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The Comparative Advantage Gains from Trade essay help websites

Discusses comparative trade theory, wherein nations assess their production strengths & weaknesses & create trade pacts that serve each accordingly.

The Comparative Advantage Gains from Trade
It is important to not confuse the terms comparative and competitive as they apply to the goals and ideals of world trade. Kennedy and Koelim (1996) find that despite this wide acceptance in the professional community, the basics of international trade are still poorly understood by many policy makers and casual commentators (1). The comparative advantage theory has been a part of international economic studies since it was created by David Ricardo, an economist who lived in the 17th century.

Ricardo’s theory was that each nation has good points and bad points in its economy. In the classic example of two countries, Ricardo sets up a model where Germany and France only..

The Global Assembly Line free essay help online: free essay help online

An analysis of the movie “Global Assembly Line” by Lorraine Gray.

This movie explores the effects of globalization on the lives of both U.S. workers and the newly formed workforces in third world countries such as Mexico and the Philippines. It is compared to other movies which deal with unfair labor conditions – William Adler’s Mollie’s Job and The Work of Nations.

The film illustrates the issues faced through stories of the destruction of a local community by a Barbie Doll factory in the Philippines; secret meetings of Filipino women trying to form a union; and a hunger strike by Mexican workers. The film pulls no punches and exposes the abuse of human and labor rights by showing military and police intervention used in situations where workers, in many different parts around the world, are organizing to fight the multinationals by attempting to unionize.

Ballistic Missile Defense at the Global, State, and Local Levels essay help 123: essay help 123

An analysis at the global, state, and local levels of the US decision to move forward with a ballistic missile defense system, with background, reactions of other countries, ideologies, and policies.

This paper examines the US decision to move forward with a ballistic missile defense system. The author gives a background on the history and technology of ballistic missile defense and then examines the reactions of other countries to the American missile defense decision. Also discussed are the ideological and moral support for missile defense at the state level. Finally, missile defense is analyzed as a political issue in relation to the 2000 elections and as an economic issue for defense contractors and certain parts of the country that stand to gain business from an expanded missile defense.?
From the Paper:

“On March 23, 1983, President Ronald Reagan began one of the most important legacies of the last stage of the Cold War with a speech outlining his Strategic Defense Initiative. The Star Wars program, as it came to be known, immediately created tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as between the US and its allies, and sparked debate over the feasibility, cost, benefits, and consequences of ballistic missile defense (BMD). This debate may not have mattered much when missile defense technology was too immature to make deployment practical or even possible. However, seventeen years later, technology has advanced to the point where the US must decide now whether it wants missile defense in the future. A decision of this magnitude, involving billions of dollars and potentially billions of lives, must be examined closely at all levels of analysis.”?

Specific Phobia easy essay help: easy essay help

Examines the seven separate criteria for specific phobia. Discusses the diagnosis, evaluation, & treatment forms for those suffering from specific phobias.

Specific Phobia
There are seven separate criteria for specific phobia, which was formerly known as simple phobia. The criteria are:
1. Marked and persistent fear of clearly circumscribed objects or situations, like spiders or riding in elevators;
2. Immediate anxiety reaction upon exposure to the stimulus;
3. Recognition by adolescents and adults that their fear is excessive or unreasonable;
4. The phobic stimulus is generally avoided or endured with dread;
5. That the fear or avoidance interferes with the individual’s functioning or the individual is markedly distressed about the phobia..

Failing at Fairness: How our Schools Cheat Girls my assignment essay help: my assignment essay help

An analysis of this study by Myra M. Sadker and David Sadker which examines sexism in the school system.

This paper is a review of this study which began as an examination of sexism in school text books, but grew to cover the entire school system. Their study aimed to try to observe the “hidden curriculum” in schools, and attempts to fully discuss the gender bias that occurs in all levels of education. The writer recommends this work as a thought-provoking and highly interesting study.

“Failing at Fairness: How Our schools Cheat Girls is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the study of sexism in the school system. The authors, Myra M. Sadker and David Sadker present the results of years of research into sexism in American schools. They provide ample anecdotal and statistical evidence to back up their claim that gender bias continues to be a real problem in all levels of our educational system.”

The Muslim Community in Southern California write essay help: write essay help

Sociological description of the Southern California Muslim community.

The Muslim community in Los Angeles constitutes a distinctive group within the larger population, a group shaped around its religious beliefs and ethnic background. Given the volatility of relations in the Middle East, the Muslim community is often faced with the need to respond to different events, and a network of groups, organizations, and spokespersons has developed for this purpose. The Muslim community in Los Angeles has established itself as an important part of the larger community, though at the same time it is not as visible a community as some. The Muslim community does not have a central business district the way the Korean, Japanese, or Chinese communities have or even a cultural center the way the Jewish community has with the Fairfax district. In this sense, the Muslim community has remained more invisible..

Aristotle’s Regimes cheap essay help: cheap essay help

A paper which discusses what Aristotle considered correct and defective regimes.

The paper shows that Aristotle was perhaps the first political philosopher to allow that all regimes are not the same to all people. It shows that he felt that political regimes are often more subjective in their quality than objective. It discusses how, after permitting these deviations however, Aristotle was quite adamant about the better regimes and the type of people who populate them.

Aristotle does recognize the reason that so many impure forms of regimes exist: every state contains many elements, and these various elements combine in different levels of efficiency in allowing their ruling classes to subvert their freedoms. Democracy is the one form of government that represents and involvement of the common people in their own destinies and futures. Democracy is the only regime which poses checks and balances on the ruling class to ensure that they are concerned with the common advantage.

The Impact of Humor in Radio Advertising college admission essay help houston tx: college admission essay help houston tx

The objective of this study is to find out if the use of humor in radio advertising aids the listener in comprehension and recall.

The paper analyzes whether humor in radio advertising aids the listener in comprehension and recall. The author discusses past experimental studies that look at the effect of humor in advertising upon source credibility, comprehension, and audience preference, and compares them to the author’s own method of experimentation.
From the Paper:

The use of humor in radio advertising is not a new concept. Every year millions of dollars are spent in the development and execution of humorous advertising in the United States. It is a tool that advertisers and radio stations have been using for years to grab the attention of their listeners. They use humor to help them place a product image in the listeners mind, but does this technique really work? Advertisers use humor appeals in radio advertising in order to differentiate a product whose advertising faces a heavy amount of corporate noise. The use of humor, some advertisers feel, can help listener recall, and attitude toward the brand. Humor, however, is hard to conceptualize or put into operation.?

Franco-Spanish Relations in the 20th Century writing essay help: writing essay help

Overview of relations between Spain & France since the rise of Francisco Franco in 1936 through the current regime of Juan Carlos.

Relations between different national states are affected by both internal and external forces. In the European Community, the participating states have been bound together by agreements offering mutual economic benefits, but this does not mean there are no longer any problems or tensions between individual states. Spain was long a particular problem in Europe because of the dictatorship that ruled it, but since the end of that rule, Spain has tried to interact with the international community to a greater degree. Relations between Spain and France serve as an example.

Spain was formerly under a system of personal rule established in 1936. The monarchy was reestablished in 1975. This followed the death of Francisco Franco, the ruler since 1936. He had run a rigidly centralized, unitary state, but the 1978..

Binge Drinking Among College Students aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help: aqa unit 5 biology synoptic essay help

Looks at the detrimental effects of binge drinking among college students.

This paper explains how binge drinking adversely affects students in many different aspects such as schoolwork, health, and safety.

” To most people, binge drinking is a self-destructive, uncontrolled, drinking session that last for at least a couple of days. This leads the heavily intoxicated drinker to “drops out” by not working, ignoring responsibilities, and engaging in harmful behaviors such as fighting and unsafe sex. The editor of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol emphasizes, that “binge” describes the extended period of time during which time a person repeatedly becomes intoxicated and gives up his or her usual activities and obligations in order to become intoxicated. Binge drinking is most common on college campuses, where nearly half of all college students “binge” drink.”

US Russia Relations college essay help online: college essay help online

Review of current trends & developments in relations between Russia & the United States.

The future of U.S.-Russian relations is uncertain. Much depends on the outcome of the presidential situation in Russia, where recently re-elected Boris Yeltsin has been suffering from an ongoing series of health problems which triggered a series of inner circle moves as possible successors jockey for position in the inevitable successor sweepstakes. Yeltsin, who trailed the pack of presidential candidates during most of the election campaign, may be succeeded from within his coalition by someone such as former General Lebed. Other possibilities include former candidates from the recent campaign. The most popular candidate is Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the unreformed Communist Party. Another dangerous contender is Vladimir Zhirinovsky, an anti-American ultra-nationalist. Victory for either Zyuganov or Zhirinovsky..

Poverty and the World Bank argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online

A paper which studies the problem of poverty in the world and questions the World Bank’s policies to educate the poor.

This paper examines the efficacy of the World Bank?s educational policies as perceived through various literature that has been devoted to the subject recently. It determines whether the World Bank is truly addressing the root of the problem of poverty by investing so many millions of dollars yearly on educating the poor. This paper utilizes, primarily, two articles that deal specifically with the efficacy of the World Bank’s education programs: “The Impact of Education on Economic Growth” by Francisco Rivera-Batiz and “The World Bank’s Mission Creep by Jessica Einborn. In addition, the paper uses several New York Times articles that question the World Bank’s role in alleviating poverty.

The result was apparent in India during the 1970s and early 1980s. India spent a large part of its government and private resources on educating its work force. The result was perhaps the most technologically literate and advanced workforce in the world at least among India’s middle-classes and upper-middle classes. But a huge number of these skilled laborers like doctors and engineers simply left the country en masse to America, Britain, the Middle East and Canada. India called the phenomenon the `Brain Drain,` but indeed, it drained India’s spirit as well.”

Discrimination against Human Cloning mba essay help: mba essay help

This paper discusses the problems related to the human cloning process.

This paper provides a look at human cloning, and examines the discrimination dimension of the cloning process. The author discusses the pros and cons of cloning, religious opposition, and societal worries. The paper also discusses the problem of overpopulation, financial costs of cloning, and potential discrimination of clones from humans.

“Genetics is of increasing importance in the world of the 21st century. New developments in this field are finding more and more applications in every day life. Concerns about this science, due to its inherent conflicts with religious doctrine and traditional norms and unfamiliarity to the public have been frequently presented in the media. Recently, the public perception of genetics has appeared around such as human cloning. While many aspects of this subject are poorly understood, it isn’t in doubt that there raise many questions of great complexity.”

Good Will Hunting college admission essay help houston tx: college admission essay help houston tx

An analysis of the “edge” genre in regard to the film “Good Will Hunting”.

“Good Will Hunting”, directed by Gus Van Sant, has been described as an ‘edge’ or ‘independent’ film. The paper defines an independent film as one which provides an alternative point of view to the dominant discourse provided by mainstream films. The ‘edge’ or ‘independent’ genre of the film is discussed in this paper.

“Secondly, the choice of subject matter of the film is highly idiosyncratic. Rather than choosing an “every person,” the film selects a very gifted individual with an intellect most filmgoers cannot identify with. Rather than validating American notions about success, the Will of the title spurns such notions. He is more interested in his own gifts, in a very personal and arrogant way, than of conventional collegiate success. To find himself and to realize his gifts, the protagonist must abandon his friends and old way of life as well as conventional American notions of monetary and intellectual achievement.”

Reviewing Women in Ancient Egypt essay help writing: essay help writing

This paper discusses the public and private lives and roles of ancient Egyptian women.

This essay discusses the importance of women in ancient Egyptian society in Gay Robin’s book Women in Ancient Egypt. The author examines strong royal women such as Nefertiti, and Nefertiti, and discusses women in Egyptian art. The paper also looks at the subordination of females in Egyptian society, but also how they were honored by their families.
From the Paper:

Dr. Robins, curator of Egyptian art for the Carlos Museum, reevaluates the roles and importance of women in ancient Egyptian society as depicted in the art and written records of the time. The special role of women in religious rites is also surveyed. Women in Ancient Egypt is a book that shows us what the archaeological riches of Egypt really say about how the women of Egypt lived, both in the public and private eye.??

Dr. Robins, curator of Egyptian art for the Carlos Museum , reevaluates the roles and importance of women in ancient Egyptian society as depicted in the art and written records of the time. The special role of women in religious rites is also surveyed. Women in Ancient Egypt is a book that shows us what the archaeological riches of Egypt really say about how the women of Egypt lived, both in the public and private eye.

The Post-Unification German Economy assignment help sydney: assignment help sydney

Looks at economy of Germany after the reunification. Also discusses social & political features of the new German state.

The Post-Unification German Economy

Introduction: The Fall of the Wall
The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was the single event that most dramatically underlined the sea change from the Cold War era in Europe to a post-Cold War era. The fall of the Wall was followed almost immediately by the total collapse of the East German state, which until 1989 had appeared to be both the most repressive and the strongest of the Soviet-bloc states in Eastern Europe. With breathtaking suddenness — in the space of a year– came the full and formal reunification of the divided Germanies, a process that it had been presumed even in 1989 would take several years at least.

In the long run, reunification could only benefit the German economy…

Telecommunications essay help online: essay help online

A paper on telecommunications and the concept of management and its applications within the field.

A paper which examines the importance of good management within the telecommunications field due to the critical part computers play in business today.
Table of Contents
Introduction and Background
Organizational and Management Aspects
Ensuring Effectiveness
Available Options

“The manger also has to ensure that the employees are not taken for granted if the system fails. They should not be blamed for anything that is not their own fault because sometimes or often electronics, especially computers, are not so reliable. This may be because of a virus that has entered the system or if there has been a surge in current that can cause the system to malfunction partially or fully. Therefore it is necessary that proper standards are maintained by the managers to ensure that the chances of such unforeseen events are prevented from occurring. Also the employees are welcomed with their experienced suggestions that could possibly save the setup from destruction or corruption. (3)”

Paradox in the Contemporary Italian Economy admission essay help: admission essay help

History & analysis of Italy’s economy focusing on north-south tensions in contemporary Italy.

Paradox in the Contemporary Italian Economy

Introduction: A Long Background
The economic history of Italy is longer than that of any other Western economy, extending back nearly three thousand years. Though that enormous sweep of time, the single most dramatic development has been the reversal of relative economic fortunes between the North and the South. In the north, the Etruscan cities (we still use the name, in slightly modified form, as Tuscany) were, to be sure, already prosperous when Rome was a village. But it was Southern Italy and Sicily, with its Greek colonies, the Greater Greece of the ancient world, that..

Aortic Grafts essay help writing: essay help writing

A paper which examines the diagnosis and treatment of an aortic graft to a duodenum fistula as a cause for upper GI bleeding.

This paper examines the connection between an aortic graft to a duodenum fistula as a cause for upper GI bleeding. Generally, aortic grafts are used to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms. The paper defines aortic aneurysms as a weak area in the wall of the abdominal aorta, the artery that carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body. The paper concludes that aortic grafting can be a major cause of GI bleeding as an after effect of treating an abdominal aortic aneurysm and a method of treatment requires replacement of the stent-graft.

“Treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms may require surgery but for some patients, a new non-surgical treatment called stent-graft repair can be performed. The following is the results of a prospective, nonrandomized, multicenter clinical trial that compared endovascular stent graft exclusion of abdominal aortic aneurysms with open surgical repair. During an 18-month period, 250 patients with infrarenal aneurysms underwent treatment at 12 study sites. 190 patients underwent endovascular repair using the Medtronic AneuRx stent graft (Sunnyvale, California), and 60 underwent open surgical repair. There was no significant difference in operative mortality rates between the groups. The patients who underwent stent grafting had significant reductions in blood loss and days in the intensive care unit and in the hospital, with an earlier return to function. Primary technical success at the time of discharge for the patients with stent grafts was 77%, largely as a result of a 21% endoleak rate. At one month, the endoleak rate had decreased to 9%.”

Uncatching the Dress nursing essay help: nursing essay help

This paper discusses how clothing symbolizes sexuality in “The Sound and the Fury”.

This paper discusses the theme of sexuality as seen by Benjy, the mentally retarded Compson brother in William Faulkner?s “The Sound and the Fury”. Using many well chosen in-text citations, this essay discusses how Benjy understands the sexuality of his sister Caddy, what sexuality implies for him, and how he tries to free her from her sexuality.
From the Paper:

“In William Faulkner?s The Sound and the Fury, characters appear to trip and stumble through time as they attempt to narrate a past that is so painful for them that they sometimes lose control of their memories in narrating them. While the episodes in the different characters? chapters seem to flow from their minds without restrictions, there are, if closely examined, correlations between the memories. While Quentin?s and Jason?s memory triggers can be subtle and nested in dialogue, Benjy?s, because he is mentally impaired, are much more concrete; he relies on concrete images and objects as triggers for his memories. In the earliest episodes of Benjy?s narration, clothing becomes an important symbol for sexuality that then serves as a trigger for Benjy?s memories involving his sister Caddy and his issues with her sexuality.”?

Fluid Regulation in Weightless State essay help app: essay help app

Examines research studies & space flight experiments measuring body fluid changes for scientific & medical purposes.

Fluid Regulation in a Microgravity Environment
The extraterrestrial environment presents human beings with innumerable physiologic challenges. Astronauts engaged in space flight may experience alteration of their bodily fluids and electrolyte balance. Weightlessness generally causes a reduction in total fluid volume. In addition, there is typically a cephalad redistribution of the blood and other body fluids. This cephalad shift initiates a series of compensatory mechanisms, many of which involve hormonal fluctuations. Unfortunately, data collected from human subjects during actual space flight is rather scarce. This paucity has led to the use of various ground-based weightlessness simulations. Two important experimental techniques include the water immersion and bed rest methods. Unfortunately though, despite the considerable research..

Stretching and its Effect on Avoiding Injury essay help cheap: essay help cheap

This paper discusses what happens in the body during a stretch at the cellular level.

This paper discusses the importance of stretching and avoidance of injuries by fixing muscle imbalances, which are an alteration in the lengths of muscles. The author includes material on synergistic dominance, reciprocal dominance and strategies of stretching. The paper contains research from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, The Journal of Sports Medicine, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.
From the Paper:

“If you have ever played sports, or done anything that has to do with physical activity, you have known someone who has injured him/herself from pulling their hamstring, groin, quadriceps, or other common muscles. Unfortunately, too many athletes have no idea why they injured themselves; they usually think it is from overuse, like running too hard, or lifting a ridiculous amount of weight. Never does one hear of an athlete thinking they were injured because of muscle imbalances, which lead to synergistic dominance, which lead to a tear in the muscle. Too many people, athletes in general, are unaware of 1) the causes of injury, and 2) how to avoid injury. Fortunately, injuries can be avoided through means of corrective stretching.”

“If you have ever played sports, or done anything that has to do with physical activity, you have known someone who has injured him/herself from pulling their hamstring, groin, quadriceps, or other common muscles. Unfortunately, too many athletes have no idea why they injured themselves; they usually think it is from overuse, like running too hard, or lifting a ridiculous amount of weight. Never does one hear of an athlete thinking they were injured because of muscle imbalances, which lead to synergistic dominance, which lead to a tear in the muscle. Too many people, athletes in general, are unaware of 1) the causes of injury, and 2) how to avoid injury. Fortunately, injuries can be avoided through means of corrective stretching.”

Roman Architecture narrative essay help: narrative essay help

Origins (2nd Cent. A.D.), development, Greek influences, style, cultural philosophy, homes, temples and theaters.

Though the Ancient Romans borrowed architectural forms and styles from the Ancient Greeks, in Engineering, they far surpassed the Greeks. This stemmed from the development of cement by the Romans and access to plentiful, free, slave labor. As John M. Roberts says of the Roman capacity for engineering; In engineering, the quality of their achievement is more immediately impressive. It was a source of pride to the Romans and one of the few things in which they were sure they outstripped…

Retirement Security in the Wake of the Enron Scandal instant essay help: instant essay help

A look at the proposed reforms in the law to protect retirement schemes after the fall of Enron.

The paper shows that the spectacular collapse of Enron, the largest corporate bankruptcy in the history of the United States, has created a call for legislative and other reforms to protect employees who invest part, sometimes a large part, of their retirement savings in company stock-option plans. The paper discusses these proposed reforms and its opposers.

“One thing the defenders of the status quo ignore is the lock-down period. Although Enron insists that the lock-down period was an a routine administrative necessity that had been panned for some time, others feel the timing was just too convenient, given how desperate the company was to hold up the price of its stock just at a time when a number of financial losses were about to be exposed, and many employees might have chosen decided to sell off some stock. If the system is to be free of regulation, and everyone must be responsible for their own decisions, then they must be able to make those decisions and act on them. The lock-down period had nothing to do with free-market decision making.

“There is also a basic inequity here. As several of the proposed bills acknowledge, if there is going to be a lock-down period, it must apply to the people in the most senior management positions as well as to the rank and file workers. One thing Americans always ask for is a level playing field.”

Bursting the Bubble gp essay help: gp essay help

An examination of asset pricing and the phenomenon of ‘Bubbles’.

This paper details an asset pricing phenomena that is known as Bubbles. The writer of the paper provides a history of Bubbles with several detailed examples of past Bubble events. In addition the writer uses the Wall Street Journal as a backdrop to discuss a recent Bubble occurrence.

“We have witnessed them for many years. The bubbles that cause unbelievable price soaring for reason that nobody seems able to explain and then as suddenly as they started they stop. When they stop they can come crashing to the ground in a heap, as is often the case. Real estate, companies, and industries are subject to the asset pricing phenomena called bubbles and anyone who gets in on the bottom and then sells before it bursts stands to make a financial killing. Unfortunately those who hang on to long or don’t think to jump in when it starts lose all the way around.”

One of Your Own Kind essay help us: essay help us

An introduction to the issue of interracial coupling as seen in the musical, “West Side Story” and in American society.

The paper shows how in the Broadway musical, “West Side Story”, the problems the couple faces are due to the fact that they are of different races. The paper discusses society’s way of thinking at the time this play was written in the 1950s and how it has changed to become more accepting of interracial marriages. It discusses, too, those who still oppose interracial marriages.

We are not yet blind to racial and cultural differences. When a high school girl dated a boy of mixed background who happened to be half Black and half Polish, when family history came up, both referred to him as African-American, and not Polish-American or as American. It could be argued that those with mixed backgrounds are the most American of all, because they represent more aspects of all those who are Americans. Perhaps that will be the norm one day, and relationships like that of Tony and Maria will not be so challenged that they can be made the basis of a drama where everyone can understand their dilemma.

Love and Romanticism cheap mba definition essay help: cheap mba definition essay help

An analysis of various writings about love and romanticism.

This paper analyses and compares two novels by writers George Eliot and Charlotte Bronte writing about the nature of love, the position of the individual in society and how couples come together to make partners. The author discusses the times these novels were written and how they reflect the period of romanticism.

“In both George Eliot’s Adam Bede and Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” the reader is asked to examine the pairings and sunderings of various characters and to determine, in the end, if the final couplings are in fact happy ones. Lying behind this question – which may be rather simplistically summarized as will the hero and the heroine indeed live happily ever after with each other – are ideas about the nature of love, the position of the individual in society, and the importance. ”

Religion in China, Korea & Japan essay help tips: essay help tips

History, sociocultural roots & effects, classical & folk forms, basic beliefs & practices of & impact of Christianity on Confucianism, shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism and Shinto.

Society and Religion in Non-Western Societies

Reconciling the societal differences between the Western world and Asia–particularly with respect to China, Korea, and Japan–may never be a possibility. The divide is not so simple as the distinctions between mere Christianity, Confucianism, or communism, nor is it reducible to simple philosophical terms such as capitalism, liberalism, or Marxism. Indeed, the inherent dissimilarities between Eastern and Western cultures are as likely the result of the forced separation due to geography and the consequence of limited contact over the millennia.
As Rozman insists, the failure of social science to investigate national heritage as the fulcrum of societal..

About Peter Gabriel global history essay help: global history essay help

An analysis of the talents of Peter Gabriel.

This paper describes the musician, Peter Gabriel. It outlines his career, starting from his school days and reviews his preferred styles. The writer also offers an analysis of some of Gabriel’s music.

The things that surrounds his world music appeared to raise in the conversation mostly engaged with concerns about the ways national, local and racial identities have been explained and the effects of what has been observed as cultural imperialism and economic hegemony.

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