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The NASW Code of Ethics makes a number of statements about social workers’ responsibility to study, use, and engage Essay

The NASW Code of Ethics makes a number of statements about social workers’ responsibility to study, use, and engage in research and evaluation. In the past, many social workers had difficulty thinking of themselves as knowledgeable and capable in research, despite completing the required research course in school. Think of yourself as a part of a new breed of social workers. You are completing your education at a point in time that places great emphasis on both research and evaluation. You also have greater access to published research than ever before. Research knowledge and skills are like muscles—if you do not use them, they will atrophy. You have an ethical obligation as a social worker to exercise and flex your research muscle. Consider how the NASW Code of Ethics guides your professional research.

Post an analysis of how you can apply new knowledge and skills related to research and evaluation, acquired in this course to your future career. Identify specific knowledge and strategies and how you intend to apply them. Identify those skills that you believe will be most applicable to achieving your future goals.

Support opinion with research. This is a research class. Use the NASW Code of Ethics for research. APA format
Please check for grammical errors

Adverse Childhood Experiences cheap essay help Business assignment help

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) score as an assessment tool will be essential in my work as a TIC expert, because it will help me in identifying clients that need my support. Personally, my ACE score was 2; a low score, which means that I am lesser at risk of developing the many behavioral and physical consequences that are related to ACE scores. Nevertheless, while ACE levels might differ, an examination on individual scores would reveal, which clients need more help than others. Moreover, an analysis on individual scores would assist me in identifying staff members who may deserve more attention than others. Professionally, I will strive to apply the principal pillars of TIC especially when dealing with clients with high scores. The major values of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) include trustworthiness, safety, collaboration, choice, and empowerment. I might employ collaboration and choice when dealing with clients since they need to feel that their engagement with me as a professional aims to benefit them. For instance, during sessions and other encounters, I will ensure that they play a significant role in developing the patterns of engagement, such as group set-ups, activity, and sharing styles, thus, making them feel part of the process.

Additionally, alongside these values, I might use the empowerment pillar to ensure that I produce the best the outcome of TIC. For example, for a client who experienced alcohol-related trauma during childhood, compelling him or her become an addict, I might create goals such as reducing the number of bottles drunk per day, hence, empowering the client in making better choices in future. Consequently, I intend to develop trustworthiness and safety by ensuring that my interaction with them is sensitive by steering away from blame and alternatively, promoting positive feelings. Because TIC ensures that the feelings of clients are dealt with sensitively without blame, or judgment, I deem that the process boosts self-esteem and hope, which are essential mechanisms for healing. In conclusion, I resonate that an adherence to these values can positively enhance care for clients.

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285 2 Persuasion,Indoctrination, And Inoculation

Need Visio Diagram, Workflow Charts, Etc

Help with a business project where the topic is solving a business problem using technology. Based on the project I have attached (document2_initial_project.docx), I am looking for you to come up with the following items for this project: Business Requirements and Rules 1) Context-level data flow diagram (Visio) 2) Use case list (normal business activities/work flows) 3) Use case scenarios (description or narrative steps in each use case) Also attached a document called “Sample Project_VIP Restaurant and Lounge”. Pages 16-34 you will find the 1. Context-level data flow diagram (Visio) 2) Use case list (normal business activities/work flows) 3) Use case scenarios (description or narrative steps in each use case) This document is for reference purposes only since my project is about a whole separate topic.


Aristotle Please see my next homework assignment below for your assistance. I really appreciate your help. This assignment is broken down into four (4) parts. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////ASSIGNMENT/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The Core Assessment for this class requires you to write a detailed proposal for research you could conduct. You will not actually do this research (though it might form the basis for a senior research project or some research relevant to your job), but your proposal should be a ?blueprint detailed enough that you could hand to others and guide them through its successful completion. The research proposal will consist of four sections in APA Format: Core Assessment Problem Statement: (max. 1300 words) an overview of the topic your research will investigate. It introduces and justifies your research question, key variables, their hypothesized relations, and your guiding theoretical perspective. It explains how your planned research is unambiguous in its goals and methods, concerned with a significant issue that will add to the store of human knowledge, theoretically justifiable and testable, practical and feasible to implement, ethical and respectful of human rights, and builds on existing knowledge in the field. Literature Review: (max. 1300 words) a critical summary of existing research your project will build upon. Your review will evaluate at least five other relevant research projects from original sources in reputable, peer-reviewed journals. The lit review discusses previous research, as it influences the proposed project. It evaluates the methodological, theoretical, or substantive strengths or weaknesses of those studies and explains how they shape your research plans. Ethics & Conduct of Research: (max. 1300 words) summarizes potential ethical dilemmas, political consequences, and practical challenges associated with designing, conducting, implementing, and disseminating your research. It explains where your research process might go wrong and the safeguards you will put into place to minimize those risks. Design & Procedures: (max. 1700 words) describes and justifies your plans for measurement, sampling, design, analysis, and interpretation of results. It explains which data you would collect, when you would collect it, and what you would do with it to make sense of your topic and shed new light on your research question ? and how and why. This section is a set of ?how to instructions for actually turning your ?good idea into a real plan for scientifically answering your original question. Your research proposal is a carefully constructed argument for why your question should be answered and how a valid and reliable answer might be obtained. It should be a meticulous set of instructions for generating an answer according to the rules of scientific method, and it should make the case to interested parties for how such an answer can be achieved. This is the book that we are using in this class: Neuman, L. W. (2008). Understanding research (1st Edition). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson. I really appreciate your help, please let me know if any additional information is needed. thanks AV102

State Reporting Requirement For Hospitals

State Reporting Requirement For Hospitals. State Reporting Requirements for Hospitals State Reporting Requirements for Hospitals Hospitals must report certain types of information to their state department of health and other state agencies. The specific requirements differ from state to state, and can change over time as well. What remains constant, however, is the need for efficient and accurate methods for meeting these reporting requirements. To prepare for this Discussion research the statutory requirements for hospital reporting in your state, or another state of interest to you. The National Academy for State Health Policy report in this week’s Learning Resources will provide a good start to your research, but you should do further exploration to fill out your understanding of the state reporting requirements by hospitals in your selected state. With these requirements in mind, consider the following: What data are needed to fulfill these reporting requirements? Select a particular type of hospital, such as a small community hospital or a large urban facility within a multi-state hospital system, and identify challenges this institution might encounter in complying with these requirements. Review the health information systems you have learned about so far in this course, and do further exploration, as needed, to identify systems that would help in capturing, processing, and providing the data required for those reports. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS BELOW FOR THE ASSIGNMENT: Summarize the state’s reporting requirements for hospitals. Analyze challenges that these requirements might pose to your selected type of hospital. Propose which hospital IT systems might be used to produce the data necessary for these reports. If multiple systems could be used, select which one you think is best and state why. Briefly, describe at least one way in which these reporting requirements contribute to the public’s health, and one way in which this reporting benefits the organization providing the data.
State Reporting Requirement For Hospitals

Human Resource Plan Discussion

Discuss the following question with your Learning Team: How would you align human resource plans in a project portfolio to an organization’s strategic objectives? (200 words)! NOTE: I do not need to see references/citations or how some author has done it. This is where you discuss as a Group and discuss what you have seen or what you think should be done. In other words this is your team coming up with how you would do it.

Discussion Question…..Writter A

Summarize the American Nurses Code of Ethics and application to professional nursing. If health wellness student, discuss how a professional code of ethics can impact your practice. Give an example of how the code of ethics guides professional practice and patient care.

Week 3 Information Technology

Managing an operating system involves performing installation and configuration tasks for a whole assortment of devices including storage, input/output (I/O) devices, and even printers. Once you have completed the LabSim tasks, prepare a Word document that summarizes one of the hands-on simulations. Select one of the hands-on activities in the Printing Module or in the Windows System Management Module. Describe the process that you used to complete the task whether it was to configure a printer, set up a network printer, or to configure virtual memory. Describe your thoughts about whether the processes that you followed to complete the activities would influence your choice of operating systems. Consider if you thought the process was complicated and if you thought it might be easier using a different operating system. Explain why. Discuss any insights regarding the various tasks. Prepare a Word document of 2-3 pages that includes the information as defined above.

Short Essay

Short Essay. you only have to watch a video about only 2 minutes and i provide you a word file that will help you to write only 300 words. The United States space shuttle program had successfully completed 20 missions when tragedy struck on January 28, 1986. The Space shuttle Challenger exploded moments after lift off. Copy and paste the URL below to watch a short video on the incident: What caused this terrible event? Many feel Groupthink was a key contributor to this catastrophic event. As you recall from your readings for this week, Groupthink is defined as “the tendency of members of a group to agree on a solution based on group concensus alone rather than weighing all of the possible options.” With this in mind, consider the following: The media covered the shuttles multiple delays (7 in total), which moved the liftoff from Jan. 22 to Jan. 28. On Jan. 27th a meeting was held between NASA and Morton Thiokol engineers discussing the early morning launch on Jan 28th. Some engineers felt the weather was too cold and the solid rocket booster ?O? rings may not seal. The contract required the ?O? rings to be functional between 40 and 90 degrees. The engineers told their superiors, but when the time came to speak up, the worried engineers kept quiet as they did not want to go against the popular concensus of the others at NASA. The managers eventually made the fateful decision to launch. The explosion 73 seconds after liftoff claimed crew and vehicle. Cause of explosion was determined to be an O-ring failure in right solid rocket booster. Cold weather was ultimately a contributing factor. Using Janis?s nine solutions to combating Groupthink from the textbook, discuss how you could successfully have utilized at least three of these solutions in order to prevent this national disaster. Your answers are to be submitted via a word document of at least 300 words, using terminology from the textbook to display your understanding of the information. Janis’ nine solutions can be found in Chapter Five of the textbook.
Short Essay

Assignment 2: Organisms In Your Biome

For Puja Only In this assignment, you will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that exhibits the different organisms in your current biome. Include the following in your presentation: Describe Your Own Environment Consider the natural environment or biome found in the geographic area where you currently live. For example, if you live in the Midwest, the natural biome for this area is the grassland. If you live in Alaska you are likely to live in either the tundra or the boreal forest. Describe the main features of the biome found in your geographic area. Include features such as the environment (moisture, temperature) and any topographic features that would influence the climate (mountains, large bodies of water, etc.). Identify Ten Organisms Make a list identifying at least ten organisms?at least five plants and five animals?that live in your biome, and describe how these organisms interact with one another. For example, is the relationship competitive or symbiotic? Describe Each Organism and its Environmental Needs In the speaker notes section in your presentation, briefly describe these ten organisms and the type of conditions?that is, moisture, warm temperatures, or a type of plant?they need in order to survive. Be sure to include the interactions between these organisms and the resources they need to survive. You may wish to use various tools available in Microsoft PowerPoint to visually depict these relationships. Hypothesis of a New Environment Consider a situation where the temperature of the climate was to increase by an average of ten degrees Celsius. Address the following: How would these organisms survive if the temperature warmed up this much? Would they stay or move to a more suitable environment? Would a new species move in? How would migratory species be impacted? What would happen to your biome? Now, consider if your biome changes with the temperature shift. Address the following: What types of plants and animals do you think would live there? What will happen to the rarer species? Will they cease to exist? Identify five plants and five animals that you feel would inhabit this warmer area. Describe this new ecosystem and the new interactions that will most likely exist. Additional Topics to Include How would environmental management practices change in your area? Would this drastic shift in temperature impact culture and society in your area? Would you still choose to live in this area after a drastic shift in temperature? Give reasons to support your answer. Use pictures from the Internet to represent your chosen species, and give credit to these Web sites. Support your statements with 3-5 credible sources. Use the last slide of your presentation as a reference slide. Develop a 10-15-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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Psychopath OR Sex Offender Paper Objective: Students are to write a 2-3 paged paper on a researched psychopath or sex offender. Directions: Read chapters 4, 5 and 6 in your Forensic Psychology textbook to gain an understanding of psychopaths and sex offenders. Then identify and research one real psychopath or sex-offender (living or dead). Write a paper that includes the following information: A biography of the psychopath or sex-offender that you have chosen. Include the crimes that they committed, and specifically describe how they meet the criteria for psychopath or sex-offender. Pretend that you are the psychologist who is assigned to treat this individual. Describe in detail some of the instruments/tools that you would use to assess risk and diagnose this individual. Describe how you personally feel about treating such an individual and include your opinion on the rehabilitative capacity of the individual. Guidelines: This paper should be strongly based on the information contained in your chapter readings and should include a reference page. (the reference page does not count toward the 2-3 page length requirement. This assignment should be typed and no larger than 12 font. Spelling and punctuation count!!! This assignment is due by noon on Saturday September 24th 2016. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! This counts for 25% of your final average.

Identifying Peripheral And Central Route Persuasion In Advertising

Due 10/04/15 by 10:15 PM CST USA No exceptions APA The assignment 23 pages (Not including Reference Page or Title Page) Briefly describe the magazine or newspaper advertisement you found that offers an example of peripheral route persuasion. Identify the factors that reduce your motivation and/or ability to process the content of the advertisement. Describe a source cue, heuristic, or emotion that is present and the positive cognitive responses it generates to change attitudes. Finally, explain whether you think the ad will change attitudes and if it will have any effect on behavior. Briefly describe the magazine or newspaper advertisement you found that represents a good example of central route persuasion. Identify the factors that enhance your motivation and ability to process the content of the advertisement. Describe the strongest and weakest arguments used in the message. Finally, explain whether you think the ad will change attitudes and if it will have any effect on behavior. Reference required Petty, R. E., Cacioppo, J. T., Strathman, A. J., & Priester, J. R. (2005). To Think or Not to Think. In T. C. Brock & M. C. Green (Eds.), Persuasion: Psychological Perspectives Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Assignment 06/01

Academic Journal In Weeks 1-5 of this course, you will complete an Academic Journal assignment that encourages you to document insights you have gained during the week related to the Learning Resources, Discussions, and Assignments, and how these insights apply to your personal academic and career goals. Only your Instructor will see your Academic Journal. Before you begin this week’s Academic Journal, review the Learning Resource Guide to Academic Journaling. Note: For information regarding how your Academic Journal assignments will be evaluated, please review the grading rubric located in the Course Information area of the course. For your first Academic Journal assignment of the course, you will reflect on your transferable skills, and your responses to the Psychology Survey this week. You also reflect on what your goals might be for this course and for your program of study at Walden. Academic Journal Assignment Instructions: By Day 7 After reading the assigned learning resources this week, complete the Week 1 Psychology Survey. To review your survey responses again, access Attempts and a green check mark appears under the Calculated Grade column. Click on the check mark and your completed survey will open. If you experience technical difficulties retrieving your responses, you can recall your responses by viewing the same survey items on page 21 of the course textbook. Review Table 2.2 on page 18 of your Course Text (A Listing of Transferrable Skills, with Examples). Write 1 short paragraph for each bulleted prompt: Summarize any survey items that you responded to with either Strongly Agree or Moderately Agree. Explain why you responded in this way. If you did not respond to any items with Strongly Agree or Moderately Agree, explain why. Summarize any items that you responded to with either Strongly Disagree or Moderately Disagree. Explain why you responded in this way. If you did not respond to any items with Strongly Disagree or Moderately Disagree, explain why. Reflect on your goals for this course and throughout your program of study at Walden. Also, identify and comment on the transferrable skills that you presently possess and the skills you are seeking to obtain (from Table 2.2 on page 18 of your Course Text). Make connections to the article Alumni Perceptions of Workforce Readiness. Planning for Success: Based on your reflections on this week’s content and the results of the survey, record in the Additional Goals at Walden section of your Curriculum and Strategy for Success Planner any areas that you wish to learn more about. More detailed instructions are provided in the template (located in the Week 1 Learning Resources). Do not submit your Curriculum and Strategy for Success Planner at this time; you will submit your Planner in Week 6. By Day 7 Submit your Academic Journal entry. Submission and Grading Information To submit your completed Journal entry for review and grading, do the following: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Submit your Journal entry by Day 7 and click in the link. Click Create Journal Entry. In the Title field, enter the name of the Journal Entry using the file naming convention: WK1Journal+last name+first initial. In the Entry Message box, provide the journal entry by either typing your responses directly into the box, or copy and paste text from a document on your computer. Do not attach document files for your journal entry. Click Post Entry. Grading Criteria To access your rubric: Week 1 Journal entry Rubric Check Your Journal entry Draft for Authenticity To check your Journal entry draft for authenticity: Submit your Week 1 Journal entry draft and review the originality report. Submit Your Journal entry by Day 7 To submit your Journal entry: Week 1 Journal entry

Sources Of Chinese Tradition From Earliest Times To 1600. And Confucius The Secular As Sacred

Forum: October 14 debates! Confucians vs. Daoists 1 The importance of morality Confucians vs. Daoists 2 The importance of social hierarchy Forum: October 28 discussion discussion thread 1 How does the challenge of Buddhism affect Han Yu’s understanding of the Confucian tradition? discussion thread 2 To what extent do Han Yu’s arguments differ in approach or in content from earlier writers like Mencius and Xunzi? Forum: November 18 discussion thread Your alternatives to Zhu Xi’s proposed reforms Be sure to assess one of Zhu Xi’s proposed reforms and provide your own alternative reform that addresses the problem. Later, return to the discussion and post an assessment of one of your classmates’ proposed reforms. Forum: December 9 discussion The Confucian frame Scholarship on East Asian politics and economic development of the last few decades tends to emphasize “Confucianism” as a common frame of reference that transcends national boundaries. What evidence do you see for and against this approach in today’s readings? How does Fujiwara Seika understand the development of a tradition of Confucian scholarship?

Assignment On Using Microsoft Project Office Create Admission,Discharge And Transfer Module

Assignment 1: Application: Using Microsoft Project Starting a project without a plan is like going on a road trip without any directions. You may progress along the way, but you might not end up at your desired destination. A project plan provides basic information that guides the execution and control of the project. At its most fundamental level, a project plan will describe the ?who, what, when, and why of a project. Microsoft Project is one of the most widely used project planning tools. The ability to understand and create project plans in Microsoft Project enables a project manager to effectively plan and manage project implementations. In this Assignment, you generate a project plan using Microsoft Project. To prepare: Review the information in this week’s Learning Resources on using Microsoft Project. Consider how to efficiently schedule tasks in a project plan. Think about how you should sequence tasks that have dependencies. By Day 7 of Week 3 To complete this Assignment, you will create a Microsoft Project plan for a patient information management system. The primary deliverable for the plan is the patient information management system itself, but it is comprised of many modules. Include the following tasks, subtasks, and timeframes: Create the Admission, Discharge, and Transfer Module (requires subtask I, configuration period: 25 days, training period: 10 days) Subtask I: Create the Patient Registration Module (requires subtask II, configuration period: 4 days, training period: 4 days) Subtask II: Create the Master Patient Index (configuration period: 4 days) Subtask III: Create the Patient Scheduling Module (requires subtask II, configuration period: 7 days, training period: 15 days)

285 2 Persuasion,Indoctrination, And Inoculation

Select one of the following topics: Voting for your favorite political candidate Joining a religious group Refraining from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that persuades your classmates to take action in support of your position. Create a plan for indoctrination and inoculation. Use logical inquiry and problem solving to arrive at a recommendation. Adhere to the following guidelines: Use central arguments and peripheral cues. Use logic and emotion to support your position. Explain why you might be a credible source to deliver this message. Anticipate counterarguments. Develop a plan of indoctrination for your class. Develop a plan of inoculation against attacks on your position. Reference at least two outside sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

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