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Subliminal Ads

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Anything truly below the level of detectable sensation could not, by definition, be perceived. However, the subliminal is generally said to be below the threshold of conscious perception. There is a widespread belief, not strongly supported by empirical research, that without being aware of its presence or content, a persons behavior can be significantly affected by subliminal messages. Thus, it is believed that one can influence behavior by surreptitiously appealing to the subconscious mind with words and images. If this were true, then advertisers could manipulate consumer behavior by hiding subliminal messages in their ads. The government, or Aunt Hilda for that matter, could control our minds and bodies by secretly communicating to us subliminally. Learners could learn while listening to music embedded with subliminal messages. Unfortunately, “years of research has resulted in the demonstration of some very limited effects of subliminal stimulation” and no support for its efficaciousness in behavior modification (Hines, 312).

The fact that there is almost no empirical support for the usefulness of subliminal messaging has not prevented numerous industries from producing and marketing tapes which allegedly communicate directly with the unconscious mind, encouraging the “listener” not to steal, or coaching the “listener” to have courage or believe in his or her power to accomplish great things. Consumers spend more than $50 million each year on subliminal self-help products (Journal of Advertising Research, reported by Dennis Love, Sacramento Bee, 9-14-2000). A place called offers a wide array of such tapes developed by James H. Schmelter, a hypnotherapist with an MBA and self-proclaimed expertise in synergistic science. If Schmelters stuff is not to your liking, try Mindwriter Subliminals… A Breakthrough In Human Reprogramming.

It is true that we can perceive things even though we are not conscious of perceiving them. However, for those who put messages in tapes and then record music over the messages so that the messages are drowned out by the music or other sounds, it might be useful to remember that if the messages are drowned out by other sounds, the only perceptions one can have are of the sounds drowning out the messages. There is no evidence of anyone hearing a message which is buried beneath layers of other sounds to the point where the message does not distinctly stand out. Of course, if the message distinctly stood out, it would not be subliminal.

The belief in the power of subliminal messaging to manipulate behavior seems to have originated in 1957 with James Vicary, an advertising promoter who claimed to increase popcorn sales by some 58% and Coke sales by some 18% in a New Jersey movie theater simply by flashing very briefly the messages “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Hungry – Eat Popcorn.” Even though the claim has been shown to be a hoax, and even though no one has been able to duplicate the event, belief in

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Citizen Kane Review

Essay Preview: Citizen Kane Review

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Citizen Kane Review

Geneva Hale

ENG 225 Introduction to Film

Instructor: Andrew Stewart

September 26, 2013

A wealthy life comes with many relationships, problems, and sometimes it can produce bad behavioral patterns. This review tells all about the epic story of “rags to riches.” A child name Charles Foster Kane inherits a fortune after being taken away from his mother and father. Raised by a banker Charles became a wealthy, self-centered, and vigorous newspaperman. He made his reputation as the generous, idealistic champion of the underprivileged and set his narcissistic mind on a political career, until those political dreams were shattered.

Citizen Kane (1941)American drama film, viewed by many as the greatest film ever made, abstains from the traditional chronological narrative and tells Kanes narrative completely in a non-linear form as well as flashback using different point of view (voice-over narrator, mixed point of view, and an omniscient point of view). “The plot of Kane begins at the end of the story, basically; Charles Foster Kane, the subject and protagonist of the film, dies whispering his last word “Rosebud.” (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011) Orson Welles the director, co- writer, producer, and leading actor dispenses with the scheme of a particular storyteller and uses several friends and acquaintances to tell the story of Kanes life, this style Welles used was unheard of in Hollywood films. Each storyteller (acquaintances) describes a special part of Kanes life, with each one story somewhat overlapping.

The external conflict and internal conflict in this film is when Kane decides that he will jeopardize the love of his family to pursue the love of his career as governor. Getty (antagonist) who is the current governor as well as Kanes running mate warns Kane that he will expose Kanes affair with Susan Alexander unless he withdraws from the election and leaves the country but he refuses and lose everything ( family and election) in following.

Most times in films, actors are what we see first and their acting is what makes the audience want to watch the film. The actor and acting is only part of the film; there are other elements (mise en scene) that have to be placed in certain scenes like setting and sets, lighting, colors, props (short for properties), etc. In Citizen Kane, we are greeted by radio broadcasting, silent title “Citizen Kane” in stark white-bordered black lettering on a black background the resembles a newspaper headline more than a film title, in spite of reversal of colors. The first shot, which is Kanes opening, is of a No Trespassing sign, which dissolves into more wire

(fading out while a new image fades in. At midpoint of dissolve, the two images are superimposed) a symbol (mise en scene can also be symbolic, it is what the audience see in a scene) of the emotional barricades the films protagonist, Charles Foster Kane, has placed between himself and both the world at large and those to whom he once close. The slow pace at which Welles cameras wanders the grounds of Xanadu after first scaling the chain link fence on which the sign is positioned not only gives the audience an insight into the depth of Kanes loneliness, but also lends a voyeuristic building block to its journey, as if promising to reveal to us the secrets of its owners life. The grounds that were once green and stunning are now in poor condition, reflecting the mental and physical decline health of their once prevailing owner. The desolate tones that come with its journey are almost unrecognizable as the opening notes of A Poco No, Kanes high- spirited signature tune plays throughout the film.

Orson Welles put his own stamp on the film while telling the history of radio; the newspaper became a way of life in Americas as well as the people behind it all. In the film, Orson Welles also portrays his own life, the rise and fall in his life was told through his character Kane. During casting, Orson Welles wanted just the right actors for this film so he decided that he did not want any well-known actors in his film. His entire main cast was new to acting.

The cast:

Orson Welles plays Charles Foster Kane

Joseph Cotten plays Jedediah Leland

Dorothy Comingore – Susan Alexander

Everett Sloane- Mr. Bernstein

Ray Collins- Jim W. Gettys

George Coulouris- Walter Parks Thatcher

Agnes Moorehead- Mary Kane

Paul Stewart – Raymond, Mr. Kanes Butler

Ruth Warrick- Emily Monroe Norton Kane

Erskine Sanford -Herbert Carter

William Alland – Jerry Thompson

During the collaborative process, Welles takes on all three roles by writer, director and acting.

The most revolutionary technical feature of Citizen Kane is the extensive use of deep focus. In almost every scene in the movie, the foreground, and everything in between are in sharp focus. Gregg Toland, known as one of the most respected cinematographer in those times.

As stated (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011)

Gregg Toland created a scene early in the film set in the boardinghouse where the young Charles Foster Kane lives with his parents. They live in poverty, until a gold mine is discovered on the property. Charless mother (Agnes Moorehead) signs the necessary papers to send Charles away with the banker Walter Thatcher (George Coulouris) so that the boy can get an education. Yet while we see them in the foreground, in the background we see Charles playing in the snow outside the window, cheerfully (he is unaware that he is about to be sent away), riding on his sled. He, too, is in perfect focus, so that the audience is forced to believe both the adults and the boy with equal weight. Viewers may subconsciously note throughout this shot that the child is literally as well as figuratively separating his parents. The staging of the actors, within the set display Welless organization of the mise en scène. Toland (the cinematographer) was able to use deep focus, in which everything in the foreground and background is clear and precise, more skillfully than anyone had done at

Different Techniques And Popular Subliminal Advertising Book medical school essay help

Subliminal Advertising

Essay Preview: Subliminal Advertising

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“They can manipulate anything from your political views to your reproductive

behavior, all in the interest of making a buck” says expert Wilson Bryan Key who

wrote the most popular subliminal advertising book ever, Subliminal Subduction.

Subliminal Advertising is an important method of influencing consumers to buy companys products. Subliminal advertising, which first came to the public attention in 1957 is embedded, camouflaged, or hidden words and/or symbols in advertisements. Although most of the subliminal advertising is done in the media, subliminal messages are often played in department stores to discourage shoplifters from stealing. Some of the different messages are “stealing is dishonest”, and “I am a dishonest person”. Every 7.5 seconds messages were played either under songs or really low so no one can consciously hear it. Another form of advertising not in the media is by a group called Interloc design who uses computers to do their subliminal advertising. They use the newest way of subliminal advertising which is screen savers. Text or images may be inserted in the screen saver and flash at 1/50 of a second. The only way to detect it would be with either laser disc or four-head VCRs. There are many different techniques and symbols that advertisers use. There are also many ways of stopping advertisers from abusing your unconscious brain.

There isnt just one technique that advertisers use to brainwash buyers.

A technique that can normally be viewed in movies or in television. What is normally

done by advertisers is they flash images that are pleasing to the viewers eye such as

a flashy color or a sexual innuendo. A technique that is very effective is questioning

the buyer. When used, it makes the buyer ask themself the question “would I be a bad

person if I did not buy this product?” The next technique used is another way to catch

the buyers eye. “Buzz words” which are words that make us want to see what all the fuss

is about, and to read the companys advertisement. The way its used in newspapers is

if your flipping through the pages, not really looking at what your reading. What

advertisers will do is put in big, huge word in an ad to catch the reader such as NEW!,

or IMPROVED!. The way its used in magazines is advertisers would put the word 100% if they were trying to advertise for a product. The way its used in catalogues is they

put the word HURRY! in, or put something like $20 off!, and thats all they have to do

and people see that and they automatically think of saving money. The way its used

in billboards is if the advertiser is trying to get a new sandwich a little more hype,

they would put the word Homemade! The celebrity technique is seen more on television,

billboards, and magazines. The reason celebrities endorse products is to give the

product a trait that it doesnt really have such as wealth, fame, or even success.

There are different celebrities that endorse for different products. Just to name a

few: Michael Jordan always drinks Gatorade, Jerry Seinfeld never leaves home without

his American Express card, and Paul Reiser never uses anything except AT&T. What this technique does is make people think “well if the best basketball player in the world drinks Gatorade, then maybe if I drink Gatorade, I could be as great as Michael Jordan.

The “bandwagon technique” asks you the question “Everyone else is doing it, so why arent you?” What this technique implies is that its second nature to buy this product, and that its so popular that you would have to be insane not to have this product in your house. Some of the different slogans are “Did somebody say McDonalds?”, and “Thirsty? Drink Coke.” The last technique used is the fear technique. This technique lets the buyer know that not buying this product could be disastrous on your own self. The questions advertisers simply are “Do you want to be fat?”, “Are you trying to treat your hair badly?”, “Would you like to have zits?”, “Do you want to have dandruff on prom night?”. The mechanism that supports this technique is the Before/After scene. This is the scene where the advertiser has someone looking terrible in one picture, than in the after picture, they look terrific.

There are many ways to manipulate consumers; one is symbolism. The first symbol the unconscious sees is of death. Death is the most repressed fear of the unconscious mind. It represents the feared and repressed of the reader. The symbol most used when using the death technique is the skull-death symbol. Out of all of the death symbols is the most obvious embed. An embed is a subliminal mechanism which is a word, slogan, or symbol inserted faintly so it isnt perceived. Another type of symbol used is a sexual symbol. According to expert Wilson Bryan Key, “sex is the most frequently embedded word in the American advertising industry”. Fruit appears a lot in advertisements. However, the orange is probably the most common fruit symbol. The orange historically symbolizes women, and peeling the orange symbolizes undressing the woman. If one imagines a woman in place of an orange in all of the advertisements, the orange appears some rather interesting results may occur. The playboy bunny is also a very common embed. The playboy bunny represents, because of its universal popularity, the finest international class. There are many phallic symbols that are used in some advertisements which are neckties, arrows, flagpoles, automobiles, rockets, pencils, cigars and cigarettes. According to Wilson

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Choices and Consequences

Essay Preview: Choices and Consequences

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Choices and Consequences

In “A&P”, the author John Updike demonstrates the importance of choices and their consequences. It is important that someone considers everything that could occur before making a decision. Updike uses the characters of Sammy, the three girls in bathing suits, and Lengel in the story to show how important it is to carefully contemplate the consequences of their choices.

All of the main characters in the story make a choice and must endure the consequences. Sammy, the cashier of the supermarket, makes the most obvious choice. After an embarrassing encounter with the three girls and his manager, he has the choice of moving on and pretending nothing had happened, or standing up for the girls and doing something which he believes is right. He chooses to quit his job. In a conversation with his manager, Lengel, Sammy says, “I said I quitYou didnt have to embarrass them” (Updike 373). He follows up this gesture by walking out and leaving Lengel standing there. When he does this, however, he knows that this decision will have long lasting ramifications in his life. He recounts the story as “sad”. This means his resignation had a negative effect on him. One consequence of quitting his job is it causes a strain in his relationship with his parents. Before walking out, Lengel tries to reason with him. He says, “Sammy, you dont want to do this to your Mom and Dad, he tells me. Its true, I dont. But it seems to me that once you begin a gesture its fatal not to go through with it” (Updike 373). Sammy needs to consider his parents before making the decision of quitting. Another, more obvious consequence is that now Sammy needs to find a new job. If Sammy quits his job every time he encounters a situation he dislikes, his life will become very complicated.

The three girls also suffer the consequences of the decision they make. They made the choice of going to the grocery store in their bathing suits rather than normal attire. Sammy notices them as they walk in. He says, “In walks these three girls in nothing but their bathing suits…The one that caught my eye first was the one in the plaid-green two piece” (Updike 369). In the early 1960s, women would wear dresses, miniskirts and go-go boots when they were in public. These girls walked in the store with just their bathing suits on. One consequence of their actions is the lecture given by Lengel. He firmly tells them that what they are wearing is very inappropriate and disrespectful. He says, “Girls, this isnt the beach…We want you decently dressed when you come in here…I dont want to argue with you. After this come in here with your shoulders covered. Its our policy” (Updike 372). Because of their choice to violate community standards, they also suffer the embarrassment of being reprimanded by the

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Substance Abuse

Essay Preview: Substance Abuse

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substance abuse

In response to the reality that one in four kids under the age of 18 lives in a family with a parent who abuses illicit drugs or drinks too much in the United States, what type of legislation can be created that would improve substance abuse services for children and guarantee services to families where one of both of the parents are substance abusers?


The Federal government enacted legislation that authorizes $50 million for the Secretary of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) to formulate grants to provide services to children of substance abusers and services to the substance abusing parents. Section 3106 named Services for Children of Substance Abusers is the legislation created to address the needs of children and adolescents whose parental figures abused substances (www. … Issues Dealt with by the Policy:

Children of substance abusers face many problems including inconsistent emotional support and discipline, parental abuse and neglect, school failure, and increased risk for substance abuse. … Services for Children of Substance Abusers addresses the need to ensure that children of substance abusers have periodic evaluations, primary pediatric case, health and mental health services, therapeutic interventions, perventive counseling, and other developmental services available to them. …

Services for Children of Substance Abusers mandates the allotment of services to families where one or both of the parents are substance abusers. … Stated Objectives:

The stated objective of Services for Children and Substance Abusers is to improve mental health and substance abuse services for children and adolescents by implementing the use of block grant funds with accountability based on performance, and to consolidate discretionary grant authorities to give the Secretary more flexibility to respond to the needs of those who need mental health and substance abuse services. … Unstated Objectives:

This policy was enacted to improve mental health and substance abuse services to children of substance abusers, however there are two unstated objective of reducing government expenditures and enhancing the well-being of the general population. Government has been keenly aware of the astronomical expenditures in health care due to substance abuse related ailments or accidents. … Children of substance abusers are admitted to hospitals more often and have longer lengths of stay. … Parental neglect and abuse contribute to higher medical costs. Substance abuse is a leading cause of child maltreatment according to child welfare professional. … Values of the Legislation:

The Services for Children of Substance Abusers policy highly regards children and families. … Various reports display the monitary cost

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Substance Abuse Amongst Indigenous Australians

Essay Preview: Substance Abuse Amongst Indigenous Australians

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Alcohol abuse is when an individual consumes alcohol in amounts which are harmful to themselves and/or others. Signs and symptoms of this include feeling dependent on alcohol, cravings and strong desires to drink, regular consumption and feeling withdrawal symptoms when not consuming alcohol.[1] Indigenous Australians are affected by alcohol abuse significantly more than non-Indigenous Australians, causing higher levels of associated health issues amongst the community. This results in a larger health and social gap between non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians, which the Northern Territory is already working towards closing. Alarmingly however, I have found that 54% of indigenous Australians reportedly consume alcohol excessively on single occasions (32% less than weekly and 19% weekly).[2] These figures are not surprising to me however, as some Indigenous Australians are not as educated about the risks, and are not aware of the services available to them. This issue is so prevalent, as many Indigenous Australians have a poor upbringing causing them to adopt these negative lifestyle habits, resulting in multiple mental, social and physical health issues. In order to combat this issue, the Government has implemented a range of supportive incentives to try and minimise the amount of individuals who suffer from alcohol abuse within Indigenous communities. In 2015, the healthy welfare card was introduced, which is in the process of becoming mandatory for Indigenous Australians. 80% of their government welfare payments is put onto the card which is not allowed to be spent on alcohol, pornography, drugs and gambling services.[3] 6 months after the card was introduced, hospital admission due to drunken behaviour had decreased, and the amount of arrests each month for public drunkenness had also decreased by 54% in just 3 months.[4] Majority of Indigenous community leaders stated that they had seen a significant difference in the community.[5] I feel as though the healthy welfare card is a good incentive as it has already proven to be beneficial to the Indigenous community. Although, a survey conducted by myself revealed that 37.5% disagreed with the healthy welfare card as it is viewed as ‘discriminative’, ‘unfair’ and ‘degrading.’[6] These comments are true in a sense as it may make indigenous people feel belittled and not seen as equals. figure 1: percentile data of the responses to whether or not the healthy welfare card is a good incentive to combat alcohol abuse [pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]There are also numerous rehab facilities across the Northern Territory that are aimed at helping aboriginals who are experiencing problematic use of alcohol and other drugs. Some of which include Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programs Unit, Bushmob, Banyan House and many more. These services provide ongoing care and treatment for indigenous australians who abuse alcohol. They offer 24-hour care, counselling and life skill development programs. Other incentives that are being done to combat this issue is price control on alcohol, restrictions on liquor store trading hours, fewer alcohol outlets and dry community declarations. It is in my belief that these incentives, as well as the services listed above are absolutely crucial as they are helping to reduce the number of indigenous Australians abusing alcohol. This in turn will decrease how many aboriginal people are dying from the consumption of alcohol as according to figure 2, the numbers are quite shocking and are significantly higher than they should be. I hope that one day soon, the number of indigenous deaths due to alcohol significantly decreases to the same number of non-indigenous deaths.

Figure 2:  Death rates related to alcohol use between 2008 and 2012.[pic 4]Even though there are multiple programs that have been implemented by the Government and by Indigenous Australians themselves, there are still a large number of Indigenous people who suffer from substance abuse and are not receiving help. The number of Indigenous Australians who drink alcohol at high risk levels has increased from 35% in 2002 to 37% in 2008[7], therefore the methods that the Government is enforcing are not 100% effective. I find this quite disappointing as the number of Indigenous people suffering from substance abuse should be decreasing in order to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, therefore it is obvious that enough is not being done by the Government. The survey I conducted revealed that 50% also believe that not enough is being done (refer to figure 3). I think the Government needs to prioritise reducing the number of Indigenous people who suffer substance abuse as it is causing severe health issues amongst the communities. Health issues such as liver disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer. It can also affect ones mental health as excessive alcohol consumption can result in unemployment and loss of friends which in turn can incite depression and anxiety. Alcohol consumption can also lead to violence. 24% of indigenous women are reported to be victims of domestic abuse.[8] Alcohol abuse not only affects the individual but also their friends and family therefore I think the Government needs to do more to help them as well.  Figure 3: percentile data of the responses to whether or not the Government is doing enough to combat alcohol abuse[pic 5][pic 6]There is still a significantly large gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians in regards to alcohol abuse, despite the initiatives already taken by the Government. I believe that the government needs to take more action to reduce the numbers and find a more effective solution. One recommendation I would suggest, would be to bring back the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR). The BDR is a system in which individuals must show photo identification upon purchasing alcohol. Those who are on the banned list however, are restricted from buying alcohol[9]. The BDR was introduced in 2011, however it was scrapped shortly after and was not given enough time to prove its effectiveness. The Northern Territory Government is currently considering reintroducing it but I believe that it should definitely be implemented again as soon as possible. I think it needs to be the Northern Territory Governments main priority as I feel as though it would be very effective and significantly reduce the amount of Indigenous Australians suffering from alcohol abuse as well as decreasing the amount of physical assaults caused by being under the influence of alcohol. While the BDR was implemented in 2011, there was a 7.6% decrease of alcohol related assaults across the territory[10], therefore proving its effectiveness. I believe that it is also important for indigenous communities to be further education on the risks and are made aware of the services available to them. If indigenous Australians know the risks involved, then hopefully they will stop themselves and others from adopting bad habits caused by alcohol abuse.

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Citizen Kane Case

Essay Preview: Citizen Kane Case

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Citizen Kane is a 1941 film directed by Orson Welles. The film begins with a scene of a palace with a lit window in the tower. The shots continue to zoom in, until the audience sees the window and the light turns off. Orson Welles, often uses sound to change from one scene to the next. Without sound Citizen Kane would not have the same dramatic effect. In the beginning of the film, a transition between two scenes immediately attracts the attention of the audience. The sound embellishes on the importance of the particular scene. Afterwards, a snow globe is released from a hand and crashes on the floor. A new scene begins with a newsreel of Charles Kanes death. A narrator explains the ordeal around Kanes death which lasts for about 30 minutes. The real narrative begins, with a news reporter attempting to find out why Kanes last words were “rosebud”. The reporter interviews many of Kanes associates, beginning with his second wife who boldly refuses to speak about Kane. Later, the reporter gains access to Thatchers archives and finds information on Kanes childhood. He finds that Kane was a poor boy who was given to Thatcher in order to receive an education and live in the East. The story continues with various interviews with Kanes friends. With every interview, there is a flashback of Kanes life. We learn about Kanes newspaper tycoon, his political influence, his perfectionist personality, and his two failed marriages. However, nobody could explain the significance of “rosebud”. The last scene ends with deceased Kanes personal items such as puzzles, trophies, and most importantly a sleigh being sold and discharged. The sleigh which was featured in the scene where Kane is a child moving to the east has an extreme close up and it displays “rosebud” conveying his childhood. Kane was known as a man who “lost everything”, but despite of what people believed he missed whether it be a woman or fame, his true desire was to be a child again where everything was perfect.

Citizen Kanes story is timeless; therefore it makes sense that it is considered one of the best movies of all time. Kane represents the American ideal of the business man who is attempting to voice the opinion of those who cannot, and his internal and exterior struggles. Kane portrays the American dream of success, and how he lost everything. Despite of financial status and hundreds of expensive statues, Kane desires what everybody else does: happiness and love. However, Kane finds his happiness in another way than others. He finds happiness in people loving him. We can see this in his attempts to woo the public and his last words to Susan as she prepares to leave him. Who cannot relate to Kanes want of returning back to a time where everything was simple and innocent? Citizen Kane is a kind of movie that inspires the public to reevaluate their lives once more.

Another sequence in which the loveless and unhappy life of Kane is exemplified is “Destroying Susans Room.” In this sequence, Kane is portrayed as an absolute monster. The camera is placed strategically during this sequence so that the ceiling of Susans room shows, making Kane look larger and the objects in Susans room appear to be smaller. This tactic makes the audience understand how livid Kane is about Susan leaving him, and what a monster he has become as a result. In this sequence, the audience never sees a subjective shot through Kanes eyes, prohibiting the viewer from seeing Kanes emotions, contributing to the feeling that he is an overall madman. Kane takes belonging after belonging from Susans room, throwing, ripping and destroying everything he can. The fact that Kane chooses to destroy everything in Susans room is an example of how meaningless all of the material objects he has bought for her over time do not mean anything to him in the end, nor did they mean anything to her. These objects did not bring Susan any happiness, and as a result she left Kane alone in the palace forever. In the end, the material objects Kane focused so much on brought him no love or happiness in the end.

In the sequence “Night at the Opera,” it is evident that the power Kane wishes to obtain is unrealistic. Kane has chosen to take the risk of opening an Opera House in which his love Susan will perform. If the Opera House is a success, Kane will obtain more power, something which he is greedy of throughout the film. In one scene, Kane and Susan are shown fighting about the performance. Susan is in the dark shadows, while Kane is shown in the light, making Kane appear dominant

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Cinderella & Her Evil Stepmother

Essay Preview: Cinderella & Her Evil Stepmother

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Cinderella stories have appealed to a number of audiences since its earliest dated version in A.D. 850. Even though there are a numerous selections of fairy tales, “Cinderella” is undoubtedly the best known in the world, ranging between 340 to over 1,500 versions in literatures, movie productions, and musical interpretation (Heiner). Cinderella is a popular fairy tale story that is mostly told to children. The words and story lines might be twist and turn, but in the end the knowledge of the story will be learned in similar ways. Evidences are shown throughout a few stories from the Nine Variants of “Cinderella”: Cinderella – Walt Disney, The Maiden, the Frog, and the Chiefs Son (An African “Cinderella”), A Chinese “Cinderella” – Tuan Cheng-shih, Cinderella – Charles Perrault, and Ashputtle – Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. In these stories, Cinderella is seen as a person who is good in heart and sweet, but she has to put up with her mean stepmother, who force her to abide to strict chores or rules and restrict her freedom in as many ways as possible.

In the Walt Disneys version of Cinderella, she had to do all the housework for her stepmother and stepsisters.

Cinderella cooked and baked. She cleaned and scrubbed. She had no time left for parties and fun (576)And they kept her busy all day long. She worked in the morning, while her stepsisters slept. She worked all afternoon, while they bathed and dressed. And in the evening she had to help them put on the finishing touches for the ball. She had not one minute to think of herself (577).

This shows that Cinderella is constantly having workloads of things to accomplish and does not even have time for herself. This also shows that she has no opportunities to find her own happiness because she is running all over the house to finish chores after chores. Then her stepmother and stepsisters left without her to the ball; the stepmother wants her own daughter to have the chance to find a husband but not Cinderella. Not only that, the stepmother prevented Cinderella from trying on the slipper when the prince arrived at their house. She wanted her one of her daughters to get the chance to be with the prince, and locked Cinderella up. The stepmother tends to always stop Cinderella from having her own freedom and a happy life.

In the African “Cinderella” story, Cinderella was mocked by her stepmother a lot, and was not that greatly appreciated of her hard work. There are many chores that is set up for her to finish, but there are some chores that she is forced to do. Even when she is finished with the chores and takes some times for herself, she will get in trouble or scold at. There was a festival in the village for everyone so Cinderella went, but when she came back home her stepmother scolds and mocks her. “Rascally slut! You have been up to no good – refusing to come home, refusing to fetch water or wood, refusing to pound the fura or make the tuwo. Very well then! No food for you today!” (572). Although Cinderella had finished all of the stepmothers given chores before going out; she still gets in trouble. The stepmother does not appreciate all the hard work Cinderella had done for the family at all.

In the Chinese Cinderella story, after Cinderellas

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Subway Project Plan Overview

Essay Preview: Subway Project Plan Overview

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This project entails opening two Subway Restaurant franchises. The project is described and potential problems identified. The mission, scope, and measuring the progress of the project are also discussed. The first step is applying to Subway for a franchise. Once the application has been accepted, the real work begins. Using Microsoft Project, each phase of the project can be monitored to ensure successful completion.


Project Plan Overview

Description of the project

The Problem

The Mission

High-Level Scope

Measuring the Scope of the Project

The Two Best Practices

Key Learning Points

Task and Risk Management Plan

Specific Tasks, Milestones, and Critical Path

Three Specific Project Risks

Assessment of Each Risk

Mitigating Strategies (Trigger)

Key Learning Points

Project Plan Forecast

Communications Plan


Closure Process

Project Audit Process

Budget Estimates

Key Learning Points



Lessons Learned




Gantt Chart with Critical Path

Network Program

Task Usage

Tracking Gantt

Resource Graph

Resource Sheet

Resource Usage

Project Summary

Current Activities



Work Load


Subway Project Plan Overview

Description of the Project

This project will encompass the start up of a SubwayЮ restaurant. This will require the research of the franchise, which begins at the company web site. Brochures are available on-line providing basic information about the company. Free seminars are also available. These seminars are held in various parts of the country, every week. Additional information is obtained through trade shows. Once the basic information has been obtained, SubwayЮ requires an application to be completed and turned in. The Regional Sales Managers are available if additional information is required. Specific information regarding capital investment is then the next step of the process. This is the point were a Development Agent will need to be contacted. The Development Agent recruits new franchise owners, assists new franchise owners in the area of site location, assists with lease negotiation, assists with construction and opening of the restaurant, and provides ongoing operational support. Therefore, the project will begin at the initial evaluation phase of deciding to open a Subway restaurant, gather all the necessary information to open the restaurant, contact and work with the proper people and entities to initiate the startup of the restaurant.

The Problem

Once all critical information is gathered, it needs to be analyzed for proper implementation. All applications and licenses need to be applied for in order to make sure permission is granted before investing any monies. Once this SubwayЮ restaurant is up and running, unnecessary obstacles such as being shut down for lack of proper documents would be fatal to its success. Next, geographic studies need to be run in order to obtain a proper storefront. The location of this sandwich shop is important; plenty of traffic is needed in order to have the most visibility to potential customers. The next step is to stock the new location with all the necessary supplies that are needed and required by subway; things such as, food supplies, promotional information, tables, chairs and cash register with change. The last step is to run some kind of promotional grand opening. Passing out Grand Opening Fliers through out the immediate area starting two weeks prior to opening will help alert potential customers. Grand Opening day a remote on a radio station will need to be run in order to inform customers that this Subway at this address is now open for business.

The Mission

There are many considerations that an entrepreneur must decide such as: type of business, legal structure, permits and licenses, market planning, business plan, location, organization management planning, business telephone line, mission statement, and a business checking account. There are many sources of information to help to start a business in an organized way, such legal structures are Sole-proprietorship, Partnership and a Corporation. Each one of these legal structures has its advantages and disadvantages.

Since we will be a new organization, there are many marketing objectives that we have yet to achieve and which we will strive to accomplish within the next year of business. Three of the more prominent objectives we have include establishing and maintaining a high level of customer loyalty; maintaining a large loyal market base in the food industry; and most importantly, we want to provide our customers with the most outstanding and superior quality of service found anywhere. As a new business, we are faced with the

Sport Obermeyer And Supplier Capacity Constraints global history essay help: global history essay help

Sport Obermeyer

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Sport Obermeyer is a family-owned business in the fashion ski apparel industry. They specialize in ski apparel for the mid to high-end market, which consists of fully coordinated outfits with parkas as the centerpiece. They break their product market into 5 genders: men, women, boys, girls and preschoolers. Within each gender they further categorize according to customer preferences.

The company’s product strategy rests on offering fully-matching collections, and delivering to retailers early in the season to assure good product placement and ample floor space. Currently they can boast a 45% share of the market for the children’s section, and 11% for adults.

Sport Obermeyer is facing difficulties from its outdated supply chain. They suffer long lead times, due to supplier capacity constraints which places a heavy burden on forecasting. Forecasting in this ever-changing market is a significant challenge, which when is inaccurate costs the company in terms of below cost inventory disposal and lost sales revenues, which may also further reduce market share.

Due to the dynamics of the industry, having both uncertain supply and demand, usage of an “agile” supply chain is the recommended course of action. An agile supply chain means that Sport Obermeyer needs to build agilty, adaptability and alignment with suppliers within its system. Achieving this goal will reduce lead times, which will allow the company to react more quickly to market demands and reduce the need for strenuous forecasting almost a year ahead of delivery to retailers. The suggested improvements fall into three categories: operational & strategy improvements, forecasting improvements and supplier structure.

Operational & Strategy Improvements

First products need to be redesigned with input from the suppliers. Different parts may be standardized, which will reduce complexity and cost. For instance, standardizing small finishing items such as zippers can reduce lead-time up to 60 days. Additionally, using the same lining within all women’s parkas will have a similar effect. The manufacturing suppliers as they are intimate with the process, their capabilities and the raw goods suppliers will be able to offer cost & time saving suggestions.

Second in order to properly exploit the market, the “Make to Order” postponement model should be utilized, where fabrication does not start until the majority of orders have been received, which in Sport Obermeyer’s case is after the Las Vegas show. Once these orders have been made they have a good track record of forecasting the remaining quantities, which will reduce the need for long-term forecasting.

Third suppliers should be required to hold, small, inexpensive, standardized finishing items in stock so that they will have the ability to finish items quickly on demand. A perfect example of one of these sorts of items is zippers and buttons.

In order to achieve adaptability, different supply chains should be utilized for different product categories so that they can be streamlined. Additionally, staff in the Chinese plant should be trained so that each worker can do multiple functions, which will allow more flexibility.

To align the manufacturing suppliers with Sport Obermeyer, an IT system should be implemented so that they can share real-time information about forecasting and supplier orders. This should also speed up the process so that perhaps replenishment orders may also be made to order rather than filled out of excess stock. Also a bonus program based jointly off of on-time deliveries and process improvements will allow Sport Obermeyer

Only Drawback And Parents Control buy argumentative essay help

Children Should

Essay Preview: Children Should

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Children should be required to help with household tasks as soon as they are able to do so.

All families want to be happy. Children want to be loved and understood. Parents want to give all best to their children. Its always not easy to bring up children, its, in fact, a great responsibility for their future. What about household tasks for children? How will they affect the children? Must they be required as soon as children are able to do so?

To begin we should admit that everytime and everywhere the measure is required. The only drawback of involving children into housework is doing it without measure. It will obviously cause to childs stress, envy, the sense of injustice and, what is the most awful, the sense of being ignored and not loved. Such a child can be understood. Everyone must have his childhood.

On the contrary, when parents control and limit their childs workload, the labour doesnt harm to him, but helps to shape his personality. What is more, in all times labour brought up kindness and humanity.

To sum up, its clear to say, that labour is an important, obligatory and useful thing in every human life.

As for me, I believe, that children should be required to help with household tasks as soon as they are able to do so.

Religious Observances And Spiritual Practice university essay help: university essay help

Spiritual Practice in Workplace

Essay title: Spiritual Practice in Workplace

After more than 35 years of exposure to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws, employers in the United States are struggling to understand and effectively deal with the challenges of employee rights and needs in the workplace. The workplace of the early 21st century is a much more diverse and dynamic environment than that visualized by legislative crafters of EEO laws. Though religion was addressed in the original laws, the primary focus was accommodation for religious observances outside the workplace. However, technology, global competition, downsizing, and reengineering have created a workforce of employees seeking value, support, and meaning in their lives that finds expression not only at home but also on the job. This search for religious and spiritual meaning in the workplace is a departure from the more traditional business mentality of “power, profit, and takeovers, where religion was something saved for the Sabbath day.” Greater spiritual and religious accommodation has become a source for achieving that meaning and support.

Legal interpretations have historically required that employees requesting religious accommodation meet certain tests relative to the sincerity and meaningfulness of their belief. The practice of spirituality through meditation, visioning, or spiritual contemplation has become increasingly prevalent in the United States work environment and has remained less controversial and less subject to regulation as an employee rights issue than formal religion. Those practicing formal religion want the same opportunities and rights provided to employees who practice spirituality. This article investigates the current state of religious and spiritual practice in business organizations and discusses the impact of employment law on such activity. We offer a broad and inclusive interpretation of religious and spiritual belief relevant to the workplace and provide a framework of analysis in addressing accommodation concerns.

Business periodicals are filled with articles heralding both the renewed interest in religion and the growing emphasis on spirituality in society in general and in the workplace. Religious and spiritual materials that include new age, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim publications were the fastest growing segment in adult publishing for 1996 and 1997. Religious radio stations have quadrupled over the past 25 years, while religious television shows increased fourfold in the 1980s. Corporate chaplains who number in the thousands represent a booming industry, and careers related to spirituality and counselling in the workplace continue to gain in importance.

The causes cited for this stirring of religion and spirituality in the workplace are numerous; however, many authors point to a growing diversity in the general population and in the workplace as a major factor. One aspect of this growing diversity has been the dramatic increase in the various types of formal and informal religious and spiritual expression practiced by members of the workforce. More than 1,500 primary religious organizations were represented in the United States in 1998. While 90 percent of the Britain population is Christian, there are growing numbers of Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu British, and Islam may soon supplant Judaism as the second largest faith.


Spurred by years of downsizing and job insecurity, employees in the United States are at the forefront of a grassroots movement that is quietly creating a spiritual revival in the workplace. Religion and spirituality–normally taboo in corporate London–are suddenly on the agenda as employees search for more meaning at work and as business leaders seek more socially responsible approaches to business and new ways to motivate and inspire workers. The spirituality movement seems to be a reaction to the corporate greed of the 1980s. A religious scholar believes the environment, corporate responsibility, and spiritual movements all got a big boost after the 80s because people were unhappy. They were making money, but their personal values had to be checked at the door. Some left the corporate world; others stayed and said they would bring their values to work. Statistics from the Gallup Organization in New York appear to support such claims. In 1998, when Gallup asked 800 Britain’s whether their jobs had influenced their spiritual lives, 33 percent credited work with “greatly improving” or “improving” their spirituality, suggesting the nations interest in matters of faith has transcended church and home and entered the workplace (D. Lewis 2001).

Those who write about spirituality in the workplace do not always agree on what the term means. Many authors associate it with religion. Websters defines spirituality as “of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit; of or relating to sacred matters;

Great Great Father And Water Cell professional essay help

Children – Pros and Cons of Advanced Technology

Essay Preview: Children – Pros and Cons of Advanced Technology

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In todays world Children have to know more about Pros and Cons of Advanced

technology. Now Days children have computers in their home, school or Bookstores. In the other hand Internet can be very dangerous for children because its very easy to find materials that are only for adults, also they can be in trouble while talking with stranger in internet. I remember that my parents were doing their best for me and my sister to buy educational tools and books to study. For me was difficult to find additional information for my lessons. I did not have computer and internet in home or in my school. My parents always advised me that if a stranger talked to me, I should not get close. Now days children should be Carefully and chose the right thing for them self, also they should stay far from bad habits like taking drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking or being bad listener.

Children usually mimic adults, movements, and their behavior, but Marji in the book “Persepolis “from chapters “The Veil”, The Bicycle, and The water Cell learned about, religion, revolution, demonstrations, culture and politics, She was 10 years old when Islamic revolution just had began In Iran. Rules changed in Iran, boys and girls should not stay together in the school and every girl should wear Veil. She understood that her parents were against of those rules, but in the other hand she was religious. She pretended to be a prophet, and wanted to help people in need. Her parents are liberal and modern, but Marjy has a different point of view. She wanted everyone to have equal rights, and that nobody should suffer.

Marji has her own opinion, and ideas about the revolution .She learned so many things about her country. Her father has told that how many countries had invaded Iran. Iranian regime was very tough, People were forbidden to demonstrate, and killed with no mercy. Marjis parents were not agreeing to let her daughter to go to demonstrate because was dangerous. She wanted to participate in a demonstrate because the revolution must be supported by the entire population. This was a disturbing moment in Marjis childhood because everything was changing.

In the water cell passage Marji learns the truth about the king. She believed that the king was chosen by god, but her father told her what really happened. The king was a normal person like everybody, moreover he was not educated. She learned that the king was corrupted by British businessmen who were trying to get Irans oil. Later her father told her that , she was the descendent of the real emperor. Her great great father used to be a prince and then was arrested, and put in jail.

I was born in a small country but with a harsh communist regime. Albania was isolated from Western countries. It was very difficult time because the food, clothes

Sport Tourism And Sport Tourismname cheap mba definition essay help

Sport Tourism – Case Study – Marc Drijver

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Sport Tourism

Sport Tourism [pic 1] Title Page[pic 2][pic 3][pic 4][pic 5]Title:                         Sport TourismName:                 Marc DrijverRelation number:         434124Tutor:                 Hans DekkerDate:                        02-11-2015Table of contents Introduction to the assignment        1.        Sport Tourism        1.1        What is sport tourism?        1.2        Types of sport tourism        1.2.1        Sport event tourism        1.2.2        Active sport Tourism        1.2.3        Nostalgia sport tourism        2.        Key players in sport tourism        2.1        Public sector        2.1.1        Olympic committee        2.1.2        FIFA        2.1.3        International association of athletics federation        2.2        Private sector        2.2.1        Thomas Cook Sport        3.        How are the key players working together?        3.1        What is a supply chain?        3.2        The sport tourism supply chain        4.        What are the main target groups in Sport Tourism        4.1        Active sport tourists

4.1.1        Elite athletes        4.1.2        Outdoor, adventure and “alternative” sport tourists        4.1.3        Golf and skiing tourists        4.1.4        Participants in mass-participation sports events        4.2        Passive tourists        4.2.1        Athletics spectators        4.2.2        Committed football and cricket fans        4.2.3        Mass sport events spectators        4.3        Nostalgia sport tourists        5.        What are the trends in sport tourism?        5.1        Trends in sport        5.1.1        New sports        5.1.2        Snack sport        5.1.3        Smart clothing        5.1.4        Own the platform, be the community        5.1.5        Money in the moving human        5.2        Influence on sport tourism        5.3        Future sport tourism trends        6.        What are the consequences, for sport tourism, regarding the 3ps?        6.1        What are the 3ps?        6.2        What are the consequences of the 3ps        Conclusion

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By: Marc Drijver

Submitted: December 9, 2015

Essay Length: 6,034 Words / 25 Pages

Paper type: Case Study

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Culinarian Cookware And Pondering Price Promotion custom essay help: custom essay help

Culinarian Cookware: Pondering Price Promotion

Culinarian Cookware: Pondering Price Promotion Group 5Melinda FosteyElana KobernickKhoa PhamYuecheng TangOctober 27, 2014BA 627: Marketing, Section 1Question 1: List three reasons why Donald Janus dislikes price promotions for Culinarian and three reasons why Victoria Brown likes them.Donald Janus’s three reasons:Price promotion didn’t bring profits according to the experience of 2004Price promotion could dilute Culinarian’s premium image and spoil customersSales promotion will increase ads expenseVictoria Brown’s three reasons:Retailers like the sales promotion and become more willing to sell Culinarian’s products. A couple of agencies even ran local advertisements featuring the discount.Customers like sales promotions (can create stronger customer ties)Sales promotion will boost overall brand awarenessQuestion 2: Identify Culinarian’s strengths and weaknesses and explain why the company has been successful.Company StrengthsProductsSome of Culinarian’s strengths have been a superior brand image, excellent performance technology, and great product quality.  This has led to their success as they are focused on selling to serious cooks and high-end consumers.  According to their market research, 70% of their consumers had household incomes over $75,000 and product performance and durability were stated to be the most important aspects when buying cookware.  Culinarian Cookware was the industry leader in cooking technology (metallurgy technology) and the first company to sell copper products with effortless cleaning and maintenance. In addition, according to the Orion Market Research Study of households with incomes over $75,000, Culinarian has strong positions in 3 of the top 4 important criterion: quality, features, and brand name.Sales/DistributionAnother strength was Culinarian’s relationship with their dealers. Culinarian Cookware dealers were incentivized due to higher profit margins (52% for Culinarian products vs. 48% for Le Gourmand and Robusto products). Culinarian also employed experienced account managers (with an average of 7 years’ experience) who visited accounts monthly, twice as many as their competitors who only averaged 6 visits a year.  The account managers also provided comprehensive training to retail sales professionals and implemented an incentive program that compensated high-performing sales professionals with free products.

Data Sources And Spokane Casino Business Problem essay help service

Spokane Casino Business Problem

Essay title: Spokane Casino Business Problem


Spokane Casino Business Problem


University of Phoenix

MBA/510: Managerial Decision Making

March 8, 2007

Spokane Casino Business Problem

Over the past decade the gaming and casino industry has enjoyed consistent annual revenue growth. In addition to being an increasingly popular form of entertainment and leisure, casinos have proven to be an undeniable catalyst for economic growth and a driver of commerce. No longer are casinos limited only to destination cities. Across the country world-class casinos, hotels, and entertainment venues are growing and thriving, and play an increasingly prominent role in today’s economy (American Gaming Association). The Spokane Casino is no exception. In response to industry growth, the Spokane Casino is planning to expand and build a hotel which will employ 300-500 new employees, and needs to evaluate the viability of the project within Spokane County.

Spokane Casino problem statement

The Casino must determine if Spokane has the potential workforce to supply a sufficient number of qualified individuals to fill the estimated 300 to 500 new positions that will be created.

Independent and dependent variables

There are many variables affecting Spokane Casino that it will need to take into consideration. Identified independent variables, or known attributes effecting Spokane that will influence the level or presence of dependent variables, include age, gender, and the attrition rate of the hospitality industry. Dependent variables are ones whose value is the result or is a function of the control or independent variable. Those identified for the purpose of this study include people available for employment, area growth rates, hotel competition, other new employers into the area, natural unemployment rate, and casino business trends and forecasts.

State and support the null and alternative hypothesis and theories

Is education level of workforce the same in Spokane as it is in other cities? If the percentage of the workforce pool does not have basic educational skills, the Spokane Casino will have difficulty in hiring new employees. Therefore the:

Ho: f ≤ 3.23 except the null hypothesis. Education levels of the workforce are the same

H1: f > 3.23 reject the null hypothesis. Education levels of the workforce are not the same.

The testing will be at a level of significance of .05 for all testing purposes. This study will use ANOVA.

Methodology used to select and produce samples

Data sources

The data sources used to collect data for this study included the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington State Office of Financial Management, U.S. Census Bureau, and publish local records to mention a few. From these sources, data was collected on the population, education, mean income levels, and poverty levels. The decision was made to not use local unemployment rates due to their volatile nature. When researching to determine if unemployment rates had a correlation between age, education, population size, and population growth the research found too many other variables, for example; military base closures, overseas companies building assembly plants, and federal aid to mention a few.


Formerly defined, ANOVA is “the simultaneous comparison of several population means is called analysis of variance (ANOVA)” (Lind, et al, 2004, p. 387). In order for ANOVA to be applied, the populations should have a normal distribution and the data must be interval-scale (Lind, et al, 2004). The ANOVA test in Figure 1 was performed to compare the education levels of the workforce between Spokane and 13 other cities of varying sizes. (See figure 1) The results for the f-critical value are 3.328 and the f-stat value is 1.328. Based on the ANOVA test, the education level of the workforce is the same between all the cities sampled. Due to time and financial constraints no further testing was completed.

Figure 1

Data for test of Education levels

Test to determine if the education level of workforce the same in Spokane

Part Of The Soviet Union And Soviet Time essay help free: essay help free

Christmas in Ukraine

Essay Preview: Christmas in Ukraine

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Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated January 7, according to the Gregorian calendar as with most other orthodox Christian countries. During the Soviet time it was not officially celebrated in Ukraine because instead communist government tried to replace Christmas with the holiday of New Year. Before it was a part of the Soviet Union and after it left Christmas was a very important family holiday. Christmas meals that have a symbolic meaning include Kolach and Didukh. Kolach is bread braided into a ring, with 3 rings placed on top of another to symbolize the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity of father, son and Holy Spirit. Didukh is a sheaf of wheat stalks or mixed grain stalks placed under icons in a home. It symbolizes family ancestors. In some regions people make decorated Christmas eggs which were a lot of like Easter eggs. In Ukraine Father Frost visits all the kids in a sleigh pulled by only three deer. He brings along a little girl named Snowflake Girl. She wears a silver blue costume trimmed with white fur and a crown shaped like a snowflake. Christmas is a religious celebration many churches will do services on midnight Christmas Eve. Christmas usually starts with people going to church. The church is where the celebration came from. A favorite Ukrainian carol is Boh predvichny meaning God Eternal. Ukrainian carols are unusual because they mention Ukraine while others are ancient pagan songs of a thousand years ago which have been changed into Christian carols.

Memory Serves And High School Kids college application essay help: college application essay help

Christian Creative Writing

Essay Preview: Christian Creative Writing

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River BurnsWernerCreative Writing9/26/2017Short Story: Final DraftIn my 17 years of life, I’ve learned that ‘Heartbreak’ is a very broad term to people. To some, it is strictly used in a romantic context. Some use it to describe grief during the loss of a friend or a family member. And, some overuse the word, quoting it every time a celebrity couple breaks up, or a favorite show of theirs is cancelled. As often as the word may be used, true and utter heart break is not nearly as common as people make it out to be.I was fifteen years old when I had experienced it. Yea, I know I basically just replicated the biggest cliché in novel history, but hear me out.I, like many “outcast” type high school kids, had a rough transition from middle school into this young-adulthood that seemed to be creeping its way into the lives of those around me. Honestly I thought nothing in the world could be worse than freshman year. I was going through it alone. My friends in middle school didn’t last me through the first year of a four year journey… I guess it wasn’t all bad though. Less drama, more time alone. It was kind of nice… after getting over the crippling fear of dying by myself. But hey, that’s high school for you. I was at least lucky enough in my sophomore year to have made more people that I could actually call friends.

I met them at this girl’s graduation party, and they were just… different. Different than the girls I surrounded myself with in the past. They were older, more mature, more put together, but they went through and understood the struggles of high school that I was going through at the time. There were three of themFrances, Paxton, and Christina. If my memory serves me right, Frances and Christina were 19 at the time. Paxton was 18. Frances was tall, had shoulder length black hair sitting in tight curls. She was skinny, almost lanky, and had one of the biggest, most pure smiles I have ever seen. To this day I still occasionally think about how sincere her smile was. Next, there was Paxton. She was a larger girl in stature, with freckles and bosom length sand colored hair. She had this obsession with dinosaurs that was equivalent to that of a four year old boy. Lastly, there was Christina. Honestly, there wasn’t really much special. She was beautifully average. She had bosom length black hair, but you couldn’t easily tell since she always had it in some sort of up-do, or ponytail. She was naïve in a way that was just astounding to me. Most saw it as something to look down upon, but it was refreshing for me to see someone so willing to give themselves to the people who came into their lives. That being said, her being naïve did sometimes put her into worrisome situations. Like that time she moved in with a guy she had known for 3 months… she’s a little crazy, but I liked it.

Audience Analysis Paper And Decision Makers english essay help

Audience Analysis Paper

Essay Preview: Audience Analysis Paper

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Audience Analysis Paper

Presenting information to a group of stakeholders, including managers, salespeople, and customers can be as easy or as difficult a task a person can undertake. To make the presentation easy the presenter must prepare by familiarizing himself or herself with the material briefed and become a subject matter expert. If a person does not know what he or she is presenting or has no in-depth knowledge he or she will not present a confident image to his or her audience. A presenter must present a positive, confident, and knowledgeable image to the audience.

Audience analysis is a big part of a presentation, knowing the audience will help the presenter in preparing and presenting his or her presentation. Koegel (2007)stated, “The quickest way to connect with an audience is by demonstrating that you understand their business, their issues, and their concerns” (p. 128). To learn more about the audience do your homework, take time to research and study the audience. By doing so a presenter will be better prepared to speak to the issues, concerns, goals, and fears that are important to the audience. Some characteristics a presenter should try to ascertain about his or her audience is their educational level, who are the decision makers, the diversity, and culture of the audience.

Knowing the education level of your audience helps you present your message on a level the audience can understand. Presenting information to people with PhDs, the presenter will definitely want to be a subject matter expert, whereas presenting information to lay people, the presenter would need to talk to them on their level so the audience would understand the message. Presenting information to lay people using a large amount of technical jargon only confuses the audience, and the audience will tend to ignore or tune out the presenter. Know who the decision makers are concerning the information being presented and direct most of the presentation to them, also ensure the decision makers are sitting in a prominent position to see

and hear the presentation. Know the diversity of your audience, what ethnic group they belong to, what their idealistic views are, and how they fit in the big picture. Know the culture of the audience, what countries they are from, what their taboos are. An example is some countries do not like to shake hands. “Culture provides patterns of acceptable behavior and beliefs. The successful intercultural communicator is:

Aware of the values, beliefs, and practices in other cultures.

Sensitive to differences among individuals within a culture.

Aware that his or her preferred values and behaviors are influenced by culture and are not necessarily “right.”

Sensitive to verbal and nonverbal behavior.

Flexible and open to change.” (Locker & Kienzler, 2008, p. 448).

Learn as much about your audience as you can. Talk with people within the organization. Listen for information you can build into your presentation. Read their marketing materiel and brochures and browse their Website. Use an Internet search engine for information on individuals who will attend the presentation. Peruse annual reports for company values, mission statement, and performance numbers. Scan periodicals for information pertaining to the company or its competitors. Watch for television reports, visit their stores or offices, and obtain a copy of their most recent newsletter. Become familiar with terminology they dislike or avoid and discover what terminology they prefer. An example would be “We dont use the

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Children: Past and Present

Essay Preview: Children: Past and Present

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Children: Past and Present

Its said that nothing lasts forever except change. People cannot negotiate the change because change comes naturally. As time goes by, people change in a bad or a good way. The changes including their characteristics, their behaviour, their vision and way of living a life. It also happens to the childrens life, the time we live as a child is certainly different with how childrens life now. I find several differences between the year when I was a child and the children nowadays. Now, I will explain the differences.

First, the differences between past children and present children are the toys and games. When I was a child I used to play some games that need physically move such as petak umpet, kotak pos, benteng, layangan, tapak bulan and so on. So, it could make the children not to lazy to move their body. Moreover, those games need more than three people to play together because it would be boring to play such games with just a few people. As a result, they usually gathered in a one place and they could be close to each other. Now, many children have their own game gadget. They often do not need a friend to accompany them in playing games on their gadget because they can play it by themselves. They can stay for hours in front of the gadget screen without feeling bored although there are no friends around. It can make children more individualistic because they will think that they do not friends to play together.

Children in the past and in the present also have a different kind of entertainment like cartoon and music. Around the year of 2000, I used to watch cartoons in the morning of Sundays. I really enjoyed watching some kind of cartoons such as Doraemon, Dragon Balls and so on. But, television channels now have fewer cartoons for children. Now, when I turn on the television in the Sunday mornings, I rarely find cartoons on the television yet there are so many music programs with so many adult bands singing love songs which are set for adults, not for children. I miss watching “Tralala Trilili”, or “Dunia Anak” that showed us so many kids singing songs like “Naik-naik ke Puncak Gunung” or “Bintang Kecil”. Children tend to sing adults songs instead of singing kids songs now, whereas kids songs can help children to be more imaginative. For example, read the lyric of “Bintang Kecil” song: “Bintang kecil di langit yang luas, amat banyak menghias angkasa”, by hearing this song, children can imagine how beautiful the sky is when so many stars up there.

The next difference lies in the way they get information. Children nowadays are might be smarter than children in the past. They can access so many information through internet meanwhile children in the past were not even be able to operate a computer. It has both of positive and negative impact. The positive

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Audience Communication

Essay Preview: Audience Communication

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Audience Communication

In this paper the subject to address is a persons ability to understand his or her audience to present quarterly sales information for a company. In any organization, groups such as stakeholders, managers, salespersons, and customers are the forefront as they are the reason the business is running successfully. A person must consider the characteristics of the audience, what communicating channels are appropriate and what considerations to keep in mind when addressing the diversity of the audience. Some organizations know the importance of including diversity in their workforce (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). Also when communicating with a group setting a person must ensure that the message is effective and meets the standards to grab the audiences attention.

Audience Characteristics

The most important tools in audience analysis are common sense and empathy (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). When addressing a group, an individual needs to place himself or herself in that seat, and come up with alternatives that was also interest that individual. The companys exercising empathy for employees and customers believe their customer service helps set him or her apart from other organizations (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). The vocabulary and an individuals expertise regarding the subject matter will grasp the audience, as he or she is familiar with the subject at hand. In reference to the characteristics of the audience one must consider the primary audience, the secondary audience, the auxiliary audience, the gatekeeper, and the watchdog audience. Behavior, attitude, and an individuals beliefs shape how the audience will perceive the message.

Communication Channels

Several communication channels that many companies use are nonverbal, such as body language, eye contact, and gestures, to name a few. Learning about nonverbal language can help one project the image an individual wants to present and make all parties more aware of the signals we are interpreting (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). However with areas of communicating with different cultures these signs can be easily misunderstood, as one can deliver the wrong message without even realizing it. Depending on the audience, your purposes, and the situation, one channel may be better than another (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). Before one begins to speak, shaking an individuals hand and making eye contact can show the audience that he or she is appreciated and welcomed. Last, we need to think about to whom we are speaking and choose an approach that is appropriate for that person, whether an employee, peer, or boss (Dwyer, 2005).

The ability to articulate the point across by means of graphs, spreadsheets, diagrams, and any information that will make the audience understand the concept at hand, will increase productivity. Even in the office, you will have to decide if your message will be more effective as an e-mail, phone call, visit, or sticky note posted on a colleagues computer (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). Any form of communication must be thorough as there is one goal in mind, to reach the audience with different techniques, observations, and drive.


Learning about different cultures is important for understanding the different kinds of people we work with (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). The first step in understanding the audience is to comprehend what concerns are in mind given the possibility of the diversities of the audience. Each culture brings in their own language, perception, and opinions toward the companys growth. This diversity affects how business communication is conceived, planned, sent, received and interpreted in the workplace (Dutta, 2008). Ethnicity, sex, age, social class, education, religion, geographic origin, political outlook, heritage, and cultural influence are examples of diversity. Bias-free language does not discriminate against people on the basis of sex, physical condition, race, age, religion, or any other category (Locker & Kienzler, 2008).


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