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Targeted Teaching Plan

It is important to consider a student’s level of engagement and motivation when developing plans, which are collected through anecdotal notes, as well as informal and formal assessments. A targeted teaching plan is created based on standards and learning objectives.Allocate at least 3 hours in the field to support this field experience.Observe your mentor teacher delivering a literacy or math lesson. Take observational notes on the student you identified in Clinical Field Experience A, with the purpose of using this data to develop a targeted teaching intervention. Include information on the student’s level of engagement, what motivates him or her, any potential distractions, and any strategies or modifications to curriculum that would support and engage the student.After your observation, arrange to meet with your mentor teacher to discuss your observations. Based on your observations and your discussion with your mentor teacher, identify at least two state literacy or mathematics learning standards that might be appropriate for the identified student with whom you will use your targeted teaching plan. Note that your mentor teacher might want to decide which standards you address during your one-on-one time with the identified student.Based on feedback from your mentor teacher, create at least two learning objectives that align to the standards you have chosen, as well as create one activity aligned to the learning objectives that you might use to support the identified student’s learning and engagement. Develop a plan with your mentor teacher to administer your activity with the identified student during your next visit.Submit your observation notes, two learning objectives, and activity.

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