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Survey of the New Testament

”Prepare a 14 – 16 PowerPoint slideshow about what you learned in the course. You may use brief citations of your own work, from the instructor, or from any of the assignments to help show what it was that stimulated your thinking as well.For those who cannot produce a PowerPoint then you may present this in an MS Word document.  In that case, treat each page as a slide with the visual at the top half or top 2/3 of the page, then offer commentary at the bottom.  Thus, the length would be 14 — 16 pages.Here is what you need to discuss in your project:1. Why is it called the “ New” Testament and what is meant by “Testament”?2. What and When and Where is the NT background?3. What is the NT about?4. What are the various ways of writing, the literary genres, in which the authors expressed themselves?5. How did we get the New Testament?  (Make certain you include the canon process.)6. Why is the NT important for anyone today? This is for any reason, it does not have to be a “mission-oriented” reason and you must include at least one non-religious reason.PPT Guidelines:1.  Keep most of the text for explanation and description in the speaker notes box or at the bottom of the page (figure at least 100 words per page for speaker cues).2.  Keep to short titles and phrases in the slides/pages.3.  Take advantage of the visual opportunities of the PPT (e.g, graphics, photos, background).4.  If all you do is copy and paste text and squeeze it into a slide/page, it will likely come out looking badly.5.  Avoid too many colors in the fonts (e.g., each letter a different color actually does not come out well) or strong contrasts in large areas.6.  Make it interesting but also easy to look at it (e.g., use easy-to-read font).7. Build it with an introductory slide/page, the body, and a wrap-up slide/page or two at the end. Make sure you have a final slide/page with sources listed, no speaker cues in the speaker notes box or at the bottom are necessary for this slide/page.

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