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The National Critical Infrastructure. (Select and respond to one question for Week 2) 3.) What is your reaction to

The National Critical Infrastructure. (Select and respond to one question for Week 2)

3.) What is your reaction to Riedman’s thesis in his journal article? Make sure to provide a balanced assessment, evaluating specific points or elements (if any) that you find accurate or reasonable, and those (if any) that you consider misguided, unrealistic, objectionable, or lacking supporting evidence. Overall, do you agree that terrorist groups lack the capabilities or incentive to attack our national critical infrastructure? Why, or why not? Have there actually been more attempted or successful attacks against our critical infrastructure than Riedman acknowledges? If so, provide specific examples of major incidents, or types of incidents. If not, what might motivate terrorist groups to conduct large-scale attacks against CI facilities, systems, or sectors, and who would be the most likely aggressors?

4.) Considering that many sources estimate that about 85% of our nation’s critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector, what do you believe are the appropriate roles and responsibilities of the federal, state and local governments and the private sector, respectively, in terms of security for critical infrastructure key resources? Are there any practical and defensible incentives that the government should offer private industry to enhance security, or are strict mandates and regulation the answer? What, if any, circumstances would require the government to assume full responsibility and expense for protection of any particular CI/KR sector, system or facility? If you were a senior industry representative (e.g. CEO, corporate security director, or executive director of a trade or industry association) called to testify before a Congressional committee about enhancing security in any of the CI/KR sectors in which you operate, what would you recommend in terms of national policy?

Contraception discussion

your assignment is to name and describe 5 birth control methods. Describe how each method functions and how you apply the method. Make sure to be detailed in your response. The birth control methods can come from your text or any accredited outside source.

Based on what you have learned so far, think about a person you know who is struggling to have Essay

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Based on what you have learned so far, think about a person you know who is struggling to have an appropiate adaptive response to an everyday life event that impacts their functioning. (This can be a current or past client or just someone you know.)

Thinking about what you have ready what type(s) of sensory integration problems do you hypothosize that they have? Please list the problems and give your observations as to why you think this for each one.
If you were going to formally assess this person what information would you like to gather?
Do you have any ideas of assessment tools you might use to gather this information (formal and/or informal)?
What ideas do you have of ways that you could create a treatment plan to help them with these issues to begin to create adaptive responses?
*REMEMBER to create an adaptive response the client must be an active doer in the process not a passive recipeint.

Don’t forget to use resources to back up your thoughts.

Go to and scroll down to the recorded webinar called “ASI Theory” by Dr. Melisa Kaye, EdD, OTR/L. Click on the “watch now” button and follow the instructions provided (you will likely be prompted to download and install Adobe Connect at no cost in order to watch this video).

Native American and African Traditional Religion Beliefs and Practices Presentation

You will research a Native American or African community’s culture, oral tradition, religious texts, historical background, and current beliefs and practices.
Choose a community from one of the following lists:
Native American options:
African Community options:
In a 15-20-slide presentation with slide notes (not including title slide and reference slide), address the following elements:
Name of the Native American community or African Tribal Religion and the historical religious beliefs and practices of that group.
How historical beliefs and religious practices have been influenced (positively or negatively) by the dominant surrounding culture. Include specific examples.
Current religious beliefs and practices and the part they play in the daily life of a typical member of the community.
Elements of the traditional religion that a Christian would need to consider when sharing the Christian faith/gospel with a person from this community.
Evaluation of the impact American or European policy has had on Native American or African Tribal Religion beliefs and practices.
How current and future governmental policies could impact personal beliefs and practices of that community in the future.
Be creative. Include a title slide, reference slide(s), and slide notes that provide detailed explanation of slide information.
As a research option, interview a Native American or African, medicine man, shaman, or museum expert about that community. If you would like to take pictures during your visit to this community, museum, or place of worship be sure to obtain permission.
Utilize the course textbook and a minimum of three additional academic resources, one of which can be your interview and should include topic materials and external resources such as resources from the GCU Library or Theology Commons.

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