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The Paper Is Based On A Company Apart Of The BISX In The Bahamas Called AML Food Essay Help Online

The paper is based on a company apart of the BISX in The Bahamas called AML Foods Limited. This paper should only be related to The Bahamas, unless otherwise. Attached is the instructions for the financial analysis on the AML Foods Limited and the annual report for 2021.
Here are links to the AML Food Limited sites that may be of usage:

My trial is on the Leopold and Loeb trial (1924). It has to be between 800-1200 scholarship essay helpMy trial is on the Leopold and Loeb trial (1924). It has to be between 800-1200 words, MLA format with 4 sources.
Generated national and international attention due to numerous factors such as their wealthy background, absense of any reason to commit murder, the cruel was the victim was killed, the killers demanded money even after the victims death.
Clarence Barrow, the most famous lawyer in the country at that time, gave a 12 hour long speech to save them from the death pentalty.
Evidence consisted of a single pair of glasses.
Pshchiatric testimony was the first time on record that this method was used in court to persuad a jury or guilt or why they did the murder.
sources must be from houston chronicas
last page is only for sources links
Dr college admissions essay helpsources must be from houston chronicas
last page is only for sources links
Dr. Dodd
ENG 1301
Fall 2021
Causal Analysis Essay (10% of final grade)
Due Dates:
Peer Review Date:
Final Draft Due:
Learning Outcomes Emphasized: take useful notes on a variety of texts; come up with a clear thesis; an engaging introduction; multiple, focused supporting paragraphs; a logical and effective organization of ideas; and a conclusion that opens up the argument to wider application; develop well-qualified claims with reasons and with evidence that are appropriate to an academic audience; respond to arguments of others with rebuttals and strategic concessions; practice invention, planning, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading essays
Assignment: Write a multi-paragraph essay in which you explore the causal relationships surrounding an issue inspired by our course readings in This Ain’t Yesterday’s Literacy and developed during our class discussions (see list below). You should support your analysis with your personal experiences, your well-reasoned opinion on the subject, ideas from your peers, and/or textual evidence (information, summaries, quotes directly from our readings).
Research: You will need 2 sources for this essay. All sources must come from This Ain’t Yesterday’s Literacy, Opposing Viewpoints and/or The Houston Chronicle (found in the UHD library’s data base).
Issues: [add list of class-generated issues here]
Structures for writing a causal analysis:
1. Cause A  leads to Effects B, C, and D
2. Effect D  stems from Causes A, B, and C
3. Cause A  leads to Cause B leads to Cause C  leads to Effect D
Sample Issues applied to Causal Analysis Structure: [add examples here]
Use of Visuals:
I invite you to consider adding visuals to your essay, like a chart, graph, or picture (a picture can be one you took). If you do, you need to incorporate it into your essay by referring to it. In other words, it is not there for decoration, it has to serve a rhetorical purpose, and you have to make that purpose known to the reader. Be sure to document your visual as a source.
Occasion and Audience: The official newspaper of the University of Houston-Downtown is called, Dateline ( They are doing a special edition regarding your issue and are inviting students to submit essays. Readers of The Dateline are made up of UHD students, faculty, and staff.
Constraints: The essay should no less than 4 pages, with a maximum of 6 pages—not including visuals or the works cited page. Your document will be double-spaced, standard 12-point font, 1.25-inch margins on all sides and will follow the MLA format for a paper without the title page. You will include a works cited page as the last page of your essay.
Peer Review & Writing Assistance:
If you are unable to attend the mandatory individual/group conference, you must have a conference with a tutor at the Writing & Reading Center. At my discretion, your paper may not be accepted unless you either attend the individual/group conference or have a writing center conference.
To make an appointment for a conference at the Writing & Reading Center: All conferences are either face-to-face, synchronous online, or asynchronous via a drop box. See tutoring schedule below. Asynchronous appointments via the drop box may take a few days to receive your feedback. If you are going to use this option, plan to submit your draft no later than Nov. 4, so you can get feedback you can use.
Grading Criteria:
A (95) = Expertly written, well organized, compelling thesis, brilliant development of argument, wonderful examples.
B (85) = Very good writing, good organization, interesting thesis, very good development of argument, very good examples
C (75) = Average writing, average organization, average thesis, average development of argument, average examples
D (65) = Much work is needed on all aspects of your writing
F (55) = Does not conform to freshman-level college expectations
Paper Checklist
Overall, the paper:
ÿ Focuses on cause and effect
ÿ Addresses the intended audience
ÿ Is written with an academic tone
The introduction:
ÿ Introduces overall topic which will be discussed in body of paper
ÿ Explains how this information will help the reader better understand the issue
ÿ Provides basic information the reader will need to know
ÿ Includes a thesis statement.
Organization of Body Paragraphs:
ÿ Choose one of the three formats pictured to organize your essay:
Effect B
Cause A  leads to Effect C
­ Effect D
Cause A
Effect D  leads to Cause B
Cause C
Cause A leads to Cause B leads to Cause C leads to Effect D
Each Body Paragraph:
ÿ Presents one Cause or Effect
ÿ Explains the Cause or Effect’s importance to the reader
ÿ Explains the details of the Cause or Effect
ÿ Offers proof/evidence via summary, paraphrase, or quote
ÿ CITES that proof with the author’s last name and page number
ÿ Discusses that proof/evidence
ÿ Transitions into the next topic
ÿ Show how the next paragraph fits in with the current paragraph
ÿ Puts the paragraph in the context of the overall argument
ÿ Avoids quick and basic phrases (ex. “first”)
The conclusion:
ÿ Presents a full picture of the overall argument— with all pieces in place
ÿ Shows that the writer in informed and motivated
ÿ Re-emphasizes that this argument is important to understanding the issue.
Your task is to develop a “glocal education tool-kit” that you can access in you best essay helpYour task is to develop a “glocal education tool-kit” that you can access in your current practice and future career. The following parameters need to be considered:
1. Before you begin developing your toolkit, choose a topic or theme by aligning your toolkit with one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
2. Your tool-kit needs a minimum of five activities to promote global engagement and understanding. The tool-kit can include the activity you developed in Lesson 10. The activities do not need to be originally designed by you; you are welcome to have activities that you found on a website as long as you identify the source.
3. The tool-kit should be geared toward a particular age range (e.g. K-gr. 3, gr. 4-6, gr. 7-8, gr. 9-12) and this should be clearly stated.
4. Each activity should incorporate at least the following aspects (but also consider issues such as differentiation for different learning needs, assessment, extensions, etc.):
Activity Name:
Intended Learning Outcomes:
Resources Required:
5. Include a 300-500 word reflection that identifies the key learning you have experienced in developing the toolkit and other aspects of learning you may have had as you engaged in this course.
6. Presentation of the tool-kit and reflection: Collect the five activities and the reflection statement into a portfolio format. You will submit the tool-kit as a PDF
The toolkit should be 10-15 pages in total length (including the reflection and references).
If you are looking for an example of a tool-kit, check out this one from the Thames Valley District School Board:
student is required to complete the term project, which is a 15-20 page
( custom essay helpEach
student is required to complete the term project, which is a 15-20 page
(not counting the cover, abstract and reference page) research paper in
proper APA format. Once you have submitted this assignment it is
automatically run through a plagiarism checker program.
is your FIRST DRAFT of your research paper for review. You should not
submit what you believe is your final paper. This draft submission
provides you with guidance, suggestions, and feedback that will enable
you to continue further development to submit the best final paper
Submit your First Draft by no later than Sunday of week 5.
Late submissions of this assignment will not be accepted.
1. The body of your paper which should show you researched the challenges an college application essay help1. The body of your paper which should show you researched the challenges and what has been done to improve the situation. You MUST use at least 10 sources for your paper. Use scholarly articles and peer reviewed articles. You are permitted to use an internet source BUT it must be approved by me to make sure it is credible.
2. Finally, explain what you recommend based from the articles you researched. You CANNOT make any recommendation that is not supported by what you found in the study.
https://www.pdfdrive. best essay helpTHIS IS THE BOOK YU NEED TO READ CHAPTER 6 TO DO THE ESSAY
In ch. 6 of Bad Things, Kushner speaks of people who, “hurt by life, … hurt themselves again” by guilt, anger, or
jealousy. Give one concrete example of someone you know who is consumed by guilt, anger or jealousy. How is
this behavior self-destructive? Can you hypothesize what “hurt” might have caused these self-destructive
emotions? Include a direct quote from Kushner with page number.
Over the course of the past 8 weeks, we have examined a number of issues that ar cheap essay helpOver the course of the past 8 weeks, we have examined a number of issues that are facing families today. For this assignment you are going to select an issue facing families today and address the following:
Identify the issue that you have selected
Discuss the impact of the issue selected on the family
Provide some history on how the selected issue has evolved
Identify 3 resources that are available to assist families experiencing the selected issue. Provide a summary of what each resource has to offer and how it can be helpful.
Provide a closing discussion on what is needed to resolve your selected issue. Be sure to include policy changes as well as societal changes in your discussion.
Assignment Requirements: Create your assignment in a word document, length 4 content pages, APA formatted, (In addition to 4 content pages you must include cover page and reference page) use minimum of 3 references to support your writing. You must show how and where the references used at the end of your paper are used to support the body of your paper through the use of in text citations. Please avoid using direct quotes so that your Turnitin Originality Score is within an acceptable range.
Save your assignment as your topic_ your name. (i.e. Divorce_MickeyMouse). Title your paper with the issue you chose as your topic.
Weekly Readings and Summaries
Reading summaries should take the form of an outl college essay helpWeekly Readings and Summaries
Reading summaries should take the form of an outline or list of key bullet points rather than paragraph /prose format.
They should be typed, single space, and be no longer than 3 pages (preferably 1-2 pp). Each individual article/author in a
given week should be identified separately (article title and author, underlined) with the summary outline following. The
three key observations/ comments for the week may draw from one or all of the readings for that week and appear at the
top of the first page. Please include your name and date due/submitted on the heading of the first page. Word docs and
pdfs are both permissible file formats.
Required Reading:
Atmospheres, by Peter Zumthor
atmospheres, Peter Zumthor.pdf
Reflect on your course experience. How has your perspective changed since the be custom essay helpReflect on your course experience. How has your perspective changed since the beginning of the term? Identify and discuss at least three ideas, beliefs, or opinions you had before that were challenged by what you learned. What will you do now that you have this new perspective?
In your peer responses, please reflect on how your peer’s choices, examples, etc. are similar or different from your choices.
By the end of Module #1, students will explore proposed legislation (i.e., bills college admission essay helpBy the end of Module #1, students will explore proposed legislation (i.e., bills and resolutions) to come before either the 2022 session of the Georgia state legislature (also known as the General Assembly) or the 118th US Congress and identify a piece of legislation that interests them. The selected legislation may be one of personal or professional interest and need not be strictly focused on health care (though it’s ideal if it has some health implications).
The student will then follow the progress of this legislation moving through committees and debates and journal about the policy’s journey in Modules 1-6. Things to consider including in the journal are: the background behind the proposed policy, which legislators/lawmakers are sponsoring the policy, which committees are hearing testimony on the policy, does it make it to the House floor for a vote (if so, when and the vote details), the Senate for a vote (again, when and vote details), does it get signed into law (if so, when) or if not, what happened? You may also want to report on what organizations support or oppose the legislation and whether it has been covered in the news. The journal should include, at a minimum, one (1) entry on the status of the legislation for each course module.
To identify and track state legislation, start with the search toolbar in the upper-right corner of this site: To look up federal legislation, start here:
The journal should be submitted as a Word document, with your name and the bill/resolution number, Times New Roman font size 12, 1-inch page margins, double-spacing, and journal entry dates. Students should proofread for correct spelling and grammar before submission. Please include references if you’re citing external sources (e.g., news stories or supporting/opposing organizations’ websites). Due on the last day of class.
Over the course of the semester, you will write a policy paper examining a poten essay help freeOver the course of the semester, you will write a policy paper examining a potential root cause of terrorism and the potential counterterrorism policy implications of the root cause. The policy paper is a research paper that should be between 20 and 25 double-spaced, typed pages with standard 12pt font and standard, one inch margins. Early in the semester, you will select an appropriate topic for the policy paper.
Here are some examples of potential policy paper topics:
Is poor education a root cause of terrorism? The policy paper examines education levels and education systems in three different countries to determine whether or not poor access to education prompts higher terrorist activity. The paper then evaluates counterterrorism policy that recommends improving education as a means to reduce terrorism.
Does ethnic conflict in South Asia (or another region of the world) drive the high terrorism rates there? The policy paper examines measures of ethnic diversity and the history of ethnic disputes in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and then evaluates existing affirmative action policies in those countries to see if they are reducing or exacerbating terrorism.
Does the illicit drug trade fuel terrorism in Latin America? What sorts of counternarcotics policies should be in place to address the impact of the drug trade on terrorism?
Would an economic downturn in the United States produce more terrorism or violent extremism? If so, what types of policies might be enacted to address this possibility?
What are the main root causes of terrorism in ____________________ (select a country or a region of the world)? What counterterrorism policies do you recommend to address those root causes? What counterterrorism policies would be counterproductive?
These are only examples to get you thinking about potential policy paper topics. You may use one of these topics (you will need to focus it and customize it), work on a similar topic, or design a completely new one.
There are two components to the policy paper:
The Prospectus. (15% of the Policy Paper grade) This is due early in the semester. We require a two-page, typed description of the topic of your policy paper. In it you will draft a prospective title for your paper, present your main research question or propose a thesis statement you will argue or a hypothesis you will test, discuss the methodology – be it a set of case studies or an evaluation of data – you will use to answer your question, test your hypothesis or support your argument. The prospectus should also have a preliminary draft bibliography to show me that you have started research on your project. This bibliography is not included in the 2-page count. The purpose of the prospectus is to get you started on your paper early enough in the semester so that I can give you feedback on your project.
The Final Draft. (85% of the Policy Paper grade) This is the completed, finished and polished policy paper, due near the end of the semester. It should be between 20 and 25 typed, double-spaced pages with standard fonts and margins, as previously explained. It should demonstrate that you have addressed any relevant comments or questions that you received on the prospectus. The final draft should be organized in the following way:
Title Page, with your name and the class identification;
Abstract, a 100-150 word abstract that briefly explains your topic and its findings;
Introduction, which begins your paper and states your research question and/or your thesis statements, main argument, hypothesis(es);
Literature Review, which surveys the relevant literature for your topic and explains how you hope to add to that literature;
Analysis, which describes the methodology you use, identifies your variables if you are doing a quantitative analysis or selects and defends your cases if you are doing a comparative analysis and then presents the results of your findings;
Policy Conclusion / Recommendation, which reviews your findings and then discusses the relevant counterterrorism policy implications.
When working on all parts of the Policy Paper, keep the following in mind:
The prospectus and final draft are all to be typed, double-spaced with standard margins and fonts (one inch all around and 12 point).
Both the Prospectus and the Final Draft are to be uploaded as Word documents into the Policy Paper folder on Canvas. Both are due on the days indicated in the syllabus and are subject to class late penalties (one grade-point average per day it is late). I will not give any extensions and will not accept any late components of the paper after the last day of class.
All components of the paper are to be formatted using any standard recognized citation system– for everything, including citations and references. For information on Citation Guides and Tools; visit Penn State Library Citation and Writing Guides webpage. (Links to an external site.)
Note that in the final draft I will be looking to see if you have all six sections of the paper: title page, abstract, intro, lit review, methods and analysis section, policy recommendations or implications and conclusion.
If you are planning to do a study that involves data analysis, please make sure to make an appointment with me early in the semester to talk about data and methods. While a lot of terrorism data is publicly available, it is often the case that an interesting topic needs to be modified to fit existing data.
Websites do not count as sources, unless they are primary sources such as speeches, sources for statistics, etc. If you are using the internet for primary sources in your paper, you must include the url and you must identify the website so I can verify its veracity. Note that a paper source that you access using the web, for example via a university library database, is perfectly acceptable. What I am trying to do is to get you to avoid using Wikipedia as a source or random websites that may or may not be providing valid information.
write about the book Cradle to Cradle and watch a ted talk from the following we scholarship essay helpwrite about the book Cradle to Cradle and watch a ted talk from the following website

In 250 words, write about what resonates with you about this reading and video. How does the reading suggest we consider design? How can sustainable design bring about social justice?

This assignment has 3 parts to it, I’ve already done the first part but you are college essay help onlineThis assignment has 3 parts to it, I’ve already done the first part but you are allowed to change it to your liking. I will send the assignment instructions. Assignment 2 is part 1, assignment 3 is part 2, and assignment 5 is the final part. The Research Question file is the one I did, but you can edit it to your liking. The final essay file is my past essay that this essay has to be based on. Part 1 of the essay is due today so you don’t need to worry about it, part 2 is due on February 17th at 9 am and the final part is due at 9 am on March 24th
A lot has changed over the past 246 years since the birth of our country. Not o essay helpA lot has changed over the past 246 years since the birth of our country. Not only can people vote without paying a poll tax, but people of color, women, and 18 year-olds can vote. For that, we can thank the 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
(Each of these amendments has a story. You have addressed the story of the 15th Amendment in your first essay. So, your assignment is to tell me what rights the 19th, 24th and 26th Amendments give and their story in your own words. Why were they fought for and how did they became a part of the U.S. Constitution?)
After you tell me the story of each amendment that affected the status of voting, take a look at what’s happening with state voting laws in the news today. Do you think we need stricter voting laws to ensure fair elections OR do you think changing the voting laws is an attempt to suppress voting? Why? (Please note that this last portion of your essay is your opinion based on what you have learned. There is no right or wrong answer. All that is required is that you learn about new voting laws and form an opinion based on your research.)
Why would obtaining the graduate school scholarship be critical for helping you college essay helpWhy would obtaining the graduate school scholarship be critical for helping you sucessfully complete your degree,what impact will completingyour degree have on your abilty to accomplish your professional goals,and how will accompishing your professional goals impact your life in the community or in the world.
Each student will be responsible to research an END related topic and write a te essay help site:eduEach student will be responsible to research an END related topic and write a term paper.
. The paper will be 7-10 typewritten, double-spaced pages and
will include a bibliography. Appropriate sources of material are journal articles, textbooks, and
reliable internet Be sure to include Images and charts or EEG samples
make sure to list the treatment
Choose an online news source and find an article that appeals to you. The artic college essay help onlineChoose an online news source and find an article that appeals to you. The article must be related to Economics. The Article should be at least 4 paragraphs long and have enough “information” to summarize and add your own opinion to it. The article must be dated after 1-18-2022. You must comment on at least 2 of your classmates posts.
The article can be from a local, state, national or world website.
*** NO sports, entertainment, gossip or advertisement kinds of articles.***
2. Read the article to make sure you understand what it is talking about. Take time to talk about the article with a classmate or relative.
3. Write 2-3 paragraphs summarizing the article. Be sure to include factual information included in your summary.
Make sure you state where you found your article (online source) – Provide a working link.
4. Include your opinion on the article. What did you think about the article? If the article made you feel a certain way, share your thoughts.
5. Some ideas to consider, depending on the type of article you choose:
– Do you agree / disagree with what is being said?
– Did you learn something new?
– Are you more informed about what is going on in your area, the nation, the world?
– Has the article inspired you?
– Does the article leave you wanting to “take action” and do something?
– Use Memo format
Click “Create Blog Entry” to post your assignment. Contact me if you have any questions.
The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on significant past events in psych scholarship essay helpThe purpose of this assignment is to reflect on significant past events in psychology and
how they relate to course concepts, psychological theory(ies), and scholarly research.
Remember, a good argument or topic paper will address both sides of the issue, whether
you agree with the other side or not. Look at the pros and cons for both sides of the issue and try
to incorporate both sides of the topic. That will be a stronger paper than ignoring the other side.
1. Cover page, 4-5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman or Arial, and works
cited page.
2. APA style format throughout the paper
3. Must have 3-5 scholarly sources
4. Well-written, clear, organized in APA style, and free from grammatical and spelling
I am a Master’s student in Digital Marketing, aiming to finish my studies best college essay helpDears,
I am a Master’s student in Digital Marketing, aiming to finish my studies by submitting the draft proposal of my thesis, followed by my dissertation, hopefully by April 2022.
The courses that I have taken during my studies are:
Information Systems and Digital Transformation
Digital Business and Entrepreneurship
Search and Social Media Marketing
Project Management, Leadership and Skills; Planning and Control
I am flexible in changing the subject/title of my thesis, should it be more feasible to complete, as long as it is related to one of the courses mentioned above. I have also mentioned “whatever” in my title, to be filled by any input found suitable by you, upon our mutual agreement.
I am not looking to score an A+, my aim is to obtain my Master’s degree, getting a grade between 70 and 80 would be satisfactory for me.
I have hereby attached the outline of my required dissertation structure for your reference.
I remain open and available for further communication, awaiting your kind feedback to get in touch and take this to the next step.
Thanks and regards,
Choose a social problem. (The social problem that I would like for you to discus essay help onlineChoose a social problem. (The social problem that I would like for you to discuss is child abuse in the united
states). Clearly identify/define the problem and provide a brief history of the problem, What are different/
opposing perspectives/ideologies about this problem? (liberal vs. conservative). What are several (3-4) past
and present social programs and policies in place to address the problem? .Were/are they liberal or
conservative? How?. What is the present status of the problem and how would you, as a social worker,
contribute to addressing the problem? Why? . You are to discuss the paper in your own perspective, differing perspectives based research material should be considered
Presentation Date: March 22, 2022 (during class)
You will select a topic pertine essay help online freePresentation Date: March 22, 2022 (during class)
You will select a topic pertinent to the course subject matter. Some possible topic areas could include: business ethics, sustainability and competitive advantage, risk management, forecasting methods, and balanced scorecard (BSC).
You will need to conduct research about your chosen topic and discuss in some detail real-world examples.
Please use reliable databases, such as EBSCO, Elsevier, ScienceDirect, ProQuest, Inderscience, and other scholarly materials to conduct research for the paper. Please cite at least four reliable sources, including research articles in your paper.
Short paper
Your file should follow a professional format and include a cover page (your name,
course name, title of paper, and submission date), abstract (about 150 words), introduction, main body of paper, conclusion, your own contributions (discussion of your own thoughts about the topic), and references in APA style.
The short research paper will be between 1200-1400 words, excluding references and exhibits (tables and figures, if applicable). Please use APA for citations.
Student must register online to access the Capstone Business Simulation This is not the purchase of software, but provides access to the computer simulation that is being used in lieu of a textbook.
please create a powerpoint for the 3-5 slides presentation white bthe paper itself should have a word format
A small surgery center needs your help to create a database. The office manager cheap essay helpA small surgery center needs your help to create a database. The office manager has identified the following types of data (entities): patients, doctors, procedures and appointments using the following business rules:
Patients can have many doctors and many doctors can see many patients.
Patients can have many procedures and many procedures are done on patients.
Doctors can have multiple appointments. (hint: these are many to many relationships, so associative tables need to be added).
Please identify the attributes and primary keys needed for each of the entities.
Identify the data types you would use for each of the attributes.
Determine the relationships between the entities and find the one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.
Create an ER diagram using Visio include the associative tables based on your analysis.
Identify all foreign keys needed in the database design.
Create the database and relationships in Access and populate the tables using the spreadsheets (unless your Professor wants you to type the data into the tables).
Write a 3-5-page APA paper discussing the following topics:
Discuss Database impact on the workplace,
Discuss database benefits when businesses use querie,
Forms, and reports.
Discuss at least two security concerns should be discussed with a proposed solution to mitigate the security issues.

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