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Topic/Angle/Purpose AnalysisTopic, angle, and purpose are summarized in the introduction to help build a foundation for understanding the argument.
20 to >0.0 PtsFull Marks
0 PtsNo Marks
20 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcome Rhetorical Situations Analysis There is a clear evaluation of the use of rhetorical conventions including rhetorical appeals, audience, and context.
30 to >0.0 PtsFull Marks
0 PtsNo Marks
30 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcome Evidence Analysis Evidence from the talk is reviewed and assessed for credibility, usage, and rhetorical effectiveness.
30 to >0.0 PtsFull Marks
0 PtsNo Marks
30 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomePresentation Skills AnalysisAttention is paid to style conventions utilized. Value judgments are conveyed concerning the effectiveness of the argument.
30 to >0.0 PtsFull Marks
0 PtsNo Marks
30 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeMechanicsStandard language conventions are used appropriate to academic and professional communication. Attention is paid to grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation. Citations are in APA format.
10 to >0.0 PtsFull Marks
0 PtsNo Marks
10 pts
Total points: 120

This paper is in the form of an argument essay where you make a claim about either one of

This paper is in the form of an argument essay where you make a claim about either one of the poems we have read or Chandler’s The Big Sleep. The paper should be a minimum of 2,000 words. Please review the previous assignments, particularly “Formal Essay First Assignment” and “Paper Draft,” for instructions about the form of the essay, Here are several main points to keep in mind.


Counter-Thesis / Thesis. In a single paragraph, state first a plausible (but in your view wrongheaded) interpretation of the work in question. Continue to explain this possible (but wrong) interpretation for two to three sentences. Play it cool. Do not give away the fact that this is a poor interpretation. Make it sound as if it is correct. Then and only then change direction and state your interpretation in two to three sentences. There should be only one “shift” in the opening paragraph, that between the counter-claim and your own. Use a term such as “but” or “however” to mark this change.


The best way to think about this part of the essay is that you want to bring your reader through the evidence in a logical way. For a paper on literature, there are many types of evidence to use. In addition to plot, gather evidence for your claim from more subtle aspects of the text such as character, setting, language, imagery, symbolism. In fact, the more you avoid discussion the plot the better since this dispenses with what may be obvious and gets to the kind of close reading analysis we have been practicing with the reading and discussion assignments. The body of the essay may be organized by dividing the body paragraphs into sections, for example, three sections where each one explains a part of the evidence and then the paragraphs within each section explain that section’s component parts. There are no set number of sections or paragraphs. Make sure to give each paragraph a topic sentence; in other words, the first sentence of each body paragraph should announce the point that paragraph is making. It is generally best to have 1-3 short quotations per paragraph.


There are two options for the conclusion. The first is to summarize the paper and re-explain the main point in light of the evidence presented. The second option is to open the paper up to a wider discussion about the topic . If the essay is pretty straightforward in terms of the logical progression of the paragraphs, it is a good idea to loosen up the conclusion by using the second option. If the essay takes a series of logical steps that could use clarification, then the tighter, more summary version of the conclusion would be best. The conclusion should be one paragraph.

General Tips

Since the paper is submitted in the text box, it is best to write it with a word processor and then paste the text into the window. Then give the essay clean formatting with a standard font. Provide a creative title for your essay. Since the essay is being submitted in this manner as text, there are some differences in formatting than with a standard essay. While a standard essay is double-spaced, this is single-spaced. A standard essay would indent each body paragraph, but here do not indent–just keep everything left-justified. Also, do not put extra space between paragraphs. Finally, remember to proofread your essay before submitting it. One good way to do this is to print out a copy, edit it with a pen or pencil, and then make corrections to the Word document or whichever application you use for writing. Another way to do a good proofread is to temporarily make the font size a lot bigger. Also, creating a PDF to proofread can be a good strategy. All of these techniques will help you to notice things you did not see before.

Name and hometown – Gello Florence Mariano Future plans and goals – to get a bachelors degree and be Essay

English Assignment Help Name and hometown – Gello Florence Mariano

Future plans and goals – to get a bachelors degree and be capable at having a good life where I used College as a stepping stone want to be capable of affording my wants, never having to settle for less or enough. College will give me the freedom, the power, and the choices of how my life will go. To experience the finer things in life, without worrying if I would be able to financially recover if I took a vacation to rest and recover or to take extra day off to spend time with family. I want to at least say that I gave it my all when I try to own and live with a nice looking Lamborghini super-car one day.

Interests – Working out, meditating, sleeping, me time(To unwind) working and building model kits such as fighter jets, zoids, gundams, and other military pieces to vent off my stress and explore out my creative side.

~ I can also include information about your family,
honors and awards you have received, and any
other background information = My mom is a single parent who works at NY Presbyerian Hospital as a medical technologist. never met my father, and I was raised by my Grand mother and auntie as early as 2 years old.
I received a 1st honor during my elementary, I received 2nd honor during HS. I was once a prom king.

ps. my school program and instructor uses apps to determine if the paper is plagiarized. so please don’t THANK YOU SO MUCH!

for Grade 10 in High School on the poem “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron

Good afternoon. I hope you’re doing well!

So, I am currently in grade 10 in high school and for my English class we are supposed to write an essay/poem analysis on any poem we like. I chose “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron. If you can’t find much information about it, please tell me if you know any better poem. The teacher told us it is recommended and we should, if we are able to, find sources from ResearchGate, JSTOR, etc… You pick whichever sources, doesn’t have to be from those sites, but still some accurate ones and on a higher level.

It is REALLY IMPORTANT to have a CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT – last sentence of the introduction paragraph. I really want this to be perfect. Thank you in advance.

Instructions from my teacher:
– Prompt: Choose a poem/song. Write a well-organized essay in which you discuss how elements such as diction, imagery, structure, point of view, tone or other literary devices convey meaning in the poem. Use specific references from the poem/song to support your claim.

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