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Sociology Question

For this assignment, you are asked to write a seven page paper
addressing your approach to negotiation (the title and reference page
will not count towards page count). Please ensure that you address each
of the following sections. Each section will need to be labeled with the
use of subtitles. You will need to be thorough in explaining your
negotiation style.
IntroductionDefine negotiation

Attitudes regarding negotiationWhat is your attitude about negotiation?

Approaches to negotiationWhat approaches do you take when negotiating?

Differences in personal and professional approaches to negotiationExplain whether your approaches are the same or different in your personal and professional life.

i. Personal – buying a car (this is just an example)
ii. Professional – negotiating salary (this is just an example)
5. Enhancing negotiation strategies
1. Discuss whether you seek to enhance your negotiation strategies
6. Conclusion
Be sure to support and justify your positions and conclusions with
references to relevant library resources or reputable sources outside of
the library. All written assignments should follow APA requirements.
The inclusion of your textbook and two outside references (a total of
three sources), retrieved from the university library, is required for
the completion of this paper.

Assignment: Negotiation Styles
Negotiation is a concept that takes place quite often, in our daily
lives. We use various skills to which we are accustomed, and whether we
realize it or not, we determine ways to enhance these abilities. Content and Development 12 Points PossiblePoints PossiblePoints EarnedComments
Met minimum seven page count

Included adequate introduction

Was effective in discussing attitudes regarding negotiation

Thoroughly discussed approaches to negotiation

Discussed whether there are differences in personal and professional approaches to negotiation

Discussed whether you seek to enhance personal negotiation strategies

Included adequate conclusion

Mechanics 8 Points Possible
Points Possible
Points Earned

Used subtitles as listed per instructions

Paper meets APA guidelines to include in-text citations, double-spacing, title page and reference page

Used textbook two outside sources

Rules of grammar, usage and punctuation are followed.

Spelling is correct.

Total Points
Submitted on Time?
Date Due and Date Submitted:6/29/18 Yes! Full Credit

Watch a video, and write 3 paragraphs

Pick one of the episodes on Black in Latin America, (either Cuba or Mexico). In 3 paragraphs, write what you learned and how it expanded your understanding of the African Diaspora in Latin America. What stood out to you in particular? Make sure to give specific examples from the episode to get full credit.
(only watch 30 mins)

Reading/video response

Sociology Assignment Help Based on Goodman’s article, answer this question (at least 4 complete sentences per answer):
Briefly discuss one specific example that shows that race is NOT biological/genetic. Cite the page number(s) of the example but use your own words.
Based on the film “Race: The Power of an Illusion,” answer these questions (at least 4 complete sentences per answer):
Briefly discuss one specific example, from the film, that shows how racial categories are arbitrary and change based on social ideas or conditions.
Briefly explain how history helps us understand the racial inequities that persist todayyou must use evidence/claims from the article and the film, write 4 or more clear sentences per answer, and use your own words.

A logic model is a tool that can be used in planning a program. Using a logic model, social Essay

A logic model is a tool that can be used in planning a program. Using a logic model, social workers can systematically analyze a proposed new program and how the various elements involved in a program relate to each other. At the program level, social workers consider the range of problems and needs that members of a particular population present. Furthermore, at the program level, the logic model establishes the connection between the resources needed for the program, the planned interventions, the anticipated outcomes, and ways of measuring success. The logic model provides a clear picture of the program for all stakeholders involved.
To prepare for this Assignment, review the case study of the Petrakis family, located in this week’s resources. Conduct research to locate information on an evidence-based program for caregivers like Helen Petrakis that will help you understand her needs as someone who is a caregiver for multiple generations of her family. You can use the NREPP registry. Use this information to generate two logic models for a support group that might help Helen manage her stress and anxiety.
First, consider the practice level. Focus on Helen’s needs and interventions that would address those needs and lead to improved outcomes. Then consider the support group on a new program level. Think about the resources that would be required to implement such a program (inputs) and about how you can measure the outcomes.
By Day 7
Submit the following:
• A completed practice-level logic model outline (table) from the Week 7 Assignment handout
• A completed program logic model outline (table) in the Week 7 Assignment Handout
• 2–3 paragraphs that elaborate on your practice-level logic model outline. Describe the activities that would take place in the support group sessions that would address needs and lead to improved outcomes
• 2–3 paragraphs that elaborate on your program-level logic model and address the following:
o Decisions that would need to be made about characteristics of group membership
o Group activities
o Short- and long-term outcomes
o Ways to measure the outcomes

Dudley, J. R. (2020). Social work evaluation: Enhancing what we do (3rd ed.) Oxford University Press.
• Chapter 6, “Needs Assessments” (pp. 115–143)
Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S.,

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