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Technology Management Discussion Questions

Please answer the following 2 questions in a few short paragraphs. Each answer should be about half a page.
Q1. Given the tension between designers and business people, how do you motivate both groups to achieve Shanghai Tang’s vision?
This question is based on the Shanghai Tang case (attached)
Q2. Use an example to illustrate how a company creates and maintains a creative culture?
Seek Week 3 lecture Slides.pptx file as reference for this week’s slides on innovation

Management Question

Being Strategic is a core competency of leadership. Please read Lesson 3: Decision Making

Management Question

Management Assignment Help Organization: MGM Resorts International
You will create a PowerPoint presentation that you would use to convince the organization’s leaders to adopt your strategy recommendations. Your presentation must include the outcomes of your research, recommendations, and a risk-benefit analysis. Your peers will be reviewing your presentation and give you feedback on your analysis.
Key Areas to Include:
The goal of the assignment is to employ what you have learned in the strategy courses to develop a connected strategy for the organization you chose.
The organization’s strategy. What is their strategy? How would you evaluate it?
The organization’s market positioning. What customers are they targeting? How do they build their relationships with them and what is their value proposition?
How the organization is able to execute on its strategy, and the barriers it faces in doing so.
The financial performance of the organization and the financial resources available to it.
The external constraints on the organization posed by its governance structures and relationships with key stakeholders.
You should draw on these and other areas to build conclusions about what their connected strategy needs to achieve.

Knowledge management

Main task
Taking into consideration the strategic importance of Information Security for contemporary businesses, please answer the following questions:
Note: You have to select a specific company to answer question 3.
1. How can information systems play a role in competitive advantage in business, according to the 2008 article by Brynjolfsson and McAfee (available at: competitive-difference )?
2. Why is information security important for business? What are the common threats to information security companies face on a daily basis?
3. What is the information security policy at your selected company? What steps does your selected company take to protect its intellectual property?
Your submission must meet the following formatting requirements:
Submit one file only.
Required file format for main submission: Word document (.docx).
Additional file format for additional deliverables: Not applicable.
Additional file requirements: None.

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