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Surviving the Holocaust english essay help

A discussion of how the main characters in the books “Briar Rose” and “The Accident” cope with surviving the Holocaust.

This paper examines the books “Briar Rose” by Jane Yolen and “The Accident” by Elie Wiesel. A summary of each story is presented. The different ways in which each of the survivors cope with their memories and their new lives are discussed.

“The “Briar Rose” and “The Accident” are both stories told by Holocaust survivors that take the reader back to the days of concentration camps, reveal the horrors of their experiences, and show how they are forced to deal with them decades later in completely different worlds. Both stories take place in modern day, where people are the survivors cannot fathom such horrific acts. Both survivors deal with their pain by shutting down but both have different ways of finding peace.
Jane Yolen’s Briar Rose tells the story of the main character, Becca, and her search to discover her dead grandmother’s past. The story mixes present day with memories of the Holocaust, and is written like “Sleeping Beauty”, the fairy tale. When her grandmother, Gemma, dies, Becca finds several clues to her past: a box with keepsakes, old pictures, a ticket stub, a man’s passport, an engraved ring, and newspaper clippings. Becca also has memories of the story of Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty, which was told to her many times by Gemma.”

Perpetuating the Stereotype of African-American Women compare and contrast essay help: compare and contrast essay help

This paper explores the role of advertising in regards to African-American stereotypes.

This paper takes a view at the role of the mass media and advertising in furthering the stereotypes of African-American women. It compares the general role of stereotypes in advertising in a historical context to that of present day stereotyping. It also examines the role advertising has on the public in self-propagating the stereotypes.
From the Paper:

“Women might find themselves attracted to one shade of coral lipstick rather then another. But on a deeper level, advertisements present to us a world in which we must always be conscious of being looked at, of having to abrogate who it is that we ourselves think that we are for who it is that we should be as we have been told by society/people who create the images in ads. Thus if for look at the way in which African-American women are portrayed in ads and copy of women’s magazines (as well as the ways which they are made invisible) from 1950 to the present we see a number of ways in which definitions of female beauty are limited in such a way as to preclude African-American women.”

Edmund Hallet Carr’s What is History? nursing essay help: nursing essay help

A critical review of this work, with respect to the meaning and purpose of history.

This paper reviews the work What is History, by Edmund Hallet Carr. It looks at how the work redefines the way historical facts are understood and the importance of context in the interpretation of historical facts. It looks at the importance of a historian having an awareness of the time-frame a historical work was written in, the objectives of the writer at that time and his/her own society-based biases. The paper then brings in Cronon’s `A place for stories: nature, history, and narrative` and Linda Alcoff’s The problem of speaking for others, as examples of how Carr’s ideas have been used by other historians writing on the meaning of history.

`Edmund Hallet Carr’s book, What is History?, was first published in 1961 and had a major impact on the understanding of history. Reading this book over 40 years later, it still has the same impact, creating a change in the way history is viewed and understood. The lasting impact of Carr’s concepts can also be seen by the way they are still applicable to modern ideas on the meaning and purpose of history.`

The Legacy of the Supreme Court and African American Freedom: From Enslavement to Liberation scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

This paper examines the history of U.S. Supreme Court rulings dealing with African- American issues.

This paper discusses the history of the Supreme Court in its rullings on African-American topics. It specifically details three important cases listed below in the table of contents and their historical significance.
From the paper:

“The United States Supreme Court has made many landmark decisions over the course of its existence. The most critical of these decisions have almost always directly pertained to notions of what constitutes an American individual’s liberties. Because of the history of enslavement and racism in the United States, African American lives have perhaps been more crucially impacted by these decisions than white American lives have been.”

Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. 1857 Scott v. Sandford
III. 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson
IV. 1954 Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

The Short Stories of Shirley Jackson cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

An examination of a number of short stories by Shirley Jackson, looking at the alternative themes she tends to portray in her stories.

Shirley Jackson is a short story writer known for writing disturbing stories that focus not on horrific events, but on normal events that occur in society. The writer shows how her stories add new meaning to common events that everyone can relate to, often also making a comment on our society. Three of her stories which have these features, are examined – “The Witch”, “An Ordinary Day, With Peanuts”, and “After You, My Dear Alphonse”. These stories are compared in terms of theme, style, irony, and characters. The common features of Jackson’s work can easily be identified.

In each of the three stories, the theme makes a comment on our society, using everyday events to accomplish this.

In The Witch, a mother is on the train with her four-year old son. A man enters and noting that the boy needs entertaining, tells him a story. The story, however, is a horrific one and what would be considered an inappropriate one. The mother must then deal with the social situation of reacting to the man’s inappropriateness. The aspect of the story that communicates the theme is that the boy is actually entertained by the story, even though it is considered inappropriate. This leads the reader to consider why these types of stories are so entertaining and why the mother is more disturbed by the story than her son. This leads to the questioning of the conventions of society, especially the idea of what is considered inappropriate.”

Transracial Adoption essay help services: essay help services

This paper discusses the issue of transracial adoption.

This paper gives explores the issue of transracial adoption in America. It outlines the cultural and family aspects of adoption and more specifically transracial adoption. It points to individual and broad surveys that conclude there are high success rates in both family continuity and preservation of racial/ethnic identity.
From the paper:

“Transracial adoption means adopting children of various races, color, religion, that is, from all parts of the world. Transracial adoption has been spoken for and spoken against and my argument is based on “choosing a positive view point, that is pro transracial.”
“Here we will discuss that transracial adoption proves to be very beneficial for the adoptee and they do not face any racial discrimination problem, nor do they lack self-esteem.”

Starlet of the Century: Audrey Hepburn english essay help: english essay help

A study of the life of the great Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn.

This paper describes in-depth the life of Audrey Hepburn, the infamous Dutch Hollywood actress. The paper begins with her as a girl, born into Dutch Royalty, she suffered from hunger and poverty in Nazi occupied Holland. The paper provides chronological summaries of her role in all her films and plays, which provides the reader with a great sense of her enormous contribution to popular culture. It includes details of her personal life and her work as a special Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Gigi was Audrey’s ticket to America. At the show’s premiere in New York, Audrey was surprisingly visited by James Hanson, who had come to formalize their engagement (Paris 74). The run of Gigi was over by the spring of 1952. However, Audrey’s career was about to take an even greater step forward. Paramount Pictures was searching for a young girl to play the role of Princess Anne in Willy Wyler’s Roman Holiday (1953). Audrey was about to costar with Gregory Peck in her first American film. However, the film had forced her to postpone her wedding date. In fact, as soon as she got the part, the studios had advised her not to get married in the belief that millions of lovestruck fans would be disappointed (Paris 80). Audrey was soon convinced that she was not ready to be married, and she broke off her engagement to James Hanson.

The Abortion Debate in American Society high school essay help: high school essay help

This paper explores the arguments for and against abortion in America.

This paper takes the position of an individual’s right to choose in regard to the issue of Abortion. It examines the roles of religion, science, and women’s rights in the arguments of the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice movements. It discusses the desire for a consensus to be reached between the two camps, and draws a conclusion for abortion to be a basic legal and moral right.
From the paper:

“Abortion is one of the most divisive issues currently facing the American public. Unfortunately, it is also an issue in which the opposing sides seem to be continually unable to have calm and rational discussion. All too often these debates take place bracketed on the one side by the pro-lifers? insistence that all of abortion is murder, and on the other by the pro-choice fear that pregnancy reduces women to a state of slavery. The public seems to be buying both the pro-life and pro-choice arguments, which would indicate that perhaps they have more in common than might be thought at first glance. It seems possible that while abortion may in some cases be equivalent to killing a true human being, there is still not adequate cause to deny its availability, or its national funding.”

Dobson Farm Products System Analysis Report english essay help online: english essay help online

A report presented to a farm products company which analyzes their information systems.

The paper is presented as a report to the company, Dobson Farm Products, which retained Computer Systems Analysts, Inc. to analyze their current information systems and to design a system that would meet both the immediate and future projected needs of the growing company. The report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the analysis team, including the company’s security needs.

Security measures will involve setting up a separate server called a Proxy Server. This offers better protection than a firewall, but works in basically the same manner. The Proxy server uses a set of data validation techniques and protocols, which can be custom configured to either allow or disallow information to be sent or received. A proxy server will be set up for the entire system as a type of gatekeeper. Only authorized personnel will be able to gain access to this system or transmit information.

Women in Media Today rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

A look at the portrayal of women in the media today compared to the time when Susan J. Douglas’ book on the topic, Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female With the Mass Media, was written.

An essay discussing how the portrayal of women has changed in one segment of the media (music, TV, film, advertising) from the early 1990’s when the book “Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female With the Mass Media” by Susan J. Douglas was completed. Discussed are the commonalities between women currently important to American pop culture and the women examined in the book, the differences or changes that have occurred, whether conditions have improved for women, and whether there has been a continued backlash against feminism in American popular culture over the last decade.

“”Murphy Brown” was a powerful intelligent female character who had great clothes, however, she did not look like a waif and her clothes were not skimpy. “Roseanne” was an over-weight working wife and mother who dealt with family problems that had never before been portrayed on a television sitcom. And “Ellen” came out of the closet on one episode to tell the world that she was a lesbian (Timson 1995). This would certainly have not been witnessed on a sitcom television program twenty years ago.”

They Get No Respect best essay help: best essay help

The following paper discusses the way in which elderly people are humiliated by the society in which they raised.

This three-page paper examines the way elderly people have been depicted in various media. The writer uses songs, television shows, and movies to illustrate the fact that elderly people are often portrayed in much the same derogatory manner as the African-Americans were on stage at one time.
From the paper:

“The elderly people in this nation deserve the utmost respect. They have worked hard, raised at least one generation of community participants if not several and they have provided the world with their worth and value. When they reach the golden years they have learned a lot about life along the path and have many valuable insights that they can share with those who are still traveling.”

Biomechanics and Kinematics of the Jete? essay help free: essay help free

This paper explores the body mechanics involved in all phases of the ballet leap, called the Jete.

The paper describes kinesthesiology as a branch of physics dedicated to the physics involved in movement. It shows that several scientists of note contributed to this field including Aristotle, who applied geometry to the acts of walking, running and jumping. The paper describes that as a dancer moves across the stage force is transferred from one element to another. This paper explores the body mechanics involved in all phases of the ballet leap, called the jete.
Table of contents
Phases of the Jete?
Analysis of the Muscles Involved
Analysis of the Injuries Prone to the Movement

“The landing phase of the leap is by far the most dangerous. If the body is not positioned properly to absorb the impact, injuries could be extensive, particularly if they cause a fall. Every part of the body is at risk in a fall situation. Injuries could be more severe involving broken bones, especially in the ankle and foot of the leading leg. If a fall is involved bruising could result.”

What Lies Behind the Battle of Jericho essay help writer: essay help writer

Historical evidence is presented showing that the Battle of Jericho is not just a biblical myth.

This paper investigates the battle of Jericho to see what scientific evidence relates to the battle, how the battle affected the lives of the Israelites, the historical setting, and the theological and spiritual meaning of the battle both then and now. Evidence from recent years shows that Joshua and his army could have conquered this city just as it is told in the Bible.
From the paper:

“The battle of Jericho, as told in Joshua 5:13 – 6:27, is a story that has captured the interest of biblical scholars, scientists, and even Sunday school classrooms with its mystery and intrigue. It is the story of how the weak were able to overtake the strong through a supernatural force, Yahweh, the Lord of Israel. There are many facets of this story that can be explored. We will look at the scientific evidence of the story’s truth, as well as biblical and moral concepts that can be derived from it. We will also discuss the time period the Israelites were living in during the battle, and how the passage relates to events occurring at that time in the Bible.”

Human Nature as reflected in Tobias Wolff’s Hunters in the Snow “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

An analysis of the book and a detailed look at its composition.

This paper examines the novel Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff. The author looks at the main themes in the novel and examines the characters and the experiences they undergo.
From the paper:

In Tobias Wolff’s short story, Hunters in the Snow, the author depicts three men who on the surface appear to be congenial hunting buddies. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that there is more than friendship in their relationship. There is a simmering resentment of each other that seems to be highlighted amidst the appropriate setting of the cold, bleak winter season. The cavalier attitude of these men and the effect of their words targeted at each others weak points makes for a rather perverse realization that under these men’s simple visages lies a cruel complexity of human nature, which is as frigid as the snow on the ground.

Quality Initiatives in the Pharmaceutical Industry summary and response essay help: summary and response essay help

An analysis of the enormous demands placed on the pharmaceutical industry by the public and government agencies.

This paper describes the pharmaceutical industry’s role as one of the largest contributors to economic growth in the United States. It illustrates the tremendous pressure the pharmaceutical industry is under, to meet the increasing demands for their product and maintain the quality standards of the regulatory agencies. The writer explains why it is in the best interest of the industry to attempt to maintain the high standards placed on them.

According the US Business Reporter (2002), annual spending on prescription drugs is expanding at close to 14% on and annual basis. Several companies and drugs have led this increase, particularly Warner-Lambert’s Lipitor, Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa, Monsanto/ Pfizer’s Celebrex, and Merck’s Vioxx (US Business Reporter, 2002). The same article notes that the pharmaceutical industry typically operates on a 14-15% profit margin. This makes the pharmaceutical industry one of the largest contributors to economic growth in the Untied States.

Understanding Chaucer’s Reeve’s Tale argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

This paper analyzes the characters and the use of symbolism in Chaucer’s Reeve’s Tale.

This paper discusses Chaucer’s `Reeve’s Tale. The author analyzes the main themes in the book and discusses some of the main characters and how they portray the themes.
From the paper:

The Reeve’s Tale, from the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, translated by Nevill Coghill, published by Penguin Books in 1951, is a fabliau of 14 pages set in the middle ages. The Reeve tells his tale to counter the Miller’s Tale. It is about two clerks who bring their grain to be milled by a thieving miller. The miller steals their grain and they pay him back with what is justly due. The theme of the `Reeve’s Tale is do unto others as they do unto you. This theme is carried through the Reeve’s Tale` by the underlying meanings of its characters and happenings.`

Quality Management and Productivity online essay help: online essay help

A discussion of how to give managers a competitive advantage to increase productivity.

Productivity results are measurements of good management skills and decisions. This paper gives some advice to managers on how to get competitive using different marketing techniques in order to obtain customer loyalty and in turn increase quality and maximize productivity.

“Many times the managers are faced with responsibility of not only managing employees and making things run smoothly, but making financial decisions and attracting investors. Attracting investors requires exploration and knowledge of market segments, Stengel 2001. An exploration of market segments and competitiveness must be researched. Investors like dealing with people who are knowledgeable about competition and offer services that are unique. Researching the market requires consideration of the socioeconomic status, age, lifestyles, behavior patterns etc. of the potential customers relative to the services and products being offered. ”

Health Care in the St. Louis Area persuasive essay help: persuasive essay help

A discussion of the future of health care in the St. Louis area of the U.S.

This paper uses the St. Louis area as an example of an area typical to the U.S. that calls for an improved health care system. It presents a detailed examination of the future of health care in the St. Louis area and discusses the effect of economic and population issues.

“The cost of obtaining health care in the United States has been the topic of tremendous controversy for many years. While some argue that the nation needs to go to socialized medicine similar to the Canadian delivery mode others believe America has the best health care system in the world if only the costs would become more reasonable. The St. Louis MO area is no stranger to rising health care costs. St. Louis is an extremely diverse city which boasts high rise condos, as well as low rent projects.”

AIDS Prevention Measures “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

This paper discusses methods by which to educate society about the threat of AIDS.

This essay analyzes possible solutions to the AIDS malady. The author stresses the importance of massive education programs, spreading information about the fatal virus and means of prevention.
From the paper:

“Imagine a disease that shreds apart the human immune system leaving the body susceptible to a multitude of deadly infections and certain types of cancer. What would normally be harmless viruses, fungi, and bacteria can cause severe illness. This malady, unfortunately, does exist, and it has affects nearly one million Americans each year. AIDS is a cruel and harsh sentence of a slow, gruesome, and inevitable death over the course of many years. The disease, scientifically known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, originated in Africa and spread to the United States in 1981. Today, scientists have discovered that the AIDS disease originates from the HIV virus, which can be passed through sexual contact or blood exchange.”

Culture and Health Assessment essay help free: essay help free

A study of the importance of health assessments and the cultural issues involved.

This paper outlines a theoretical background of the importance of health assessments. The writer claims that health assessment is a basic criterion for recording patient information, of which cultural assessment is also an important part. The paper discusses six cultural phenomena that nurses must understand and practice to ensure effective patient care. To substantiate this study, the paper provides a model for health (and cultural) assessment – an indigenous female in a maternity ward.

“The commercial nature of medical care in institutions today forces medical practitioners to adopt a highly professional and impersonal attitude towards patients. This clinical attitude towards patients has been the result of standardization of medical processes. Studies indicate [Leininger, 1991] that personal care provides critical information regarding the patient, enabling doctors and nurses to diagnose patient’s illness effectively. In a multicultural environment like Australia, treatment of ethnic patients requires such personal care. However, nurses who interact with patients, operate without having knowledge of the cultural background of their patients, are in danger of violating professional code of conduct. There is a need for cultural assessment along with health assessment for effective inter ethnic relationship building between patients and nurses. To achieve that, data pertaining to the patient’s culture within the context of the disease is required. This could only be achieved through a health assessment.”

Rhetoric: An End and a Means essay help cheap: essay help cheap

This paper compares Plato’s theories about rhetoric and dialectic means of communication.

This paper discusses Plato’s ideas on how we discover truth with continual dialogue. The author looks at Plato’s theories about the objective of dialectic and rhetoric and compares the two arguing that while rhetoric is used as a tool for persuasion, dialectic is used as a tool to achieve truth.
From the paper:

An editorial in The Daily Princetonian of February 21, 2000 extols alcohol as the world’s most extraordinary beverage,” noting specifically that alcohol’s effects are akin to a truth serum. Through a Platonic lens, this statement comes to acute focus. Alcohol is widely noted as a conversational stimulus where participants are less inhibited in expressing opinions. Platonic congruity arises because Plato espouses dialectic, a candid give and take discourse, as a means to discovering immutable Truth. Thus, even Plato could consent to The Daily Princetonian’s judgment (Brummett 25).”

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