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Social Factors that Contribute to Juvenile Deliquency

As part of your response, identify at least three (3) different external societal factors that can influence a juvenile when deciding whether to participate in delinquent behavior.You are instructed to submit a minimum of three (3) full pages (top to bottom), excluding the references.  The title page, abstract (optional), and reference page are excluded from the minimum 3-page requirement. You are to adhere to APA rules of writing (7th edition). Do Not Use MLA or any other writing style. All Assignments need to be uploaded as a Word Document attachment. Do not submit as a PDF, Pages, or any format other than Word. The assignment must be written in an academic tone. You are not to write in the first person. Remember, an academic essay is not to be written like you are having a casual conversation with your friends.Direct quotes, if used, must be limited to a few words and quotes are to be used sparingly. Instead, you are to paraphrase and cite. While the assignments are to include an examination of current research on a particular issue or concern, they also need to include the student’s careful and informed analysis of the problem. Remember each assignment must be submitted as a Word Doc attachment. The assignment must be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font. Margins must be set to one inch on all sides.Each assignment will need to include the following:APA formatted title pageAbstract page (optional)The body of your response must be a minimum of 3 full pagesReference page  You must support your response with a minimum of two current, scholarly sources.  Web sources can be used, though they should come from credible sources such as government agencies, academic institutions, and private agencies with a strong reputation within the discipline they serve. Review the APA guide that has been posted for further guidance.You are not permitted to use non-scholarly sources such as wikipedia,, etc., as the information contained in these web pages are academically questionable. You cannot use web pages of a questionable background or academic source.Furthermore, you will not be permitted to cite encyclopedias, dictionaries, newspapers (unless otherwise permitted), and popular magazines. If you have a question about the quality of a potential source, contact your instructor for clarification.

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