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Talent management

Suggested Structure Executive Summary Contents Page Introduction Background to your chosen organisations – a brief overview. You should choose 2 different organisations to compare. Literature Review: A critical discussion regarding talent management and organisational culture. Use Journal Articles, books, travel trade newspapers and regulatory bodies and organisations. Synthesise Your Literature: Identify the key themes emerging from the literature review … this will help you to develop a comparative analysis. Comparative Analysis: Your own desk-based research Include: organisational culture, Wellbeing, Employee Benefits, Skills, training, and future development. Remember do evaluate and consider current challenges facing your organisations. Remember to consider employee perspective and the employer perspective. minimum 20 references-choose 2 career websites – compare them on the basis of organisation culture, staff training, wellbeing, skills, development – provide brief info about the 2 chosen websites -talk about employee perspective v/s employer perspective – eg: career website asking for too much information while applying takes too much time to apply for 1 job: employee perceptive – it help the organisation to screen out the unnecessary applicant : employer perceptive- do literature review on: talent management selected topics on the document and comparative analysis  topics.- talk about current challenges organisation face while recruiting eg: because of FIFA, it is very difficult to get work visa in Qatar etc. – There is a sample paper of student got 76% please follow it, plus the rubric of 70% not below it

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