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The Marriage of the Tattooed Christ and a Wart Hog admission essay help

A thorough analysis of Flannery O’Connor’s characters Mrs. Turpin and O.E. Parker and an in depth look at the symbolism and irony that surrounds these characters individual conflicts.

This paper is a thorough character analysis of Mrs. Turpin and O.E. Parker in Flannery O’Connor’s short stories “Revelation” and “Parkers Back.” The thesis is fully supported and documented with O’Connor’s stories and outside sources. Symbolism and irony is documented and explored throughout the paper.

” A study of Flannery O’Connor opens the door for one to ponder religion. O.E. Parker in the short story Parker’s Back views himself as distanced from religion, but yet curious at the same time. Once the eyes of Christ are laid upon his back Parker is brought to his knees with feelings of persecution. Mrs. Turpin in the short story Revelation views herself as one who is right with God. After a symbolic physical confrontation Mrs. Turpin’s eyes are opened, and the inequality of her ways leaves her feeling persecuted and changed. The Characters O.E. Parker and Mrs. Turpin both possess views of themselves and the roles religion plays in their lives, but through the symbolic nature of their individual conflicts receive revelations that influence their previous perceptions of religion.”

Global Power Relationships and The Eurocurrency Market best college essay help: best college essay help

Examines economic & political theories related to coercive diplomacy, hierarchy of states & war, focusing on freezing of foreign-owned financial assets as legal & political tactic to settle international disputes.

The freezing of foreign-owned financial assets held in depository institutions is a tactic that is used widely for both legal and political reasons. Host countries where foreign-owned financial assets are held in depository institutions most frequently place a freeze on activity involving such assets for legal reasons to preserve the assets until judicial determination has been made as to the proper use and disposition of such assets. A case in point is the freezing of the accounts of the Ministry of Economic Relations of the Republic of Russia held in a financial institution in Luxembourg (Gerenstein, 1993, p. 3A). A freeze was placed in these financial assets through a court order…

European Monetary Union and the Euro essay help online free: essay help online free

A discussion of the history and benefits of the European EMU and the Euro.

A paper which introduces, discusses and analyzes the history, benefits, costs, and challenges of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and the Euro. The paper also includes a critical assessment of the sources used.

“On the other hand, the Internet resources tended to be much more biased and less reliable than the texts that were used. The Euro web site only presents the positive aspects of switching currencies, and the news reports tend to show the negatives of the switch. The texts were more balanced and uniform in their discussion, and in their handling of both positive and negative issues involved in the treaties, and with the Euro itself. Often it was not clear what background the Internet authors had to write about their topics, and sources used were mostly interviews, not written or scholarly sources. The Internet sources serve a purpose, but basing a report on those sources alone could bias the report if the writer did not recognize and overcome the bias.”

Mormons in Idaho a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Historical overview of church’s development, migration westward, persecution, leadership, polygamy, focusing on Idaho experience.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) was severely persecuted in its early days in the eastern and midwestern United States. The heart of the Mormon Church’s response to persecution was to form communities in which its members could freely practice their religion and create the kind of social, cultural, economic and political climate they desired. The Mormons were looking for a place where they could build a kingdom of God on earth. It was in the drive to find and create that place that the Mormons became a genuine people, a covenant folk like ancient Israel with a shared history and at last a homeland (Mulder, quoted in Meinig, 1965, p. 197). The Mormon mission was carried out in the Western United States with far greater success than most other recent religions have achieved. Here they established what cultural geographers call a distinct…

Gender, Ethics and Empowerment need essay help: need essay help

An evaluation of a recent paper published in the journal “Women’s Studies International Forum, published by Regina Scheyvens and Helen Leslie entitled Gender, Ethics and Empowerment: Dilemmas of Development Fieldwork.

This essay is an evaluation of a recent paper published in the journal Women’s Studies International Forum,” published by Scheyvens and Leslie, in which the authors present facts and discussions related to several important issues for researchers pursuing ethnographic and cultural studies related to women especially third world women. This essay involves an assessment of the following: Is there, or should there (or not) be a power distinction between the researchers and their subjects? Can the work be regarded as legitimate because of the vast differences in cultural perceptions? Certain ethical questions also crop up: Can the researchers bridge the gender divide and have males research females in third world countries? Is there an imposition of a researcher’s sentimentality on the research, and is this exploitative? How valuable is such research? Can it be presented objectively, honestly and more importantly in an unbiased manner? And, can such research help empower third world women? This essay addresses these issues within the context of the Scheyvens and Leslie’s paper.

“The authors’ work is also very limited. Consider the countries they talk about: Fiji, El Salvador, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. The title of their paper is misleading; it promises sweeping work that would lead to generalized conclusions. The countries used in the research do not allow that. The countries researched are very isolated, quasi-aboriginal and primitive cultures though, this is not an indictment of these countries. Developing countries (third world) like India and China where poverty and sexism exist within a modern infrastructure (and a range of social situations’ urban and rural) would provide a better subject for such a study. Religion (or its lack in China) plays an important role in the customs and traditions of these countries. Also, India and China have enjoyed fairly evolved civilizations before becoming the over-populated behemoths they are today. The paper, in its limited scope, should be more aptly titled “Empowerment of women of the Pacific Islands and El Salvador.” ”

The Blocking Effect common app essay help: common app essay help

Examines causes & effects of this obstacle to conditioning as factor in behavioral experimentation with animals & human learning.

The apparent influence of informational factors on associative learning has been the focus of much attention by investigators who wished to account for this phenomenon within the classical Pavlovian conditioning paradigm. One of the most influential concepts in this area has been Kamin’s (1969) notion of the blocking effect which he identified in animal experiments. Blocking describes the situation in which the prior conditioning of a subject to a conditioned stimulus (A) of a stimulus compound (AB) inhibits conditioning to the second conditioned stimulus B when the compound is paired with an unconditioned stimulus (US). The ‘proof’ of the blocking effect is provided by trials in which blocking does not take place when an unconditioned stimulus other than the one for which A had been previously conditioned is introduced to the compound AB (Dickinson, 1977, cited by Bonardi…

God Bless America my assignment essay help: my assignment essay help

A paper which discusses the limitation of Judeo-Christian beliefs by liberal interpretations of American constitutional law.

The paper shows that In the interests of preserving the civil rights of all Americans, legislation over the past few decades has mandated a conspicuous absence of Christian or Jewish symbols, prayers or teachings from public places– the classroom, the sports arena, the courts, public buildings of all sorts. Yet, followers of these faiths make up the majority of Americans. The paper discusses that in the wake of the tragedy of September 11, and the previous shocking incidences of student violence at Columbine and other schools, Americans feel the need for increased, rather than decreased, emphasis on religion in the classroom and everywhere their children go. The author of the paper asks what can be done to protect the rights of these citizens to observe the dictates of their beliefs in their daily walk of life outside of their homes and places of worship.

“What about the right of Judeo-Christians to display their symbols or other aspects of their beliefs in public places? The national motto is “In God We Trust”, and all fifty states have a reference to God in their constitutions, the preambles to the constitutions, and/or on their state seals. Presumably this would constitute a precedent for the mention of God in civil settings. The case of County of Allegheny v. ACLU, Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, 492 U.S. 573 (1989), restricted the display of a Nativity scene on public property. By the so-called “plastic reindeer” test, religious displays should not have to incorporate secular symbols in order to be permissible, any more than secular displays should have to add religious symbols.”

A Comparison: School life in Japan and Australia essay help fairfax: essay help fairfax

This paper analyzes school life both in Japan and Australia, taking a look at obvious cultural and social differences, but also inherent similarities between the two education systems.

” Education and school life throughout the world varies quite dramatically; from the subjects taught, to the methods of teaching and even what expectations are put on the students in general. Students within these two countries share similarities in lifestyle, however when it comes to school life, there is a considerable degree of difference.”

The Constant Reorganization of Organizations essay help fairfax: essay help fairfax

This paper explores the ever changing environment of organizations.

This paper explores the effects of constant change on organizations, both positive and negative, due to today’s dynamic demographic, economic and social conditions. It investigated the interaction of individual and organizational development.

The environment in which an organization operates is constantly changing. While change is good for an organization it helps stimulate the organization to grow change can be difficult to implement in an organization. In the 1990s, there has been an emerging approach to managing organizations using an engaged learning system coupled with a continuous learning environment through all ranks of the organization. In the 70s however, the management of the environment affecting the company was more issue-based. Attention was being paid to the development of flexible and rapid development systems. Difficultly in implementing change and the resistance to new ideas and process is often the cause for the downfall of many established organizations. Recognizing the role of an organization in the environment is important. The environment is not a separate entity: a world out there; rather, it is an amalgamation of all the factors affecting an organization (Morgan, 1997 p. 258).

Working at Wal-Mart instant essay help: instant essay help

This paper covers the advantages of working at Wal-Mart. The paper covers the environment of a position at Wal-mart along with information on other details about Wal-mart. Although the paper covers the company’s main job attractions it focuses on a Financial Services Analyst position. The paper is broken up into history, locations, Wal-Mart Goods Work and Community Services, Role of representatives, benefits, health benefits, 401k, ethnics and culture, job description, requirements, advancement and salary, hiring process, provided training and education, disadvantages and a conclusion.

The company also regularly conducts a survey, which allows associates to confidentially raise difficult issues about their managers, policies and the company in general. The employees of Wal-Mart are trained to learn how to build relationships and to work well with others. They are committed to save costs and take smart ventures.

Stevie Smith, Anne Sexton & Adrienne Rich essay help writing: essay help writing

Examines three American women poets’ works, styles, techniques, language, artistic development, themes (focusing on love & sex).

Women poets of the last half century have developed a poetic voice which is, in the most positive way, distinctively female. Stevie Smith, Anne Sexton and Adrienne Rich are three of these poets. Though they write on a variety of subjects, death for example, or on subjects that are uniquely female, such as motherhood, one of the areas in which women poets pose the strongest challenge to the patriarchal tradition is the subject of love. After centuries in which the conventions and approaches and vocabulary of love poetry were primarily the creations of men, poets such as Smith, Sexton and Rich were among those who offered a new, specifically female view of love. Though the three poets are very different writers in terms of style, form and the specifics of subject matter, taken together they provide strong examples of how the uniquely female view is transforming…

International Management english essay help: english essay help

A paper which presents an examination of communication on an international level when it comes to business management.

A paper which shows the importance of understanding that international cultures may differ and those differences can interfere with the ability to communicate effectively when doing business on an international level. The writer takes the reader on an exploratory journey through the reasons it is important to be able to manage such communication and the benefits for a business. The paper discusses the importance of the English language in the international business world.

“Another example of communication culture on an international level is the understanding of how color affects thinking. African nations consider red to be the color of death. However, Denmark residents consider it a positive color and a sign of future luck. When communicating with various nations through the use of international management it is important not to use offensive colors in banners, memos, seminar posters and other tools of business communication(Heeding, 1996). ”

Contraception in Africa university essay help: university essay help

Discusses the subject of contraceptive use in Kenya.

In this essay, the subject of contraceptives in Kenya is discussed. This includes why Western medicine will not work in a society that basis wealth on the size of the family, the lack of understanding on both parties involved, the failure of family planning programs and the lack of follow up procedures. Before seeing the western trend of smaller families as the ideal, the paper argues that one must look at the notion of children as a form of wealth in the African family. Children remain valuable assets, even when the family is faced with economic hardship. Furthermore, in advance of implementing western knowledge of contraception, both sides must be educated in each others levels of understanding. Finally, to be educated, these women must have adequate resources. If high fertility rates want to be lowered, than there needs to be access to knowledgeable programs.

“The West fails on the absence of understanding why these contraceptives are unavailable, and when they are, why the Africans do not use them. The lack of understanding falls on the East when one realizes that they have no education on contraceptive issues. Absence of understanding of the African culture plays a part in the misconceptions of a high fertility rate.”

Unconventional Warfare: The Mujahidin of Afghanistan personal essay help: personal essay help

A paper which studies the success of the anti-Soviet rebels in Afghanistan.

Resistance “with the proper tools, strategy, and determination” can countermeasure any unwanted entity. This paper shows how the anti-Soviet forces in Afghanistan not only pushed the invaders out of their country, but helped precipitate the eventual fall of the USSR as a world power. The paper studies the question: How did the Soviets lose that war, or how did the Mujahidin “the soldiers of God” win?

“The Afghan resistance fighters, under the guidance of their Islamic mullahs and provincial warlords, devised effective tactics and strategies to engage the large Soviet and pro-Soviet forces: avoid direct combat with a superior force; use the element of surprise; attack more at night; yield a battlefield to the enemy if it means a large result of death for the resistance forces; conduct terror and disinformation campaigns in enemy-held villages. These soldiers of God would conduct successful ambushes through the course of the war. They would attack small convoys through mountainous routes if they were lightly armed; they would attack larger forces within small valley or ravines by destroying lead and aft position vehicles to cause a jam and create confusion and panic as soldiers; they would disguise themselves as pro-Soviet soldiers and conduct disinformation campaigns in local villages to create disorder and add to the confusion amongst the rumor-mill of the local populace; or they would infiltrate fire bases and conduct small raiding parties upon equipment or supplies, destroying what they could quickly, and withdrawing back into the mountains.”

True Love in Othello college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

A look at the role love plays in Shakespeare’s Othello.

The author of this paper traces the subject of love through many Shakespeare works. Sonnets and plays are examined. The author then puts an emphasis on Othello and includes lavish quotes from the play in an attempt to describe love’s role in the action and characters.

“Other than in Romeo and Juliet, which is a romantic tragedy, love plays a part in Othello more than in any of Shakespeare’s other tragedies. Othello and Desdemona are presumed to be in love. Roderigo chases after the love of Desdemona. Iago is jealous of the love between Othello and Desdemona and Iago’s plots are all based on proving to Othello that Desdemona and Cassio are in love. Although love clearly plays a large role in the play, it is debatable whether this love is true love. This is especially true for the love between Othello and Desdemona. In order to determine what Shakespeare intended their love to be perceived as, it is possible to look at how Shakespeare has defined true love in other works. According to his definition, clearly Othello’s love for Desdemona is not true love, however; Desdemona’s love for Othello, is indeed true love that remains unbroken throughout the play.”

Human Dignity & Persecution college application essay help online: college application essay help online

Explores survival of individual humanity & group identity in three works on minority repression: John Blassingame’s [The Slave Community], Barbara Myerhoff’s [Number Our Days] & Frank Waters’ [The Man Who Killed the Deer].

Rodolfo Byers, the white trader in the Pueblo community, realizes at the end of Frank Waters’ The Man Who Killed The Deer that [t]he brotherhood of man! It will always be a dreary phrase, a futile hope, until each man, all men, realize that they themselves are but different reflections and insubstantial images of a greater invisible whole (Waters 199). Martiniano, the moral center of The Man Who Killed The Deer, only comes to this realization after being continually pulled between adherence to tribal and traditional rituals and beliefs, and the lure of his away-school training and the emphasis on individuality recognized by the European Romantic tradition he learned at the…

Eugene Fama and his Security Prices Theory history essay help: history essay help

This paper examines to what extent security prices are a good estimate of “Intrinsic Value” on modern developed capital markets, based on a philosophy of analyst Eugene Fama.

A paper which discusses Fama’s philosophy, which concedes that in a efficient market the price of securities is a good estimate of the intrinsic value of the capital market, that information should flow freely and that the price of the securities should reflect the information that is available. In addition, the participants in the market should make decisions about the based on the information that they already have. The paper defines Intrinsic value, capital markets and securities, the types of securities that exist and current events involving the Enron Corporation and its collapse to determine whether or not we indeed have an efficient market in which securities are a good estimate of the intrinsic value of the modern day capital market.

With all this information being understood lets discuss whether or not Fama’s beliefs are valid in the modern capital market. First of all let’s examine whether or not by definition today’s capital markets are efficient. Fama believes that an efficient market is one in which there is an almost free flow of current information. The efficiency of our current market is questionable at best. While Enron was sinking its shareholders were not given current accurate information pertaining to the financial state of the company. Another aspect of this inefficiency is that the market will make decisions based on what has already occurred or what may occur in the future.

Budget of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) medical school essay help: medical school essay help

Federal budget process applied to EPA. Proposed 1997 budget, focusing on need for & cost of toxic site cleanup, liability, remediation decisions, impact of budgetary constraints.

This research analyzes the federal budget process as that process applies to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The findings of this analysis are presented within the contexts of (1) functional identification, (2) the proposed budget for the 1997 fiscal year, (3) change in budget and budget debate issues, and (4) budgetary implications.

Functional Identification
The EPA is charged with implementing federal environmental protection laws, and the agency is charged with monitoring activity and enforcing compliance with those laws. National polls consistently reflect strong and widespread support for the environment….

Experimentation on Animals college essay help los angeles: college essay help los angeles

A paper arguing against the use of medical experiments on animals.

The paper shows that despite the many tests being done on animals in the name of medicine, not many are applicable to human beings. The paper covers reasons why experiments should not be carried out on animals – mostly due to the cruelty and inhumanity of the issue. It offers alternative solutions to medical studies such as computer simulation instead of animal vivisection.

“There are various experiments that have indicated that animal testing and experimentation do not give the same results as those that may be seen on humans. As humans became more finely tuned and evolved, they lost their resistance and become more susceptible to impurities and infections than animals. To wit: in the1940s, human clinical investigation strongly indicated that asbestos caused cancer, animal studies repeatedly failed to demonstrate this; studies of human patients had already shown by 1963 a strong correlation between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, however almost all experimental efforts to produce lung cancer in animals had failed (Cohen, Kaufman, Ruttenberg, Fano, 1998). ”

Wallace Stevens’ Poem Comedian as the Letter C get essay help: get essay help

Analysis of Wallace Stevens’ poem, `The Comedian as the Letter C.`

This paper looks at Wallace Stevens’ The Comedian as the Letter C. The author includes lavish interviews with Stevens about the work along with excerpts from the poem in his attempt to analyze the work. The character, Crispin, is looked at in-depth through criticism and commentary over the years.

The Comedian as the Letter C the most dramatic if not the most ambitious work in the whole of the poetry of Wallace Stevens. The majority of the critical exegeses of Stevens’ pivotal work concern themselves with analysis of the work as a frame-work in which the poet has worked up an incomprehensible extended metaphor of the imagination and reality. Some have re‑extended, from textual evidence this permeating analysis or interpretation, to include Stevens and his poetic capabilities. Only a few have considered the possibility that Stevens may have been risking the didactic in willfully constructing an allegory. The majority are undoubtedly correct considering the pervasive dawn of the stream of consciousness school of poetry Stevens was familiar with, and the French school of `pure` poetry which was highly touted at the time.”

Human Frailty in 19th Century Novels academic essay help: academic essay help

Examines themes of revolution, freedom, human frailty in 19th Cent. novel & non-fiction work. “Germinal” ( Emile Zola ) & “Culture & Anarchy” (Matthew Arnold )

The famed twentieth century French writer, Andr Gide, ranks mile Zola’s Germinal (1895) as one of the ten best novels ever written in the French language (Gide as quoted in Zola, 1954, p. 5). In tandem, Matthew Arnold’s Culture and Anarchy (1869), existing as one of Britain’s most often challenged documents which intermingles politics and culture stands uncontested as the most frequently cited non-fiction prose work in the English language (Collini as cited in Arnold, 1993, p. ix). Germinal and Culture and Anarchy, juxtaposed as master nineteenth century revolutionary texts, explore the need to reassess the standards…

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