration is still an issue, the government is still finding a solution that would work for the United States and the people. It is true that America is a “nation of immigrants,” however, these immigrants are breaking the laws of the country by coming into this country illegally. Another way to help solve this problem is by creating an easier way between the countries on immigration. Making the process easier and faster for their citizens so instead of having them come across illegally, they would come here legally.

And for the ones that are already here, it would be better to create an easier way to gain citizenship or legal status since a mass deportation of illegal immigrants would be impossible and closing the borders would still not solve the illegal crossing. While this would solve the status of immigrants, the country would still have the economic issue that it creates. Like what I have mentioned about, if we punish the employer for hiring illegal immigrants with hefty fines, this would deter them from hiring illegal immigrants.

And if this is done, the need for illegal immigrants would not be so high which would discourage people from other countries coming in the United States illegal since they would not be able to find a living when they arrive. Illegal immigration is an issue that affects every person in the United States directly or indirectly. While some people may think it is good for our nation, they still forget about the laws that are in place. And in these hard times in the United States, it is important that the government ensure the well-being of the law abiding citizens of the country. These citizens deserve no less from their government.

Aapl Valuation Fcff essay help free: essay help free

Our modern economy relies upon the technology sector to improve quality, productivity, and profitability. Apple’s first computer was developed around the 1970’s. Since then they have surpass one of its biggest competitors Microsoft (MFST). Apple is not only known for its great designs, fun, and intuitive products. Their products have been productive and created a vast profitability for the private sector. Furthermore, there is no stopping point for Apple, it will continue to grow and generate wealth. There have been various events since Apple went public that have generated high returns due to the volatility of the chaining computer industry.

Therefore, I believe Apple is in high growth stage, due to the many new innovations that have came out and are about to come out such as: the Iphone 5, new Ipad Mini, and a new line of Mac computes due out in 2013. Data: To evaluate Apple’s stock, I have chosen to use the Free Cash Flow for the Firm model (FCFF). This model is a measurement of the financial performance of a company that articulates the cash generated from the firm, which is then subtracted by the firm’s expenses, taxes, Net Working Capital, Depreciation, and Capital Expenditures.

In essence, this formula is a measurement of the company’s profitability after all expenses and reinvestments. The data that I have collected to provide a future evaluation of Apple’s stock is as stated. The data began at the end of 2011 and is all expressed as millions. CAPEX was $11,768, Depreciation was $3,991, EBIT was $33,790, NWC was $17,018, total liabilities were $39,756, the number of shares outstanding were 937. 4, and the parameters given for the High growth and Low growth were Tax rate as 34%, Treasury bills were 2. %, Market Risk-Premium was 4%, and the high growth period is for 8 years; therefore, from 2012 to 2019 Apple is under high growth at 5. 5% and for 2020 apple stabilizes at 3%. Moreover, the bounds that were provided for high growth were as stated. The Debt-Equity ratio was 40%, which is used to find the weight of debt (Wd) and weight of equity (We). Lastly, the cost of debt (Kd) given is 4. 75% and the current Beta was founded through Scottrade and was . 86. However, for stable growth the data differed.

Such as the Beta, which was 4/5 of the high growth Beta, Debt-Equity ratio is 25%, and the cost of debt (Kd) is 4. 25%. All in all, the FCFF model will provide the intrinsic value of the firm and of the stock; therefore, it will be compared to the current market price of the stock. Results: The projections, along with the formulas used, for the evaluation of Apple ‘s stock can be found in the Excel worksheet provided. First, I will go over the results for the high growth phase. For instance using the Debt-Equity ratio, the weights for debt and equity were 28% and 71%.

Since the ratio was given and not a percentage expressed as weight, Wd+We=1 was used to find the weights. These weights are realistic in terms that Apple does contain too much L. T. debt. From there the CAPM model was used to solve for the (Ke), which was 5. 94%. Also, the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) was founded using the above constraints. This was 5. 14%, which states that Apple does not require a high rate of return for future mergers or expansions. This also provides the interests that Apple has to pay for every dollar it finances.

Lastly, by using one of the major valuation models, such as the DCF, the Present Value, which identifies the intrinsic value of the company, was founded for each high growth year. Second once Apple stabilized after year 2019, the prediction of growth is 3%, and Beta was projected to be . 96. Again, by using the boundaries stated above: the (Ke), weight of equity/debt, and WACC were as follow 6. 34%, 80%, 20%, and 5. 63%. These numbers were somewhat similar to its high growth stage; therefore, signifying Apple is still a strong company once it stabilizes.

Yet, another reason why Apple can provide such attractive returns. Conversely, finding the Terminal Value (Pt) of the company, which is the value of the company at a future year, projected the PV for stable growth, in this case it was 2020. The (Pt) was over $1 billion, yet again another reason why Apple creates a great investment opportunity. Moreover, by adding all of the PV, including the stable growth year, the intrinsic value of the firm is over $966 million and minus the current value of debt, Apple is still worth (value of equity) over $926 million.

This equity divided the current number of shares outstanding; Apple’s intrinsic value of stock is $988. 80 per share. By comparison the current stock price, which is $649. 79 per share, the stock value is undervalued. Likewise, making (AAPL) a rewarding opportunity that must not be taken for granted. Conclusion With outstanding projections by Apple my recommended strategy is simple and involves options. Reason being is that orthodox investments do not provide great returns in a volatile market. Therefore, by evaluating apple now considering future parameters, trading Apple as an option will provide attractive returns.

Since Apple growths rate is far greater than its P/E ratio, its long-term trend will be positive; therefore, making it an attractive somewhat safe bet. For instance, buy several calendar spreads at a strike below, at, and above the stock price. If (AAPL) moves between $10-$15 higher then sell the lowest strike spread, and replace it with a higher one around $4 to $6 more than the one sold. This should be reverse if the stock price falls in price. All in all, this is a daily trade strategy, yet it has the potential to provide good returns since the day rate for the short weeks is greater than monthly decay rates.

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