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Texas Governor Campaign

I will be taking the speaker notes you write up and creating a powerpoint and will be doing a speech on this as well. All I need is the 500 work speaker notes portion. My candidate is Mayra Flores so ALL research is about her. I will also include my cited sources so you can use those along with whatever else you find. Here is what I HAVE as far as my candidate goes:WHY: Mayra Flores is new to Texas politics as she just won the special election for the 34th Congressional District in June of 2022 but is a prime candidate who should be looked at for governor this year. Everything she stands for and believes in is something that this state needs to see more of and her upbringing illustrates just how much she will push to get to where she needs and wants to be. Her winning this special election this year might just be the change we need to get the right things in motion. Flores is fiery and not afraid to say what she means even if other politicians don’t agree. Her slogan is “faith, family, and country” and that’s exactly what she’d bring to the table as our next candidate for Texas governor in 2022.3 Cited Sources:Murray, Douglas. “What Mayra Flores reveals about America.” Spectator, vol. 349, no. 10114, 2 July2022, p. 29. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints,

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