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Teks tanggapan

Teks tanggapan merupakan jenis teks yang digunakan untuk meringkas dan menanggapi sebuah teks.Contohnya seperti teks sastra, artikel , berita , ataupun karya seni pertunjukan.
Tujuan teks tanggapan:
adalah untuk memberikan penilaian tentang kelebihan atau kekurangan dari sebuah teks yang yang juga disertai dengan saran
– memilik 3 struktur:1. Konteks ,2. Deskripsi,3. Penilaian

Advance Marketing Assignment | College Homework Help mba essay help


Marketing Plan: Part I

Throughout this course, you will compile a comprehensive marketing plan using one of the product/service scenarios listed below.College Homework Help (Note: You will use the same scenario throughout the course.) This scenario will be the basis of your start-up company and will be the catalyst for the three parts of the marketing plan that you will compose in Units II (Part I), IV (Part II), and VII (Part III). The company that you choose to submit a marketing plan for is a fictional start-up company (not an existing company).

Scenarios for your start-up company are explained below. (Note that these descriptions are basic, and you will need to be creative and develop the business idea/model for your selected scenario.)

Scenario #1 

Travel Supreme is a start-up travel organization with the mission of assisting customers with travel planning. While today’s customers enjoy developing their vacations themselves, Travel Supreme believes there are travel services that are still in demand. Initial research needs to develop what types of travel services are in demand by this target market.


Scenario #2 

IT to Seniors is a start-up company interested in ensuring a positive experience for seniors (65 and older) with respect to the use of technological gadgets, software, the Internet, and/or any additional aspects of technology. Initial research will provide an idea of the business model that would be in most demand for this target market.


Scenario #3 

Galaxy Restaurant is a start-up restaurant developed with the idea of providing the customer with a unique dining experience. This could extend from the product offering, service offering, atmosphere, or a host of other unique experiences. Initial research will provide an idea of what this unique dining experience would look like.


Scenario #4 

Women on the Go is a startup company targeted at women who need assistance with the selection and purchasing of their clothing/accessories. This service is aimed at the more affluent customer who simply does not have the time and/or knowledge to dress to the business or social setting that they are expected to fulfill. Initial research will provide insight into the types of services that this particular target market would be interested in.

College Homework Help

Remember to choose one of the afore mentioned scenarios to use for the entire course. Submissions will be completed in Units II, IV, and VII and, together, will comprise a full marketing plan. While this is a cumulative marketing plan, submit only the designated unit’s work.

This unit’s submission should consist of the items listed below.

· Include an introduction/overview of the company. This section of the marketing plan should introduce the company and business model along with a brief description of the products/services.

· Discuss market research strategies. This section of the marketing plan should discuss the research strategies that will be used by your company to understand the target market(s), industry, competition, and/or any other aspects of the company that will provide valuable insight into profitable operations.

· Describe the macro environment through a political, economic, social, and technological (PEST) analysis. In this section, you will compile a PEST analysis of your company. You will analyze how the changes in the macro environment as described in the PEST will impact the company and, specifically, the marketing decisions.

Ensure you provide an introduction for this assignment that is engaging and provides a clear background to the purpose of the assignment. The format of the submission should be in essay format using subheadings. Use APA format. Additionally, you need to include a minimum of five sources, three of which must be peer-reviewed, academic sources that are no more than 5 years old. The submission should be a minimum of three pages in length (not counting the title and reference pages). Get Business and Finance homework help today

Human Resource Management Assignment | College Homework Help mba essay help

“Groupthink” describes a very common problem that teams experience.

  • Where/when have you ever experienced groupthink as a problem?College Homework Help
  • Have you seen any way to prevent it?
  • What useful information is there in the two readings that might help you avoid groupthink situations?

Forum assignments are to be completed in the [Forums] tab.  Once you are assigned a group, you will have a designated area in which you will complete the assignments.  Do not submit your responses in the [Assignments] tab or anywhere else on Sakai.  Once you are assigned a group, you will click on your group number in the [Forums] section and complete your assignments.  Each week your TA will set up the conversation thread under which you will be submitting your responses. Get Business and Finance homework help today

Reflection Assignments | Online Homework Help mba essay help

Writing Assignment Help

Compose a brief (3-4 pages, double spaced) but well-organized autobiography that reflects on how you have become who you are.   This is an analytical and reflective review of the influences and factors that have shaped who you are.  The questions below may help you formulate your thoughts and writing.

Type answers to the questions below in 1-2 pages max, single spaced or 3-4 pages max double-spaced.

Part 1: Leadership Autobiography (A, H, C)

Write a “leadership autobiography” in which you reflect on your past and present leadership experiences. What people have had a significant impact on you and WHY? What leadership skills do you possess? What skills have you developed and how? What are your growth areas.

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Part 2: Subtle Influences (A, I)

Reflect on the people you spend time with. Given a choice, whom do you most enjoy talking to? Whose opinion do you listen to the most? What kinds of people are you drawn to? Why? How have these people influenced your choices or behaviors? Have any of these people helped you to be authentic, more autonomous, or adapt to challenges and changes?


Extra:  I have attached an article a the link below that talks about a personal board of directors.   Read it as it may help you think about the types of  people you may want to include in your inner circle (i.e. your own personal board.  note: this board is not inclusive just representative of types of people you may choose to fulfill different roles)

Probability Assignments | Online Homework Help mba essay help

Suppose you work for an airline and you are taking reservations for a flight on an aircraft that has 152 seats.  You know, based on historical flights trends, that if you sell a single ticket there is a 91% chance that the person with the ticket will actually show up for the flight.  You decide to try to make a little extra money by overbooking your flight and you sell 160 tickets hoping that not more than 152 people will actually show up for the flight.

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Explain how this scenario meets the four requirements in the definition of a Binomial Distribution

Identify what n and p are in this example

Use technology (StatCrunch , Statdisk, or Excel) to calculate the probability that if you sell 160 tickets for your flight, more passengers will show up than there are seats available (again, the plane has 152 seats total).

Food Security Assignment/Buy Homework Help mba essay help

The members of the United Nations found great value in the analysis you provided on the effects of global warming that results from population growth. They are now asking you to write an additional analysis to include further issues related to population growth. Here is the issue they have asked you to consider:

Homework For You

The member states of the United Nations seek to build food systems that can provide global food security which will feed everyone, everywhere, every day by improving food quality through the promotion of effective and nutritional agricultural practices. The crucial issue is not the lack of food in the world but the access to that food. In many developing countries, food shortages are due to governmental control over food distribution. These governments maintain control of the population and their power by limiting access to nutritious food to certain groups. In this practice, they thereby “weaponize” food.

Your second project as a consultant for the United Nations is to develop an analysis that addresses three issues related to global food insecurity caused by global population growth and poverty and to explore these issues in a developing country of your choosing.

The UN has given you the following guidelines.


The UN has asked that your paper contain three sections. Each section should be one page (or approximately 300 words) in length and answer specific questions, identified in the outline below. It also asks that you use examples from your developing country when answering the questions.


Provide an introduction of half a page minimum that addresses points a-e below.

    1. Explains the problem the UN has asked you to address in your own words;
    2. Identifies the three sections your paper will cover;
    3. Identifies the developing country you will consider;
    4. Tells the UN the causes of food insecurity; and
    5. Provides a one-sentence statement of your solutions at the end of your introduction paragraph.

Section I. Background

      1. What is food insecurity?
      2. What role does population growth play in food security?

Section II. Technologies That Can Reduce Hunger and Improve Food Security

      1. What forms of technology can be used to reduce hunger and improve food security?
      2. How would these technological solutions work?
      3. What causes of food insecurity do these technologies address?

Section III. Specific Factors in Chosen Developing Country

      1. Considering the causes of food insecurity, what factors interrupt the flow of food from the source to the people in the developing country you selected?


  • Provide a conclusion of half a page minimum that includes a summary of your findings that the United Nations can use to inform future policy decisions. Get Social Science help today

Leadership Assignment/Buy Homework Help mba essay help

What is a leader? This may seem like a simple question, but an individual’s response to the question may depend on the individual and his or her situation. Leadership contains elements of personality, personal characteristics, skills, and knowledge. Leadership can be demonstrated within human services organizations as well as in the organizations’ interactions with stakeholders in the community.

Homework For You

As you consider all you have explored about leadership in this course, what new perspectives have you gained regarding this topic? Consider how you might apply your discoveries to your career planning and development.

an analysis of how your personal definition of leadership has changed or expanded since you began this course. Explain. Get Social Science help today

Accounting Assignment | Custom Assignment Help college essay help online free

Problem 9-7 Calculating IRR [LO5]

A firm evaluates all of its projects by applying the IRR rule. A project under consideration has the following cash flows:

YearCash Flow0-$28,800 1 12,800 2 15,800 3 11,800 Custom Assignment Help

If the required return is 13 percent, what is the IRR for this project? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Enter your answer as a percent rounded to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.)

  IRR %

Should the firm accept the project?




Get accounting  assignment homework help today

Terrorism Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free


Terrorism, foreign and domestic, is a reality in our world today. Persons who are psychologically, socially, and emotionally impaired will blindly obey the orders of perverse ideologues who are the goal is to impose their will and world view on everyone else. College Homework Help

How do the people of a free society deal with the threats? In order for the government to protect us, we must be willing to give up some freedoms, but in order to have freedoms we must be willing to give up some protections. Recent domestic and international events tell us conclusively that Al-Queda and ISIL, as well as other similar organizations are active and it is only a matter of time before they strike again in the U.S.

Do the following:

Please answer the following: Where should the lines be drawn? Who should draw those lines? What is the proper balance between freedom and protection, and how should that balance be achieved? What limits should be placed on the government with respect to gathering intelligence on citizens and foreign nationals?  Get Law homework help today

Law Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

Draft a response to each of the bulleted questions below. Each question must have its own response and have a minimum of 75 words.

1.       How would you define the adversarial system? College Homework Help

2.       How does the adversarial system relate to the criminal justice system overall?  What recommendations would you make to the system?

3.       What is your take on the effectiveness of the adversarial system compared to other systems (such as the inquisitive system that is used in some European countries)?

4.       What is the role of a defence attorney? How does this role of defence attorney impact the criminal court system?

5.       What would happen if the role of the defence attorney had more, or less, limitations placed on them?

6.       What do you think of public defenders versus private attorneys and the effectiveness of each?

7.       What is the role of a judge? How does this role impact the criminal court system?

8.       What would happen if the role of the judge had more, or less, limitations placed on them? Get Law homework help today

Courtroom Assignment | College Homework Help college essay help online free

Complete the attached spreadsheet.College Homework Help

The response must be consistent with New APA guidelines complete with detailed intro and conclusion, subtitles for each section, in-text citations, as well as a reference page. Get Law homework help today

Files: 8t6nv40y3c.doc

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