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Target Temperature Management

B. Assignment Requirements: Students will write a 3–4-page paper utilizing two of their chosen research articles and compare them systematically, based on the chosen research questions, methodologies, populations, outcomes, recommendations, or other aspects of the study (You are encouraged to develop sections with these specific titles to help organize your thoughts. 1. Must use 2 primary research articles 2. Intro, Background, and Conclusion 3. Discuss areas of commonalities and differences in problem definitions, methods, independent/dependent variable, samples, analysis of findings, and applicability to the PICOT question, and anything else relevant to the understanding of the clinical problem of interest.4. Critique researchers’ claims regarding findings, implications, gaps, and applicability to the field. Need to provide more than the author’s discussion of limitations of research.5. Student’s analysis and assessments will be supported by reference to the articles and any other supporting literature. 6. Need to provide more than just yes/no responses for critical analysis

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