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Sustainable Living Guide Contributions: Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystems

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: first, to enable you to explore a term (concept, technique, place, etc.) related to this week’s theme of sustaining Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems; second, to provide your first contribution to a collective project, the Class Sustainable Living Guide. Your work this week, and in the weeks that follow, will be gathered (along with that of your peers) into a master document that you will receive a few days after the end of the course. The document will provide everyone with a variety of ideas for how we can all live more sustainably in our homes and communities.To complete this assignment,Select a term from the list of choices in the Week 1 – Term Selection Table. Term chosen is (endangered species).Download the Week 1 Assignment Template Download Week 1 Assignment Templateavailable in the course and replace the guiding text with your own words based upon your online research.Please do not include a cover page. All references, however, should be cited in your work and listed at the end, following APA Style expectations.In the template, you willDefine the term thoroughly, in your own words.Explain the importance of the term using evidence.Discuss how the term affects living things and the physical world.Suggest two specific actions that you and your peers might take to promote environmental sustainability in relation to the term.Explain exactly how those actions will aid in safeguarding our environment in relation to your chosen term.Provide detailed examples to support your ideas.The Sustaining Living Guide Contributions: Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystems paperMust be a minimum of three paragraphs in length (not including title, any quoted text, or references) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the  Writing Center’s APA Formatting for Word 2013Links to an external site.Must utilize academic voice. See the Academic VoiceLinks to an external site. resource for additional guidance.Must use at least two scholarly sources in addition to the course text.

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