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The Phantom of the Opera: A Broadway Review (December 2014) history essay help

Heavily regarded as the most iconic show on the Great White Way, Broadway staple The Phantom of the Opera was absolutely phenomenal. The classic operetta showed at the Majestic Theatre at 8:00 PM on December 29th, 2014.
The female protagonist Christine Daae, played by Julia Udine, performed to absolute perfection. Perhaps the most important aspect of this character is her singing, and Udine knocked it out of the park. Her voice was lovely and audible from the rear of the theater, she nailed the notes and masterfully exhibited her large range, her diction was surprisingly clear, and her intonation was breathtaking. The emotion she packed behind each song was raw and bold, yet as a soft-spoken and more submissive character, she intertwined Christine’s personality and strong emotions of fear and love across through song just beautifully.
The Phantom, played by Norm Lewis, was a bit less than stellar. While his acting was fascinating (the creepiness of the Phantom character was illustrated wonderfully by the mannerisms provided by Lewis–the constant hiding of his face, the way in which he stalked about the stage, his constant hunch and peeking eyes over his shoulder), his singing left, at some points, a lot to be desired. He came out strong with his first number, but just before the end of Act I, he struggled to hit the softer notes. There was absolutely no breath support, rendering his falsetto horrendous. It may have been just Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music tripping him up, or he may just have been having a bad night, but on Broadway (and especially in such a renowned actor’s case), things like that should not be happening.
One of the most satisfying and impressive aspects to the show was the set. From the chandelier rising up from the floor of the stage to the ceiling of the theatre itself, from the integration of modern sound effects to allow for the Phantom’s threatening and longing whispers for his love to transition smoothly from the right to left side of the theatre and back, from the unforgettable scene during the number “Phantom of the Opera” in which the Phantom rows a gondola through a foggy stage representing a ghostly river, rows upon rows of standing candle holders appearing from the mist, painting a romantically eerie picture. Everything about the frilly costumes, the nearly hundreds of props and set pieces used by the cast of the opera house to create ‘operas’ within the show, was meticulously made, classic, and true to what it was trying to highlight, whether it be a character’s personality and fears (the Phantom’s ever-recognizable mask) or the Phantom’s true wickedness (the corpse put into the Phantom’s wardrobe that hangs unsettlingly from the doors after popping out) or the sense of humor concerning the opera house’s company (the two men working an elephant set piece for their production of Hannibal are seen lazily dozing off as the piece is turned around and rolled offstage, to the delight of the audience). Effects-wise, everything ran smoothly, and nothing could have gone better. Everything on stage was there for a reason, and the audience was able to pick out the details and strongly appreciate them. Overall, the show was just fantastic.

Waking Ashland essay help websites: essay help websites

While searching online for new music to check out, my friend found Waking Ashland, a piano-rock band out of Southern California. We instantly fell in love with their music and were ecstatic when we found out they were playing in Boston. Our hopes fell, however, when we discovered the show was at an 18+ club. Our goal of seeing them seemed out of reach. Then, Cara decided we should e-mail the lead singer, Jonathan. She explained how much we loved their music, and our situation. She also asked to interview him for our website. If we couldn’t go to the show, at least we could meet them. He wrote back saying that he would love to do the interview and would see what he could do about getting us into the show. Our hopes rose. After several more e-mails and even phone calls to work out the details, the day finally arrived. Cara and I (along with our friends Krista and Julie) found the club and called Jonathan to let him know we were there. Seconds later, he greeted us, saying “Hey, my friends!” We introduced ourselves and got the interview started. He gave great answers to what he said were great questions, and we all laughed a lot. It was unbelievable what a nice guy he was. Afterward, he broke the news that it was unlikely he would be able to get us in for the show because the club was really strict about the age restriction. To make up for it, he asked if we would like to hear a private acoustic set before they went in for the sound check. We met the other guys in the band and we all talked as they ate dinner. Then they took out their acoustic guitars and played our favorite song, “Counting The Stars.” We stood there trying to cement this memory into our minds forever. The song sounded even better acoustic, especially since it was played just for us. What a great moment! Then it was time for the sound check and Jonathan asked us to come in, figuring that if the club wouldn’t let us in for the show, they might at least let us in for sound check. He joked that if they didn’t, he would just tell them we were his sisters. He brought us over to the merch table because we wanted to buy some shirts and CDs. They made a lot of money between the four of us! While they set up their equipment, we talked to their manager. The whole time, a club employee glared at us. They got through about half a song before we were told to leave. Reluctantly, we took our stuff and headed for the door. The guys called out their good-byes as we waved and thanked them for everything. Waking Ashland made our night a magical one. Not only did we get to meet one of our favorite bands, we interviewed them, heard them play and caught their sound check. I will always remember this night as one of my favorite memories.

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“Betty,” by Helmet, is perfect. The CD has alot of good stuff on it; the band has changed a little from hard metal to a mixof metal, blues, jazz and funk. The CD includes crazy funk bass beats andexcellent drumming complemented by awesome, jazzy, funk guitar.

A goodsong, “The Silver Hawaiian,” starts out with a funny growl that letsyou know the song is going to be a little weird. Then the bass starts in. Thesong is mostly the bass guitar and drums, with guitar in the background makingcool sound effects that totally go with the song and make it even better. It’ssung in a low weird voice, and the lyrics are just plain odd.

The albumisn’t new, but I think it is one of Helmet’s best. It’s unique because the leadsinger changes his style from song to song. The funniest song is “Biscuitsfor Smut,” about biscuits that are so bad no one will eat them. It has agood blend of bass and guitar that sounds like a classic alternative rock song.The voice is synthesized with a tube that runs alongside the microphone toanother microphone. It goes well with the lyrics and the song as a whole.”Betty” is good because of its variety.

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Christian songs have been sung for thousands of years. Some people do not support the modern versions of Christian music, but I don’t see anything wrong with them. Traditional songs that are sung in church were once new, resembling the music of their time. Third Day’s most recent album, “Conspiracy No.5,” is one of the greatest collections of contemporary Christian music I’ve heard. It features 13 soul-searching songs with a combination of sensational rhythms and lyrics. The band is led by Mac Powell who sings and plays guitar. Third Day’s popularity will continue to rise due to their commitment to God and their apparent ability to play. .

Ten Best Cds Of 1992 college essay help service: college essay help service

1) “Sand in the Vaseline” – Talking Heads: This is a compilation of their greatest hits combined on a set of two CDs. “Mr. Jones” and “Lifetime Piling Up” are two of my favorite songs on this album. 2) “It’s a Shame About Ray” – Lemonheads: I thought this was a really enjoyable CD to listen to. I think the Lemonheads are a really great band; they show a lot of diversity. “Confetti” is a great song. 3) “Singles” Soundtrack: I think this is one of the most powerful soundtracks ever made because of the many wonderful artists on it. “Seasons” by Chris Connelly and “I Nearly Lost You” by The Screaming Trees are just two of the many great songs. 4) “Rites of Passage” – Indigo Girls: I really liked this CD the best of their others because songs like “Galileo” and “Joking” have great lyrics and are fun to listen to. 5) “Pocket Full of Kryptonite” – Spin Doctors: “Two Princes” is one of my high school’s favorite songs. “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” is a great tune. 6) “Southern Comfort” – Black Crowes: I liked this CD a lot because the Black Crowes add a lot of charm and a little country background to their music. “Remedy” is a perfect example. 7) “Woodface” – Crowded House: I love “It’s Only Natural” and “Weather With You” because they show that simplicity is the key to life. 8) “This Time in Eden” – 10,000 Maniacs: I liked this CD but not as much as “In My Tribe.” This album reminisces about the past like in “These are Days” and “Few and Far Between.” 9) “Us” – Peter Gabriel: This is an album of Gabriel’s past experience which deals with issues like divorce and psychotherapy. “Digging in the Dirt” deals with from when he was a child until he is an adult recounting his recent divorce. 10) “Your Arsenal”- Morrissey: I love Morrissey and how he writes his music. I enjoyed “Bona Drag” which was one of his past albums. “Your Arsenal” is just as good but in this album Morrissey seems to put on a tougher attitude. n

Applause by Lady Gaga write essay help: write essay help

Although Lady Gaga has a strong and seemingly constant presence in pop culture, new music hasn’t been released by the artist since her album Born This Way in 2011.
Until Now.
Her most recent electropop anthem is “Applause,” released on August 12, 2013. I’ve been a dedicated fan of hers since I first heard the song Pokerface in 2008 and the new track did not disappoint. Her voice in the opening lines is reminiscent of David Bowie and it has an addicting beat that will make you want to listen to it “just one more time.”
My favorite thing about this song though is rooted in its message. She starts off the song by singing, “I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong. To hear the critic saying, is it right or is it wrong.” Along with her success over the past few years, she has also faced much criticism and controversy. Now she’s standing up to of the critics, just begging them to find that small detail they disapprove of and call her a failure. She is confident in her music and in the end, that’s what her career is all about.
The song also acts as an introduction to her upcoming album, ARTPOP. Together they will bring about a new era in her music that combines art and pop culture as one force.
Give her a round of Applause, because ARTPOP is about to take over.

Lust For Life by Lana Del Rey cbest essay help: cbest essay help

Lana Del Rey – the sad queen of Coney Island and Hollywood nostalgia, dropped her fifth studio album on the 21st of July, 2017. The album was titled “Lust For Life”, and there was much speculation after Del Rey released a promotional trailer for it on the 31st of March. The album has 16 songs from “Love” to “Get Free”.

The album kicks off with “Love” – and it somehow comes as a pleasant surprise. If you are familiar with Del Rey’s work, you would know that almost all of her songs in the past have been about toxic relationships, drugs, sex and downright recklessness. In this song however, we hear Del Rey crooning about today’s youth and how they still hold on to a sense of wonder in this era of darkness. It is important to notice that Del Rey isn’t just singing about love but also self-love and how feelings of love and affection drive young people forward, even in the face of adversity. Del Rey claims this song is dedicated exclusively to her fans.

The next track is, Lust For Life” which features The Weeknd, is an interesting single which promotes the will to live. It has an interesting inspiration, however – Del Rey sings about the H of the Hollywood sign, which is a reference to the suicide of Peg Entwistle – a young actress who leapt to her death from that very spot, in 1932. It is a reference too ‘dying young’ and the theme has further been derived from Billy Joel’s “Only The Good Die Young”. The song is very optimistic in it’s nature nonetheless as it speaks of living life to the fullest and is probably Del Rey’s brightest track to date.

“13 Beaches” is the third track and it bears Del Rey’s trademark reflections and nostalgic vibes. Apparently, Del Rey had to search thirteen beaches to escape paparazzi! This has inspired the song and that scene has flawlessly been connected to Del Rey’s efforts to avoid a toxic relationship and her search for “something real” as far as relationships are concerned.

The next track is my favourite and it is titled “Cherry”. It is a song about loss and dead dreams. Old fans of Del Rey will find it reminiscent of Del Rey’s cover of “Summer Wine” (which was originally sung by the great Nancy Sinatra). This song has gorgeous imagery (with pretty explicit lyrics), yet the very vibe of accepting everything with open arms, makes the lyrics all the more appealing.

“White Mustang”, isthe fifth track whose accompanying music video is very interesting and diverges from Del Rey’s usual vintage themes and showcases a futuristic scene. The song is about loving a fellow artist, but also about accepting yourself first and not defining yourself solely on the basis of a relationship. It is the shortest track on the album and is fair on the ears.

The sixth track “Summer Bummer” featuring A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti, has faced a lot of flak from many fans on whether the rap portion of the song was necessary or not, as the song sounds pretty good without it as well. Considering how Del Rey’s previous work has heavily been influenced by hip-hop (especially Born To Die), it wasn’t a big surprise.

“Groupie Love” (probably my least favourite track, featuring A$AP Rocky) is a slow, smooth, scintillating track that is easy on the ears. It isn’t Del Rey’s best track.

“In My Feelings” is probably the best track on the album, simply for the fact that it is incredibly strong. Del Rey wields every ounce of her feminine strength in this song and its nothing like you’ve ever heard before. The lyrics show how Del Rey is incredibly self-aware and the amount of pride and self-respect in the song is endearing.
The ninth track “Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind” is a very rich, soulful track, with a political background. Del Rey attends the Coachella music festival and while she is there, her mind wanders to the famous 1969 rock music festival, Woodstock. She is reminded of Woodstock as Coachella bears a similar energy and freedom. Yet, Del Rey is troubled too, for “tensions are rising over country lines”. She tries to give hope to everyone in the midst of chaotic scenarios, especially with the rising tensions with North Korea. She also muses about her contribution as an artist and although it could be as small as hoping, it still counts.

“God Bless America – And All The Beautiful Woman In It” is a song that was inspired by the current state of women’s rights. Although Del Rey doesn’t consider herself a feminist, the lyrics are encouraging and strong. Del Rey very subtly, prays for the liberation of women in America and wishes that all women stand proud and strong like Lady Liberty. It is a very impressive track and a must-listen on the album. The gunshot sounds placed in the background work quite well with the music.

The eleventh track “When The World Was At War Before We Just Kept Dancing” is another song that forces it’s listeners to think about the present scenario. At first, the title somehow gives the vibe of indifference, but the song makes it clear that it is anything but that. Del Rey wonders if it is the end of America or if it is the end of an era, due to the political scene in the United States. She cleverly uses imagery to denote themes like the British colonization(back in the 18th century), and the song demands that the truth be spoken out loud. Del Rey sings about having hope, which might lead to a happy ending and “dancing” has a very deep meaning to it. Back in the day, the Hippie movement arose promoting peace and love, which was in contrast with all the chaos happening across the globe like the Vietnam War and the Cold War. Del Rey clearly means that older generations have faced such adversaries too and if they have been able to emerge successful, so can the present one.
“Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” is an amazing track which features the wonderful Stevie Nicks. It is a very thoughtful song which focuses on the realities of life and how it is quite easy to complain and very difficult to appreciate the little things in life. Del Rey and Stevie Nicks make a fabulous pair as both of them have iconic, mystic voices and paired with their writing, it makes for a very beautiful single.

The thirteenth track is “Tomorrow Never Came” which features Sean Lennon. It is a sweet track that muses on the idea of being left by a loved one and references Bob Dylan’s 1969 song “Lay Lady Lay”. The theme of the song is very faintly similar to Del Rey’s famous song “Blue Jeans”.

The fourteenth track is my favourite track after “Cherry” and it is titled “Heroin”. It is a very nostalgic song that references a lot of stuff from Topanga to Charles Manson. This track is probably the most ‘Lana-esque’ on the album as it has recurring themes of Hollywood, California and the glamour of it all. Del Rey always seems to find beauty in the darkest aspects and here she finds it on the shores of Topanga while crooning about the decay brought about by an actual drug, as well as fame.

“Change” is a very simple and light track, yet powerful in it’s message. Del Rey speaks of changing times and her hope of accepting the change with open arms and her prayer to be more honest, faithful and capable in her relationships. She somehow knows that change is inevitable and nobody really knows when it shall strike but whenever it does, we need to accept it openly. The song shows just how much Del Rey has matured over the years as a seasoned artist.

The last track which is “Get Free” treads the lines of choosing what she wants to feel and Del Rey decides that she wants to feel happy and thankful for all that she has. Del Rey apparently pays homage to Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston in this song as she is “…..doin it for all of us, who never got the chance”, which probably references the two great singers who passed away too soon. The song, above all, is a journey away from the darker aspects of Del Rey’s life and into the lighter, more optimistic spectrum.

This is Del Rey’s only album where she has featured other artists on different tracks and the change is somehow, oddly refreshing. Above all, Lust For Life lives up to it’s title as it is brimming with appreciation and knowledge. Del Rey taking control of her own life and setting limits and defining various aspects of her life, somehow adds a very bright tone to the considerably dark nature of her art. The album’s aesthetic is just like Del Rey promised it would be – optimistic and full of summer. Go listen.

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One of the best drum and bass albums in the world of break beats has just joined my CD collection. Although produced two years ago, “The Deeper Side of Drum and Bass” brings a new line of fresh beats and bass lines directly to your ears. Since 1997, Teebee and K have collaborated with some of the best musicians and created elaborate mixes. This album is no different and is a brilliant testimony to their talents. At times I am biased when it comes to reviewing un-familiar artists, but this review is an exception. The first track, “Now,” has a fast tempo but that doesn’t stop the other sounds from making a difference in the song’s overall quality. The next four tracks bring a vibrant edge of bass developed by Teebee himself. My favorite song on the album is “7th Dynasty,” which has a retro feel but more importantly ventures into a more foreign sound with the help of flutes. The rest of the album is just as great, and with 16 tracks in all, you’re guaranteed to dance into infinity. Most of the tracks don’t have vocals but the mixing abilities of Teebee and K make up for that in dramatic fashion. Lately, more and more people will tell you that drum and bass is about to die out. I can honestly say that this will not happen with the help of record labels and artists like Teebee and K. I definitely recommend this album and hope Teebee and K continue to produce more albums just like this one.

Dixie Chicks – Fly homework essay help: homework essay help

Are you one of those who despises country music? Well, atone time I was, too. It used to be just rap and alternative music blaring throughmy stereo speakers, but that was before one of my friends introduced me to theDixie Chicks and their sophomore CD, “Fly.”

This is not justany old album. You don’t buy it because there are a couple songs on it you like;much to my surprise, there are only one or two songs I don’t like. There areupbeat songs like “Some Days You Gotta Dance,” funny songs like”Goodbye Earl” and slow, sweet songs such as, “HeartbreakTown” and “Cowboy Take Me Away” (my favorite).

Anotherthing that sets this album apart is most of the songs have something to do withthe lives of the women in the band. “Let Him Fly” refers to the need tobe on one’s own, “Cowboy Take Me Away” is about finally finding truelove and the album is titled “Fly” because of the Dixie Chicks’ careertaking off.

So whether you like slow, sweet songs to relax to or fast,upbeat songs to dance to, this CD is for you. Don’t be scared off because thisalbum is in the country music section of the store, it is much, much more.

Heavy Bones college essay help: college essay help

Heavy Bones makes a splash with their debut album “Heavy Bones.” Formed in 1990 by vocalist Joel Ellis and guitarist Gary Hoey (who incidentally had just released a solo album in Europe), they had formed the core of Heavy Bones. Later, they added Frankie Banali (many rock fans may remember him as the drummer from one of the ’80’s hottest heavy metal bands, Quiet Riot) and bassist Rex Tennyson, a self-proclaimed “man of few words and much music.” Hoey explains, “To us, Heavy Bones means it gets down into your bones. It’s a vibe, to us, bones is another form of the soul.” Heavy Bones’ album does much more than get into your soul, it affixes itself to your mind. The album starts off with “Hand That Feeds.” At first I would have called this song a typical heavy metal sound-alike song, but once you start listening you really get pulled in. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint what made me keep the CD player on. It could have been the incredible beat of the drums, or the guitar playing, but at that point I really didn’t care, I just wanted to hear more. “4 a.m. T.M.” starts out heavy but then settles itself into a kind of awesome groove that carries you throughout the song. “Turn it on” (also on the Olympic Sampler cassette) proves Joel Ellis as a phenomenal lead vocalist. In the first two songs, Joel spends most of his time screaming and belting out notes that makes you wonder if he knows that he has a phenomenal voice but when you get to “Turn …,” it seems as if he starts to realize what you knew from the beginning of the tape: Joel’s voice is perfect when he relaxes and leaves well enough alone. “Turn …” is lyrically one of the best songs on the tape. “I see an angel with beautiful wings and she just don’t want to fly, so if you want it, you can have it all, turn it on, turn it on, every dream you can dream, turn it on, turn it on, you’ve got to reach for the sky.” These are just some of the lyrics that keep you permanently attached to this CD. “Anna” was a musical godsend as was “Dead End Street” and “Where Eagles Fly.” These four songs prove that a hard rock band doesn’t have to go off with guitars ablazing to impress or prove their masculinity through loud ear searing guitar riffs. “Dead End Street” is a song about survival, more or less, and I found “Where Eagles Fly” is a little bit harder to interpret. This song gets a lot harder in the middle, but that only adds to the strength of the song. All in all, its still a pretty phenomenal song. “Enormodome,” written with Nuno Betten-court of Extreme, is an astounding solo and “Light of Day” starts out loud and fast (by now, loud and fast would be highly enjoyable) but the song seems to lighten up, but still keeps you very interested. Amazingly the vocals, guitar, bass and drums are all in sync. It’s almost like they could read each others’ minds. This obviously isn’t Frankie Banali and crew, it’s an actual band (something fans haven’t seen in a long time). “Your Love Won’t Let Me Down” is about, what else, sex, but if you think about it, if Heavy Bones was in the running to be “just a typical hard rock band,” they’d be six songs short. But you really can’t mind this song because of the lyrics. A warning to all listeners though: The chorus is extremely catchy. You’ll be humming it the next day. “Beating Heart” is a song about compassion. Sometimes during this song you’d wish that Ellis would just sing a half step higher, but I guess that that’s just part of the appeal of the song. This is yet another catchy tune by Heavy Bones. “Summer’s in the Rain” is a swampy, bluesy, country-ish song about a girl from Louisiana who ran off to L.A. to become a star and “Where the Living’s Easy” is just about a feel-good philosophy and living day to day. Both songs are very radio worthy and “Summer’s …” shows that Heavy Bones is a very versatile band musically. There never was a song that was unbearable to listen to on this CD. There was always a catchy chorus or an amazing riff that caught your eye and attention. Heavy Bones songs have a special dreaminess about them that comes from the soul. It makes you hope that the only bones your dog brings home are Heavy Bones! n

Set The World on Fire by Black Veil Brides essay help: essay help

Here Comes the Brides…

Except this 5-man band, Black Veil Brides, from Los Angeles, California, are surely not your typical ladies in white gowns. Dressed in black leather, ripped clothing, dark makeup, and a heavy rock/ metal sound, it’s positive that these men stand out. However, they are not just about screaming pointless lyrics. In fact, their newest album, Set the World on Fire, contains very minimal screaming. Their music delivers the heart-warming message of being yourself, and helps kids cope with the fact that they will not always be accepted for it.

The founder and lead singer of Black Veil Brides is Andy Biersack. Making up the rest of the quintet are guitarists Jinxx and Jake, drummer Christian ‘CC’ Coma, and bassist Ashley Purdy. The name Black Veil Brides is derived from a Catholic term, referring to when a nun enters a convent, giving up the pleasures of life. Andy always enjoyed the idea of devoting your entire life to something, which to him was music. Although their name or image may deceive you, every member is a male in their twenties. Influenced by Kiss and Motley Crue, the Brides have developed a large fan base, mostly consisting of teenagers. That isn’t to say adults are not fans, too. I have seen plenty of parents come –in full makeup attire- to shows alongside their children.

Black Veil Brides was formed in 2006 in Andy’s hometown of Ohio. The band name was originally Biersack, and there were many member changes. Eventually, Andy moved to Los Angeles and met Ashley Purdy. Together they began the new band, and with a few more adjustments, Andy had finally found permanent members. The band began touring around late 2009, and has constantly been on the road ever since. Black Veil Brides has been featured in magazines such as The Big Cheese, AP Tour, and Kerrang, and won a Revolver Golden God Award and Kerrang – Best International Newcomer. They soon will be touring with well-known band Avenged Sevenfold.

Black Veil Brides’ sophomore album, Set the World on Fire, also the title of a song on the record, was released on June 14th. It hit number three on the rock album chart. Andy says he and the others wanted to “show how we had naturally grown as a band and as songwriters.” The song “Fallen Angels” was released as a single, and “Smoke and Mirrors” was a bonus track. The 3 most fast paced songs on the album are “New Religion”, “Youth and Whiskey”, and “The Legacy”. I can already see the mosh pits forming just by listening to those tracks. “Ritual” and “Saviour” are slower acoustic songs. Saviour has beautiful guitar riffs and maintains the band’s encouraging message with passionate lyrics, such as the chorus: “A saviour will be there, when you are feeling alone. A saviour for all that you do, so live freely without their harm.” The two songs that didn’t stand out to me as much were “God Bless You” and “Love Isn’t Always Fair”. I found the instruments sounded very generic, and the lyrics weren’t unique or special.
Overall, I thought this was an outstanding album, and it was clear the Brides worked extremely hard on it to create a unique variety of songs. If you haven’t yet, give Black Veil Brides a listen. There’s something on the album for everyone.

Rock Or Bust by AC/DC popular mba argumentative essay help: popular mba argumentative essay help

The hard rockers from down under are Back In Black, and as legendary as ever! Their new, highly anticipated 15th studio album, “Rock Or Bust” stays true to their ‘guitar band’ sound. As soon as the first riff kicked in on the first Rock Or Bust by AC/DC track, I knew I was in for an (other) inconceivably outstanding performance from Angus Young, and proved once again that rock and roll is indeed not noise pollution. What I wasn’t expecting was Stevie Young’s ease in taking the place of his uncle, and one of the band’s founding members, Malcolm Young who is no longer with the band due to medical complications.

Brian Johnson’s vocal work still kicks butt and Angus can hold energy throughout; exactly what you’d expect from 60-somethings in a hard rock band. The riffs, solos, and licks are still in that good, old AC/DC fashion we’ve grown to love about the band.

Go and buy the album, and crank those speakers up to eleven. The release is very much worth the money. And for those about to rock…

…We salute you.

The Bieber Equation by Justin Bieber argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Where to start with the infamous, to me at least, Justin Bieber? Maybe I should start with how he is one of the fastest rising artists of the century. Or maybe I should comment on “Baby”, the most viewed Youtube video in history? Thing is, it’s hard to write an impartial review about Bieber without being attacked by overzealous fans for being a “hater”. This is why I’m being as impartial as I can.

I’m gonna say it outright, and you can agree with me or disagree, Bieber is a fake “teen idol”. Too many people are so intoxicated by his young boyish voice that they can’t hear what’s being fed to them. He claims to be a songwriter, yet his songs lyrics are generic are boring. Half the time in “Baby” he’s just saying “Baby, baby, baby, oooohhhhhh”. That’s not good songwriting, that’s just lazy. I have no idea how this is the most watched video ever. If you wanted a song like this listen to Akon, Jonas Brothers, or even Miley Cyrus. You would get the exact same sound and content.

Fans claim Justin became famous because his Youtube videos were amazing and he is incredibly talented. No, the reason he became famous was because he was stumbled upon. He was in the exact right place and the right time. There are millions of wannabe singers and actors on Youtube, roughly half of those singers and superior in delivery, voice, and subject matter than Bieber. All Bieber sings about is innocent white boy love, which is boring. Give me five songs sung by Bieber that doesn’t mention a girl. Hard, ain’t it?

Finally, Bieber is described pretty well in Evanescence’s song “Everybody’s Fool”. In it, Amy Lee portrays a model for a company named Lies. The core meaning of the song is that many celebrities today use their looks to make them famous. “Look! Here she comes now! Bow down and stare in wonder!” This is one of my favorite lines, because it deals with the starstruck feeling. “And somehow you’ve got everybody fooled.” That is another great line, because Bieber puts himself forward as the perfect role model, which is not true. Everybody has skeletons in their closet. Everybody.

Pretty soon, Bieber, like all other teen pop sensations, will be dust in the wind.

Undertale Soundtrack by Toby Fox essay help: essay help

The background of the game you are playing spirals and blooms into lively music that comes to life around you.
The soundtrack of aforementioned game Undertale, the new role-playing game entirely made by Toby Fox (including the soundtracks) tells a stunning story through even more fascinating music. The different pieces flow together to form one expansive tale. The songs have just enough similarities to unite the album while still being individual, unique tracks. As you go down the track list you can hear a story happen with memorable sequences and events shown with the album’s wide range from electronic music to rich orchestrals.
“Waterfall” and “Another Medium” are two of my favorites. With beautiful sounds and moving instrumentals and sound effects that will send echoes, they easily are the highlights of the album. “Waterfall’s” change from chilling chimes to intense orchestrals with an ending reminiscent of the beginning is a perfect pair with “Another Medium’s” hauntingly beautiful sounds supported by jaw dropping electronic beats. However, not all the tracks are haunting and orchestral.
Another notable track is “Death by Glamour” which will make you dance to the vibrant music. The bouncy and electronic rhythms are sure to capture your into the beats. Not be outdone is “Spider Dance”, which has rapid electronic beats that combine together together to form a mysterious dance of notes. Together the songs provide some of the features of the middle of the album, revolving around character traits and important scenes.
As the story of the journey underground draws to an end, the music conveys it too. “The Choice” is an absolutely moving piece with the right pace and sounds that make you feel like you are in a beautiful, suspenseful, yet harmonic wonderland. The album concludes with the complex, moving piece “Asgore”. Thus, the music beautifully sums and ends the album by reflecting many aspects of the entire track.
So if you want to listen to an album with music that tells a story in a rich and colorful way, give Undertale a listen like thousands have already. If you liked songs for the webcomic Homestuck by Toby Fox such as “MeGaLoVania” and “Moonsetter”, then the Undertale soundtrack will most definitely satisfy your tastes. With songs that will move you to the core but will also lighten your heart at the same time, this album sure won’t disappoint. Are you ready to be whirled away with the music to the domain of Undertale?

My Chemical Romance – “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” descriptive essay help: descriptive essay help

In 2001, a New Jersey band called My Chemical Romance was formed, featuring Frank Lero (guitar), Ray Toro (guitar), Bob Bryar (drums) and brothers Gerard (vocals) and Mikey Way (bass). They released their debut album “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love” in 2002, which brought them instant respect and led to two years of touring Europe and North America with The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Story of The Year and others. Now, they have released “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge,” featuring 13 songs written by the band. In their genre, this album is nothing short of brilliant. The music is a mix of pop-punk, thrash, gothic and screamo, with dark and stylish vocals. The album begins by jumping into “Helena,” a preview of what is to come. “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison” is simply stunning. Piano-like guitar riffs, use of overdrive, the bursts of the chorus, and Gerard’s “drama queen” tone and anguished lyrics make this one of the best songs. It also features a neat guitar solo and guest vocals from Bert McCracken of The Used. “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” is a catchy pop-punk tune that can appeal to the many MTV-and-Fuse-watching teens. The rest of the songs make use of organ and Western tones, along with power chords and effect pedals. “I Never Told You What I Do For a Living” is a good closer that keeps the overdramatic feeling until the very last note. Overall, “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” is an impressive album. MCR, who played in the 2004 Vans Warped Tour, will gain many fans with their fresh sound. The album is well worth the price.

Squad Five-O – Bombs Over Broadway “essay help” site:edu: “essay help” site:edu

“Rockin’ it, rockin’ it, at the apocalypse!”Squad Five-O’s lead singer Jeff Fortson shouts in “Apocalypse Now” fromtheir new album, “Bombs Over Broadway.” This extraordinary third effortoutdoes their stunning debut album, “What I Believe.” “Bombs Over Broadway” was released by Squad Five-O’s new label, Tooth& Nail Records, best known for the band MxPx. For those who have never heardof Squad Five-O, they are a totally awesome and unique rock band influenced by’70s and ’80s punk and rock and roll. The title track of “Bombs OverBroadway” captivates the listener with its catchy guitar riffs and chorus. Ifound myself singing along the first time I heard it. Another highlight, “WeRule the Night,” shows off the band’s herculean muscles, beginning with adriving bass and rhythmic drum beat, and turning into an all-out party once theguitar and vocals come in. Other tracks I recommend include the upbeat”Renegade” and “Tramps on the Run,” as well as the slower,more melodic, “Restless Youth.” The band consists of two pairsof brothers – Jeff Fortson (lead singer and guitar) and John Fortson (bass andback-up vocalist), as well as Adam Garbinski (guitar and back-up) and JustinGarbinski (drums). I recommend this album to fans of any type of rock or punkmusic because Squad Five-O knows how to have a great time and entertain. Believeme when I say this album is no disappointment. The Zeus of all rock-and-rollbands, Squad Five-O gives out more in-your-face sound than ever. Check it out.

Stevie Ray Vaughn extended essay help biology: extended essay help biology

On October 4, 1984, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble played a benefit concert for the T.J. Martell Foundation at Carnegie Hall in New York City. It was the day after Stevie’s thirtieth birthday, and the trio from Texas was at the pinnacle of their career. The concert went on to be known as one of Stevie’s greatest ever, and the album reflects that feeling well. After an introduction by John Hammond, who brought blues to Carnegie Hall in the 1930s, the band rips off into “Scuttle Buttin’” and “Testifyin’,” two fast instrumental pieces that are perfect examples of Stevie’s incredible talent with the guitar. The band then does three blues classics, “Love Struck Baby,” “Honey Bee,” and the down and dirty “Cold Shot” before going to a break. After the break, the band returns with a few old friends. Stevie and Double Trouble are joined by Dr. John on piano, George Rains as a second drummer, the entire Roomful of Blues horn section, and Jimmie Vaughn, Stevie’s older brother, on guitar. The show suddenly takes on a big band feel, with Stevie’s guitar work complemented by the piano and horns. This large group does six songs with Stevie, including Stevie’s signature tune “Pride and Joy,” the Albert King classic “C.O.D,” and “Dirty Pool,” a mean song that exemplifies the heart of Southern blues. Then the show ends with Stevie alone on stage. He performs two instrumentals, including the slow and moving “Lenny,” a song dedicated to his wife, and the rip-roaring “Rude Mood.” It is a fitting end to one of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s greatest concerts ever, which has become a landmark in the history of the blues. The album is incredible, an essential for any blues collection

"Sam Harts Youtube Page" by Sam Hart homework essay help: homework essay help

Sam Hart, a musician located in the bay of California, can be found making a mixer of melodies on his well known Youtube page. Not only can he bring you to tears with some of his songs, but he can also make you feel like a million bucks with just one lyric. Probably most known for his song, “Mario Kart Love Song,” he also has some other great hits that can warm your soul. A couple fan favorites are his cute songs, “We are Spoons,” “DayStar,” and “If You ask Me Too” but he is very credited for his heart warmer, “Come Home Yesterday.” which will leave you thirsting for some ice cream and more of his songs. He does some great covers of Adele, Disney songs, and other random things. Plus some of his funny upbeat songs like, “Your A Zombie Now,” and the lovely, “SuperHero Song!” how can anyone resist an Asian with a great talent for music! But be warned, once you listen to his songs you might feel like doing very romantic things for another person.

Taylor Swift – free essay help online: free essay help online

Taylor Swift has once again reached the hearts and souls of teenagers everywhere with her new compilation of pop melodies and catchy tunes.

The title “Speak Now” is fitting, not just because it is the name of one of the singles, but it also stands for the new, more mature themes that Swift is endorsing in her third studio album.

“Speak Now” differs from her other two (“Taylor Swift,” “Fearless”) in that it explores a more honest and soulful side of the country-pop singer, calling out those who have hurt her in the past (as the title implies), and experimenting with new elements and sounds. Swift also delivers an array of sophisticated lyrics, demonstrating again her impeccable talents in songwriting.

The album includes 14 witty and infectious tunes that complement each other in their uniqueness and mesh together to create a perfect harmony. They range from traditional pop ballads to twists of soulful blues and country influence.

The first single is “Mine” that follows a couple from their first meeting to spending their lives together. It has an infectious melody and a chorus that is sure to make everyone sing along. “Speak Now” is an artistic illustration of a wedding interrupted, a unique facet to this gem of an album.

From the bluesy “Dear John,” to “Mean,” a catchy pop-country crossover with a contagious melody, the album clearly shows Swift maturing. “Sparks Fly,” another catchy melody with an infectious chorus, “Enchanted,” a beautifully mature and elegant piece, and the powerful “Haunted,” all display the transformation she has undergone as a musician and lyricist, finding her sound and truly coming into her own.

The CD itself was carefully put together, with the cover depicting Swift in a purple gown, and the title embossed in elegant cursive. The lyric book is filled with photos of Swift re-creating scenes from the songs. It ends with a photo of her with her band.

“Speak Now” is a powerful melting pot of simple pop ballads, elegant melodies, and passionate tunes that is sure to appeal to all ages and musical preferences. Swift’s new exploration of original themes, melodies, and lyrics deserves five stars.

Katy Perry college essay help online: college essay help online

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a bad influence DON’T BUY HER CD! I am doing her because I don’t like her songs and her style. She is a bad singer and she totally can’t
Sing live. When she sings live her voice gets to high and it cracks and sometimes it sounds like it’s dried out. But besides that she is still a bad singer. On a rating one to five I would give her a 1 because of her bad decisions that she’s makes. The bad decision is she is a bad remodel for kids because of her attuide. She doesn’t have a great personality for kids because she takes things in a different way then kid think you would take things.

Her CD is called one of the Boys acting like she’s one? Nope she’s not she is straight up lady and she need to start acting like it. She’s very immature she acts to younger then he age and she needs to learn to grow up and be a women not a girl like she’s trying to act. My most Unfavorite song is I Kissed a Girl because it’s a naughty song. Also her vocals are very bad in this song. Katy Perry’s Genre is pop. It’s a fun kid teen album. I would recommend this singer to girls who like this kind of music and like to mess around and have fun listening to horrible music that most people don’t like and think it’s stupid. I wouldn’t recommend this to children or ANY ONE because we do not want kids to look up to her at there age or don’t want people going deaf. Also who like’s pop that isn’t good! Pop is on 98 Pxy and 106.7 stations on the radio most of there music is good but not when Katy perry comes on. Not many people like her and think she is werid.

we sing, we dance, we steal things by Jason Mraz buy argumentative essay help: buy argumentative essay help

Jason Mraz is an extraordinary music genius. He has his fans moving and dancing to the rhythms of reggae, hip hop, pop, rock and folk. He also has the coffeehouse vibe. His vision of sound makes songs that are sure to inspire, to make you dance, to ignite and to raise a smile. He writes lyrics that show how satirical and humorous of a person he is. Then you have this one part of him that is deeper and thoughtful that is expressed in his songs such as; “A beautiful Mess”. His album, we sing, we dance, we steal things, has brought this sunny, playful, electrifying grooves that merged into a piece of art.

To me he is just an incredible singer and songwriter. I enjoy his music a lot because he has positivity toward life, he is multitalented, and that personal connection he makes to translate his music to the fans that throws back brilliance of a person he is. His passion for music makes a true artist.

His music creates a world for me to be myself, to be free, to chase my dreams, and to live life to the fullest and to also have fun. One of my favorite songs is “I’m yours”, I like the melody and catchy phrases he uses to describe love.

People can relate to Jason’s songs. In his lyrics it can be about a divorce, love and happiness. He is an artist to follow and to listen to. It is worth buying any of his albums and it’s sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Secrets essay help 123: essay help 123

Yes, it is true, Toni Braxton is back topping the charts. With her new look and album, she is making her second debut. Her comeback album, “Secrets,” is doing just that, coming back. With great hits “You’re Makin’ Me High,” “Un-Break My Heart,” “Let It Flow,” and “How Could An Angel Break My Heart,” she is making her home on the charts. With these songs soaring up the charts, Toni is back and she wants everyone to know it. This is her first album in at least three years. In it Toni bowls the public over with her new look and style. One of the songs that caught my attention was “How Could An Angel Break My Heart.” The words are very deep. Truly to understand the meaning, you must listen carefully. This album is not just a lovers’ album. “You’re Makin’ Me High” contains a more upbeat melody, and its lyrics tell a very interesting story. One of the good things about the album is that the songs can relate to your own experiences. The lyrics and melodies are ones you won’t soon forget. To anyone looking for an album that is sexy and cool, and at the same time has class, there is no need to look any farther. This is the album for you. So I give this album a 41/2 out of 5. Pick it up and see for yourself. .

Dirt essay help online: essay help online

Back when Nirvana and Pearl Jam were still playing bars and “grunge” was something you pulled out of a clogged sink, Alice in Chains was touring in support of their first album “Facelift,” with heavy metal superstars Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth. The exposure that they got from this opening spot landed them a tour with rock legends Van Halen. Even though the two bands had vastly different styles and approaches to music, fans of Van Halen found themselves enjoying the music of Alice in Chains for its pure power. Earlier this year, Alice in Chains released an EP called “Sap,” and last month they released their second full-length album of screaming vocals, great lyrics and angry driving guitars, “Dirt.” Once you start this album, you won’t be able to stop until it’s over, and then you’ll play it again, and again, until someone tells you to turn it off. The first side starts off on a high note with “Them Bones” and the angry lyrics of “Dam That River,” and then settles down for two more sedate songs, the melancholy song of forgiveness that came too late, “Rain When I Die,” and the pop-like “Down in a Hole.” The latter is a song that is beautifully written but doesn’t fit in with the power and intensity of the rest of the album. The next song is a good example of what Alice in Chains’ music really is. “Sickman” plays Layne Stanley’s singing range against a contrasting background of Jerry Cantrell’s angry guitar and Sean Kinney’s pounding drums, leading you into the final song of the first side, the anti-war “Rooster,” “My buddy’s breathin’ his dyin’ breath. Oh God, please won’t you help me make it through.” The second side offers non-stop anger. The first song, “Junkhead,” provides a frightening look inside a junky’s mind. “Dirt” and “Hate to Feel” are the album’s strongest and best songs with their lyrics of frustration and hopelessness. The Pearl Jammish anti-heroin “God Smack” and the paranoid “Angry Chair” make sure that there is no “second side let-down” as there often is on other albums. “Would,” Alice in Chains’ addition to the “Singles” movie soundtrack, finishes the album in strong fashion, making sure that you stick around for the final question, “If I would, could you?” Now that they are no longer a novelty, Alice in Chains is finally receiving the respect that denied before Nirvana brought “grunge” to the mainstream. With “Dirt,” they have placed themselves on top of the Seattle music scene with groups like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Soundgarden. It’s about time. Maybe someday people will stop singing Nirvana’s praises and start remembering who brought “grunge” to the people – groups like Alice in Chains. n

F.A.M.E. by Chris Brown writing an essay help: writing an essay help

Chris Brown is a well know singer/actor. He first came in the music industry in 2005, well that was when everyone first noticed him at least. His voice was found early and he just made his first album, with the hit song Run It!, in 2005. From his first album, Chris Brown, to Exclusive, then Graffiti, and now F.A.M.E, Chris has been through alot.

He has put deep thought and hard work in all of his songs. Every song that you listen to of his has a meaning that goes along with it. Even in his mix-tapes: In My Zone, In My Zone 2, Fan of A Fan (feat. Tyga), and Boy In Detention, you could tell that a meaning went along with it.

Chris Brown has talent in many areas besides just vocal. This includes dancing and acting. He is very talented, and he enjoys just being himself. No wonder he is a big inspiration to many. Of course, some people lost their faith in him in 2009 after the Rihanna incident, but things happen. Time to forgive, but never forget. As a true #TeamBreezy fan, you would understand that he knew what he did, and that he was truly sincere in his apology.

Now, though, is not the time to go on talking about the past. Let us talk about the future! Chris Brown is now on his F.A.M.E. tour and he has been doing AMAZING! He recently (Sept. 18) came to Detroit, MI and I truly loved the entire concert. He was energetic and even though he had a hoarse voice, he kept going! The entire concert was fabulous and I know that it was worth my money.

F.A.M.E. means two things: Forgiving All My Enemies ; Fans Are My Everything. Those are two perfect titles for the album. Also, Chris designed the album cover art, which was awesome by the way.

You should go and most definitely get the F.A.M.E. album! The music is POPPIN’! (You see what I did there:P).

All Of Their Albums by Hollywood Undead and Deuce argumentative essay help online: argumentative essay help online

Music. Its important to EVERYONE, it doesn’t matter who you are music is a part of your life. Either its for you to work out to or it really defines your life and helps you through tough times. So why do people decide to hate on the music- or rather the artists- that really shape us, and make us who we are? My biggest music infliuence is Hollywood Undead . Their music really helps me when I’m feeling down and all that. I’m a huge fan of them so when I heard all the sh– that was happening between Deuce and the rest of Hollywood Undead all my friends ganged up on me and were like: “Who’s side are you on?”

Me I’m sitting here like: “What do you mean?”. Well they jumped down my throat saying that I had to choose a side. Of course me being me I wasn’t on either “side”.

Then Danny became the permanant replacement for Deuce. Instantly EVERYONE went to YouTube and started having comment wars about who was “better”. A lot of people are hating on Deuce because of what he wrote and put on his album 9Lives.

Personally this is where I stand on this topic: BOTH DANNY AND DEUCE ARE EQUALLY GREAT ARTISTS!

Why do we have to hate on Danny or Deuce? Why can’t people just repsect Danny and Deuce as the music artists they are?

Honestly Hollywood Undead could’ve said “We’re done making music” when they kicked Deuce out of the band, but they didn’t. They just put Danny in Deuce’s place and contiued to put out amazing music.

So why hate on them people???

Carry the Fire/ Chasing Twisters EP by Delta Rae essay help services: essay help services

Bum… bum… bum… the scrape of chains against metal. The eerie high-pitched piano, full of sharps and flats, tickles across the raised hair on the backs of necks throughout the audience. There is a moment of silence, the calm before the storm. Then the spotlight hits a lone figure, and the storm begins, slowly pulling you with it until you are buzzing with energy.

So begins the typical Delta Rae concert. The band consists of four lead singers, a bass player, and a drummer. Of the four vocalists, three are siblings; two brothers and their little sister. The North Carolina band was started by Ian (age 28) and Eric (26) Holljes. Soon, they included their sis, Brittany (23) and friend Elizabeth Hopkins. Much of their music, all written by the two brothers, has a distinct wildness to it, such as the songs I Will Never Die and Bottom of the River. However, each of their songs is sung by a different person, with all four joining for the harmonious choruses. The effect is incredible; each singer creates a song with a sound unique to his or her self. Yet even with this variety, the lyrics and musical patterns are all distinctly Delta Rae. There’s not a really a specific category in which to put this group; there are accents of rock, pop, and even country and gospel in their music. Each song becomes an intricate piece of art, and the effect is extraordinary. Their lyrics are far more mature and descriptive than almost any other groups you’ll find today. Here’s an excerpt from Run: “So let’s paint our bodies and chase the sky. The Earth will shake and we’ll wonder why. But if I never know, well, at least I lie with you.”

All members of the group are under 30, yet their music resonates with everyone. All age groups were represented at their concerts, and as well as people of all different demographics. Somehow, with such a wide audience and such growing popularity, the band remains in touch with their fans, frequently available for meet and greets after the concerts.

Delta Rae’s seductive music is contagious and has such a variety of themes and melodies that everyone can find something in their songs to love. Their summer tour goes until October and spans from Utah to Massachusetts.

Drag Me Down by One Direction college application essay help: college application essay help

It’s that time of year again… The summer rolls by and that can only mean one thing for Directioners… It’s time for a new album! We hear whispers and tweets all year of One Direction cooking up their new album…

Hot off the heels of their North American On The Road Again Tour leg, One Direction dropped their highly anticipated lead single from their upcoming album. They even pulled a Beyonce (well, at least for the western hemisphere) and surprisingly posted the track out of nowhere.

As the first single without Zayn Malik, who left the band earlier this year due to personal matters, I’d say the boys have smashed the expectations set forth for them. Billboard gave the song a good rating, which boosted the confidence for the band’s future.

Catchy, infectious, with a daring music video, this song can be a bit repetitive. But the ‘nobody can drag me down’ hook will leave you secretly humming this song.

At first, it may seem strange, not hearing Zayn’s smooth and silky voice belting out a high note. But him leaving is bittersweet–one less member means one less person to share in the persona of a boyband. Many fans are delighted to hear more of Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam. It seems the boy have tried to compensate for Zayn’s absence by having more fun on stage.

Drag Me Down is the answer to 1D’s confirmed hiatus next year… The fifth album will give fans something to obsess over during the band’s hiatus in 2016.

My review? 4/5. We’ll be waiting for the next album, boys!

Brand New by Brand New my assignment essay help london: my assignment essay help london

Have any of you guys out there heard of Brand New? If not, you should really check them out. I get a lot of inspiration for writing from them. I’m listeing to them right now actually:D Their music is the kind that can keep you relaxed and help with writing but it can also rev up your engines to be active. When I play tennis, I usually have them on my ipod in my pocket. Their music has great effects on me. Just thought I’d show them to you guys too!!

Wolfmother – Joker & the Thief research essay help: research essay help

The band Wolfmother released their first mainstream eponymous CD on October 31, 2005. However, time has not deteriorated the quality of their music. In fact, several songs, inspired by former greats Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, have gained popularity over the two year span since the album release.

While the song Woman was one of the first popular hits of the album, the track entitled Joker & the Thief has been reputed as a song unique for the “flicking” sound of the guitar during the solo. Additionally, the guitar sounds during the chorus and other sequences are nicely tuned to correspond to the relatively high-pitched, fast-moving lyrics.

The song talks about a joker who is characterized as a devious “thief of the night.” Symbolically, this could represent how the natural evil of man contaminates the goodness of other people. Even though some people try to be moral, noble citizens, the sins of others may bring down the quality of society as a whole. Later in the song, the line, “I wonder what would happen if he took her away?” is sung. This phrase figuratively ponders what would happen if all innocence in human society was lost.

As time progresses, Wolfmother will continue to create songs with a deeper, internal meeting. By using unique, harmonious sound techniques, Wolfmother has accumulated a young audience interested in music and how it may be manipulated.

Saturday Night Fever essay help online: essay help online

Recently my brother bought the original movie soundtrack of “Saturday Night Fever.” This CD is filled with great classic disco music like “Disco Inferno” by the Trammps, “A Fifth of Beethoven” by Walter Murphy, “Stayin’ Alive” and “Jive Talkin’” by The Bee Gees, and “Night on Disco Mountain” by David Shire, my favorite. I was amazed at the great music I was listening to. I would really recommend this to anyone who likes techo or just good music. Disco is back and just as alive as ever. It’s fun; it’s fresh and it’s funky. These songs have had a long life span, and hopefully young people will open their ears to make their lives just a little longer. To all you who think that disco is old and boring, I say that you are wrong. Hey, it’s fun to dance to or just to listen to. If any just think of it as a really good work-out tape, that’s fine too. .

Metallica Invades Amherst! global history essay help: global history essay help

Metallica, kings of the road and stage, hit the Mullins Center at UMass, Amherst(MA) on February 15th with enough energy and heat to engulf the Mullins in flames of complete aggression and power. The show was scheduled to begin promptly at 8: 00 p.m. but was delayed about 45 minutes. However, making the wait a more pleasant one, the Metallic-hungry followers were treated to a 25-minute documentary on the band with some candid peeks, live footage from backstage on the three huge monitors set up so that everyone could see as well as those ever-so-lucky front row viewers! Finally, James, Jason, Lars, and Kirk appeared and the entire horde of fans went crazy as Metallica pounded into “Enter Sandman,” the first release from their latest album, “Metallica,” which has been on the charts for over 75 weeks now. Following “Sandman” were three Metallica classics, “Creeping Death,” “Harvester of Sorrow,” and “Sanitarium.” With each song, the band seemed to pump even more of their relentless energy into their fans. It was loud, nasty, and incredible! Bassist, Jason Newsted, was superb. Showing off his newly-shaven (and practically bald) head, he performed a phenomenal solo. Looking at the monitor for a close-up of his bass mastery, I stood in complete awe as I watched his fingers play that instrument, his soul, like no other bassist I have ever seen before. He played with such passion and skill that clearly explained the reason for his new title of “Best Bassist of ’92” in RIP magazine’s annual reader’s poll. Newsted brought a unique power to the stage, one of style and class. Bandmates James, Lars, and Kirk, too, were extremely “fired up” and impassioned, seeming to bring the entire sea of beholders to a higher plateau where a person could forget about the pains and sufferings of reality and for three truly magical hours, escape to that world of fantasy where one’s hopes and dreams could become real and alive. Even though I knew very few at the show, but there was a sense of unity among us. As fans, we were all united in the love of this music, this chaos, and this energy. Metallica brought us altogether to share in the glory of rock and most important, have a damn good time! As fists thrust into the air and every voice chanted the words to “Seek and Destroy,” the energy built up even more and with each song, the crowd grew even crazier. It was a steadily climbing roller coaster ride of adrenaline where the volume and strength seeped into us uncontrollably. It was delightfully frightening and unstoppable, making the blood in my veins pound in thrashing sync with the pulsating vibe I had been eagerly awaiting for months. Unbelievable lighting and pyrotechnics added to the solid-rock, exploding metal making it easy to see why Metallica was pronounced “Best Live Act” in the 1992 RIP magazine reader’s poll. Metallica is a very close group. They work together and are sincerely devoted to their music and message. After performing their last song, “Battery,” I thought about that. Metallica would not be here today if they had not ridden those tremendous waves of life together on their difficult rise to the top. They are a truly inspiring group of guys who clearly fit the definitions of perseverance and dedication who simply enjoy bringing happiness to others through their talents. I am proud to say that I am a die-hard Metallica fan and thank them with all my heart for that spectacular evening of February 15th that will never be forgotten. n

Eleve11 by Sander Van Doorn buy essay help: buy essay help

It is a common misconception among teens that anything that does not receive mainstream attention is a waste of their precious time. They believe anything that goes under the radar is not fit for their attention, but this is not always the case. A grand example of this is the brand-new album released by Dutch DJ and dance music producer Sander Van Doorn. This album contains a modest eleven song, but as the old adage goes, it is a matter of quality, not quantity, and Sander truly demonstrates a quality album. Being hailed as “album of the month” by Mixmag Magazine and Tillate UK, this album is receiving rave reviews despite his album not garnering attention from large media corporations such as Rolling Stone Magazine. The album itself comprises of uplifting vocal tracks featuring crossover acts Nadia Ali and Carol Lee, mixed with some instrumental compositions that are the modern-day equivalent of the classical orchestra. One of the singles of the album, ‘Koko’, was a standout anthem, for the Miami Music Week and Ultra Music festival of early 2011. This album has a very intriguing pattern: the first three songs are decidedly calm, the middle six are the most active and rhythmic songs, while the last two songs are smoother and more relaxed. The penultimate track, ‘Eagles’, demonstrates that this producer is no coward. The song is nineteen minutes long, which shows that this man knows how to keep a listener engaged with a daring intermission between the two halves of the song. Britney Spears this isn’t. Another song, ‘Drink to Get Drunk’, evokes a powerful feeling of an almost soul and jazz undertone through its vocals sung by Australian singer Sia. This is just another demonstration of Sander Van Doorn’s fearlessness in producing his greatest album yet. The whole album is a testament to the fact that just because something isn’t being constantly played on the radio, or at all, in this case, does not mean it is not worth listening to. It was a pleasure to review this album and I hope it will receive the acclaim it deserves.

Adam Lambert – “For Your Entertainment” academic essay help: academic essay help

I decided to check out Adam Lambert’s debut album, “For Your Entertainment.” It premiered a few months ago, and I was one of the millions anxiously awaiting its arrival. And when the album finally debuted, it did not disappoint. It was a mixture of insane electro-pop, disco, rock, and powerful, emotional ballads, welcoming the arrival of a new rock god.

One of my favorites is “Whataya Want From Me?” written by Pink, even though you wouldn’t think so by looking at the lyrics. The song is about someone who had a ­really bad past and is trying to recover from it. Even though the person doesn’t have very high self-esteem, they will never let their significant other down. Adam nails the vocals and gives it so much emotion, the audience might feel like this song was written for them.

Another crowd favorite is “For Your Entertainment.” It’s an upbeat electro-pop tune that makes you want to get up and dance. Some people think the lyrics are suggestive, but there is a bigger picture. It’s about the relationship between the artist and the audience, a statement by Lambert as a performer, and how his fans feel about him. This is a very strong, emotional song, and it’s no wonder it’s a hit.

All 14 songs are amazing. The album is flawless, and every song has a different point and tune, so it kept me on my toes. Everyone should go out and buy the album – it’s sure to have something for everyone. Lambert has made a huge splash in the music business, and I don’t think anyone will be able to wait for his next album.

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Miley Cyrus is surely trying to make a new name for herself, trying to be “black” as some people have called it. Most people can’t grasp onto the fact that she has grown up, and as much as I too miss the Hannah Montana’s blonde Californian girl, she had to give up her wig to face real life. When she first got her haircut I really liked it, she was trying on a new personality, something bold and edgy like her personality. I think this was her first step to branching out, and once again trying to break free of the Hannah Montana image she has been associated with.

With her many news breaking actions she has performed in the past years; from when she had booty shorts on and danced on a pole while singing Party in the USA, to the viral video of her smoking marijuana, to the video of We Can’t Stop, to ultimately her performance at the 2013 VMAs where she twerked, and touched Robin Thicke provocatively. Once she performed this, I was shocked, and I was just taken by surprise. As everyone hated on her, I come to realize she is succeeding on what she wants, to change her persona, and have it be known, and advertising it. The almost 21 year old has made yet another shocking video for Wrecking Ball, from her soon to be released new album Bangerz where she was sitting nude on a wrecking ball, and making out with a sledgehammer. This video has received a lot of criticism, and I can see why, but once you stop to listen to the lyrics you realize how hard of a time she is facing. Losing someone really close to her, and facing a broken heart, and the deep depression that follows that. Yet another major turning point in her transition to becoming an adult within herself.

Overall, I think we have a lot to learn about Cyrus, and her decisions, and a lot we can learn from it. Most importantly we can learn that she is going through similar things we are, being hormonal teenagers, being bullied, and trying to figure out who we want to be. I believe that her new album Bangerz is going to show a lot about her transition, into complete adult hood, and that we shouldn’t jump to judging her, she may or may not be another Lindsay Lohan, but judging from her decisions, she is just an artist trying to make it in a struggling world. Remember, we were taught to treat others the way we want to be treated, so do we want thousands of people criticizing and condemning who we are, or who we want to be?

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Two teenagers climb to the top of the school’s bell tower, both thinking of suicide. There, they meet for the first time and begin a story that’s arguably the most heart-wrenching I’ve ever read.
Dubbed as a blend of The Fault in our Stars and Eleanor and Park, this book tells the story of Theodore Finch – a troubled teenager who often thinks of suicide – and Violet Markey – a girl trying to cope with the death of her sister while trying to figure out the point of her life.

The two characters take turns narrating the story. This is perhaps what makes this story so beautiful: their voices are raw, original, relatable, and yet so incredibly different. Finch is full of energy, but at the same time, cringingly depressed. Violet tries coming to terms with her sister’s road-accident death (and her own survival), for which she blames herself.

Among the many, many things this book gets right, the depiction of the role of society and parents in relation to suicide and mental health is perhaps the most powerful aspect. The struggles are relatable and honest, which only makes it more devastating.

But this isn’t a completely sad story. Though suicide is the main theme of the book – introduced right from page one, and might make readers cry at some point (it certainly made me) – it also includes uplifting moments. Moments that show depression and the horrifying effect of stigmas and labels are balanced with the exciting, beautiful parts of life: the lovely parts, the bright places.

I’d recommend All the Bright Places to anyone. In fact, everyone should read this book. It will touch you, devastate you, and stay with you.

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The Arctic Monkeys is a band that can be consider many genres. Their music can be classified as many different types of rock including Indie rock. When I listened to the song “No Buses” for the first time, I found it very interesting and I liked the way the beats sounded.

Aside from the sound, I looked at the lyrics to find a deeper meaning to the songs. In the song “No Buses” it shows a sense of longing. The artist wrote this song most likely trying to show a form of breakup. In the first verse, the song shows some alliteration of the sound “L” when saying “[…]loads of love[…]” to convey that you can receive so much love, but once you stop giving any, no one is willing to show it anymore. You could also say that the verse is saying that the people around you could give you constant love until you stop showing it yourself. There is another part in the 4th verse where it uses the sound “t” to show that there is a fresh wound to the heart created by “lady”.

When listening to the lyrics, I found that the chorus is repeated twice (like most songs). The chorus is saying how “lady” thinks she is unique and can get away with the way she is acting, but in really she is just the same as the others. The song aso uses the line “Lady where’s your love gone?” in the first and fourth verse to show how the speaker misses the love he used to get from “Lady”. In the final verse the line “ realizing it won’t change a thing” is repeated twice to show a feeling of regret because he cannot get what he so wishes he could have.

The feeling of the song is never questioned when listening to it. By listening to the lyrics I could tell that the speaker had deep feelings for the girl, but she couldn’t feel the same towards him. In the lines “how he longs for you to long for him once more, just once more” shows how heart-broken the speaker is and how he misses “lady” dearly. In the last verse you can see how the speaker is saying that you can try to go after something that you can’t have all you want until you realize that you cannot have it. By then you just give up and you are stuck knowing that all your efforts were for nothing

After analysing the song over and over multiple times, I have grown to liked this band. Although after listening to some of the other song they have to offer, I found that I couldn’t get into them like I did with “No Buses”. I would recommend this band to friends because I know that they have good music, it just isn’t my taste.

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When someone asks who I think is a good country male vocalist, a certain name pops into my head. He has a strong voice with great power and many number-one hits. Yes, you guessed it, it’s Tim McGraw. He has outstanding CDs and has done some astonishing work, so when I got the new “Live Like You Were Dying,” I was very surprised to find it was not worth the $16 I paid for it. When I got the CD, I was so excited to listen to it, but I was not impressed. In fact, it was awful. I had bought it for the inspiring “Live Like You Were Dying,” but the rest of the songs don’t have that McGraw kick. Tim McGraw is such an excellent vocalist and has so many great albums I just don’t understand what went wrong. This is by far his worst album. When you are in a store, don’t bother looking for “Live Like You Were Dying.” It’s not worth your time or money.

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Few artists can claim to have created a new genre of music, but Chameleon Circuit, who coined the term trock (time lord rock) and created a new niche in the world of pop-culture-themed music, has done just that. The British band makes music about the long-running cult sci-fi series “Doctor Who” that chronicles the adventures of the time-traveling alien Time Lord known as the Doctor. The band’s self-titled first CD was full of fantastic tunes, so their new album, “Still Got Legs,” has a tough act to follow.

While the first album leapt merrily around the series’ almost 50-year-long past, “Still Got Legs” focuses mainly on the most recent run of the series, which features Matt Smith in the title role, his new friends Amy Pond and Rory Williams, and the enigmatic River Song. In addition, a few songs focus on the epic swan song of Smith’s predecessor, David Tennant.

Though the songs are about “Doctor Who,” they can be enjoyed by anyone, even if they haven’t seen a single episode. In fact, I was introduced to the band by a friend who couldn’t stand the show.

The CD comes in a clever case, showing the images on the door of the time machine TARDIS altered to include the names of the album and tracks. It comes with a poster of the band members and the song lyrics on the back. The fine packaging is a nice touch, but the best part is the music itself.

While the first album was made up of catchy history lessons from the show’s original run and clever episode summaries, “Still Got Legs” often turns scenes into songs. The Master’s surprisingly touching “death” scene becomes the sinister yet sad “The Sound of Drums.” The Doctor’s words to a sleeping Amy before he is temporarily wiped from existence become the understated “Silence and the End of All Things.” Rory’s confrontation with the Doctor becomes “Mr. Pond,” and an important episode ending is lyrically recreated with “Everything Is Ending.” Oddly enough, it’s easy to imagine the characters singing these tunes since they capture the essence of the scenes so well.

The entire album runs together with themes transitioning from one song to the next, similar to the plot arcs that have been an integral part of the series. The album opens with a brief instrumental piece titled “The Subwave Signal,” then transitions into “Regenerate Me,” sung over a synthesized version of the theme song. In fact, various pieces of the “Doctor Who” score appear throughout the album, including a rocked-up version of the eleventh doctor’s theme, titled “Eleven.” “Regenerate Me” is one of several tracks that introduce the show’s hero, along with the folksy “Traveling Man” and “Teenage Rebel,” a rock n’ roll anthem befitting Smith.

Episode summaries are also included. “Big Bang Two” follows the proud tradition of taking puzzling episodes and transforming them into even more confusing songs. Meanwhile, “Kiss the Girl” tells the plot of “The Lodger” from the point of view of guest character Craig, and features a chorus you’ll want to sing along to.

While most of the songs from the first album were upbeat and cheery, many on “Still Got Legs” take a darker turn. David Tennant’s final story line, “The End of Time,” is suitably covered, beginning with the haunting track “Nightmares,” the brief-but-memorable “Knock Four Times,” and musically exploding with “The Doctor Is Dying.” The song flawlessly captures the episode’s epic feel.

This album proves that just like the Doctor, Chameleon Circuit has still got legs.

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Sampling is a debated topic and will likely continue to be debated for years to come. Wonderland, among other plunderphonics masterpieces like Since I Left You, will hopefully be used as an example of the kind of art that can only be achieved with sampling.

Wonderland is a perfect example of timing. In “Unbirthday”, gusty breaths sync perfectly with vocal samples and butter-smooth beats. Almost any other artist using gusts as a fundamental part of the skeleton of a song would find themselves creating a very scary or at least unnatural sounding song, but Pogo does it in a flowing and free fashion. The EP as a whole is also very well-timed; the flow from “Unbirthday” and “Lost” is a little unsettling, but otherwise it all feels natural, from the tired, recently awoken feeling of “Alice” to the final well-placed echo at the conclusion of “Bread And Butterflies.”

The film “Alice In Wonderland” is a classic, but Pogo doesn’t come across as arrogant, attention-seeking, or even foolhardy for using such a revered source. (see Mouth Silence, Neil Cicierega) Rather, he captures the film’s dreamy, unreal, tired feeling perfectly. Vocal samples are arranged in such a fashion that very little quite makes sense, although it feels like you’re almost getting it, just like the rabbit hole. The arrangements feel dazed and lazy but were obviously highly meticulously arranged. Ideas are repeated just enough to feel a vague sense of deja vu but not enough to feel overly repetitive. This release feels like the soundtrack that should have been, even though it is much more of a main feature than the background sounds soundtracks normally are.

Wonderland could be described as a dream, but this wouldn’t exactly be accurate. Rather, it is the rare moment when you have become aware that you are falling asleep. You notice strange things going through your head at frantic paces, but you don’t really seem to mind too much. You feel funny, but you’re perfectly content with that. Somehow, your mind keeps moving around and around with different thoughts – the opposite of boredom. Nothing actually is logical but that’s totally alright with you – you definitely want more. So go ahead. Fall asleep. Listen to Wonderland. Jump into the rabbit hole.

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” The Parting Glass” is a song that George covered for his second album “The World On My Mind.” ” The Parting Glass” is a song that is sung at the end of gatherings of good friends. The goodbye in the song can range from seeing them the next day, week, year, or even forever. Ever since his passing his version has been covered by Colm Keegan and Emmet Cahill on their solo tours. Him, Colm, and Emmet were all part of a singing group together with other people called Celtic Thunder.

Whenever I listen or watch him sing the song I always feel like that it was his “goodbye” to us since he passed away in March of 2014. This song has a special meaning to a lot of people including Colm, Emmet, and a lot of George’s fans, family, and friends. When they were making the tribute album for George his wife Carolyn decided to add his version of ” The Parting Glass” to the list. I just love this song and it will always be special to me and everyone else who knew him.

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Walk The Moon’s first album which was self titled was one the the greatest pieces of work I have ever heard. Three years ago, I went to see them live for the first time to watch them perform the songs off that album. It was incredible. After that concert, I was hooked on the band, eagerly stalking their social medias to see when their new album “Talking is Hard” would be coming out. In December of 2014, they released it and on that day, I must have spent hours just listening to the new content. Each song was so unique and incredible in it’s own way, I knew that I had to see them play these songs live.
That year, I traveled into New York City to watch them perform. They were even better than I had remembered. The energy of the band members is insane and they are able to get each member of the audience up and dancing to their catchy tunes. Their hit single off the album “Shut Up and Dance” was the song that they closed with, and out of all the performers I have seen, they definitely are the most excited to have the opportunity to perform.
If you have the chance to see Walk the Moon in a venue near you, I would definitely recommend it. Even if you aren’t familiar with the music or lyrics, their alternative-pop catchy beat is sure able to get you hooked.

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An actor of tremendous acumen, eccentric wit and nonsensical humor, 27-year-old Jason Francesco Schwartzman has talent that few would question. It now appears as if the actor of Italian and Jewish descent (known for his role as “cool Ethan” in Slackers and Claire Dane’s tactless boyfriend in Shop Girl) has now found his niche in the music community. As of last March, Jason Schwartzman released his first solo album, Nighttiming, under his label, Young Baby Records. Schwartzman was formally the drummer/songwriter of Phantom Planet before disassociating from the band in 2003 to further pursue his acting career. After a four-year hiatus, Jason has returned to his original music making endeavors. Despite the rumors that the entire album was produced in Mike Einziger’s Los Angeles basement in under a week, the song “West Coast” was first made famous on the season finale of the O.C. Although the cascading acoustic chords and the plaintive lyrics are accredited solely to Jason, part of the commotion surrounding his album is due to tracks featuring Kirsten Dunst and Zooey Deschanel. Kirsten Dunst manages something between a melodic whine and a breathy lullaby in the opening track “This Old Machine.” And if barely audible whistling and a whispered one liner count as collaboration, then Zooey Deschanel holds her own on the track “Slowly.” Perhaps the most attractive thing about the album for Jason Schwartzman fans is that each purchased hard copy of the album includes an original and non-reproduced Polaroid, either of Jason, or taken by Jason himself. Unfortunately, Nighttiming seems to lose its momentum midway through, via repetitive songs such as “The Thanks That I Get” and “Easy Girl.” At times the unvarying uniformity of a few songs sounds like Schwartzman has exhausted his musical adroitness. One must wonder if the majority of Schwartzman’s album sales are due to fans’ curiosity about another celebrity turned musician. In all honesty, the album isn’t really that good. But Jason is good, so I fully support him. And what do I know? So far the panoramic response has been positive and Jason definitely deserves kudos for his exceptional vocal skills. So if you’re a Schwartzman enthusiast, I encourage you to buy this album because for what it’s worth, you’ll be introduced to a new level of J and a couple of catchy songs will be stuck in your head. Also, on a few tracks, he plays the kazoo.

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You’ll definitely remember this amazing album for centuries. The band Fall Out Boy did it again with their new memento American Beauty/American Psycho. This unique sound executed on the collection is what appeals most to listeners. Under the alternative genre, the collection had different song categories that allowed it to stand out amongst other bands in this genre such as My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco. This is album is definitely worth your money.
Fall Out Boy has been around since 2001. But they began making music in 2003 when they debuted with their album Take This To Your Grave.The anthology American Beauty/American Psycho debuted at number 1 on the billboard 200 and moved 218,000 units. Their song “Uma Thurman” from the album was approved by the real Uma Thurman, so the band could make sure the musicality and lyrics were just right, and were to her liking.
This memento had very unique aspects to it, such as the lyrics and songs. The songs specifically on this album are very different than others. Songs like “Jet Pack Blues” or “The Kids Aren’t Alright” are mellow, calm and illustrate a story. On the other hand, songs like “Novocaine” and “Twin Skeletons (Hotel in NYC)” have different melodies and sounds that are very upbeat and loud. The lyrics are very poetic, and full of imagery. For example, “And I’m trying to find my peace of mind. Behind these two white highway lines. When the city goes silent. The ringing in my ears gets violent.” This is from the song “Jet Pack Blues.” Through this quote, one can see that the lyrics are full of imagery and they paint an entire portrait.
Throughout this album, the band experiments with different sounds and melodies. “Musically, it has hip hop grooves with guitars on it. It has a more in your face guitar than Save Rock and Roll…,” says guitarist Joe Trohman in an interview with Billboard. This shows how the band took advantage of modern technology to bring the soundtrack to life.
American Beauty/American Psycho is definitely one of Fall Out Boy’s best albums. Whenever you hear a song from it, you just want to get up and dance. The melodies in this album really stand out. Be prepared to dance like Uma Thurman.

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When the Kings of Leon emerged into the rock/ indie scene, eyebrows were raised so high they nearly reached the top of one’s head. What an entrance they made, with “Youth & Young Manhood,” following the ice-breaking single “Red Morning Light.” What made them stand out from their fellow musicians, however, were the beards and the hair. Having cut their hair and shaved their beards, the Kings are back with an altogether more powerful album than its forever-praised predecessor. The Tennessee family foursome raised as sons of a preacher man deliver an outstanding second album with brand-new raving guitar riffs. Caleb Followill’s voice sounds like silky cream on sandpaper as he belts out “Day Old Blues” (he actually yodels, too). Cousin Matthew Followill’s lead guitar is impressive when mixed with Jared’s fast-moving bass playing which is especially highlighted in “Razz.” It is clear that drummer Nathan Followill has definitely learned some new tricks as his techniques differ with the mood of the music. The album definitely has depth. Comparing the Kings of Leon to the Strokes is not an incomprehensible association; listen to the beginning of “Soft” with its upbeat rhythm and Strokes-like guitar style. The song highlights the progress the Kings have made not only in their musicality but also in their writing. Overall, this is an impressive second album which drips with confidence. The Kings of Leon are still experimenting with different styles and as far as I can tell, they are doing a fantastic job.

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After an hour of waiting and screaming, the stadium goes pitch black. There’s a collective gasp followed by a silence. Lights click on to form a single spotlight. A figure steps into the light, revealing a lean boy with an acoustic guitar slung across his shoulders. Earsplitting screams of, “I love you, Shawn!” are heard.His voice and a strum of the guitar set off the crowd even more. He greets everyone and begins to play the setlist featuring the songs from his chart-topping pop album.Sixteen year old Shawn Mendes has definitely come a long way. Starting from his popularity on social media to singing all over the world, he’ll capture your heart with his debut album, Handwritten.

Shawn Mendes was a boy with hopes of making it big. Raised in the suburbs of Toronto, a small city called Pickering, he made six second videos of him singing covers of hit songs and posted them on a social media platform called Vine. At 15 years old, his first hit Vine featured “As Long As You Love Me,” originally by Justin Bieber. Within a matter of months, he gained millions of followers and even more views. He toured with other Vine superstars in late 2013 and early 2014, but in April, the group disbanded, cancelling the rest of the tour. Mendes continued his way to stardom, but focused on his music career instead of comedy and entertainment. He released two singles before Handwritten was debuted on April 14, 2015.

Mendes’s great features includes his silky voice, his music’s drum beats, and of course, his guitar. Songs like “Imagination,””Life of the Party,” and “A Little Too Much” focus on the strums of his guitar and his raw voice. In many of his songs, he keeps his voice clean rather than autotuned, unlike other artists. Songs like “Stitches” and “Air” (sung with Norwegian singer, Astrid Smeplass) sound upbeat with the use of drums and horns. Handwritten is the soundtrack of a relationship, including ballads of heartbreak and love. Mendes’ album will definitely take you on his journey. His song “Bring It Back” is filled with heartache and has a slow melody. On the other hand, a song like “Something Big” will make you want to get up and dance. The entire album uses heartfelt lines written by Mendes himself. Lyrics like “Put you in the past/Try to forget you ’cause it’s over/And every time you ask/I’ll pretend I’m okay” in “The Weight” help with the melancholy vibe produced by guitar strums. Mendes uses an upbeat tempo to match his lyrics. Verses with a heavier meaning have a slow tempo, leading to a greater impact and making you reminiscing about any past relationships.

Mendes’s album has gone far in the music industry. Since its release, Handwritten reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart,making Mendes is the youngest artist in nearly five years to have achieve this record. His album also reached No. 1 on Top Album Sales Chart. The album also sold 119,000 copies within the first week of its release(April 14-19). Besides Handwritten, Shawn Mendes wrote a song for the Disney movie, Descendants, which premiered this summer. Mendes also has 4.37M followers on Twitter and 4.9M on Instagram.

Shawn Mendes gains fans everyday as he sets records and gains media attention. Currently, he is touring the world, sharing his music. He will continue to be a pop sensation and amazing artist. Starting as a kid doing song covers on Vine to touring the world at just age 16, Mendes is for sure “Something Big.”I’ve definitely enjoyed listening to him and using my “Imagination” to vividly picture his songs, and I will never get “A Little Too Much.”

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Picture nearly 15,000 people, ranging from 10 to 60 yearsold, flocking together. Imagine looking down at a sea of fans crammed on thefloor and in the stands, moving as one giant mass to the intense beat of music.Try to visualize an impressive stage set, complete with massive video screens,awesome lights, fire spouts and gothic details. Now all you need is to hear themusic …

Korn, with special guest Staind, rocked in front of two sold-outcrowds. Their unique, emotional lyrics and expressive instrumentation captivatedlisteners and charged the hour-and-a-half-long set.

Mindless SelfIndulgence opened, followed by Staind. Staind’s debut CD,”Dysfunction,” is marked with many great songs, such as the emotional”Mudshovel.” They did their album justice with a live performance thatdelivered an excess of power and energy.

Once Staind left to a roar ofapplause, the Sick and Twisted Animation show began and entertained viewersanticipating Korn’s appearance. Finally, the lights dimmed and all eyes turned tothe stage as the familiar intro of “Falling Away From Me” was heard.The applause and screams were deafening.

Korn played all their hits,including “Make Me Bad,” “Freak on a Leash,””A.D.I.D.A.S.” and “Blind.” After a short break when Staindplayed one of Korn’s songs, lead singer Jonathan Davis reappeared in a kilt toplay bagpipes while being raised on a column.

Overall, it was a greatshow, with incredible special effects and, of course, intense music.

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“I just want to fly.” And fly they did. Sugar Ray’s hit song, “Fly,” (featuring Super Cat) flew straight to the top of the charts after its release. “Fly” is one of the better songs I have heard this year and it has a great beat. Mixing rap with alternative music proved to be a spectacular combination. However, due to excessive air time on the radio, “Fly” has developed “overplayed syndrome” which is when a song is played so much that listeners almost become annoyed with a once liked song. With the exception of “Fly,” which was originally a superb song, “Floored” is one of the worst surprises a listener could possibly have gotten. The album is nothing more than heavy metal punk music, not a common association. “Fly” is the only song you will hear on the radio because, quite frankly, all the other songs are lurid. Right now the band’s claim to fame is their one hit and their striking image, which appeals to young people. Other than that, they would have been thrown back into the mix of struggling bands still trying to get the attention of record producers. Presently, “Fly” is number one. Unfortunately, the song is a tease, luring innocent listeners into thinking that the CD is filled with other splendid songs. If they are smart, they will buy the CD single and save money, or better still, just turn on the radio because they never stop playing “Fly.” What made the difference between shame and fame for the band Sugar Ray was one man, Super Cat. He is the voice behind the whole song. Without him the song would be nothing. If Sugar Ray could produce more songs like “Fly” and less heavy metal, they would gain more respect from listeners. Don’t be tempted to buy “Floored” because of one song, it’s not worth it. .

The Best Rock Of 1992 ccusa autobiographical essay help: ccusa autobiographical essay help

#1. “Dirt,” Alice in Chains – The second release from my personal favorite band. This CD includes hard and heavy songs such as “Dam That River,” “Them Bones,” and “Would.” #2. “10,” Pearl Jam – One of the most popular new grunge bands of the year that has combined deeply emotional songs such as “Black” with energetic vibrant songs like “Alive” and “Even Flow.” #3 “Mother Love Bone” – A self-title release from a very powerful new group. If you are interested in mood music, then this CD is for you! My favorite songs on this album are “Holy Roller” and “Stardog Champion.” #4 “Countdown to Extinction,” Medgadeth – One of the best heavy metal CDs of the year strongly focused on the political views and issues of today, as observed in songs such as “Symphony of Destruction” and “Foreclosure of a Dream.” #5. “Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds” – The first self-titled release by this newly-formed group including Izzy Stradlin, the ex-guitarist from Guns N’ Roses. This CD contains the popular new song “Shuffle It All.” #6. “Pocket Full of Kryptonite,” Spin Doctors – One of the best-known albums by the Spin Doctors so far. A classic mixture of blues, jazz, and rock which is best expressed in the song, “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues.” #7. “Sweet Oblivion,” The Screaming Trees – Another great CD featuring lots of good music. The most known songs on this album, “I Nearly Lost You,” was one of the big hits in the movie “Singles.” #8. “What Hits,” Red Hot Chili Peppers – A fantastic collection of both new and old songs like “Jungle Man” and “Behind the Sun.” Definitely one to look into if you are a Chili Peppers fan. #9. “Angel Dust,” Faith No More – The second release from FNM with the hard-hitting songs “Mid-Life Crisis” and “Sweet Victory.” #10. “Singles,” Soundtrack – A wonderful collection of groups including Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, and The Screaming Trees. I definitely recommend this album if you think that you may be interested in some of these groups. n

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Loving every minute of All Time Low’s former albums, their fourth album, Dirty Work, was something I looked forward to for months. I even preordered it so it would be on my doorstep on the release date. And it was well worth the wait. This album took the four members in an entirely new direction.
It’s hard to accept a change in sound when you like a band for their particular sound. So why fix something that isn’t broken?
It’s because they’re geniuses. It doesn’t matter what beat the music is to, or how popular they become, everyone who loves All Time Low will still be able to appreciate their extreme sarcasm, and those intense melodies with lyrics that steal your heart and never return it.
Alex Gaskarth, the lead singer, released a pre-mature copy of the song ‘Time Bomb’ months before the band even found out when their album would hit shelves. It wasn’t meant to be the first single; it was meant to be a bridge between Dirty Work and their previous albums. In my opinion, mission accomplished.
The second tasting fans got of Dirty Work was with the release of ‘I Feel Like Dancin’’. The song turned people off because of its similar sound to other popular bands, but those who didn’t appreciate the new sound took it too seriously. The song is purely meant as a joke. And if the fans were discouraged because of the mainstream beat, they obviously didn’t get the joke.
The best part about All Time Low is that they take their music seriously; they just don’t take themselves seriously.
Dirty Work takes on a thoughtful tone with songs likes ‘Guts’ and ‘Heroes’. The band puts their heart and soul into their music, and it comes through with every note.
If you’re looking for pumped up jams with a mix of soulful melodies, Dirty Work is a masterpiece you should check out.

U2 – “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” essay help: essay help

U2’s twelfth official studio album is a collection of solid rock songs. “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” begins with “Vertigo,” which hits the listener on the side of the head. From then on, guitarist The Edge takes center stage. “Love and Peace or Else,” one of my favorites, begins with simple guitar distortion and builds to a raucous track. You can literally hear the emotion seeping through in “Miracle Drug” and “Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own” (a song Bono wrote about his late father). Perhaps it’s the emotion that makes this CD so enjoyable. You believe that the band is thoroughly invested in each and every song. The album fits together well, even more so than 2000’s “All That You Can’t Leave Behind.” I do have one significant complaint: It seems U2 has completely abandoned their adventurous side and said good-bye to the experimentalism that permeated their music in the ’90s. In a lot of ways, I miss this, but then, I never knew what to expect next, whether it would be dance, rock or hip-hop beats. The new album, however, is good at what it does. Those who don’t like the electronic-infused U2 of the last decade will be pleased. The album has some of the band’s most rock-driven songs ever; this CD is loud, as the title suggests. That’s not to say that there are no softer, more reflective songs. “One Step Closer” is a perfect example of this more tranquil mood, but it is not the focus of the disc. This is enhanced by the incredible production. Every note is vibrant. The album sounds really good. I could have done without “A Man and a Woman,” but other than that track, the disc holds together pretty well. It is also extremely accessible. If you’ve never heard U2 (Is that possible?), this CD is a good place to start.

Cream college essay help nyc: college essay help nyc

Cream is long gone but will always be remembered. EricClapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce united their talents to create quitepossibly the greatest band ever. The teaming of these men was as powerful andexplosive as an atomic blast. Each brought his special talent into the band andset the stage for greatness.

Cream’s first single, “WrappingPaper,” is a jiving tune that transforms a room into a magical place of edgyintense rhythm. Another great song is “I Feel Free,” its intricatestructure weaving a maze of sound through your ears and putting you in anotherplace without physical being but extreme energy. Probably one of the best-knownCream songs is “Sunshine of Your Love,” which became their anthem ofgreatness and will always be heard hummed by a person walking down the street.Unfortunately, the same powerful spirit and personalities that created Cream’sexplosive chemistry broke them up after heavy touring. If they had stayedtogether longer, they would have most certainly joined the ranks of legendarybands like Led Zeppelin.

Harlem World college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Everyone who knows Sean “Puffy” Combs, will most probably have heard of Mase, his partner. Mase has been on many tracks, with such people has Mariah Carey and The Notorious B.I.G. With this, his first album, he is looking to make his mark. This is one of the best albums I have heard in a very long time. Mase did a good job in giving the people what they want. All the hype that was built up was for good cause. This album could be played in its entirety without skipping a song. Sean “Puffy” Combs did an excellent job as executive producer. As a matter of fact, I think he did a better job on this album than his own. It flows together like a story, each song with a different theme. The only problem is that it has too many interludes. Some of them interrupt the flow, making it annoying when listening to it, but most of them don’t last more than one minute and a half. The only thing that I was disappointed with was that it didn’t have any multimedia features. Most CDs have either music videos or some feature for the computer. I think that it is important to have multimedia links to acknowledge computer skills and education, especially in the rap and hip-hop industry. Over all, I would definitely recommend this CD to anyone who likes hip-hop. .

Faith Hill – Breathe assignment help sydney: assignment help sydney

Speaking from a hip-hop and rap fan point of view,country music never hit my sweet tooth until I listened to Faith Hill’s fourthand latest album, “Breathe.” With just the right amount of countryflair and catchy beats, Hill proves she is a successful artist.

“Breathe” has excellent variety, from romantic love songs(“Breathe,” “Let’s Make Love,” “If I’m Not inLove”) to carefree tunes (“What’s In It For Me?” “The Way YouLove Me,” “Bringing Out the Elvis”). All the songs were producedby Hill. Each has individual appeal, which makes the CD fun to listen to over andover. Hill’s tasteful songs are understandable and listeners can easily relate tothem.

A wide variety of sounds are present, straying from the traditionalcountry twang. You will hear soothing piano and string variations in “If I’mNot in Love” and a riffing guitar in “Bringing Out the Elvis.”Hill’s voice is like a breath of fresh air after an era of whining, screamingMariah Careys and Whitney Houstons.

Faith Hill’s “Breathe” hasopened the door to country music for me. “Breathe” received manynominations for the Country Music Awards, and though it hasn’t been recognizedwith a great number of awards, I still give Faith Hill a standing ovation.

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