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Strategic Planning, Organizational Charts,

Introduction to IBMa.    Write a short introduction to IBMb.    Provide a top-level overview of their strategic plan. Where are they focusing their efforts in the coming years?2.    IBM Cybersecurity Challenges and Developmentsa.    Three of the biggest challenges for any organization is protecting data from malicious actors, manage the complexity of IT networks and staying updated with the latest security threats/techniques of malicious actors. Detail how these challenges and developments play out in the future planning of this organization. Are any of these topics reflected in the strategic plan, or are there any gaps?3.    Organizational Charta.    Craft an organizational chart (where they are). (It’s OK if it’s not 100% accurate.)b.    Then, craft a futures organizational chart (where they want to be).c.    What hiring considerations do they need to make to budget for growth?d.    Provide a little bit of information about the uniqueness (or not) of their organizational structure and their reporting structure.4.    Department/Unit Plansa.    Based on the strategic plan, what goals would be expected in each of the department plans? How will these goals help the organization meet its strategic goals?5.    Employee Goal-Settinga.    Narrow in on one departments/units. What employee goals would you expect to see in employee goal setting? How will these goals help the department/unit and the organization to meet its strategic goals?6.    Conclusion

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