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Sustaining a Quality Improvement

Your department implemented a very successful quality improvement six months ago that has reduced medication errors. The improvement requires the evidence-based practice of having two nurses review the vaccine type and dosage. The hospital’s CFO has recently suggested not requiring the two-nurse process for vaccine administration for the summer, since it requires extra staffing to make sure there are enough nurses to perform the processes. In summer, especially during extended hours, it is difficult to find enough nurses for that staffing level since almost all the nurses use their vacation time during the summer. You have overheard some nurses supporting the CFO’s suggestion for the summer. While the success of the new intervention was shared with the clinic director, you do not know if that major improvement was communicated with the nurses.This discussion will help you explain how to persuade and change behaviors of various stakeholders to sustain quality improvement and identify how to persuade and generate enthusiasm to sustain an initiative.In your initial post, address the following:What could you do to build support and sustain the two-nurse vaccine administration quality improvement?What are some ways you could create new enthusiasm for the two-nurse vaccine administration quality improvement with nurses?If the CFO asked for your opinion on his suggestion, how would you reply?

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