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Square T5 DQ2

When assessing ELLs, teachers must use a variety of assessments in order to get the most accurate snapshot of academic and language progress. What are some ways teachers can assess students in the classroom to include reading and writing?
at least 150 words; apa format; at least one in-text citation with reference page

600 word memo describing two recent software bugs and their impacts

use the attachment to start writing
at least 600 words of writing, not including the memo template part
about two recent software bugs and their impacts. Any software bugs as long as it is recent (2 years ago or less)

Short Mission Statement

Develop a mission statement for your own police department. Explain how you developed this statement. Create a mission statement that addresses each of the policing eras: The Political Era, The Progressive Reform Era, The WickershamCommission, Federal Law Enforcement, The Professional Police Era, The Community Relations Era, Community Policing, Return to Law and Order and Beyond 9/11: Policing and Homeland Security. Your work should be submitted via word document.Look up each era individually.High tip is based on effectiveness of work!

Double Jeopardy Question

Writing Assignment Help We know that double jeopardy does not preclude this. Explain double jeopardy and discuss the doctrine the federal government uses to prosecute an “already prosecuted “person. Do you feel that this power is “over-reaching” by the federal government? In what ways might this power be good and in what ways might it not be. Is there an alternative, in your opinion?
(Remember: Give life to your posts submissions with examples, explanations and tie-ins to the chapter readings.
Read attached file to help answer question.Tip will be $30 if work is effective!!

Square T5 DQ1

If you were utilizing a reading strategy among students with intermediate English proficiency, what specific guidelines would be critical for you to consider when planning the lesson?
at least 150 words; apa format; at least one in-text citation with reference page

Discussion Board 1

What are the major reasons for plea bargaining? Explain.Do you believe that these are all valid reasons? Why or why not? Explain in detail.

Is plea bargaining a fair concept to all concerned? Why or why not? Explain.
How do you think plea bargaining conflicts with mandatory sentences? Explain.
What do you think are the most significant problems regarding plea bargaining? Explain.

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