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Sociology Question

Papers must be at least 4 pages in length. Papers are to be turned in through Canvas and will be run through TurnItIn to identify plagiarism.
According to Harman, why were prehistoric human societies free of exploitation, war and hierarchical authority? How did the implementation of sedentary agriculture change all this and lead to the first exploitative class societies and States?
According to Perelman and Wood, where did capitalism first emerge and how did it create the labor pool of landless peasants it depends on for labor?
According to Wood, what is unique about the way capitalism compels workers to provide their labor, compared to previous systems of mercantile exchange and labor extraction? According to Marx, why are workers compelled to sell their labor for wages? Why is the selling of labor for wages not a freely engaged in contract between workers and employers? What determines how much wages are worth in exchange for labor? How does this disadvantage workers, and what can they do about it?
According to Marx in his discussion of “Surplus Labor Populations” from Das Kapital, what is the surplus labor population? How does the surplus labor population operate to suppress wages in a capitalist system? Is the surplus labor population a permanent and necessary feature of the capitalist system? Why or why not?
According to the documentary Plutocracy, how is this system of capital, private property and labor exploitation enforced on the workers? Who serves to enforce it and why do they choose to act as the enforcers of capital?
Please abide by the following format guidelines:
o DO NOT repeat the questions from the prompt in your paper.
o Write in paragraph form. One or two paragraphs should be sufficient for each question in the prompt.
o Use 12 point Calibri or Cambria font, double spaced with 1” margins.
o Insert page numbers for every page.
o Do NOT include a cover page.
o No header please, do not include your name, date, class, etc. on your paper.
Required documents :
o Chris Harman. “The Rise of Class Societies” in A People’s History of the World. Pp. 2-21
o Michael Perelman. The Invention of Capitalism. Ch. 1
o Ellen Wood. The Origin of Capitalism. Pp. 95-109, 142-157, 193-198
o Karl Marx. “Wage-Labour and Capital”
o Karl Marx. “Surplus Labor Populations” in Das Kapital, Ch. 25, Sec. 3-4
o Documentary: Plutocracy I, Metanoia Films.

Voices of Diversity: Gender and Sexuality

Discussion: Voices of Diversity: Gender and SexualityGrowing up, did you see positive and well-rounded portrayals of people like you on TV and in books? Are you typically referred to by the appropriate pronouns? Do you need to conceal aspects of your identity in the workplace out of fear? If you are a cisgender person who is heterosexual, you may not have thought much about the everyday challenges of the LGBTQ community. Many of the privileges you take for granted may not be available to them.
As a profession, social work embraces diversity and strives to ensure equal rights for all through allyship and advocacy. One way to become a better ally is to understand the barriers in place for marginalized populations such as LGBTQ people. For this Discussion, you take that step by engaging in several activities designed to illuminate the LGBTQ experience.
To Prepare
View the Voices of Diversity: Gender and Sexuality video showing Social Work faculty sharing perspectives and experiences related to gender and sexuality.
Reflect on the video, identifying ideas, experiences, or statements that resonate with you.
Review the Learning Resources on practice with women and the LGBTQ population and on allyship.
Access and complete the Privilege for Sale activity in the Learning Resources.
Write a post in which you:
Analyze what you learned from the Voices of Diversity video regarding perspectives and experiences of gender and sexuality. What idea, experience, or statement resonated with you the most, and why?
Then, describe your approach to the Privilege for Sale activity and any challenges you encountered in selecting privileges. Describe at least one insight you gained from the activity.
Apply your learning to social work practice with the LGBTQ population and to allyship.
Chapter 14: Profiles of Diverse Populations (pp. 405–492)Note: This week, read the sections on women and LGBT individuals only.
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Sociology Question

Sociology Assignment Help In this module we will learn about culture and socialization. One of the primary goals of becoming a good sociologist is becoming more culturally relative. This video is a 45-minute documentary about people in the Amazon Rain Forest that have never had contact with the outside world. WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY, TAKE NOTES (helpful/not required), AND THEN WRITE A 1-paper (full page) double spaced paper, 12 font Times New Roman, about what you thought was interesting from this video, what was surprising to you, how does it relate to Module #1 information (I attached article 1), use sociological terminology from the power points and your textbook. You should identify at least 3 sociological concepts or theories and provide examples in your paper.

Sociology Question

In 3 paragraphs, discuss how this week’s lesson and lecture expanded your understanding of ethnic studies (as an academic discipline), protests and criminalization, and resistance to these ideas. If it did not expand to your understanding or you did not find it useful, please write why. Remember, this is a classroom space where your thoughts on the lessons will not negatively impact your grade. Meaning, if you thought everything delivered to you was useless, toxic, etc., let me know why.
You can use your own personal experience on questioning authority, seeing injustice, or wanting societal change. Think of this exercise as a free write, where you are jotting your thoughts down after absorbing the material. If you feel the need, you can respond to other classmates. Please be respectful and type using proper grammar and spelling. Please to to cite the different videos, readings, and lectures you listened to earlier.
note: I’ll send the lessons to the bid that’ll match this assignment.

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