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View the film and complete the associated readings before doing the assignment, which should be a 500-650 word paper with extremely minimal or no direct quotes and relying ONLY on the materials I assigned and your own thoughts, NO other web sources.1. What does the story of the film center on?  What aspects of life are shown and what historical situation/time period/geographic setting are important to the experience of the characters? 2. What genres would you say this film fits into and why? How does the landscape play into the story of the film? Keep direct quotes minimal and only cite direct quotes. If you do not use direct quotes, no need to include a works cited page.  If you do, please use Chicago Style references.  Email me with any questions. The movie can be viewed on YouTube or Amazon Prime and may also be available for free from Kanopy. online resource: readings attached and below:”Brokeback Mountain” has been described,Their tragedy is universal.Here is an article connecting the impact of this story with the real life homophobic torture and murder of Mathew Shepard: is an article on the potential impact of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill:

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