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Smart and sustainable cities

In a well-written, well-researched paper of 6000 ( /- 100) words (excluding graphics and references in the word count), explain the development of an innovative and creative smart and sustainable city initiative for your case study. The paper should be organized into sections using headings. At a minimum, papers should include (indicated with appropriate headings):
Theory of Smart and Sustainable Cities
Background to the Case Study
Proposed Initiative
References Cited
All group members should be involved in the production of the final paper, with the specific details of this involvement clearly specified in Part B. For example, one member might write a literature review section and proofread the entire document. Or perhaps one student takes detailed notes and compiles information and another member uses those notes to create a section of the paper. There are many ways to divide up the work and this is largely up to you as a group.
Please cite specific ideas using specific sources and parenthetical references using APA style. This is different from the system common in some Humanities courses where a Bibliography lists sources consulted but sources are not specifically referenced in the paper. In this paper, specific references must be citied within the paper, all sources cited must be listed in the References Cited section, and all sources in the References Cited must be found in the paper.
All graphics (pictures, graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, schematics, etc.) must be given a number (e.g., Figure 1) and a caption (and source if applicable) (e.g., Figure 1. Map of Barcelona. Source: City of Barcelona, 2019). Please place graphics within the main text in a location close to where the graphic was referred to in the text (e.g., at the end of the paragraph, if pagination allows). Please do not include graphics ‘just for show’. Only use graphics that are referred to in the text and that serve a useful and specific purpose.
While it is not necessary to follow the detailed specifics of APA formatting of research papers and essays, please do use APA style to format the parenthetical references and the reference list. Parenthetical references in APA use a simple (author last name, year) format. Please pay attention to the different types of sources when compiling the reference list (e.g., journal article, newspaper article, webpage, book, report, etc.). There are many good APA websites that you can consult for guidance on APA reference style, including the Purdue OWL website.
Helpful Hints
Write essays in double-spacing; it allows for easier review and editing.
Use APA referencing guidelines for citation and references.
Do not over-use Wikipedia as a primary source—it is useful as a tool to help explain concepts and possibly direct you to find primary sources, but should not be used extensively as a primary source itself.
While you will likely use a variety of academic and non-academic sources, the theory section should mainly draw on and reference academic sources such as journal articles. Ensure references assumed to be academic are indeed from academic sources (for example, peer reviewed journal articles retrieved from the library databases or open source journals). Many articles found readily online may not have been exposed to any editorial process and should be carefully investigated before being used as a resource. Non-academic sources (such as newspaper articles) can also be useful but they should not be presented as academic works, especially in the theory section.
Part E will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to, and their relative weights to the assignment overall.
Activity/Competencies DemonstratedGradeComprehensiveness/40a. All the required sections of the paper are included and well developedb. Selected case is described clearly using references where necessaryc. The literature on smart and sustainable cities is carefully reviewed, drawing on and synthesizing the academic and non-academic literatured. Smart and sustainable initiatives are proposed and clearly described e. References are used effectively within the paper and listed in the References Cited section Critical Thinking/40a. The case being studied is critically analyzed, and conclusions are drawnb. The literature on smart and sustainable cities is used to develop arguments in assessing the case c. The concepts of smart and sustainable are critiqued, explored, and evaluated for their intended and unintended effects d. Proposed initiative demonstrates creativity and innovation, while being realistic and implementable for the selected case study city e. Proposed initiatives are holistic, and include social, economic, political, environmental, etc. dimensions Writing/20a. Papers are written according to academic scholarship standardsb. Papers are formatted using headings, appropriate sections, and well-designed paragraphs c. Writing is clear, well-organized, and free from spelling and grammatical errors d. Referencing follows APA guidelinesTotal/100Submission status
Submission status

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Bus 125 Law Final

Marissa owns Found Foods, a four-star farm-to-table restaurant in San Diego. Much of the food she serves at her restaurant she grows at a farm she owns just outside of San Diego. Her prized vegetable is broccoli. She grows ten acres of this luscious vegetable.
Marissa grows more than she can use so she sells the excess to other restaurants in California and Arizona. Last week she received a notice from the federal government that the broccoli market was saturated so congress passed legislation that limits each small family farm to growing just three acres. This is necessary, they say, to prevent broccoli prices from plummeting, resulting in a broccoli shortage. Marissa is outraged.
Marissa’s reputation as a broccoli aficionado resulted in a publishing contract with cookbook publisher Fruitbowl Press. Her book, titled Broccoli for Lovers, explores the many ways broccoli can spruce up one’s romantic encounters. On the cover is Edgar Degas’ 1897 painting titled “After the Bath,” showing a fully nude woman exiting a bathtub full of broccoli. (Marissa, of course, photo-shopped the broccoli in the tub.)
Her publisher called to tell her that the book would not be available in bookstores located in Texas.The Texas state legislature passed an “anti-obscenity” law that bans the sale of books with titles “offensive to anyone in the community.” A Texas resident complained that the cookbook is “sexually suggestive.” Her 12-year-old son saw the book at the local bookstore and was, she said, traumatized. He now refuses to eat the vegetable, or to ever again take a bath. The book is now banned from every bookstore and retail outlet throughout the entire state of Texas. Marissa is enraged!
Later while browsing in the cookbook section of a San Diego bookstore Marissa picked up a copy of Broccoli in Love, a cookbook by Conrad, a chef who used to work at Marissa’s restaurant. Marissa is shocked by what she sees. The book cover has on it the same Edgar Degas painting used on her book, but instead of the broccoli in the tub it’s in a bowl on a table. All of the recipes in Conrad’s book are identical to Marissa’s recipes. Conrad had access to these recipes while working at Marissa’s restaurant! Marissa is furious!
Marissa returns to the restaurant kitchen to take her mind off of all the madness. She’s preparing her famous Broccoli Flambe (a cooking procedure in which alcohol is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames.) This entree is typically delivered to the guest by Marissa since she is trained in handling flaming dishes. It’s ready to go but Marissa is on the phone to her lawyer so she motions for Jonny, an inexperienced bus person, to deliver the dish to table 7. On the way to the table Jonny trips over an exposed electrical cord, causing the dish to fly through the air, landing on and severely burning Marcus, a customer.
Question 1: Now we’re exploring the flaming broccoli incident at Marissa’s restaurant that resulted in burn injuries to Marcus, a restaurant guest.
a)Which legal issue should Marcus raise in his tort lawsuit against the restaurant?b)What are the elements of this particular legal issue
c)Apply the facts to the rule here. You are Marcus’ advocate here.
Question 2: We’re still working on the lawsuit filed by Marcus.
a)Can Marcus file his lawsuit in federal court? Explain
b)Can Marissa force Marcus into arbitration? Explain.
c)If Marcus decides not to file a lawsuit, can his next door neighbor file a lawsuit on Marcus’ behalf? Explain.
D)If Marcus wins, will he be entitled to punitive damages? Explain.
Question 3: Let’s say Marcus is successful in his lawsuit and is awarded $2,000,000. For this question only we’ll say that Marissa is operating her business as a partnership with her ex-husband.
a)What are the advantages of running this business as a partnership?
b)What are the disadvantages of running this business as a partnership?
c)Let’s say Marissa’s ex-husband has very little connection to the restaurant ever since their divorce seven years ago. He’s not even visited the restaurant since the break up.
Question 4: This question, too, is connected to Marcus’ lawsuit and the $2,000,000 judgment.
a)Let’s say Marissa was operating her restaurant as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). She’s worried because just last year she purchased a home with her new husband. Is she at risk for losing this home to Marcus? Explain.
b)In three sentences or fewer, explain the difference between an LLC and a corporation.
c)Marissa did form the LLC, but she never formally opened a business checking account and continued to pay restaurant bills from her personal account. This account was the same one that she uses to pay household bills. Explain how this might have an impact on Marissa.
Question 5: For this question, let’s change things up. The kitchen was abnormally crowded that day because Marissa over-scheduled, resulting in six assistant chefs in the kitchen instead of two. With little room to maneuver, an assistant chef knocks over the pan of flaming broccoli, causing the flame to burn Anthony, one of the six assistant chefs.
a)What are the elements of the test used in California to determine whether or not Anthony is an employee or an independent contractor?
b)Using this test, is Anthony an employee or an independent contractor? Explain.
c)Let’s now say Anthony files a lawsuit against Marissa alleging a tort has been committed. What would you say is Marissa’s best defense to this specific tort lawsuit? Explain.

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Intelligence Theory and Method

Business Assignment Help Part 1
Intelligence is capable of being both beneficial and potentially harmful. Write a paper of 2–3 pages that clearly outlines the U.S. intelligence community and the history of U.S. intelligence and information sharing. Emphasis should be placed on the following:
The theories of intelligence
The issue of how the social sciences have attempted to explain intelligence phenomena
Its structures and processes over time when there has been a clear need for more intelligence for protection and national security
The history of the U.S. intelligence community
How the United States came to the point it is at now
Part 2
The goal of intelligence is to gather information, process and analyze that information, and make it into a workable product to assist decision-makers.
Intelligence needs to be timely, but above all, accurate. There have been many intelligence failures throughout history. Some of these failures are caused specifically by barriers to information gathering.
Assess the current performance of intelligence and information sharing in a paper of 1–2 pages that includes the following:
Provide a brief summary of past intelligence failures.
This assessment should also include 1 particular instance of failure that reflects on an intelligence component or barrier to information sharing.Explain what occurred.
What went wrong?
Were there any specific barriers to information sharing that contributed to the failure?

For assistance, listen to the Webinar “Intelligence Theory and Method,” available in this Phase’s M.U.S.E. as well as the item on the Pearl Harbor attacks

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General finance questions

Focuses on general finance questions.
Complete the Assessment 1 Template [DOCX].
Use references to support your answers as needed. Be sure to cite all references using correct APA style. Your responses should be free of grammar and spelling errors, demonstrating strong written communication skills.

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