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The Republic Essay

This is to be a formal essay assignment of 3 typed pages (one inch margins, 12 point font) The assignment is designed to test your knowledge of The Republic as well as how well you can organize your thoughts into a coherent argument. Your only reference should be the text of The Republic itself. I do not want to see secondary sources at all in this paper, and of course, plagiarism of any kind will result in failure for the assignment and the course. If you cite from the text, and I do encourage you to do so, please indicate the page number after the quote. Also, all papers must be verified through “SafeAssign.”
Here is your topic: Why is it important for Socrates that leadership be viewed as a burden rather than a privilege? How does his “imagined city” ensure that it will be viewed this way. In answering this question pay close attention to what he says at the beginning of Book 4 and in the middle of Book 7. Is it important that the ruled understand this as much as the rulers? Why?

Guidelines for the essay: Write 500 – 750 words, using proper grammar. You can base your answer on the

Guidelines for the essay:
Write 500 – 750 words, using proper grammar.
You can base your answer on the mini lectures, and your reading from our textbook.
Click the “Write Submission” box and paste your essay there. DO NOT PUT IT IN THE COMMENTS! The comment section is for you to leave me a note about the essay.
You are also welcome to use other sources, but you don’t really need to. If you use other sources, you MUST cite them. The Online Writing Lab at Purdue has a pretty comprehensive guide to documentation styles: On the right side of the screen, there’s a most popular resources box with style guides for both MLA and APA.

You can also use or to help you with your works cited/references page.
The guidelines of all the essays are the same (but not for the Critical Thinking Paper).
Essay Question for Module 1: A Case Study
Go to this site, and read the article. If you have trouble clicking on the link, please copy and paste it into your browser.

Then answer ONE of the following questions…
1. What are the primary means by which peace in the world can be maintained, according to the Realists?
2.What did, according to Realists, keep the peace between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War era?
3. Does Realism still make sense in the world we live in today, as opposed to the Cold War?
4.What are three main critiques of Realism?
Please indicate clearly which question you’re answering.

body temperature; and factors that cause variations in body temperature

Political Science Assignment Help Hypothalamus and body temperature; and factors that cause variations in body temperature.In this essay you will have 2 parts first part should be named Research and in this section you are going to Teach the topic to students Consider new factual information tied with critical thinking. Share interesting and current research on the topic. Use APA citations in the post to clarify sources. Second topic is Critical Thinking Pose new possibilities or opinions not previously voiced. Connect the dots. Why is this an important topic for you, your community, society, or the world? How does it relate to other concepts in the text? don’t forget to cite your sources and use APA format when citing.

disorders be diagnosed using self-report measures? Discuss with reference to published evidence.

This essay is for a Masters’s Degree in Sleep Medicine. I am including a pdf file as the guide given to me by the university where it is explained what their marking criteria are. In the same file, there is also an example of a paper called “With reference to the current evidence base, critically evaluate the role of actigraphy in the assessment of sleep disorders.” (I am not the author). I am including the Marksheet so it will serve as an example of what the University is expecting. That paper was marked by the University as a Good Pass.

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