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Advertisement Review my assignment essay help Communication Strategies essay help

In the course of accomplishing business goals, firms and small businesses have embraced advertising as a way of promoting their offerings to the market. The usefulness of publicity as an appropriate marketing communications strategy is illustrated by the ever-increasing number of advertisements, some with even controversial responses. For instance, the recent hullaballoo about Pepsi’s advertisement themes depicts the relevance of designing appropriate advertisements. Other firms have routinely adhered to creativity, producing persuasive advertisements that go a long way in cementing the brand’s position in the market not only today but for the long haul. It explains why some advertisements have remained memorable, leading to the positive brand association and increased value of the offering. Advertising strategies are the key difference between a successful and a poor marketing campaign, offering relevant marketing information that will ultimately influence the customer’s buying decisions. It is through understanding these strategies that health practitioners can routinely communicate with their stakeholders using integrated styles and strategies for effective dissemination of information.

Some advertisements have embraced propaganda tactics, designed to convince segments of the market into buying or agreeing with some point of view. It is important that these ads invoke confidence and belief to the audience. Such advertisements utilize bandwagons, which are declarations suggesting all individuals in the world or market territory are ardent users of the product or service. It is these strategies that influence prospecting customers to join the bandwagon and adopt new consumer behaviors to match with everyone in the vicinity.

Another useful strategy in advertising is the utilization of well-known personalities to push the popularity or utility of the offering. Endorsements can also take the form of a satisfied consumer giving testimony of the product’s desirable attributes. For instance, oral care products take advantage of dentists to promote the credibility of these products through brand association.

Another useful advertising tactic is to take advantage of emotions, transferring these sentiments to the target audience. For instance, many advertisements feature smiling models, creating the mood for every potential consumer. It is also notable that some advertisements also embrace sentiments such as patriotism, associating these ideal emotions to users of the product. For instance, Ford typically uses American patriotism to appeal to the market to consider domestic goods.

Firms also promote their goods and services through the use of vague words or phrases that appeal to human or society’s values. These unclear statements may attract the attention of gullible target audiences, especially due to the need for minimal evidence or proof of such statements. The wide range of glittering generalities include adjectives such as proven, safe, caring, the best and other superlatives that quickly place the product offering in a league of its own. These generalities are excellent for demographic segmentation, where terms in English or Spanish correspond to various market segments.

It is also worth noting how print advertisements also utilize humor, diverting the audience’s attention with witty statements or images. The usefulness of humor in advertisements helps prospective customers to positively associate with the product as well as aiding the recollection of the advertisement. Humorous content goes a long way in appealing to certain demographics, who may understand the meaning of the joke. The relevance of humorous advertisements today is appropriate for the techno-savvy audience, who may share the advert widely with their peers through the wide array of social media platforms available.

Some advertisements attempt to appeal to a specific market segment, using ways to associate the product with unique qualities. Such advertisements are popular for goods and customized services, which appeal to the market’s distinctive tastes, preferences, and lifestyles.

Some advertisements are renowned for suggesting that users of the products are services are better than everyone else. Such advertisements aim to embrace unique identities and psychographics, attaching great values to the product. These strategies are useful for luxury products, whose price alone ensures few but lucrative buyers. For instance, supercars are marketed for the ultra-rich, affording specialized after sales such as the membership to sports clubs for the well-heeled segments of the population.

These are phrases or statements designed to promote the product or service as preferred but otherwise provide little information about the product. Such words or phrases include, ‘new improved’ products, designed to extend the product’s lifecycle in the market. Other adjectives include long-lasting, sweet and even guaranteed. Other purr words could form part of slogans, which immediately influence the audience to use the product. Such words are appropriate for target audiences as they will be conversant with these catchy phrases or words. For instance, yummy targets children and younger consumers in the market.

Upon the scrutiny of the advertisements, it is clear that these strategies go a long way in substantiating the high costs of producing advertisements. It leaves one to question whether the firms took advantage of specialized marketing agencies or utilized in-house skill and competence. The wide array of high quality and timeless advertisements indicate that firms are increasingly faced with product decisions, which go a long way in influencing their advertising strategy. It is these reasons that make it easier for budding marketers to borrow a leaf or two from these professional advertising tactics, raising awareness and market reach for offerings.

These strategies are effective in the dissemination of health-related information, raising awareness of certain health procedures and systems. The health fraternity could adopt these powerful strategies in educating patients about the most guaranteed health procedures, helping increase the popularity of great pharmaceutical products or services. Such a scene is useful especially in the rising medical tourism sector, where domestic health establishments could be marketed as affordable to prevent the influx of patients to foreign medical destinations. For instance, plastic surgeries and other healthcare services need appropriate target audiences, ensuring a steady supply of patients into the healthcare system. It means stakeholders in the healthcare sector will have access to the wide range of advertising strategies, crucial in the dissemination of information during challenges. For instance, it is through responsive advertising strategies that individuals will answer calls for blood donation, especially after the deadly fatalities associated with an emergency or terrorist event. In other words, the healthcare fraternity could use celebrities, ethical and emotional appeals to increase the supply of blood donated for survivors.

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Career Focus – Elevator Speech

Computers Topic I&II

Assignment 2: Discussion Questions By Saturday, September 5, 2015, respond to the two discussion questions that appear below. Submit your responses to the appropriate topic of this Discussion Area. Start reviewing and responding substantively to a minimum of two other students (and your instructor if asked a question) for EACH discussion question. Continue to come back throughout the week to read and respond to others. Active discussions enable you to develop a broader knowledge of the topic at hand and to provide your classmates with any insights you may bring. If a particular topic is exhausted, please feel free to discuss other topics from your reading and studying this week. Each week, you will participate in two discussion questions. You are to both demonstrate your knowledge of the topics and support your ideas by sharing examples from the textbook, online reading, Internet researches, or detailed personal examples that support your points. Unsupported opinions are not justification of the statements you make. Please note that the first question requires you to submit an attachment with your response. To add an Attachment, click on Add/Remove below the message box, browse to locate your saved file, click on the file, and then Open it. You cannot attach a file to an empty message box so use it to write about your experience with this assignment. Discuss whether it was difficult, easy, if you learned anything, and what might be helpful for future assignments. It is valuable to include this type of information with every assignment because your feedback helps us to continually improve our courses to better serve you. You will not add attachments to future assignments unless instructions specifically call for it such as when you need to use a program for special formatting. Complete your participation for this assignment by Wednesday, September 9, 2015. No participation points can be awarded after the end of that week. Make sure you respond to Discussion Question 1 and Discussion Question 2 which are found by scrolling down to “Topics” below. HELP JUST-IN-TIME Demo: Click on the link shown below to view a demonstration about how to post to theDiscussion Area. Posting to a discussion 1. Please do not copy and paste the entire question in your response. 2. Share a minimum of two substantive responses to at least two other students for each question. 3. Respond to the instructor if appropriate. 4. Help us to expand our knowledge. Use the Respond link to post responses and materials that pertain to this assignment. Use the Respond link beneath any existing postings to respond to them. Topics Topic Discussion Question 1 Discussion Question 2 Discussion Question 1 If you don’t have Word 2007, 2010, or 2013 yet, make arrangements to get it now. Learning to use the tools of a new system can be frustrating at first. When you learn to locate the correct tools to do the things you want to do, you will save a lot of time and may even enjoy the process of creating documents. For this assignment: Create a document (in any file format that will open in Microsoft Word, including Notepad or WordPad). In the new document, share three things that you learned about your computer from your online textbook or other readings this week. Put this in your own words and be as specific as possible. Identify the program you used and describe three tools contained in it. Share in detail what they enable you to do. Actually ?play’ with the tools so you can include your experiences with them. If you can, put examples of what you did in your attachment. Share any challenges or ?ahas’ (exciting insights) that you had while exploring. Save your work and name the file: W1A2-DQ1-YourLastName. Attach this document to your response in the Discussion Area by Saturday, September 5, 2015. In your discussions consider the following: Remember to comment respectfully and substantively to at least two other students about the features they chose to share and to respond to the instructor’s questions to you if any are posted. A simple statement of agreement, although greatly appreciated, is not substantive and will not receive full credit. Challenge one another respectfully and share additional knowledge and insights to obtain your greatest potential in the course and the greatest number of points! Participation for this assignment could include actually trying one or more of the tools shared by a student and sharing your example and how it worked for you. In addition, you could ask questions (questions alone do not count), and provide tips. Remember to support your statements with examples. TOPIC 2 If you don’t have Word 2007, 2010, or 2013 yet, make arrangements to get it now. We often find that in teaching someone else, the instructor learns too. For this assignment, imagine that you are teaching your dear Aunt Sally how a computer works. Don’t worry. You have this week’s course readings (found under Course Home on the left side of your screen in Syllabus), as well as the online lectures. You can also use the popular search engines listed below to research How do computers work (Not “how to work a computer”). Read enough so you can explain, in your own words and so dear Aunt Sally can understand the basics of how a computer works. Your explanation should be from 200-500 words. In the weeks to come we will discuss proper citation of sources but for this assignment simply copy and paste at the bottom of your response the web addresses of any sites you use for information. Note that often the top search engine results are advertisements and they probably aren’t your best source. In your discussions consider the following: Remember, for participation credit you need to respond substantively to a minimum of two other students and to the instructor if s/he asks you any questions. For participation for this assignment, you might look up unfamiliar terms on how a computer works and share your new insights about those. Point out a perceived misconception that someone else had and where the student could find out more about that topic. Share an experience when you used this knowledge or where it might have been helpful and what you would do differently in the future, etc. Common mistakes students might make in this first assignment include: Not punctuating or capitalizing correctly, including proper names and the word “I” Misspellings (Take advantage of the spell check function in the response box.) Incorrect paragraph breaks (Be sure to separate your ideas into their own paragraphs.) Being too brief or too lengthy (Always make best use of any word count guidance you are given. if no other guidance has been provided, aim for at least 200 words.) Not returning to participate with others (This accounts for half of the points in this assignment.) Keep in mind a quick “Nice to meet you” response will not earn you points…your replies must be substantial, engaging, and responsive. Ask questions, tell stories, discuss what you are learning. Aim for at least 75 to 100 words in all of your responses to peers. It is more about quality than quantity. Interacting with others is a significant part of all online college experiences. Most assignments require participation and are worth significant points.

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Prepare a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes totaling 50 words per slide that includes the following: An introduction slide Slides that present on or answer the following 5 points: Top three elements of health and wellness you would want to improve in society How will you incorporate nutrition and fitness as active parts of your life? Describe an effective strategy for making effective healthcare decisions. What are the environmental effects on your health from your home and other places you spend a great deal of time? What are ways to protect and enhance your immune system? A conclusion slide A minimum of two academic references

Evolving Practice Of Nursing And Patient Care Delivery Models

As the country focuses on the restructuring of the U.S. health care delivery system, nurses will continue to play an important role. It is expected that more and more nursing jobs will become available out in the community, and fewer will be available in acute care hospitals. Write an informal presentation (500-700 words) to educate nurses about how the practice of nursing is expected to grow and change. Include the concepts of continuity or continuum of care, accountable care organizations (ACO), medical homes, and nurse-managed health clinics. Share your presentation with nurse colleagues on your unit or department and ask them to offer their impressions of the anticipated changes to health care delivery and the new role of nurses in hospital settings, communities, clinics, and medical homes. In 800-1,000 words summarize the feedback shared by three nurse colleagues and discuss whether their impressions are consistent with what you have researched about health reform. A minimum of three scholarly references are required for this assignment. While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. 40.0 %Clearly States How the Practice of Nursing and Patient Delivery Will Evolve, While Addressing Relevant Concepts That Include Continuity or Continuum of Care, Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes, and Nurse-Managed Health Clinics 20.0 %Evidence of Feedback and Forecasting of Nursing Role From Colleagues 20.0 %Use of Vocabulary Regarding Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery

Measurements And Leadership

In a 1-2 page paper, analyze why and how leadership determines what to measure and how this helps determine quality. Include at least two research sources in your paper and cite them in a References page at the end in APA format. As in all writing assignments, follow standard mechanics in writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates. Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below: Jstudent_exampleproblem_101504 Need Help? Click here for complete drop box instructions.

Application Of Statistics In Health Care

Statistical application and the interpretation of data is important in health care. Review the statistical concepts covered in this topic. In a 750-1,000 word paper, discuss the significance of statistical application in health care. Include the following: Describe the application of statistics in health care. Specifically discuss its significance to quality, safety, health promotion, and leadership. Consider your organization or specialty area and how you utilize statistical knowledge. Discuss how you obtain statistical data, how statistical knowledge is used in day-to-day operations and how you apply it or use it in decision making. Three peer-reviewed, scholarly, or professional references are required. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. PLEASE ADD RUNNING HEAD AND PAGE NUMBERS.

Psych Case Study & Stat Hw Assignment

Psych Case Study & Stat Hw Assignment. Select TWO of the prompts below not all of the prompts. Answer TWO prompts of your choice; 250 words in total. 250 between both, not 250 each. 1. Vladimir, Vassily, and Valentina are three siblings who immigrated with their parents to Canada from Russia. At the time of immigration, Vladimir was four, Vassily was eighteen, and Valentina was twenty. Based on research by Cheung, Chudek, and Heine regarding sensitive periods, draw a graph predicting how each sibling’s identification with Canadian culture will change as he or she spends more years in Canada? 2. Kosuke is a 3-year-old Japanese boy who scores a 3 out of 7 on a measure of interdependence. Jeremy is a 3-year-old American boy who also scores a 3 out of 7 on a measure of interdependence. In general, the Japanese are more interdependent than Americans. Draw a graph to predict how each child’s score on the measure of interdependence will change (or not change) as he or she gets older (until age eighteen). 3. The Randhawa family is an Indian family who just bought a new house with three bedrooms. There are two parents (a mother and a father), a 3-year-old daughter, a 17-year-old (post-pubescent) daughter, and a 20-year-old (post-pubescent) son. Based only on the values of female chastity anxiety and respect for hierarchy, design a floor plan for their arrangement of bedrooms that satisfies both values. Be sure to note who sleeps in each bedroom. 4. Compare and contrast authoritarian parenting and authoritative parenting, making sure to include associated parental attributes. 5. You overhear a mother talking about her adolescent son being rebellious, but she does not seem bothered by his rebelliousness. Instead, she says that it is a universal phenomenon that adolescents are rebellious. Do you agree or disagree? Please justify your response with empirical evidence.
Psych Case Study & Stat Hw Assignment

“Quality Improvement”

“Quality Improvement” Please respond to the following: ¢Discuss how quality is measured in terms of structure, process, and outcomes within a health care organization (HCO).

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Assignment: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Julie has been a nurse at Memorial Hospital for three years. During that time, she has developed productive relationships with her colleagues and has earned a reputation for providing exceptional care to patients. One day she approaches you, her manager, and asks to speak in private. Once you are alone, Julie explains that over the past couple of months she has heard a physician and two nurses repeatedly make disparaging remarks about people who are homosexual. She appears visibly upset as she tells you this. Julie says that the situation has become so uncomfortable that she no longer feels safe in this environment.Does this scenario reflect a possible case of sexual harassment? How would you respond to Julie, and what steps might you take next? Sexual harassment is an important topic in today’s organizations?one that is often addressed through HR presentations and trainings. However, even for experienced nurse managers and HR professionals, it can be challenging to recognize some of the behaviors and actions that may indicate sexual harassment. Nurses in leadership and management positions have a critical responsibility to become attuned to the various interactions that can be problematic, including inappropriate remarks and jokes, improper fraternization, quid pro quo situations, and potentially offensive images. To prepare Review the articles, ?Sexual Harassment -A Touchy Subject for Nurses, ?Why Are Nurses Leaving? Findings from an Initial Qualitative Study on Nursing, and ?Bullying, Harassment, and Horizontal Violence in the Nursing Workforce. Consider sexual harassment situations most commonly experienced by nurses.Think about a work environment with which you are familiar. Have you witnessed or experienced any behaviors that?perhaps with the benefit of hindsight and increasing awareness?may be construed as sexual harassment, even if you did not think of them that way at the time? Do you recall any instances in which you might have intentionally or unintentionally contributed to or participated in an environment that tolerated harassment against one or more individuals? If so, what were your thoughts and feelings at the time? How, perhaps, has your perspective since shifted?Select one of the following options: Option 1: Conduct research via the Walden Library, or other scholarly sites, to select an article that presents an authentic example of workplace sexual harassment. Option 2: Identify an authentic example of suspected or proven sexual harassment from your professional experience.Conduct research related to your selected example to assess the ramifications that may result from instances of sexual harassment. Consider how you could partner with HR to mitigate situations of sexual harassment in your workplace. In addition, think about specific steps you could take to diminish inappropriate behaviors in the workplace. Submit a 3- to 5-page paper in which you do the following: Describe an authentic example of suspected or proven sexual harassment. Explain how this specific instance of sexual harassment impacted the workplace.Identify at least two legal ramifications that could have (or did) result from this situation and how they could (or did) negatively impact the workplace. Briefly explain other ramifications (e.g., organizational culture, staff relationships, individual and team performances, patient safety, quality of care) that could have (or did) result because of this specific instance.Describe the actions that were taken to resolve the situation, if applicable.Formulate an action plan that can be used to mitigate and/or ameliorate behaviors that constitute sexual harassment. Based on your example, explain how you would educate staff on the identification and prevention of inappropriate behaviors. Describe at least two specific steps you would take to diminish similar sexual harassment situations.Describe at least two ways you could partner with HR to effectively accomplish your action plan. NOTE: For the purposes of this assignment, please do not reveal the name of your workplace or the individuals involved.Reminder: The School of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary, and references. The Sample Paper provided at the Walden Writing Center provides an example of those required elements (available at All papers submitted must use this formatting. Required ReadingsLussier, R. N., & Hendon, J. R. (2016). Human resource management: Functions, applications, & skill development (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Chapter 3, ?The Legal Environment and Diversity Management (pp. 78?117) Chapter 3 provides an in-depth overview of the laws that mandate equal employment opportunities in the workplace. The authors define discrimination and sexual harassment and explain how knowledgeable managers can detect and mitigate these behaviors in their workplaces.Cogin, J., & Fish, A. (2009). Sexual harassment -A touchy subject for nurses. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 23(4), 442?462. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases. This article describes a mixed-methods research study that was conducted to analyze the prevalence of sexual harassment in clinical settings. Findings indicated that patients and physicians are the primary instigators of sexual harassment. The article highlights ethical decision making and intervention techniques.MacKusick, C. I., & Minick, P. (2010). Why are nurses leaving? Findings from an initial qualitative study on nursing attrition. Medsurg Nursing, 19(6), 335?340. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases. For this study, the researchers interviewed nurses who decided to leave the profession after only a few years of service. Study participants commonly cited one or more of the following reasons for leaving: unfriendly workplace (i.e., bullying and/or sexual harassment), emotional distress, and fatigue and exhaustion. Participants shared authentic examples and feelings about each factor.Vessey, J. A., DeMarco, R., & DiFazio, R. (2010). Bullying, harassment, and horizontal violence in the nursing workforce: The state of the science. Annual Review of Nursing Research, 28, 133?157. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases. Over the years, bullying, harassment, and horizontal violence (BHHV) among nurses has increased in health care settings. The authors of this article illustrate BHHV situations and solutions through the use of models and authentic examples.

Career Focus – Elevator Speech

Career Focus – Elevator Speech An elevator speech is an excellent way to convey your skills while networking and seeking employment. Typically, an elevator speech is a one-minute summary of who you are, why you are qualified, and what you have to offer the organization or industry. A brief sales pitch will ensure that you are prepared to discuss your career goals whenever the opportunity presents itself. Some examples of where you could use your elevator speech are at a networking event, during a job interview, or in a social setting. Watch The Elevator Pitch (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Career Spots video (3:25 minutes) and design a one-minute sales pitch that is tailored toward your chosen career path. It is recommended that you utilize one of the following voice recording options to hear your elevator speech and share it with your classmates: Voki (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. iTalk (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. PowerPoint YouTube (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Example Elevator Speech Hi, my name is John. I have worked crisis situations in the military for the last ten years, and I am currently a student at Ashford University completing my Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. For the past five years, I have worked as a first line supervisor supporting military deployments, where I was able to actively lead teams to resolve crisis situations. I am seeking a position as an emergency planner to use my leadership skills in response to high pressure situations such as responses to natural disasters. Initial Post Once you have completed your recording, share your pitch with the class by copying and pasting the link of your recording into the body of your initial post. If you are having trouble recording your elevator speech, please contact your instructor. Just type out the speech with the name josh and career goal as hospitality management.

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