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Sustainable Organizational Behavior

What generic elements in organization design are important from both a conventional and a sustainable OB approach?2. How are the four fundamental elements of organizational structure related to one another? Why might it be difficult to change one fundamental element without also changing the others?3. Which do you think is easier to change an organization’s structure or its underlying values? Explain your reasoning.4.  What sort of organizational type best describes the management of Disney theme parks as profiled in the opening case? Do you think there is a better way to manage a “smile factory”? Explain.5.  The basic typologies presented in this chapter have proven helpful to both scholars and practitioners, and yet they are also acknowledged to be an over-simplification of reality. Can you think of organizations that don’t fit into one of the four organizational types described in this chapter? Why are these typologies deemed to be valuable, even if there are important exceptions to them?6.Identify and describe the four steps of the entrepreneurial process. What are the differences between the conventional and sustainable approaches in each step?7. How often do you talk with your friends or family about ideas for starting a new venture? Where do your ideas come from?8. How are you different from the entrepreneurs in this chapter who also had good ideas and put them into practice? How are you similar? Which do you think is more important for entrepreneurial initiative: personality traits or life circumstances? Explain your answer.9. Identify and describe the five parts of a new venture’s plan. What are some differences based on the type of venture—conventional or sustainable?10. What are the pros and cons of developing a detailed plan for a new venture prior to start-up?11. What are the benefits of entrepreneurship for society?

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