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transportasi logistik = peluang ditengah pendemi
Aktivitas e-commerce yang meroket sampai 69% sejak pandemi melanda, juga merupakan katalisator ramainya lalu lintas logistik darat. Sebab itu menjadi jelas bahwa ada peluang besar di sektor ini yang bisa dimanfaatkan para pelaku ekonomi di Tanah Air. Telah terbukti bahwa sektor transportasi logistik sangat imun di tengah wabah dan dengan infrastruktur jalan sebagai penunjang konektivitas antar propinsi, kota dan kabupaten yang sudah jauh lebih baik di Indonesia, peluang usaha ini menjadi makin moncer.Berdasarkan data yang dirilis oleh lembaga survey Redsheer pada November 2020, secara skala nasional bisnis jasa logistik mengalami pertumbuhan drastis hingga 400% kurang dari setahun setelah pandemi pertama kali merebak. Adapun model bisnis yang paling menguntungkan adalah jasa pengiriman (courier service) dan layanan logistik e-commerce.
Menurut data yang dirangkum, pasar logistik Indonesia diproyeksikan akan mencapai US$240 miliar pada 2021, angka ini hampir sama dengan estimasi pasar logistik di India sebesar US$215 miliar di 2020. Salah satunya didorong oleh pertumbuhan bisnis e-commerce, terutama digerakkan sektor UKM.
Logisly adalah contoh startup di bidang transportasi logistik yang meraup untung selama pandemi. Co-Founder

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One year ago you bought the common stock of Mizuho at ¥950 in Tokyo Stock Exchange. The price increased to ¥1040 today. You received a dividend of ¥120 per share during the period. The exchange rate was ¥100 = $1 when you bought the stock and it changed to ¥80 = $1 today. Calculate the realized dollar rate of return on the stock for the year.

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Select one:

a. 52.63%

b. 30.11%

c. 9.89%

d. -40.53%

e. -5%

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A U.S.-based importer, RRT Corporation, makes a purchase of crystal glassware from a firm in Japan for 200,000 yens payable in 90 days. The U.S. firm wants to cover this amount with a forward market hedge to eliminate its exchange rate risk. Suppose the firm completes a forward hedge at the 90-day forward rate of 105 yens per dollar. If the spot rate in 90 days is actually 108 yens per dollar, how much will the U.S. firm have saved or lost in U.S. dollars by hedging its exchange rate exposure?

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Select one:

a. A loss of $52.91

b. A loss of $47.11

c. A loss of $44.08

d. A gain of $47.11

e. A gain of $52.91

f. A gain of $44.08

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Starbright manufactures children car seats, strollers, and baby swings. Starbright’s manufacturing costs are budgeted as follows:

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 Factory utilities $80,000Factory foremen salaries $81,000Machinery setup costs $25,000Total manufacturing overhead $186,000

The company uses activity-based costing to allocate its manufacturing overhead costs to products based on the following schedule:

  Overhead Cost  Allocation Base Estimated Activity Level  Factory Utilities  Direct labor hours  14,100  Factory foremen salaries  Machine hours  17,100  Setup costs  Number of production runs  114

During the current month, the following levels of activities were incurred:

Car SeatsStrollersBaby SwingsTotal  Direct Labor Costs$ 55,900 $ 94,250 $ 33,150 $ 183,300   Direct Labor Hours4,300 7,250 2,550 14,100   Machine Hours5,200 9,000 2,900 17,100   Production Runs30 52 32 114   Units Produced1,500 2,500 870 4,870

What are the setup costs allocated to Strollers during the current month?




Cannot be determined.

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For your initial post, imagine you own a business and discuss the following information:

  1. Identify and describe your business for this assignment (e.g. Clothing Store, Landscaping business, Delivery service, or Restaurant).
  2. Give an example of a long-term asset that the business owns.
  3. Classify the asset (i.e. building, equipment, furniture & fixtures, etc.)
  4. What depreciation method will you use to depreciate this asset? Explain Why.
  5. How does depreciation affect the income statement and balance sheet?
  6. Explain how depreciation might affect your decisions to purchase expensive equipment or real estate.

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You operate a manufacturing firm in a country with a failing economy (today’s (7/26/18) WSJ has an article on Iran, which is in this situation).  Inflation is running at 15% per year, so all your costs are rising at that level. Consumers can purchase less because of inflation so your product sales are decreasing and are projected to fall another 20%.

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  1. On January 1, 20X3, Gaudreau Enterprises sold goods in exchange for a $200,000, fiveyear interest-free note from the purchaser. The note was repayable at $40,000 per annum, with the first payment due on December 31, 20X3. The market rate of interest for similar notes was 6% per annum. Gaudreau Enterprises only records adjusting entries at year end. What amount of interest revenue should Gaudreau Enterprises accrue at its December 31, 20X3, year end?Custom Assignment Help
  2. On July 1, 20X3, Clear Water Corp. received a $45,000, three-year, 6% note receivable from a customer for services performed. Interest is payable annually, with the first payment due on June 30, 20X4. The market rate for similar notes is 8%. Clear Water has a December 31 fiscal year end. How much interest revenue should Clear Water recognize in the December 31, 20X3, fiscal year?

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Using the Web browser of your choice, identify two poorly written and two well-written job descriptions. Please copy and paste the descriptions into your Word document and include references in APA format. Discuss: What makes the poorly written job descriptions weak? What makes the better job descriptions more effective? Respond to each question with a minimum of 250 words. Now, select one of the weaker job descriptions and rewrite them by utilizing O*NET ( as one of your sources. When responding to the questions, be sure to utilize the information from the required reading and the Unit III Study Guide. All sources cited, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced according to APA standards. Utilize APA formatting for your title and reference pages.

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CIS 207 Information System Overview We interact with information systems every day. For example, libraries have systems that enable you to search for, reserve, and check out books; utilities maintain systems that enable customer service representatives to answer questions about your bill; and your grocery store checkout station is connected to multiple systems that enable the store executives to determine staffing levels, inventory levels, advertising, and promotion efforts.

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Select an information system you use on a regular basis.

Create an overview that explains the following:

  • The type of the information system
  • The evolution of the selected type of information system. (e.g. the evolution of student financial aid systems in general)
  • How the information system affected jobs and careers. (e.g. before financial aid systems were developed and which jobs supported the function of financial aid that do not exist today due to technology)
  • The names of the components used and a description of the purpose or role of each. (Hint: Use information system components you learned so far.)
  • The benefits this system evolution has brought to you, the organization implementing the change, and other people or organizations within the community

Present your recommendation in one of the following ways:

  • A 2-page Microsoft® Word document
  • A 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes and appropriate animations

Note: You can include diagrams developed with Microsoft® Visio®, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, or another software application approved by your Instructor if you feel it will enhance your recommendation.

Information System Overview

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Amy, a self employed US customs broker, obtained a customs broker’s license from US Customs and Border Protection in 1991. Since 2003 Amy has operated a customs brokerage business, Atlantic Air Express, LLC, (Atlantic Air), from her home. For 2004 Amy reported self employment income of $45,649. From this activity, Amy reported a net profit on Schedule C, Profit or Loss From Business, for each year from 2005 to 2011. For 2007 the year in issue, Amy reported a net profit of $130,872 on Schedule C.

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Amy began breeding Great Pyrenees dogs in 1994 on a half acre of property in New York, where she sets up kenneling facilities. Amy incurred expenses to set up the kennel and to purchase dogs, food, grooming supplies and equipment, a vehicle to transport the animals, and advertising. From 1994 to 1999 Amy sought to build the prestige and reputation of the dog breeding operation, Impyrial Great Pyrenees (Impyrial), by producing a robust stock of Great Pyrenees dogs and showing the dogs at dog shows. She spoke with experienced Great Pyrenees breeders and visited various successful kennels to gather information for developing a breeding program. Amy’s dog breeding activity sustained losses every year until 2010, for which she reported a small net profit.

In 1999, when Amy owned five dogs, she moved Impyrial to a 15-acre farm in Orange County, New York. The purpose of the move was to accommodate a large breeding program. Amy also obtained a purbred dog license from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, which is available only for kennels that maintain more than 10 dogs. By 2007 Amy owned 26 dogs.

Amy’s main source of income from the dog breeding activity is the sale of puppies. Amy typically charges $1,200 for a puppy but charges as much as $4,000 for a puppy sired from one of her top winning show dogs. Amy sold approximately six puppies between 1994 and 1999. During 2000 and 2001 Amy’s dogs produced six litters. In 2002 the dogs began to have fertility problems. Amy’s dogs had other health problems that also disrupted the breeding program, including Lyme disease, bacterial infections, and thyroid problems. From 2002 to 2009 Amy attempted to breed 46 female dogs, resulting in 17 pregnancies. The pregnancies produced 13 litters. In 2009 after consultations with veterinarians and fertility specialists Amy administered a month long antibiotic treatment to all of the dogs and treated some of the female dogs with thyroid medication. Amy’s dogs produced two litters shortly after the medical treatment. These were the first pregnancies in nearly 18 months. Amy sold 18 puppies in 2010.

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In addition to selling puppies, Amy sells semen from the male dogs to breeders and charges stud fees ranging from $1,200 to $2,500 for top winning show dogs.

Amy reported profit or loss on Schedule C for Impyrial as follows:

Year             Income                   Expenses      Gain or (loss)

2005             $4,729                    $76,590        ($71,861)

2006             6,900                  96,996          (90,096)

2007             4,600                   71,116         (66,516)

2008             4,500                  69,340         (64,840)

2009             6,800                  30,790           (23,990)

2010             33,600                  30,120          3,480

2011                8,320                    27,369          (19,049)

Amy reported the income and expenses attributable to Impyrial on a Schedule C attached to her 2007 Federal income tax return. Amy asserts that (1) she engaged in the activity with the intent to make a profit and (2) that her return for taxable year 2002 was examined and that the Commissioner of Revenue allowed her to treat Impyrial as a trade or business.

Commissioner of Revenue determined that Amy did not engage in the dog breeding activity for profit and disallowed Amy’s expense deductions claimed in excess of the reported income.

Please note that Amy began Impyrial in 1994. Impyrial sustained losses every year from 1994 to 2009. The record does not reflect the amounts of Impyrial’s income, expenses, and losses between 1994 and 2004.

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Based on the facts presented and information presented in chapter 6, do you believe that Amy’s activity constitute a trade or business. EXPLAIN

Assume that you work as an agent of the IRS and you are challenging Amy’s tax position. What argument will you present against Amy?

3) Assume that Amy is your client and was audited by the IRS. What arguments will

you present to defend your Client?

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Who created The White Heron Castle? Who commissioned its creation?

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What historical events or social or cultural influences affected the creation of The White Heron Castle? How do the visual characteristics of The White Heron Castle contribute to or enhance its message or meaning? How do the reasons The White Heron Castle created compare with those of a more modern example of monumental artwork, such as Mount Rushmore, the 9/11 Memorial, etc.?

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