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Tech tools to manage learning EDU 541

Choosing an LMS for an organization can be a daunting experience. Many variables need to be taken into account when weighing all the options. Imagine that you work for an educational organization or a training department for an organization (for example, higher education, corporate training, military, or nonprofit). Your organization is procuring a new learning management system (LMS) for online education or training needs. Describe what your selected organization is about (size, industry, main business, et cetera).
Note: You may use aspects of existing processes from either your current or a former place of employment. However, you must remove any and all identifying information that would enable someone to discern the organization or organizations that you have used. Create or identify all necessary assumptions needed to complete the assignments.
Please respond to the following:
In thinking about the strategy that will provide the best information to make a decision, outline the main process that you would use to narrow the search to two different LMSs.
Include a list of questions to ask during your organizational analysis to identify needed information that will inform your LMS selection.
Provide a brief rationale for the process and why you chose the questions on your list.
Respond to at least one other student.
Chapter 2

Purpose and Audience Analysis

Purpose and Audience Analysis
This exercise asks you to apply what you learned in the textbook chapters by analyzing public documents for purpose and audience. You also will compare your analyses to identify how specific choices in content and design target different the works’ different goals.
Select either the website pair or video pair:
Website Pair
Genetically Modified Organisms
Bayer Crop Science–United States (Link: (Links to an external site.))
Non-GMO Project (Link: (Links to an external site.))
Video Pair
Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking)Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) (Links to an external site.)
How does fracking work?How does fracking work? – Mia Nacamulli (Links to an external site.)
Pick one of these pairs of works about a common subject. Analyze each work and compare it to the other using the following guiding questions:
For each work, analyze purpose:
What do you think the purpose is?
What specific aspects or elements of the work suggest the purpose you have identified?
For each work, analyze audience:
Identify primary/secondary audiences, as appropriate
Identify all relevant audience characteristics and categories for each audience (i.e., knowledge level, personality, biases, etc.)
Explain your reasons for characterizing the audience the way you do (i.e., What’s your evidence for your conclusions?).
Compare the two analyses:
Are the purposes the same for each work? Different? How do you know?
Are the audiences the same for each work? Different? How do you know?
Submit your answers in Word document.

Bos T4 DQ 1

Why is it important to develop valid and reliable surveys that are free of bias? How does this translate to creating professional development sessions for K-12 teachers?
at least 150 words; apa format; at least one in-text citation with reference page

questions helping

Writing Assignment Help -Was the candidate successful in fulfilling their duties, objectives and
responsibilities? If no, please give details.
-What are the candidate’s strengths?
-Which areas would the candidate benefit from improving?
Were there any issues/challenges you are aware of that impacted their job
How would you describe the candidate as a person? What is their general
reputation among co-workers and supervisor/s?
Which role does the candidate normally take in a team situation (innovator,
coordinator, leader, finisher, organizer)?
How would you rate the candidates ability to motivate, mentor and train others?
How does the candidate handle conflict? How do they handle pressure or highly
stressful situations?
Please rate the candidates communication skills, both written and verbal
In your opinion, what motivates the candidate?
How would you describe the candidates management / leadership style?
Describe a leadership challenge that the candidate faced and how they met the

Communications Question

Complete your first metacognition practice by listening to and thinking about the song RING OF KEYS. The link to the YouTube video of the song (from the Broadway musical FUN HOME) as well as a blank worksheet to guide you and a copy of the written lyrics

Please listen to song as well as check the lyrics pdf attached to answer the questions in the work sheet pdf attached For Communication And gender Identification class

Other Question

Read the SHRM case study Integrating a Human Resource Information System and answer the questions below based on the case study and information provided for context. You may use information from the lectures and readings to supplement your answers, if necessary.
What type of evaluation/closure would help this project?
If you were to create some of your own “lessons learned,” what might they be, and how would they affect future projects?

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