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The Child Abuse And Neglect Issue And Its Causes


Child abuse is the inappropriate treatment of children under 18 years of age or inappropriate treatment. The social and psychological immaturity of children makes them utterly dependent on adults. This dependence, as well as the inability to protect themselves, makes them particularly vulnerable to various forms of violence. Child abuse can take different forms, but it has severe consequences for the child. It causes irreparable damage to their physical health and entails severe mental and social consequences. Therefore, understanding the causes and manifestations of violence in the family can help identify and protect children who have become its victims.

Socioeconomic Status and Child Maltreatment

Physical abuse of children occurs in all socioeconomic groups, but racial and socioeconomic factors influence the frequency and severity of abuse. Poverty or low family income are not in themselves manifestations of child abuse. However, according to research in this area, “rates of child abuse and neglect are 5 times higher for children in families with low socioeconomic status” (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 2022, para. 8). Hence, children from low-income families belong to a risk group that needs special protection.

In low-income families, two options for the development of events are possible. In the first variant, protective factors reduce the effect of risk factors. It includes paying attention to the child’s needs, providing proper care, and showing parental love, kindness, and sensitivity. Otherwise, parents knowingly or unknowingly shift the responsibility for the family’s low income to the children, making them a burden. Moreover, the lack of funds makes it impossible to obtain quality food, health care, education, and other child’s basic needs.

Domestic Violence

Physical punishment is often considered the only form of domestic violence against children. However, domestic violence has other manifestations, including sexual violence and psychological aggression. Usually, a child victim suffers from several types of violence simultaneously. A child can be a victim of domestic violence for years, and others may not even suspect it. Furthermore, any child abuse leads to harm to children’s health or danger to their lives.

Domestic violence is one of the most common causes of children’s psychological injuries. Many children who grow up in an atmosphere of violence have signs of delayed physical and neuropsychological development. Moreover, victims of child abuse also have negative social consequences, expressed in socialization problems. I have experience with people who were abused as children. I noticed that these people often have significant problems with self-esteem, trust, and building relationships with others. It is essential to understand that treating childhood trauma is not easy and fast. Therefore, the sooner the victim receives the necessary assistance, the sooner they can live normal life.

Applying the Information about Child Abuse and Neglect in Daily Life

Timely help to children subjected to maltreatment, neglect, and domestic violence will help prevent negative consequences for the child. Among the obvious consequences are the likelihood of physical mutilation and psychological trauma for the child. Emotional injuries are no less important because they have long-term consequences, affecting the whole life and suppressing the ability to have healthy relationships with others. Moreover, it is crucial not only to understand this information but also to disseminate it in society.


Raising general awareness of child abuse and neglect is necessary for preventing their occurrence. There are government programs and strategies aimed at reducing risks and helping families. However, statistics show that many children still abuse domestic violence victims. Therefore, it is essential to understand the risk factors and how to recognize victims of domestic violence to help children who need it in time.


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