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the chosen country is Afghanistan. so pls write base on Afghanistan. and include some

Question: the chosen country is Afghanistan. so pls write base on Afghanistan. and include some references and the links that u got the information from if possible. and take ur time to do it. thanks

the chosen country is Afghanistan. so pls write base on Afghanistan. and include some references and the links that u got the information from if possible. and take ur time to do it. thanks
Show transcribed image textINTRODUCTION:- The economy of Afghanistan has steadily improved in the last decade due to the return of a large number of wealthy expats, the modernization of the nation’s agriculture sector, and the establishment of more trade routes with neighborin…View the full answerTranscribed image text: I. INTRODUCTION: Choose one under developing country (poor) and briefly write the history of the country. This section should not exceed 200 words. II. ECONOMIC IMPACTS OF POVERTY: Identify and describe comprehensively the impacts of poverty of the chosen country in Part I. This section should be about 600 words. III. POLICY IMPLEMENTATION: Discuss policy and theories at the national, regional and international levels, based on pro-poor and gender-sensitive development strategies, to support accelerated investment in poverty eradication actions. This section should be about 600 words. IV. EFFECTIVENESS: You are required to review how effective the economic policies and theories have been discussed in (III). You may use journal articles to justify your recommendation as long as the discussion is in good standard and well organized. This section should not exceed 600 words.

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Pharmacology Assignment | College Homework Help write essay help

Patient HL comes into the clinic with the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The patient has a history of drug abuse and possible Hepatitis C. HL is currently taking the following prescription drugs:

· Synthroid 100 mcg daily

· Nifedipine 30 mg daily

· Prednisone 10 mg daily


Write a 2-page paper that addresses the following:

· Explain your diagnosis for the patient, including your rationale for the diagnosis.

· Describe an appropriate drug therapy plan based on the patient’s history, diagnosis, and drugs currently prescribed.

· Justify why you would recommend this drug therapy plan for this patient. Be specific and provide examples.Get Nursing homework help today

American history Assignment | College Homework Help write essay help

the chosen country is Afghanistan. so pls write base on Afghanistan. and include some

Write a research paper on the Tecumseh’s war and focus on the role of the chief Tecumseh.

Use at least 2 sources and cite them properly (Chicago style) Get History homework help today

Criminal Assignment | College Homework Help write essay help

Assignment Details

In 6 paragraphs, address the following:

Should the government be able to regulate or restrict media coverage of terrorist attacks? Why or why not?
Should the public always have a right to know of existing terrorist threats? Why or why not?
How do you think homeland security officials can effectively disseminate information regarding impending or executed terrorist attacks through media outlets without instilling fear in the population? Explain.Get History homework help today

Arts and Politics nursing essay help

The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

China, Germany, and the Soviet Union have been used as the target examples. This end of the article analyses the three choices, looks at their relationship and the reason as to why they were chosen as great choices for this report. In the 19th century, the Russian Tsars were clear in their articulation that revolutions stood in the offing, in the presence if outstanding masterpieces. There are situations in Russia where great artists of various forms were regarded as a threat to the government’ existence through their works of art. Pushkin, for example, as a great author who could express his thoughts in an articulate manner that was deemed as arrogant, with some freedom that made him make fun of official figures. His work, as per the governments, would rather have been used in public service. Art and politics have been closely related from past to present. There are some aspects that clearly point out the relationship between the two. The institutions of art, schemes in ideology and some artists’ political dominance are just but a few. Over years, some authorities have tried to impose controls on ideologies in order to tame artists. Other governments have even attempted to thwart the freedom of expression as rolled out by artists. In China, the communist party pushed at gaining legitimacy in order to win cooperation from artists. The party tried to woo the artists to join in socialist constructions. The Chinese movements and the various notable interactions between the governments and artists place the country as one worthy of analysis for the purpose of this research. The artistic influence has grown in stages in China, with a recent period starting in the 1980’s after Mao’s death. This is a period that saw individual subjectivity on the rise and artists expressing themselves in minimal social reform. Germany has had its issues in the interactions between arts and politics as well. There were early attacks by the government to the artists, some of which indicate the magnitude that the artists had on the political arena.

A good situation is in the 1940s when the national socialists banned all art that was in existence prior to 1933. There are examples of artists being forced to join certain groups, with those who refused being frustrated with professional dismissals. Looking at the mentioned issues, their effects and the reasons that led to their occurrence, art is an indispensable weapon in politics despite its autonomy, there is some coexistence that cannot be refuted. Looking at the Soviet Union, there is some inseparability between art and politics. According to Fox (1977), aesthetics and the style of art are led by the political exigencies. The politics of the day in the USSR dictate the Russian art. The styles of art in this country follow the trends that are in accord with the government. The links between art and politics in the Soviet can be traced from Karl Marx to Frederick Engels who asserted the importance of realistic representations to the state. The three countries have been able to showcase the tight bond between art and politics clearly as outlined b the examples stated above. A distinct relation is first evident in the manner in which the government controls the works of art. This may be represented vaguely, but political icons have treated artists with great suspicion from the word go, in all situations. In the USSR, the government dictated the styles. in Germany, the “degenerate art” exhibition indicated the government’s perception towards art and culture. In China, the government literally controlled the artistic movements.&nbsp. &nbsp.

UK’s Regulatory System nursing essay help

Write a 1500 word paper answering; The regulatory system of the UK went through a dramatic change in the recent past when the Financial Services Authority (FSA) was abolished in the wake of the current financial crisis. The credit crunch and the resulting economic downturn that both US and UK faced, therefore, prompted for radical changes to be made into the financial regulatory system. The proposed changes in the US financial system also indicate that there may be more powers to be given to the Federal Reserve System (FED) to effectively control the financial services industry. Similarly, the UK has given more powers to the Bank of England to improve its role as the supervisor of the Financial System by abolishing Financial Services Authority.

The overall structure of the regulatory system of both the countries is, therefore, going to change soon, and as such new foundations may be laid. This paper, therefore, will attempt to discuss the structure and objectives of the UK and US’s financial regulatory system and critically analyze as to whether the system can regulate the financial services industry.

Theoretically, it is argued that government intervention in the market is necessary to remove or correct the imperfections in the market. Market imperfections can be created due to many reasons however, to correct them. the government has to intervene in the form of regulations to restrict certain actions otherwise performed by markets without significant hindrances.

It is argued that financial markets tend to work better when investors have all the information and markets are free from the manipulative power of few. What is significant however is the fact that failure of one financial institution can cause the failure of other institutions thus the contagion effect of the failure can cripple the whole economy of a country. Due to this inherent risk and weakness of the financial services industry, it becomes more important that the government should have a better role.

Essential Marketing nursing essay help

Provide a 12 pages analysis while answering the following question: Essential Marketing.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. 6 5.Discuss and explain the rationale of the marketing mix variables used by Burberry 8 5.0.Product 8 5.1.Price 10 5.2. Place 10 5.3. Promotion 11 5.4.Process 11 5.5.Physical Evidence 11 5.6.People 12 6.Discuss and explain the rationale of Burberry’s use of digital marketing tools. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach? 12 References 15 Bibliography 17 1. Overview Burberry was established in the year 1856 by Thomas Burberry who is regarded as the inventor of the gabardine raincoat. This particular product ultimately became one of the signature products for the organization.

The chief visions of the organization are to attain a significant competitive position over the competitors along with increasing the market share considerably (Burberry, n.d.). In the paper, the different business environmental factors, market segmentation methods and the various applications of marketing mix features will be discussed. Various aspects that include the execution of effective digital marketing tools along with its various benefits and disadvantages will also be depicted in the discussion. 2. Identify and explain the environmental factors affecting the marketing of Burberry 2.0.

Does Green Theory Need Utopianism nursing essay help

Complete 11 pages APA formatted article: Why, if At All, Does Green Theory Need Utopianism. Utopia depicts a fictional island with its own distinctive religion and customs, as conceptualized by Sir Thomas More, who wrote the book Utopia in 1516. More introduces readers to the concept of a perfect society, an idealized island community in which prevails utopian or perfect ideas, beliefs, and practices. and where social harmony has been achieved. The elements that constitute Utopia are the outcome of the deep impact created by Plato’s Republic on More’s beliefs. There were many features in the Commonwealth of Utopia that Thomas More, author, and brilliant humanist, hoped to see incorporated by the English government.

According to Zhang Longxi, if at the most basic level, the idea of Utopia suggests the vision of an alternative and better society beyond reality, then it implies that there is already some degree of discontent with the present conditions. Because of this reason, the Utopian vision invariably presents itself as social commentary, a manifestation of the deeply ingrained desire for change and transformation which is an essential nature of all humans. The desire for utopia is not only universal but also perennial, as the prospect of a better society lies always ahead3.

The Green Movement is a diverse social or cultural movement based on environmental concerns, which takes political action mainly of a reformist or radical nature. In Green Theory “green” means environmentally friendly, and “greening” means environmental improvement through politicized environmentalism mostly. The Norwegian philosopher4 Arne Naess initiated the division between deep and shallow ideologies. Deep green and shallow green ideologies are two extremes, and it is unlikely that either can alone, serve environmental management

The green theory forms the basis for environmentalists implementing a cultural attack on the ills of modern society and economics, towards progress while improving sustainable environments. There is a division between the shallow green and the light green ideologies.

The Rise of Multinational Corporations nursing essay help

Write 20 pages with APA style on Discuss the Rise of Multinational Corporations and Internationa Efforts to Control their Activities, In Your Opinion, Have These.

A discussion on whether these efforts have been successful shall also be carried out. Body Multinational corporations have been defined based on the fact that their business usually spans other borders or countries. During ancient times, these borders were between Greek city-states and the activities of imperial Rome were the early beginnings of corporations1. However, the political borders at this point proved to be stronger boundaries and defining traits for these associations. The rise of multinational corporations is nevertheless linked with the early beginnings of trade among cultural groupings, and these communities are still important in making up the various sectors of the trading community2. Early trade has been seen with the exchange of goods across neighbouring towns and borders and trade activities have been supported by the limitations in resources across the regions. Some areas have been considered rich in vegetation and in fruit trees and others rich in copper or metal3. Since all these resources are essential to survival, trading became a useful tool for business. Travels across long distances among traders have also been seen because of these differences in resources. Silent trade became one of the common practices among traders and the strong demand for goods from other towns or regions were gradually filled by these trade activities4. Such trading activities persisted and evolved throughout the years until much profit was eventually seen from such foreign trade. With difficulties in availing some foreign products, the price of trading increased. Early solutions to this shortage and business dilemma saw the initial stirrings of multinational corporations5. These MNCs were able to establish transactions within their boundaries.

Fairs became one of the solutions and the traders met their customers in one place6. The Romans were soon prompted to establish commercial laws to govern these transactions. This gave the traders more legal options in trading and this gave the traders another means of monitoring their products. In order to ease the transacting processes, partnerships were established7. This started the process of investments made on these trading activities, and the corporations allowed capital investments by outsiders, with the prospect of future shares in the profits. In the 19th century, the limited liability rule was seen, along with the reduced impact of the state as a means of limiting the growth of the joint stock and as a result, the multinational corporations expanded to Europe and to the US8. The motivation to invest overseas was seen as profitable because of the banking and bond markets. The needs of the growing railroad system also established a market for the sale of railroad bonds9. With the increasing wealth and power of the western nations, massive foreign investments were seen in the 19th and on to the early 20th century. This marked the start of the globalization trends10. The UK has been known to export about 25% of its capital before WWII. and France has been known to invest in foreign ventures to an even greater percentage. These investments were directed towards countries which were eager to benefit from the industrial revolution already taking place in the west11.

Strategic Management at Nokia nursing essay help

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses strategic management at Nokia.

Strategic thinking is defined as “an intent-driven approach to a strategy based on critical theory and supported by a complex cluster of cognitive capabilities that are distinct and different from strategic planning”. It can be clarified further as a cognitive process that is quite different from the strategic planning process and can stand independently as a formally created planning process. It depicts itself differently irrespective of being generated by an organization, team or an individual (Grundy and Brown, 2002). The main purpose of strategic thinking is problem-solving and leading a rigorous process of challenging, exploring and examining the underlying premises of the strategy and at the same time, generating new options for creating a sustainable, innovative and winning strategy. Strategic thinking is imaginative, inclusive and based on critical-reflective process. The positioning of future competitive advantage for the organization is the heart of every strategy. In this regards, strategic thinking should reflect this essence. Strategic thinking is the process that helps in driving the strategy. Positioning the future competitive advantage signifies that competitive advantage of an organization erodes with time and strategic thinking is required in this respect for continuously strengthening and developing it. In an organization, the executives, the policymakers and senior line managers are seen to exhibit strategic thinking. A similar situation is also observed in the case of Nokia. The smartphone strategy implemented by the CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop is a manifestation of strategic thinking.

This strategy change was necessary for the organization since it was facing a decline in its market share caused by the fierce competition in the smartphone segment. Nokia experienced profound changes after initiating the smartphone strategy and has marked the end of an era. Moreover, the CEO of Nokia had correctly found that the present battle in the smartphone segment was not about the devices but the ecosystem. In this context, the CEO of Nokia had shown strategic thinking and had foreseen the future. Thus, the company ended up merging with Microsoft as both of them has positioned themselves to construct a competitive and viable mobile ecosystem.

Motivation and Emotion nursing essay help

Need a research paper on motivation and emotion. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.

Motivation and Emotion Your School This paper was prepared for the ________, taught by _________. Knowing one’s self is the key to improve personality. This is because you will know one’s weaknesses and will continue to explore different areas of personality and this gives a person a chance to modify certain traits that need improvement. Weakness would also show what area of personality a person should avoid, if he cannot at all modify it. This exercise of knowing one’s self is a good way of introspection too. Motivation and Emotion A person is shaped by how he or she is motivated. This is also true for emotions. Motivations are sometimes called instincts, and they help us survive. Emotions are expressions of selves and they are indicators of feelings and psychological dispositions of persons. To understand more of them, questions were posed and then answered. Do you consider yourself a sensation seeker? Why or why not? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your level of sensation seeking?&nbsp. According to the Sensation Seeking Scale by Zuckerman, I found out that may level is high. This means that I am more adventurous than most people. According to psychologists, individuals with high SSS enjoy new experiences, and they engage in more risky sports, occupations and hobbies. These individuals also seek variety in sexual experiences and drug experiences (Atkinson, 1993). They also have less phobias, prefer exotic foods and gamble more. Basically, being a sensation seeker is being a risk taker. The main advantage of this trait is that learning is very concrete and hands-on. As they say, learning is not limited to the four walls of the classroom and by experiencing new things, learning is optimum. This is because the sensory faculties get stimulated. It was noted that sense stimulation increases one’s ability for normal perception and intellectual functioning. The downside of this trait is that it is dangerous. The thrill that comes from some of these activities, like bungee jumping, probably stems from the fact that the player can die anytime, or injured at least. How would you rate your own achievement motivation? Why? In what ways is this an advantage to you? In what ways is it a disadvantage?&nbsp. I think I rate high in terms of achievement motivation. I want to be successful as much as possible and I never settle for failures, and if I do, I try my best to make it up by being perfect on the next time. This is probably because I was raised in an environment where successful people are always rewarded and praised. This is advantageous for me because I tend to look for quality all time, especially on my part. By being somewhat of a perfectionist, my outputs are all considerably good and this is good for my job, friends, and family. The disadvantage for this is that it makes me anxious and tense every time I could not deliver a perfect job that I expect of myself.

It is sometimes debilitating, which is paradoxical to the fact that I am a perfectionist. What did you learn about yourself from reading about the trait theories of personality?&nbsp. Reading about the trait approach to personality, I found that I am very Open but not exactly Agreeable. I am friendly too, but I guess I choose friends and I am vocal about opinions, not caring if people are offended by my opinions. Open, in a sense that I am more interested in art, although not all aspects of it, and seek experiences to complement the education I receive in the classroom. This is compatible to the result of me being sensation seeking. What did you learn about yourself from reading the other theories of personality? (List and explain at least three things.)&nbsp. Freud’s psychonanalytic theory states that there are stages a person could be stuck in, and that ultimately defines his personality. These are oral, anal, phallic and genital stages. I think I am stuck in the oral stage because I really like to eat and drink especially when stressed, which is bad because poses problems for health. If taken in using the Social Learning Approach, my tendency to [over]eat is the result of my experiences of eating and drinking as a child. Growing up, my mother always made it a point to feed me, even in between meals and every success I encountered was always rewarded with food, like having a perfect exam means having a celebratory cake. This always made me feel good, and the association is always food and success. But this is untrue if taken under Maslow’s approach. In his hierarchy of needs, food is at the bottom of the pyramid, which means that I am still on a long way towards self actualization. it also implies that I don’t feel safe and secure, or worse, I don’t care for my cognitive and aesthetic needs, which is wrong. Although I like to eat, I think my place in the hierarchy of needs is definitely not at the bottom. How will you use this material on personality to improve your relationships (personal and/or professional)?&nbsp. This chapter on personality revealed that I am vulnerable in some areas, but strong in others. According to SSS, I am a risk taker, especially when it comes to satisfying curiosity and it is quite dangerous sometimes. Maybe I should taper it off for safety. When it comes to personality, I realized that I am a bit tightly wound and should shake it off a little, and maybe be a little friendly too, to improve my relationships with people. Eating also defines my personality and this reflection that it somehow relates it to my achievements sort of freaks me out. Maybe I should not eat much. This section on personality also let me understand people a lot, so it makes me more understanding in nature. References: Atkinson, R. Atkinson, R., Smith, E., and Bem, D. (1993). Introduction to psychology. Orlando, FL, Harcourt Brace.

Evaluation Methodology nursing essay help

Models have been categorized based on the object of evaluation and method. In addition, classification is also based on the various other factors that influence the evaluation and its outcomes.

For example, the position of evaluator – external or internal- with reference to the organization, extent of stakeholder participation, the purpose of evaluation, the nature of the object evaluated are some of the criteria that have a huge say in the choice of the model (Davidson, 2005). For example, in many cases, accountability and the pressure to document and provide evidence require evaluation, during which “an independent evaluation” is possible. On the other hand, a more participatory model is likely when the focus is on developing a “learning organization” (Davidson, 2005). For instance, Razik and Swanson (2001) have given a categorization of models under five groups: goal attainment, judgmental, decision facilitation, naturalistic and self-evaluation models.

Models that are feasible to be used in performance appraisal evaluations like teacher evaluation is an example of purpose-based classification. Kein and Aikins’s model uses an objective-based approach in teacher evaluation (Razik and Swanson, 2001). Yet another, but popular purpose-based classifications of key models have been done by Preskill and Russ-Eft (2005). Further to these, evaluation models are categorized based on the methods of data collection they employ. they could be qualitative, quantitative or a mixed-method (Guskey, 2000). Quantitative approaches employ statistical analysis tools and are more technical. The tools for data collection, in this case, give tangible data for quantitative analysis. On the other hand, qualitative approaches employ tools such as focus groups, interviews, etc. which provide intangible data that help in qualitative analysis. There are individual methodologies based on specific approaches and over a period, integrated methodologies have come to be developed.

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